Animal Spirit

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  1. Being a starseed earth angel when i had awakened to who i am it all made sense to me. I was given a gift at a time when i felt vunerable my beautiful german shepherd mix, he was born all black very tall for his mix and elegance about him. When i would take him out people would be in awe of him and even had people offering to buy him from me which i declined. Looking back on my memories of him he had this wisdom about him and he didn’t just trust anyone his loyalty to me was never broken. I realise now that he was sent as my protector he was blessing and i miss him he lived to to the age of 14 which in dog years was quite old.

    1. Hi Lola,

      What an amazing story!
      Yes, 14 wonderful years is an astonishing life span for a big dog.
      I believe too that one of my cats, Buddha, is not just a cat, but my Guardian, my best buddy from Sirius, who decided to incarnate with me to look after and protect me.
      Your dog has been protecting you on Earth, and now he is your Animal Spirit, still guiding and protecting you, still around, but etheric and invisible for the physical eyes.
      You say he was all black, and the colour black is the colour of protection, safety and nurturing, the colour inside the woman’s womb.
      Black absorbs the negative energy, and your dog was hoovering all the negative vibes coming your way.

      Lots of Love from Irina

  2. Thank you. I finally know why I am so different from most humans on this planet. I was born with a love for canines (wolves and dogs) throughout my whole life. I’ve never felt complete without a dog, and now as I approach my departure from this planet, the only beings I want with me are my beloved dogs. Your description of my personality helped me realize my connection with that star system. I am also a scientist….funny isnt it? Surely not a Tesla, but an x-Atlantean whose work on frequency I had the joy of bringing back to this planet, if only the beginnings of it, and crystals? yes. They have been with me from the beginning. Always knew I was different, not better, just different from others. I am grateful for your knowledge. P.S. also a Pagan…Thank you, Kira

  3. Recently I have felt an extrordinary longing to have a dragon alongs’t ‘side me so I was wondering could a dragon possibly be my spirit animal? I have a rough time sleeping but when I put on my earphones and listen to dragon snores in a cave I end up half dead and hard to wake up.

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