Are Guardian Angels real?

What is Guardian Angel’s meaning?

Guardian Angel is absolutely real your own special Angel assigned to accompany you in all of your lives.

Your own Heavenly Angel offers you unconditional love, compassion, protection and guidance.

Guardian Angel brings goodness, peace and happiness into your life. He is Pure Love.

No one knows and understands you better than your Guardian Angel. He is your best and closest wise friend, counsellor and adviser.

But how has it all started?

How did you acquire your Guardian Angel? How has it all started?

You first were born when God sent out billions of sparks of his own energy called Monads into the Universe.

Each original spark then produced 12 sparks forming Souls (or we call them Higher Self).

Then each Soul let out 12 identical sparks and sent them to the different Universes, Planets and Stars to gather experience, wisdom and bring it back to the Soul, Monad and God.

You are one of these sparks born on Earth in a physical body. That’s how you started your quest.

Other 11 your brothers/sisters are the identical twins of your spark. And they are called Twin Flames. You share the same Soul (or Higher Self).

If you meet your Twin Flame and look at their eyes, you are magnetised. You go through layers and layers of their personal experiences, genes, cultural, environment’s influence – and suddenly see YOURSELF! It feels like looking at the mirror.

There is something magical about suddenly recognising yourself in somebody else’s eyes.

Yes, you are different people, you are individuals, but deeply inside you are the same: I am You, and You are Me.

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Back to YOU, a Child of God, a beautiful spark of your Father’s Love and Light.

The loving Father would never leave his Child without support. So the moment you were born as a spark of Light, an Angel was created especially for you to counterpart and accompany you in all ways of your life.

Angels are God’s children as well, but their energy is different. It is said that we come from God’s Head, and Angels – from God’s Heart. Angels exist on the different from us wavelength.

Anyway your Angel maybe seems to be an abstract figure, but he is real. He has his own personality, and he’s got feelings too!

Angels like to be acknowledged and loved! And after I talk to Angel, I often give him a hug.

Angel’s Hug

In our human life we hug each other often to show our compassion and love. Angels love hugs too!

So you’ve got something going on in your life. You’ve asked Angels for help.

Now after you’ve poured your heart and soul to the Angel (any Angel, not necessarily only your Guardian Angel), close your eyes, open your etheric arms wide and give the Angel a lovely hug. Summon all love you’ve got in your heart and give it to the Angel!

You will feel the most incredible reaction! For a few moments you’ll become ONE with the Angel, and Love will flow freely in-between! Unbelievable electrical impulses will pierce every cell of your body! Your aura will instantly light up and glow like a thousand electrical bulbs!

And the Angel will enjoy it as much as you do feeling back your Love and Gratitude.

The first ever Angel I hugged was Archangel Michael. He has helped me so much in my life. I’ve even permanently got his Golden Blue Cloak of Wisdom and Protection in my aura. But I felt I didn’t dare to embrace this magnificent Warrior Angel.

One day I was so overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and love, I didn’t think and just went for it.

Archangel Michael hugged me back. I could feel his amazing energy so close to me. And I suddenly realized that Angels like we, humans, need to be loved, cherished and appreciated.

It’s not the appreciation in our human understanding that massages our ego. Angels haven’t got ego. It’s the Divine Gratitude.

Ever since whenever I talk to Angel, I finish thanking them, giving all my love and gratitude and often hugging.

Also it helps to know the Angel’s name. The name is vibration assigned to a being. Each Angel has got his unique name.

What is your Guardian Angel’s name?

You should be on your own, undisturbed. Your environment is very quiet.

Sit down or lie down comfortably, close your eyes. Relax and just breeze.

Calm your mind, chase all thoughts away. Your mind looks like an ocean in calm weather. No wind, no waves. Just sun plays on the surface, and an occasional light breeze touches the water.

Don’t worry if you fall asleep. Your sleep and rest are more important at the moment. Just accept it – and master the Art of Surrender.

