Animal Spirit

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  1. Thank you. I finally know why I am so different from most humans on this planet. I was born with a love for canines (wolves and dogs) throughout my whole life. I’ve never felt complete without a dog, and now as I approach my departure from this planet, the only beings I want with me are my beloved dogs. Your description of my personality helped me realize my connection with that star system. I am also a scientist….funny isnt it? Surely not a Tesla, but an x-Atlantean whose work on frequency I had the joy of bringing back to this planet, if only the beginnings of it, and crystals? yes. They have been with me from the beginning. Always knew I was different, not better, just different from others. I am grateful for your knowledge. P.S. also a Pagan…Thank you, Kira

  2. Recently I have felt an extrordinary longing to have a dragon alongs’t ‘side me so I was wondering could a dragon possibly be my spirit animal? I have a rough time sleeping but when I put on my earphones and listen to dragon snores in a cave I end up half dead and hard to wake up.

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