Who is Archangel Chamuel?

Archangel Chamuel is a powerful Angel of Love, Peace, Comfort, Protection and radiates the softest translucent pink Light.

His name means “Who Seeks God” or “Who Sees God”, because he reflects God’s Love and brings it to us.

Archangel Chamuel and his Angels overlook the Love in our world.

When you are ready to invite more Love into your life, Archangel Chamuel assists you, touching your heart.

So it emanates strong, but gentle pink pure Love, attracting the same qualities.

Archangel Chamuel works closely with his Twin Flame Archangel Charity, who vibrates on a more feminine ray of Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness and Creativity.

They both are the Archangels of the third Pink Ray – the wavelength of Divine Love.

Chamuel and Charity are in charge for the development of the Heart Chakra, that is of colour green with pink middle for 3-dimensional people.

Green is a colour of Nature. We feel our heart soften and relax when we are in Nature.

As we progress in our Spiritual Development, we move into the 4-th dimension.

And our heart becomes pink-lilac, acquiring the violet colour – the colour of Spiritual Wisdom.

And the 5-dimensional heart blazes the perfect pure white light.

When the heart is closed, people can be:

#   Lonely;

#   Sad and unhappy;

#   Numb and empty inside;

#   Withdrawn;

#   Hurt;

#   Angry;

#   Selfish and self absorbed;

#   Unkind;

#   Mean;

#   Judgemental;

#   Envy, jealous;

#   Greedy;

#   Possessive;

#   Power obsessed.

When the Heart Chakra, represented by pink-white rose, starts opening gradually its petals, layer after layer, we open up for:

#   Kindness;

#   Non judgement;

#   Love of Nature;

#   Love for animals;

#   Love for plants;

#   Love for family;

#   Love for partner;

#   Love for children;

#   Love for others;

#   Love for self;

#   Caring;  

#   Compassion;

#   Empathy;

#   Forgiveness of others;

#   Forgiveness of self;

#   Forgiveness of past lives experiences;

#   Warmth;

#   Generosity;

#    Unconditional giving;   

#   Unconditional Love;

#   Transcendent Love;

#   Cosmic Love;

#   Connection to the Cosmic Heart;

#   Oneness.

Probably the most important qualities of the Higher Love are Kindness, Empathy, Forgiveness and Self Love.

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Archangel Chamuel watches with love and awe over our Heart Chakra development and the Light becoming brighter and brighter, filling the space between the shoulders and then beyond, forming our etheric wings.

The warm energy of Love, radiated by our Heart, touches everyone around you, changing their auras into 5-dimensional ones for seconds.

Let’s see what exactly Archangel Chamuel’s duties are.

So Archangel Chamuel:

#1 soothes broken, grieving or tired hearts;

#2 on your side in any situation when you feel uncomfortable, out of sync, worried or anxious;

#3 opens hearts to Love;

#4 expands your open heart, so it radiates Love and Compassion;

#5 protects you for Love is the most powerful Force in the Universe;

#6 supports you to heal relationships;

#7 encourages you to fall in Love with yourself;

#8 works with you to attract the True Love into your life;

#9 as an Archangel of Gratitude helps you to see Love everywhere and love the World;

#10 helps to find lost items;

#11 orchestrates Surprises for you (pleasant of course);

#12 aligns you with your Soul Purpose and organise New Possibilities.

#1   Archangel Chamuel soothes broken, grieving or tired hearts.

Ask him to give you or someone else comfort in the hour of need.

You don’t have to go through this alone!

Archangel Chamuel enfolds you in his enormous soft and feathery wings and holds you tight, rocks you, so there is Love, only Love and nothing but the Love.

Feel luminous pink Light filling your body, stroking your poor heart gently, dissolving black blockages and melting the pieces of ice.

Cry if you need to… That’s O.K.

When an Angel touches you, you feel such a level of Love that you’ve never experienced on Earth before.

Your tears mean cleansing and relief.

#2 Archangel Chamuel can smooth for you any situation when you feel uncomfortable, out of sync, worried or anxious

Call for his assistance, and he will cocoon you in his beautiful pink energy of Love that transmutes  instantly all dark and dense blobs of energy, turning them into pure Love.

He helps you to stay balanced, raises your vibration bringing you back to a place of Love.

This magnificent Angel of Love calms anxieties, whispering the words of reassurance and hinting towards solutions.

If you feel uncomfortable, he boosts your confidence and self value, patience, understanding and intuition, whatever the reason is to feel uncomfortable.

