Angels communicate with us non stop all the time.  It is more subtle,  outside our physical senses range communication.

Submerged deeply in the hustle and bustle of our life,  we can easily miss Angels quiet voices and signs.  But they never give up on us and continue to let us know about their presence and willingness to help us.

“You are getting all kinds of nudges and pats on the back and expressions of encouragement and feeling of pride and soothing in times that you are wanting soothing.  Those nonphysical energies are fully aware of you.  The question is,  are you letting it in”.   ~ Abraham ~

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14 Ways Angels communicate with us:

1.  Flash of Inspiration,  Epiphany,  Intuition

Angel kiss your head –  and you’ve got a genius idea,  a glorious plan.  You find an extraordinary solution.  You can see everything clearly and gain understanding.  The moment of truth has arrived.

Sometimes a chunk of information is downloaded into your head,  or you’ve got a sudden thought that feels strange for you.  You wonder where on Earth it came from!  Your Angel tries to reach you with an important message.

2. Feeling of touch or embrace

Angels let us know that we are never alone,  they are near and care about us.

You can get a feeling of touch,  for example someone puts a hand on your shoulder.  You turn around –  and there is no one!  Your Angel patted you on the shoulder to say:  “All is well.  I’m with you,  and we’ve got it all covered,  mate!”

As I write it,  my tablet lying next to me,  suddenly lit up and turned itself on.  I’m sure Angels wanted to say that they work on this article with me.  The Angels essence is light – energy – electricity.  They can interfere with the electrical devices ever so easily.

Another common sign from Angels is an etheric embrace.

I remember myself being really low.  Suddenly I felt surrounded by the soft, feathery wings.  It was so real and absolutely physical!  Someone held me in an invisible tight yet gentle and loving embrace filling every cell with love and compassion.

Never alone!

3.  Dreams

Angels can provide us with much needed information and guidance in our dreams.

Sometimes we can recall  dreams,  and sometimes we just wake up in the morning in a happy and elated mood.  Whilst our physical body was asleep,  our spirit broke free and travelled up to consult with the Higher Beings of Light –  Angels,  Ascended Masters and Guides.

We still enjoy their wonderful light inside us when we wake up.

We often feel isolated from the Spiritual World at day time busy with the rat races of the material reality.

But at night time our Spirit doesn’t know the boundaries coming back home to its Spiritual family.

4.  Feathers

The most common knowledge how Angels communicate with us is by leaving a feather on our way.

If the feather is not white, but greyish,  it means Angels know that we are experiencing challenges in our current situation,  but they are always near supporting, loving and backing us.

I always find feathers on my path.  I smile and thank Angels for being there for me.

5.  Coins

Angels leave coins on our way to show us that we are precious and valuable,  loved and supported,  and they think the world of us.

I find coins very often.

After feathers it is the second most common Angels sign.

6.  Sparkles or Orbs of Light

Angels are Beings of Light,  and they can be sensed as sparkles, flashes or orbs of light,  the vague figure normally in the corner of the eye.

The coloured or white orbs captured in photos are actually Angels posing for us.

7.  Smells or Scent

You turn around and smell a rose, the perfume or another wonderful smell without the obvious source.  You have sensed the presence of Angel!

8.  Rainbows and Cloud shapes

Seeing a rainbow especially if there was no rain,  a double rainbow or a really brightly coloured rainbow is the sign of Hope from Angels that All Is Well and going to turn out even better than you thought.

Unusually shaped clouds on the sky in the form of heart, flower or wings etc. are signs from Angels that we are loved , watched over and protected.

9.  Butterflies and Dragonflies

A butterfly or a dragonfly crossing suddenly your path is sent to you by Angels who smile softly at you as you admire these beautiful beings.

10.  Angels communicate through other people

Angels encourage other people to deliver important information,  give us support,  provide us with a shoulder to cry on.

No matter how tough my own life was turning at times.  There was always someone for me to share a kind word,  a hug,  the warmth of their heart that would melt ice of desperation and open the floodgates for love, confidence, calm, belief in the happy ending to flow into me.

I’m sure Angels have been working hard behind the scenes to send those people to me.

11.  Angels are using media

No,  they don’t publish articles in the newspapers and magazines.  They are not celebrities on TV or YouTube stars either.

But they can answer your question using TV, radio or Internet.

For instance you wonder about your relationship.  Is she or he the One?  Is it the love of all your life?

You turn TV on –  and you see the wedding scene in a film.

Or you see a couple arguing on the screen.

Angels answer your question.

