Archangel of Knowledge, Study and Exams

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  1. I am so worked up & feel myself driven into a corner by a study leader who doesn’t read my work & who then makes me do the same things over & over again… I feel I am failing my PhD studies & I am quite desperate… So it was heartening coming accross all this information & recourse in the angels & their possible help with studies & academic pursuits… I need help like theirs for my research & thesis & will call upon Jophiel & Uriel. You provided so much assurance & hope by introducing angelic assistance to people who are students & in academia of some form or the other. I am definitely appealing for angelic help – please add your prayers to mine & ask for blessings for my studies – I got the opportunity to study from heaven, I don’t want to fail it. My studies are so important to me – a special chance to learn & to get to know & understand things, please ask for help & blessings to come to my study endeavours… And may YOU be blessed for bringing this information, help & hope to us. Thanks, much! Adrian

    1. Hi Adriaan,

      I’m delighted you loved my article about the Angels of Knowledge.
      I’ve been studying a lot myself, and you don’t have to tell me that the students are under a lot of pressure.
      I feel you.
      Of course, I will say a prayer for you.
      But you need to ask for the Teaching Angel to be assigned to you for as long as you need him or her.
      The Angel will be your own Guide, supporting you during your studies.

      Wishing you every blessing on your so uneasy road to education,

      Lots of Love,


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