Feeling out of sync? Archangel Chamuel speaks the words of Wisdom to your Soul, reminding about the Power of being in the Flow.

What does it mean to be in the Flow?

It means to listen to yourself where your energy should go at that moment.

Directing your energy correctly, you get inside the Universal current and go with it.

And whatever you do gets amplified, effortless, amazingly productive and effective.

When a bird soars in the sky, it looks for the air currents. So it can spread the wings, allowing the current to do the job for it.

There are a lot of currents of energy around us. Catch one and ride the wave!

Don’t go against it!

We call it “I feel the urge…”, “I’m in the mood for…”.

I’m in the mood for writing at the moment, for example.

And the words flow effortlessly out of me.

Unfortunately, in our Earthly life it’s not always possible.

Maybe your biological clock wakes your body up at 9 a.m., but you have to be up at 6 to get to work by 8, feeling like a Zombie till the clock’s arrow hits 9.

Also maybe you don’t want to be at work at all (and you probably don’t) – so you go against the Flow already!

No matter how much you want, for example, to be left in peace at work, it’s not possible.

Many people get irritable and snappy in the afternoon because they start feeling tired and would do with a little snooze.

Instead they have to carry on with their duties, but it affects their mood.

We can do our best following the Law of the Flow when our life belongs to us.

If you feel tired, have the rest. Listen to your body.

Very often a reason for overeating is tiredness.

Your subconscious mind thinks that extra food will provide you with extra energy to carry on your “hamster wheel” activities.

But your poor body is screaming for the rest to recharge its batteries naturally, not extra food!

If you are in the mood to go for a drive, do that!

Probably you need the feeling of freedom, ever changing sceneries, maybe take a new route where you’ve never been before.

Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love, reminds you about the Law of Flow and the importance to do WHAT you LOVE to do and WHEN you LOVE to do.

It doesn’t make sense to go against the Flow.

Ride the Wave!

#3  Archangel Chamuel opens hearts to Love

If someone’s heart is closed for whatever reason – maybe this person’s heart was broken, and they are scared that their trust will be betrayed again.

Or they think that living with an open heart puts them into a vulnerable position.

They have to protect themselves, closing their heart down.

Lorna Byrne, the Irish Mystic, describes that she sees a transparent sheet of ice wrapped round the person’s chest, when their heart is closed.

When they start to open their heart again, the sheet of ice melts and goes away, revealing the blooming rose, pink and white, in the heart centre.

I love all of Lorna Byrne’s books, but especially “Angels in my hair” and “Angels at my fingertips”.

Archangel Chamuel assists to open hearts and teaches that the best protection is an absence of protection, but TRUST, LOVE and HOPE.

#4  He expands your open heart, so it radiates Love and Compassion


 Expanded Heart Centre takes all space between the shoulders, and its shining Light forms the etheric wings.

Not only Angels have wings.

Everyone whose Heart Chakra is huge, blazing with Love and spinning fast has got the wings: Spiritual Dragons, some Unicorns, Fairies and… YOU, yes, you!

Close your eyes and check yourself if you have wings.

Maybe you could see your wings in the meditation already?

Did you think you were an Angel?

What size, colour, shape your wings are?

#5 Archangel Chamuel protects you for Love is the most powerful force in the Universe

Archangel Chamuel embraces you in his pale pink energy of Love, so nothing bad can approach you.

Love is the strongest force in the Universe. God operates through Love.

Ask Archangel Chamuel to cocoon you in the energy of Love and feel absolutely safe.

We have the Virus outbreak at the moment.

Do you know how to protect yourself and your loved ones? Of course, with the Power of Love!

Get Crystals, one for you and others for your family.

The Crystals don’t have to be fancy or big. Don’t focus on superficial stuff.

Rose Quartz
Image: Pixabay

Rose Quartz is probably the best choice, because it is naturally a Crystal of Love.

You have no Crystals? Doesn’t matter, pick the little stones outside that draw your attention and you like.

Take the Crystals (or stones) in your left hand and put them close to your heart.

Feel them and make a bond with them.

Ask Archangel Chamuel to pour his beautiful pink Light of Love into your aura and your Crystals.

Connect mentally your Crystals to the Planet Venus and the Cosmic Heart. See the bright pink ray of Light, extending from your Crystals far to the Cosmos and Love from the Cosmic Heart, pulsating and streaming down.

Talk to the Elementals that occupy the Crystals and ask to hold that high vibrational energy and radiate it non stop, creating a field of Love around the Crystals.

The radius would be quite big, approximately 5 miles.

So you don’t have to have your Crystal on you.