You are deeply concerned about something –  you go on the Internet,  and there is an answer to your prayers.

You wish you had more money –  you turn the radio on and hear:  “No more counting dollars,  we’ll be counting stars,  yeah,  we’ll be counting stars”.  So be grateful for what you’ve got now,  and God will send you more.

12.  Buzzing noise in one or both ears

If there is no medical reason,  the persistent buzzing noise in ears means that Angels are downloading a piece of information into your mind.

Before I could have proper contact with Angels seeing and talking to them,  I heard the noise in my right ear for about two years.  I didn’t notice it at day time,  there is always some noisy background around us.  But at night time in bed when it is much quieter,  I could hear this little buzzing noise very well.

Recently I had it again for about two weeks,   so another chunk of information was downloaded into my head.

13.  Voice

If your Clairaudience (clear hearing) abilities are not developed,  you normally will only hear the Angel’s voice in a critical situation when Angel rushes to your rescue and takes control in its hands.  I hope you never are in danger.

Very occasionally out of nowhere you can hear someone’s voice in your head.

I remember myself planning to decorate a room in our house in an especially sophisticated way.  Suddenly the flow of my thoughts has been interrupted,  and the strange voice asked: “What do you need it all for?”  I automatically have started to explain that yes,  I do need it because…  Then I’ve stopped,  I thought –  whom do I talk to?

I guess people keep quiet about such sort of experiences to hear voices,  it feels a bit freaky.

After you work on your clairaudience ( normally clairvoyance comes first,  it’s easier to see than to hear),  Angels will talk to you.  Their voices are not physical and coming from outside your head,  but the subtle, quiet and not from this world voices sounding inside.

When you just start you might feel that you are on the phone with your friend calling you from another side of the world.  The line is not very good and not clear,  can be cutting off,  and your friend is talking quietly.

Angels don’t really talk.  They communicate telepathically sending a flow of information that coming through your head is shaping up into words and sentences using your personal vocabulary.

Often they use the combination of your psychic senses.  They might show you something on your inner screen – a picture or a video,  talk for a while,  then give a feeling and knowing –  download the information inside you.

It depends what psychic senses are the strongest and dominant for you.

I’ve noticed that the psychic senses echo our physical senses.  If you perceive the world mostly with your eyes (you are a visual),  then your main psychic ability will be clairvoyance.  It doesn’t mean that you are hopeless regarding clairaudience, clairsentience (clear feeling) and others.  Just start with clairvoyance as it is the easiest gift for you to develop and after move to other psychic senses.

When I tried to contact an Angel for the very first time,  I saw (with my psychic vision of course) the most incredible man.  He looked like a classic masterpiece,  sculpture of David by Michelangelo,  dressed in the long white flowing gown.  I gasped: “You are so beautiful!”  He didn’t comment on his beauty and introduced himself: “Archangel Metatron”.  We kept looking at each other,  I expected to hear more,  but there was silence.  In the end Archangel Metatron said: “Tomorrow”,  and vanished.  I thought: “What tomorrow?”,  I felt disappointed.  I couldn’t make a conversation with Archangel Metatron,  I could not hear him.  The next day I got my Angels Oracle cards deck out,  I pulled exactly Archangel’s Metatron card and read his message on the back – it was the answer to my burning question!

I didn’t know that time back that Archangel Michael was recommended for the first contact.  His voice is the loudest and the most clear,  and he is very straight to the point.

It took me quite a few attempts to start to hear the Higher Beings of Light,  but I wouldn’t give up. I kept trying and trying,  I’m very stubborn,  and one day a voice stormed into the silence of my head.  Keep working on your psychic muscles!  And the results will come!

I asked Archangel Orion why I can hear him so well,  literally as if he is another person with me in a room.  He laughed: “I’ve been practising a lot,  my dear!”.  So practice is a key.

Very important –   spiritual safety comes first!  You enter the unknown territory!  You have to go through the certain steps before you attempt to contact anyone in Spirit –   raise your vibration,  surround yourself in light,  ask the Highest, the Best and the most Loving Angels and Guides to be with you,  ask Archangel Michael to wrap you in his blue cloak of protection and be present. DO take these precaution measures!  Not only the light and high vibrational Beings are in the Spiritual space.  You don’t need to contact every Tom, Dick and Harry up there.  If you are not sure who is in front of you,  ask them whether they are of the Highest Light three times: “In the name of God and all that is holy,  are you an Angel of Light?” Under the Spiritual Law they must speak the truth when they are challenged three times in the name of God.  Try to get from them the answer Yes or No.  Because they can say: “I am”,  and then add quietly “not”.