If you manage to stay awake, now ask your Guardian Angel to share his name with you. Wait and listen inside your head! Whatever name comes up is your Guardian Angel’s name.

Don’t have pre-conceptions about his name. It could be a very simple name like John or Lee. It could be a complicated name like Azorhellius. Just accept it.

You might not hear anything. If it doesn’t work, try a different approach. Ask your Guardian Angel to spell his name to you – letter by letter.

If this fails as well, ask to write his name on your inner screen. When your eyes are closed, all you can see is darkness, the black screen in front of your inner eyes.

Look now for “the writing on the wall”! It lights up like a bright neon sign on the dark wall. Is your Guardian Angel’s name up there?

Still can’t get your Guardian Angel’s name? Keep trying from time to time… as your psychic abilities get stronger, you will get the name eventually – and so much more!

What are Guardian Angel’s tasks? What does Guardian Angel do for you?

✨1 As Guardian Angel’s name suggests, one of his tasks is to guard and protect you.

If you could only know how many troubles you avoided and how many potential pits you happily skipped over – all thanks to the tireless work and loving care of your Guardian Angel!

He doesn’t always interfere though and just watches you over the minor things. When a baby first tries to walk, it falls countless times, gets lumps and bruises. But that’s a way to learn! You have to learn somehow too!

It’s up to your Guardian Angel’s discretion to interfere or to stand back. Remember – he is still an Angel, and according to the Universal Law of Request you have to ASK for help and assistance.

Your Angel can help you in a million ways, but you have to ASK. Angels ALWAYS honour your free will choices.

Guardian Angel will definitely step back if your Soul decides that you have to go through a lesson. Your Guardian Angel won’t intervene to give you a chance to learn and gain wisdom.

Sometimes these lessons seem “cruel”. Someone can have an accident for example, get to the hospital and spend ages after off work recovering. And the person is ever so nice. We would think it’s so unfair! How could it happen to him? “Where is the Love?” Where is God? Was his Guardian Angel catching flies when it happened? Why didn’t his Guardian Angel protect him?

The truth is that the person has accumulated karma that needed to be addressed. There was a choice – his relationship would break or he would have an accident releasing his karma. From the two evils you choose the least. So his Soul and the Spiritual Guides team decided loving him that the accident would be a much softer solution.

Also an accident or illness are the way to stop someone in their truck when they are heading in the wrong direction. Our guy needed some time off the rats races to have a serious re-think, revaluation of his life, time for soul searching and finding himself on the cross roads… And there was another path laid out in front of him! Will he dare to go along it?..

No matter how unfair it seems, TRUST and BELIEVE that everything happens for a REASON. Angels always have your best interest at heart. Everything has its silver lining. And in a while you might find yourself thinking that actually that was a blessing in disguise, it was the best that could ever happen to you!

When we were born, the Veil of Amnesia was put over us. So we can’t see and don’t know everything. But the Angels’ vision and knowing include the whole Universe from Alpha to Omega at past, present and future simultaneously.

Trust Angels and trust God even if you don’t understand and can’t explain some stuff happening in your life. Your Soul grows and gets stronger and wiser.

When you worry about your loved ones, especially your children, talk to their Guardian Angel, ask to be extra vigilant on his duty. Leave it in his Divine hands then. Have peace of mind knowing that he will do everything possible and impossible to protect his charge.

Your worries and panicky thoughts, when you are imagining what might be happening to your loved ones, won’t help, but send the dark cloud of negative energies of fear towards them. So try to calm your mind, stop it racing and hand your worries over to the Guardian Angel. He will take care of the situation.

Guardian Angel will definitely step in and save someone if it is not their time to die yet.