I keep mine in the car. Wherever I go, my car goes with me, so my protecting Crystal does too.

P.S. I noticed that I typed the world “LOVE” so many times whilst writing this article, that this article alone can be used as a powerful tool of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Read and reread it, and your aura will be scanned by the Pink Rays of Love, not leaving any chance to the dense energies, lurking inside you.

I definitely could feel it, especially after typing out the Meditation and Channeling from Archangel Chamuel.

#6  Archangel Chamuel helps you to heal relationships

Invoke this great Angel to help you sort relationships – with your partner, children, parents, pets, neighbours, at work.

Pretty much any relationship – the computer, if you suspect that your computer doesn’t love you and refuse to work properly, house, garden, a car, an Internet etc.

Have problems with your Partner?

Meet Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love, Peace, Harmonious Relationships and Comfort.
Image: Pixabay

Has Love slipped away from your relationship?

Ask Archangels Chamuel and Charity enter your life to guide you gently, smooth the sharp corners and share with you their Love and Wisdom.

Chamuel and Charity, two Twin Flames, are an example of two different personalities, united by Love in a beautiful relationship.

So they help each other to be the best they can be and still grow to their full potential.

Our children are our joy and blessing, but sometimes they can give us headache and heartache too!

Misunderstanding, teenage troubles, strained relationship with grown up children.

Call upon Archangels Chamuel and Charity to knock on your children hearts and open them for the love of their parents.

Many people are vice versa being upset by having a difficult Mum or Dad that they can’t get through to, no matter how hard they try.

The Angel of Love, entering the relationship with the Parent, smooths it and makes it if not loving, but at least civil.

#7  Archangel Chamuel helps you to fall in Love with Yourself

Don’t forget about the most important relationship in your life – with yourself.

You live with yourself from the beginning of time when your Soul has been initially created (apart from your Guardian Angel and Dragon, accompanying you for aeons).

And you will never get rid of yourself!

Why not give yourself a credit?

You’ve been through thick and thin.

You deserve a lot of respect, admiration and love!

Do you love yourself?

Archangel Chamuel reminds you to recognize the God inside yourself.

It has nothing to do with ego and arrogance!

You are LOVABLE, magnificent and totally unique Being of Light!

Never in whole history there existed another person exactly like you, and never will be!

If you feel not worthy, have low self-esteem, you don’t like yourself, talk to Archangel Chamuel, take on his Therapy.

Let him show you the tremendous beauty of your Soul, who you really are!

If you are in an abusive relationship, you are bullied, you are at the bottom of a dark pit, call on Archangel Chamuel to show you Light and give you Strength, Hope, Love and Belief in Yourself.

Repeat after Chamuel: “I don’t give up on myself. Even if the whole world gives up on me, I don’t give up on myself.”

#8  Archangel Chamuel can help you attract True Love in to your life

He is an Archangel of Love at the end of the day.

Archangel Chamuel can see the whole situation and knows who your Soulmates and Twin Flames are.

He fans his luminous pink Light into your aura and creates synchronicities to help the fateful meeting to happen quicker.

Your Soulmates will not necessarily come into your life as your Partner.

They could be your Parents, Children, Friends as well.

Meeting your Soulmate, you feel that you know them forever, that your bond extends well beyond this Earthly life.

And you are right!

Soulmates normally incarnate together in many lives, loving and supporting each other. And they hang out a lot with each other on the other side, between incarnations.

Don’t idealise Soulmates relationships though. They can become unhealthy too unfortunately if one of them (or both) loses connection with Divine and becomes Earthbound.

This Soulmate can be possessive, power and control obsessed. Love will quietly leave such a relationship.

Rita Rudner quote springs to my mind: “When I eventually met Mr. Right, I had no idea that his first name was Always.”

Or Si Robertson’s one: “I live by my own rules (reviewed, revised and approved by my wife)… but still my own.”

Archangel Chamuel locates your Twin Flames as well and helps to arrange the meeting.

Now, Twin Flames relationship does not always mean falling in love at the first sight.

By the way, being madly in love and feeling the sparks flying between you often means that a karmic relationship enters your life.

You can ignore your Twin Flame sometimes for years until a coincidence brings you two together.

And scales fall from your eyes!

I heard many times people saying that they knew their “True Love” for ages, but never gave a thought about them.

And a circumstance, often unhappy, would bring them together only to discover that they have found the Love of their life!

Twin Flames relationship is not perfect, romantic and idealistic.

They can give each other a tough time, especially in the beginning.

