The beauty of communication with Angels is that you can ask any question,  even a silly one,  they never judge.  If they can’t answer,  they’ll explain why or ask to rephrase the question.

Cuddling my doggy and thinking of Archangel Uriel I mentioned to him: “But you haven’t got pets, have you.”  He sounded puzzled: “A pet???”, –  then said: “I’ll show you something…” –  An eagle was sitting on his left shoulder. – “The Earth Angel is going to be born soon,  and the eagle will be his Totem Animal for the time being on Earth.”

We all have Totem Animals  alongside the Guardian Angels and the Spiritual Guides.  An Animal Spirit is linked with us before our birth,  it’s not a wild one but ascended and high vibrational spirit still carrying the character, experience, wisdom and features of the real animal.

The Totem Animals, or Power Animals, were at a heart of shamanism. Shamans were seeing the Animals and working with them whilst treating their patients.  They believed that the Animal Spirit could leave the person if he or she breached the Spiritual or Nature’s Law,  and it was a bad omen,  the worst that ever could happen to that person.  But don’t worry,  your Animal Spirit won’t leave you,  it’s absolutely dedicated to you and believes in you.

I read somewhere about the ancient Asian school of fight where the master was identifying the Animal inside the pupil and teaching to turn into and fight like that specific Animal.

Can we choose Animal Spirit

No, we can’t,  it is given and absolutely dedicated to us,  protecting, helping to overcome fear,  advising and guiding us on our life journey.

The Animal Spirit as a member of our Spiritual Team helps us to deepen our connection with nature and remember that we are one with plants, animals and our beautiful Planet Earth.

Some people have one, some – two permanently allocated to them Totem Animals.  Sometimes a new Animal Spirit comes and goes depending on our needs,  supporting us on the specific part of our path.

How to find out who our Animal Spirit is

You can see your Totem Animal in meditation,  ask it to show itself,  but it not necessarily will show itself at first time,  keep asking.

Another way to meet your Totem Animal is in your dream.  Before you go to sleep ask it to come into your dream.  It can take a few nights before you can see your Animal.

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If you can’t see it with your psychic vision,  think of your Spirit Animal and pay attention for the next few days what animal you can see, hear or read about,  not necessarily real of course,  pretty much anything. For example you meet someone riding a horse,  you pass by the pub “The Black Horse”,  you turn your TV on,  and there is the film “Only fools and horses” on.  So you can start getting an idea that your Totem Animal is a Horse.

If it doesn’t work,  think of an animal that you for some reason feel the close connection with,  the animal that is special for you.

My Totem Animal is Black Panther (think Bagheera in the “Jungle Book” who served as friend, protector and mentor to the “man-cub” Mowgli,  exactly what Spirit Animals do for us),  it’s curled up next to me as I am writing.  I know the reasons why I have Black Panther as my Animal Spirit,  and I can appreciate the wisdom of my Guides and Teachers in Spirit planning my life on Earth.  I am a softie,  my husband says that even our dogs are wrapping me around their little finger.  The Panther is protecting me and teaching to be strong and stick for myself,  appreciate the quiet and quality time on my own,  contemplate,  be active at night,  it’s almost midnight as I’m writing this (Panther is a nocturnal animal),  Panther is elusive and rarely seen,  probably because of I’ve got a website,  no one can see me on Internet.  The Black Panther is a ferocious animal in reality,  but my Panther is a high vibrational being,  there is no ferocity,  only strength and power.

Spiritually Black Panther helps to reconnect with our true Yourself and Divine,  reminds us what beautiful beings of Light we are.

My husband’s got two Totem Animals: a snake and a heron.

The snake is teaching him to hibernate in the winter – get your energy back because you will have the busy time ahead,  curl up in front of fire and rejuvenate yourself.  The karate teacher of his childhood actually has been comparing him to a snake,  so fast he’s been in the fight.

Spiritually, snake encourages him not to cling on the old ways,  but look for opportunities,  be big and bold,  go through transformation and burst out of your old skin before it becomes tight, painful and worn out, rebirth yourself.

The heron whispers into my husband’s ear: “Spend as much time as you can next to the water.  It will give you everything – food (my husband is a keen fisherman), tranquillity, take your worries away and rewire your brain, you’ll become a philosopher and the much happier person”.  We are walking our dogs and ourselves along the riverbank every Sunday.

Spiritually, heron is teaching about the importance to cleanse and purify energy, to use for it the power of water,  be patient waiting for your chance (a fish),  but when you see it – don’t miss your chance,  be quick and grab it,  some chances are the one lifetime opportunities.

Don’t feel disappointed if you find out that your Animal Spirit is a modest beetle,  but not a wolf or bear or elephant as you anticipated.  Be respectful,  size doesn’t matter,  and the humble in your opinion insect is an Ascended Spirit passing on you its wisdom, experience and teaching you the lessons that you need in your life.

I was wondering what my son’s Totem Animal was,  I asked the Animal to show itself in meditation and could see nothing,  I asked again – and nothing again.  After I asked for the third time I spotted the stag beetle that had to get really close to me in order to be seen.  I was surprised,  I expected to see anything: monkey, crow, crocodile etc., – but the bug.

But then I could’t help to feel respect and gratitude towards the Stag Beetle because I understood the precious lessons it was giving to my son teaching him wisdom of patience – the good things come to those who wait!  The stag beetle spends most of its life underground as larva,  but then the wonderful transformation takes place,  and the impressive beetle emerges from the cocoon where the ugly larva has been before.

Be patient,  keep trusting and believing,  and one day you and your life will be transformed in a magical way.

Insects are absolutely extraordinary,  they demonstrate us if you really believe and go for it,  then anything can happen,  and only the sky’s the limit,  like a bumble bee according to the aerodynamic rules can’t fly,  but it DOES fly.  Sometimes the old and stagnated beliefs system is holding us back.  Break through the old beliefs and fly!

When you see your Animal Spirit in meditation or think of it, open your heart,   give it your love and gratitude,  just say: “I love you.”,  be thankful for everything it does for you,  ask to share its wisdom and support you in the difficult times,  to help and protect you.  Put the picture up of your Animal somewhere at your home,  it will appreciate that.

Study about your Animal because it will give you a key to better understanding yourself and your journey on Earth.

Leave the comment below if it has been interesting for you and share your story please!

Love and Light from Irina

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