That’s where all the stories about the miraculous escape from death come from, like this one:

“Two ladies were in a car when the lorry in front of them suddenly started to break hard. The ladies were too busy chatting away, and before they knew it, their little car smashed in the back of the lorry, and the bus behind hit the back of their car. You would think the end was very sad for both of the ladies. Nope, they flu out like two birds through the side windows (they didn’t have seat belts on). Luckily there was no oncoming traffic on the road at that moment. The ladies got away with a couple of bruises and ripped tights. Their car, sandwiched between the lorry and the bus, looked like an accordion and measured the impressive 20 inches (if I can remember the number correctly) in length after the accident”.

You would say they cheated death, but it wasn’t their time to go. Their Guardian Angels set the scene for a miracle.

No one can die unexpectedly. The time to leave Earth is agreed at Soul’s level.

What about suicides?

When someone feels they can’t and don’t want to carry on with their life, it’s carefully discussed with the person’s Spiritual Team. And Soul (Higher Self) makes a decision.

If Soul decides that it is just a transient moment of weakness, the person can’t die. Their Guardian Angel will interfere and save the person’s life. It will stay in the past as an attempt of suicide.

But if Soul agrees to stop the person’s experiment on Earth, their Guardian Angel will support the transition back home, in the Spiritual Realms.

My daughter’s friend committed suicide at age of 20. When I spoke to her as a Spirit, I asked if she regretted her suicide. I expected to hear: “Yes, I deeply regret that”.

Instead she went quiet for a moment, then said: “You see… Looking back, I couldn’t do anything different… The burden I carried was too heavy… There was only one way for me – to take myself out of that life…”

She continued: “My Spiritual Teachers think I need more training to get me more experienced and tougher before I can come back to Earth. I’m involved at the moment with the children displaying challenging behaviour, bullies and abusers. I learn a lot”.

Every suicide is discussed on many levels upstairs before the event takes a place. Every little delicate and sensitive detail is taken into consideration. Then Soul makes the big decision, and Guardian Angel respects it and acts accordingly.

Apart from being your personal Bodyguard and Protector your Guardian Angel has another important task to do:

✨2 Your Guardian Angel holds the perfect vision and the blueprint of your life and constantly reminds you of this.

Your Angel looks at you through the eyes of Love and sees the brilliant Light inside you and who you have the potential to become. He has an ability to see things from a higher perspective.

Also your Angel has been with you through thousands of years and knows you inside out. He presented when you signed the Contract for this life and signed it too as a witness.

Your Guardian Angel knows the lessons you are supposed to learn or to teach, the Key points and Purpose of your life – what did you come to Earth for!

Guardian Angel constantly whispers to you, puts the gentle thoughts inside your head and gives you signs reminding of love, peace, truth, integrity, harmony, compassion and forgiveness.

It is your Angel’s greatest desire to smooth your life. But he won’t interfere until you ask. He honours your free will.

If you insist on a humpy, bumpy ride, your Angel will respect it, still support you and wipe your tears along that road.

But if you ask for a Guidance, he will help you navigate through the challenges and lay a smoother path in front of you.

Your Guardian Angel can make your life so much easier and more enjoyable! Ask for his support for the little things – help to find keys, choose the best present, connect you with the right people. No job too big or too small for your Guardian Angel!

He will love it! Finally being acknowledged and doing his Angelic work – helping you!

Another big part of Angelic duties is recording your life and passing the records over.

✨3 Your Guardian Angel is recording your deeds, words and thoughts.

Your thoughts, words and deeds don’t vanish in the air.

They get recorded and form files of your Akashic Records and Balance Sheets of Karma.

Guardian Angel as a Heavenly Accountant works diligently keeping your Books updated and passing the information over to the higher ranks Angels.

When someone finishes their path on Earth, the recording of their life is played back to them. It is called the Life Review.

The Spirits spend from a few months to a year in a sort of cinema watching their entire life unfolding in front of them and reflecting on it.

The difference is that they can feel at that moment not only their own feelings, but the feelings of other people involved as well.

If they hurt someone in some particular situation, they can feel the person’s pain.

If they make someone happy, they can rejoice themselves.

The Akashic Records of all of your lives are held in your own Library in the inner planes.