Two people bring each other’s dark stuff to the surface: pain, uncertainty, weaknesses, murky thoughts.

Very often these people are absolutely different, like day and night.

A Spiritual person can be in a relationship with not Spiritual one, for example.

Even two Spiritual people could occupy the opposite ends of a spectrum.

The purpose of Twin Flames relationship is bring up the best in them and help it develop and blossom and also encourage both Partners to pay attention to their Inner Shadow and work through it.

This way you accelerate your Growth and propel yourself forward. You can even fulfil your Earth scenario and possibly pick the new one for yourself.

Far away from the Spirituality person helps the Spiritual one to remain grounded.

And the Spiritual one brings Warmth and Light of Spirituality into the other person’s life.

There is not only one Twin Flame available for us on Earth – THE ONE, but quite a few.

Ask Archangel Chamuel to locate your “the One” and bring you together.

#9 Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of Gratitude and helps you to see the Love everywhere and love the World

Archangel Chamuel wraps his arm around your shoulders and offers you the privilege to get inside him and see the World through his eyes – the eyes of the Angel.

You see God, Love and Beauty everywhere, the Light inside other people – some of them brighter and some maybe duller, but still going through their Earthy lessons and experiences on a way to God.

The World full of Quests, Adventures and Discoveries!

And you feel so grateful simply to be alive and be a part of this Wonderful World and so immensely blessed!

That’s always our choice what to see.

Do you remember Dale Carnegie: “Two men looked out of prison bars. One saw the mud, the other saw stars.”

#10  He helps to find lost items 

Unexpectedly Archangel Chamuel helps finding our lost stuff because he is an Archangel of relationships, the relationship with your stuff as well.

Ask him for help, and he will be there to reunite you with your strayed item.

Sometimes our belongings collect negative energy.

In this case Archangel Chamuel won’t return you the item for this dark energy can impact you adversely.

For example, you have had for years a gold chain necklace with a little pendant that you love and never take off.

The gold necklace keeps collecting negative energy that would otherwise target your Throat Chakra.

Until one day it reaches the critical mass and breaks, basically self-destroys.

You’ve lost your necklace and are upset.

But Archangel Chamuel won’t be interested in returning you your item.

He always acts for the best good of everyone involved.

You see the gold necklace, he sees a lot of dark energy. That’s a good riddance in his opinion.

Archangel Chamuel won’t give you back anything riddled with negative.

P.S. Clean your necklace energetically from time to time, keeping it in salt water for a while.

Or maybe someone is so possessive that losing stuff teaches them not to be obsessed with the  things and learn to let go.

If you have lost a pet and you are heartbroken, talk to Archangel Chamuel and also to their Fairy that acts as their Guardian.

Ask to reunite you with your beloved pet.

Animals haven’t got Guardian Angels, but they have a Fairy appointed to be their Guardian during their stay on Earth.

When our cat failed to return home at his usual time, I got straight in touch with his Fairy.

And she reported that he is fine, but very scared by a big dog.

He is hiding in the hedge and will be back home as soon as he summons his courage (not a lot of that, he is a scaredy cat!).

I asked to whisper into his ear and prompt him, because we were so worried about him.

The cat returned home in the morning, ignored his food (very unusual), ran straight upstairs and hid in his carrier. We couldn’t see him all day.

#11 Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of Surprises (pleasant of course)

He is behind every surprise, and you can’t help to start believing in miracles.

You don’t expect the good outcome at all, and suddenly out of the blue it all turns out well.

Or in a long run of grey, monotonous days you receive a great heartwarming surprise.

Archangel Chamuel watches carefully and seeds Love where there is no Love.

Have you heard stories about someone who can’t stand some nation?

They would surprise themselves and others, fall in love and find happiness exactly with a partner of that nationality.

Archangel Chamuel always makes sure the things are as they are supposed to be.

Love doesn’t know nationalities, races and barriers.

#12 Archangel Chamuel aligns you with your Soul Purpose and organise new possibilities for you

You remember his name means “Who Seeks God”. He encourages you to seek God, first inside yourself, them externally.

The very first sign of Archangel Chamuel nearby is the sudden interest in Spirituality.

You ask a lot of questions and normally start researching the Internet…

By the way the second sign is seeing pink colour everywhere…

Archangel Chamuel reminds you that Love is in the air.

And when you are in a state of Love, you attract new exciting possibilities that multiply Love in your life.

Archangel Chamuel overlooks the whole process.

We all need new possibilities, the new door opening for us, often unexpectedly.