14.  The repeating numbers

For instance,  you look at the clock,  and it shows 22:22,  11:11,  maybe 14:14 or 17:17.

Angels are bringing through some important message for you.

I don’t think that there is the universal meaning for numbers.  If the particular number is not associated with anything for you,  then yes,  you have to go with what the number means normally.

The Tarot cards have been a big part of my life for almost 30 years.  Their numbers and meanings are engraved into my brain.  They are my personal guidance to the repeating Angels numbers.

The repeating number still has the meaning of the single one,  but amplified, intensified.

Here are some recurring for me numbers that I can see normally on the clock,  and what they mean for me: 

00:00 –  signifies a new beginning based on trust and belief outside rational thinking. “0” is inspired, enthusiastic and brave,  God is in “0”.

11:11 –  is another number of the powerful new beginning,  but this time you start your new project believing in yourself,  feeling that you’ve got strength, knowledge and confidence to make it reality.

22:22 –  means that you have to pause,  get more information,  consult someone including your Angels and Guides,  have another think weighing all pros and cons,  looking at the both sides of the situation.  Ask Angels to help you –  they really want to get in touch with you now!

10:10 –  you have accomplished a full cycle and about to start a new one.

12:12 –  feel stuck?  Time to view  things from a different perspective and for fresh, bold and revolutionary ideas!  Unleash your inner Albert Einstein whose unconventional theories turned the world upside down!

13:13 –  the end of a painful situation.  You start a new life from now on.  Or you are going through transformation,  the new you are about to be born.

14:14 –  Patience,  my friend,  patience…  Relax…  Everything is going to happen at its own time.

15:15 –  Dilemma between Light and Dark.  Will you choose Love or Fear?  Make your choices wisely.

16:16 –  Time for the karmic consequences.  A part of your karma will be repaid today,  and your burden will become lighter.

17:17 –  The bright future is awaiting you.  Relax and keep your hopes high.

18:18 –  Time for romantic gestures:  a candlelight dinner,  walking under the Moon,  wondering at the night sky and the stars.  Purifying bath with salts.  Spiritual rituals with crystals,  candles,  Oracle cards,  meditation.  Your intuition is the sharpest at the moment.  Forget about the material world for now.

19:19 –  Oh happy days!  Joy and Love are knocking on your door!  A very lucky and happy sign.

20:20 –  Things are changing for the better.  Spiritually you are stepping on the Path of Spiritual Awakening.

21:21 –  You are wise and experienced,  you are finishing a journey and about to embark on another the most amazing one.  The great and exciting change in your life.

23:23 –  Angels,  Guides  and Ascended Masters remind that they support you to fulfil your mission on Earth.  They believe in you and strengthen your belief in yourself.

Other significant numbers: 

33, 333 or 3333 –  time for action!  Everything is on the move,  keep up with it!  You are a busy bee,  you can achieve a lot during this time and bring a lot of honey into your beehive.

44, 444 or 4444 –  you have to stop yourself.  Make sure you have plenty of rest, sleep, quality relaxation, meditation and time for precious yourself.  Don’t take any risks,  “4” is conservative, reliable, stable, reputable and traditional.

55, 555 or 5555 –  be adventurous, bold, confident and courageous,  do something brave today that you never thought you could do.  Because you DARE!

66, 666 or 6666 –  “6” is the number of Love.  Open your heart and feel Love – how much you love your family,  your pet,  the world around you.  Don’t forget to include yourself into your love list.  “666” reminds you to check that you are not possessive and controlling towards your objects of love.  Do you keep them in a cage?  Have you chained them to yourself?  Do you think they belong to you?  Real Love is always Freedom and Letting Go!

77, 777 or 7777 –  mean Spirituality.  Go within,  strengthen your connection with the Spiritual World and Angels as a part of it.  Read Spiritual books,  meditate and follow the Spiritual practices.

88, 888 or 8888 –  “8” is the number of Infinity,  the energy is circling along “8” uninterruptedly and forever.  You are about to tap into the Infinite Source of God.  But what you get depends on your karma –  the good deeds bring Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth into your life now!

99, 999 or 9999 –  you are on the path of Spiritual Awakening,  Ascension and Mastership.  Shine brightly your light into the world!

Angels are always near.  They love and cherish you beyond measure.

Angels do communicate with you and want you to know about their presence.  They wish communication is not one sided.  Share with Angels your heart desires,  ask for any help.  

Don’t forget to thank them and say how much you love them.  Yes,  Angels need to be loved too!

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