The Balance Sheets of Karma go straight to the Lords of Karma who are fair and surprisingly merciful despite the stern and slightly scary feel of the word “karma”.

I know life is striped like a zebra. The white stripe follows the black one. But sometimes it seems the black stripe lasts forever.

That’s because everything speeded up at the moment. You definitely can tell it about time.

The time absolutely flies. The months race by one after another.

And repaying your karma speeded up too. The endless black stripe means that a lot of your karma has resurfaced and needs to be addressed.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer working through your karma. Ask the Lords of Karma to wipe off some or all of your karma under the Spiritual Law of Grace. They’ve got great mercy and compassion towards humanity, and their greatest wish for themselves is to get redundant because no one has bad karma anymore.

The next important job of your Guardian Angel is constantly praying for you.

✨4 Your Guardian Angel is praying for you to God

Guardian Angel always joins you in your prayers making your words and your heart desires (if they are for your own and others best interest!) more powerful.

Your Guardian Angel is the intermediary between you and Heaven.

He also constantly asks God for grace and mercy, love and heavenly blessings for you!

His heart is overflowing with Love. And he tries to build a bridge between you and God with Love moving freely along it.

And the last but not the least your Guardian Angel’s task is to surprise and wow you!

✨5 Your Guardian Angel organises synchronicity, serendipity and miracles in your life

Synchronicity means according to Wikipedia “a concept, …, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related”.

Your Angel works hard behind the scenes creating these meaningful lucky coincidences for you, when you happen to be “at the right place and at the right time”.

You bump into someone – and a new relationship comes into your life. You find the very important for you information miraculously put in front of your eyes. Sometimes it can seem that everything finally came together or everything fell into place.

And serendipity is described in the same Wikipedia as “an unplanned, fortunate discovery”, or “happy accident”.

We call it a stroke of luck. It’s an unexpected, exciting and beneficial result whilst we were looking for something else.

But this stroke of luck has been orchestrated by your Angel for you!

Your amazing, awesome and incredible Guardian Angel normally can’t be seen with your physical eyes. Is there a chance to see him at all?

What does your Guardian Angel look like?

Angel is an etheric Being made from Love and Light. It looks basically as a ball of unimaginably bright Light.

Angels take on the image of a human being with wings and halo because that’s how we traditionally see them. Angels don’t mind.

The wings are an extension of their Heart centre. Angels have got a huge heart full of Love. The Light beaming from their heart looks like wings.

Interesting that we, humans, have got etheric wings too. They appear as our Heart centre develops and gets bigger and bigger.

The halo above Angel’s head is their Crown centre (or chakra), bright, shiny, full of Wisdom and Divine knowledge.

If you’ve noticed, I have called Guardian Angel “he” throughout the article. But in reality Guardian Angel is not “he” or “she”.

They are androgynous having the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Guardian Angel normally looks like a white figure surrounded by Light. But he will change the balance of his energies (and his colour) depending on your needs.

For example you need more masculine energy in your life – you need to be strong, to take responsibilities, leadership. Your Guardian Angel will accent these qualities (and sport blue colours) to share them with you.

Remember that you constantly exchange energy with your Guardian Angel. The energy flows freely between you two.

If you are too soft, your Guardian Angel will develop sparks of red energy in his aura to give you that feistiness to stand up for yourself!

If you tend to be dominant and authoritative, your Guardian Angel will shimmer with the gentle pink and silver colours softening your energies.

Guardian Angel grows (or shrinks) as your vibration changes.

As your inner Light shines brighter and brighter, Guardian Angel becomes a more vast and beautiful figure.

The Ascended Masters Guardian Angels are massive and look like Archangels.

My own Guardian Angel is a big and pure white Angel shimmering with the rainbow colours.

Your Guardian Angel is not always literally glued to you.

When everything is fine, he just watches over you from a distance.