The Archangel of Love absolutely loves the moment when he opens the door, inviting you to align with your gifts, talents and your Mission on Earth.

But of course you choose to accept the invitation.

If you feel your life becoming stale, you are suffocated and need a breath of fresh air, you long for a change, ask Archangel Chamuel to bless you lovingly with new possibilities and a new open door.

So they are the tasks this Magnificent and hard working Archangel can support you with.

To connect with him simply ask him for help and explain your matter.

If you prefer prayers, feel free to say this little prayer: “Archangel Chamuel, let my heart be overflowing with Love. Help me receive freely and give the gift of God’s unconditional Love. Open my heart and my eyes to see Love and attract miracles and blessings, kindness and beauty, lovely surprises and exciting new possibilities into my life. I Am Pure Love. Amen.”

Or before you go to sleep, set an intention to visit his Spiritual Retreat – the Temple of Pink-Crystal Flame on the Divine plane above St. Louis, Missouri, in your sleep to talk to Archangel Chamuel.

The next option is a meditation to meet the Wondrous Archangel.

Meditation to meet Archangel Chamuel in his Retreat

Make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and won’t be disturbed.

Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths.

Say: “I am the Gold Ray of Christ”, – and see yourself inside a giant column of Golden Light, surrounded by the bright Blue Light of extra protection.

One end of the column comes high in the sky and disappears in the Cosmos.

And the other one stretches miles and miles down into the Earth.

The Golden Light shimmers and dances around you.

The whirlpools of Light dash through your body – up and down, pushing out all dark and stagnant energy.

More grey mist and black blobs (like cannonballs) resurface that have been buried inside and get taken away by the Golden Light.

Let the Golden Light work its Magic on you until you feel that you become liquid gold yourself.

Maybe you even see your etheric wings sprung and unfolded both sides of your body.

Make sure you are still grounded by feeling your feet and how heavy your Earth Star Chakra is that is located approximately twelve inches under the ground.

Now imagine travelling to Missouri, the USA, see the city of St. Louis and the great river Mississippi, crossing the city.

See the famous Arch Monument and stop opposite it.

Enjoy the Monument for a moment and realize that it’s actually a Gateway to Archangel Chamuel’s Etheric Retreat – the Temple of the Pink-Crystal Flame.

The sky, framed by the Arch, is only an illusion, but the giant double doors that begin opening slowly revealing the streaks of the pink Light streaming through the gap in the middle.

The doors open completely, inviting you in.

Your Guardian Angel gestures you to step inside.

Once you have entered the Temple look around.

The Temple is made completely of the big pink Crystals, emanating the soft pink Light.

When you reach out and try to touch the Crystals on the wall, you realise you can’t because the wall moves away from you.

You are surrounded by pink, the most delicious Light. Inhaling it, you can smell roses or maybe sweet strawberries.

Suddenly you get a feeling that you share the Temple with someone, turn around and see the Man dressed in the long flowing shimmering pink gown.

Chamuel greets you warmly and asks what the matter brought you there.

Explain to him your situation and ask for help.

Chamuel listens carefully and tells that you are not on your own anymore.

He will support you.

Now he gives you a symbol of a bond between you and him.

What is it?

A flower, a cloak, a star, any other item, small or big?

Put his gift safely in your aura.

Chamuel embraces you gently, and his luminous pink Light washes through your energy fields.

Your aura turns pink gold.

Time to thank Chamuel and say GoodBye.

Leave the wondrous Temple of the Pink-Crystal Flame to reunite with your Guardian Angel, waiting patiently for you outside.

Have a safe and pleasant journey back, where you started your meditation.

Wrapping it all up, Archangel Chamuel offered this short Channeling:

“Greetings from Chamuel, the Angel of Love, New Possibilities and Surprises!

I came to you equipped not by Knowledge, but the Love of an Open Heart.

Step closer to me, leave all your fears behind cause you are stepping on the territory of Love.

“What is Love?”, – you would ask.

Love is not that feeling you want to put in a cage to keep it forever.

Love is Freedom and Happiness to Let Go.

Love is not aim, but a state of your Being. Love is all around you, and Love is You.

Love is a reason and essence of your existence.

Without it neither you or Nature, your Planet, even me, Chamuel, would exist…

Love with all of your Heart, let your Heart sing and dance, don’t be too serious, embrace your inner child, don’t be afraid to be silly and laugh at yourself!

Cause they are all parts of Love.

And remember that I, Chamuel, am always with you, and the distance between us is only a thought.

Hugging you warmly and planting a pink rose of my Love in your Heart,

Yours forever,


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