But any concern – and he storms back to you doing everything he can and he is allowed under the Spiritual Laws to do to soften the situation.

He will stick closely by your side in times of crisis faithfully supporting and loving you.

Your Guardian Angel communicates constantly with Guardian Angels of people involved in your life.

It’s not just you chatting away with someone. Your Guardian Angels communicate as well at the same time having the perfect vision of your relationship with that person.

When you argue with someone, your Guardian Angels will hold their hands together and pray for peace, love and wisdom to be between you and that person.

If you are in conflict with someone, ask your Guardian Angel to become a negotiator for you, to talk to another person’s Guardian Angel. Explain how you feel, what you wish.

Your Guardian Angel will be so happy to sort this little business for you!

Guardian Angel has got a big heart full of compassion and unconditional love for you!

He is of course emphatic and feels acutely everything you feel.

When your heart breaks in a thousand of pieces, he cries with you and enfolds you in his wings.

If he feels that it’s too much pain for you, he takes some pain away suffering himself – all because he loves you so much!

Guardian Angel has got his own unique personality like we, humans, do. He could be serious, funny, easy going, flamboyant, careful, romantic etc.

His character forms as the echo of your own character or complete opposite to compensate for traits you lack.

How many Guardian Angels does a person have?

You have only one Guardian Angel assigned to you.

There could be Spirits, normally of your Ancestors, dedicated themselves to watch over you and protect you in this life. But the Guardian Angel is only one.

As you walk along a Spiritual Path of Ascension, you will acquire Archangel overlooking you depending on a sort of your Mission on Earth.

The Archangel will be with you constantly watching your progress and supervising you.

How to see your Guardian Angel?

Make sure you are on your own and won’t be disturbed.

Close your eyes, relax. Put your hand across the eyes if it is day time. All you are supposed to see now in front of your eyes is darkness.

Your physical vision is switched off. And now your psychic vision will emerge or has a chance to emerge.

Feel yourself grounded – connected to Earth. Feel our Planet’s love and support.

Ask Archangel Michael to protect you – place his Deep Blue Cloak of Protection over you.

And now ask your Guardian Angel to reveal himself to you.

Remember that actually Guardian Angel is a ball of energy – because the ball is considered to be the most ideal, balanced and harmonious shape in the Universe.

When Angels reveal themselves in photos, normally they look like orbs.

Angel's Orb
Image: from my own archive

But your Guardian Angel can show himself in human form.

Or he can show himself as the flashes of bright light – white or coloured.

Or anything else…

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see anything.

Over the years and years of physical life you forgot that you can see with your eyes closed.

The psychic vision needs time and efforts to come back.

You can try exercises described here. Just concentrate on the part talking about psychic abilities.

Can Guardian Angel leave you?

No, your Guardian Angel will never leave you.

No matter if you don’t believe in Angels. Your Guardian Angel obviously knows about the Veil of Amnesia and doesn’t mind being an invisible shadow next to you.

No matter what you’ve done. Angels unlike humans never judge. Your Angel still will be devotedly by your side. He loves you too much!

You might feel terrible and guilty and think that your Guardian Angel should be so disappointed and disgusted by you. He will turn his back on you, fly away to Heaven and never come back!

Wrong! Angels are woven from pure love. They look through your imperfections, mistakes and see the real you – a brilliant, glowing Being of Light in human disguise.

Your Angel will never abandon you! He’s got so much love to give you!

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I want to conclude with my Guardian Angel’s words: “I never told you that, but I’m so grateful to have you as my charge! We’ve been together through thin and thick, but always came out as WINNERS. We’ve still got so much to do! ADVENTURE – here we come!” You can feel his spirit and his personality.

I often say now: “Adventure – here we come!” And this simple saying seems has paved a way for the new, beautiful and exciting stuff to stream into my life!

And of course I’m eternally grateful to my Guardian Angel for being here for me, putting up patiently with me, forgiving, supporting, comforting, loving me.

Love from Irina and her Guardian Angel

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