The Universal Law of Request means:

Never think, say or do anything if you are not asked to,  and when you feel you need help – you have to ask for it!

We can be thinking of other people sticking our labels on them,  sometimes not very nice. We consider our thoughts to be our own business for they are contained in our heads,  no one can see them.  But they still are energy we emanate in the outside world affecting it.  Have people asked our opinion about them?  No,  I don’t think so.

We can be advising someone else.  The advice might be gentle and friendly or categorical one,  sounding more like an instruction,  normally in the family –  “Mother knows best!”.  The argument would be –  I only want to help!  Again it doesn’t matter that no one actually has asked for help.

When you look deeper,  there could be greed, lust for power and control, arrogance dressed in Goodness clothes and presented as the best intentions to help.

It’s not enough – their own life for someone.  Advising and telling people what to do, they basically want to take over and live other individuals life instead of them, which are in reality greed and control.

Saying that someone should be doing this and that,  they actually mean that they are more clever,  and another person has no brain to figure out what to do in his or her situation which is arrogant.

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We often are rushing with our help into other people’s lives like a bull in a china shop.  But maybe they want to manage themselves,  they are looking for their own solution.  In the end of the day it is the lesson they are supposed to learn in order to grow –  and we are trying to take it away from them!  Their mistakes are a part of their learning experience.  There are no bad ways,  it’s their own way –  let them walk along that path!

When children hurt themselves (not badly of course!) exploring the world,  they will never do it again.  Pain is the best teacher.

Even if we watch and realize someone is getting in a pickle through their actions,  but we are not asked for advice or help,  we should stand back and respect other people’s incarnation,  their freedom and right to learn their lessons in their own ways.

How many times I opened my big mouth to give my husband guidance (instructions!) how to live and what to do in each and every situation –  and quickly zipped it back!

It’s HIS life!  I can’t live his life instead of him!  I call him my OWN husband,  but I don’t really own him!  He’s got his own ways different from mine.  But walking the different path doesn’t mean he is lost!

In the end of the day he is a man who I fell in love with.  Looking at him all I can see is his beautiful and radiant soul,  and his different little ways don’t bother me.

Getting involved in somebody else’s business without being asked will only add to our karma if the things turn sour.

It is considered to be rude to come into someone’s house uninvited (never mind moving furniture and accessories around to your own liking).

It is equally rude to enter someone’s life uninvited.

The Higher Beings of Light always respect your free will and under the Universal Law of Request never interfere until they are asked for help.  They only definitely will save someone without asking in the critical situation when the person is in danger,  and it’s not time to die yet.

Ask Angels,  they will always respond and do their best for you!  They’ve got so much Love and Wisdom to share with you!

Help can come in different ways:  a sudden idea, solution downloaded  into your head,  information you need found on the Internet or in a book,  through people, –  the Angels will lovingly guide you.

They will always help unless the lesson is predefined in your pre-life scenario, and your Higher Self is adamant to proceed.  Then Angels will bow and stand back.

Try to detach yourself from your own life.  Imagine you are a spectator,  and your life –  a movie where you play the main character. You are a star of the show! 

You might think that your movie’s title is “Les Miserables”,  but I would call it “It’s a wonderful life!”.

The whole crew is working behind the scenes –  Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Spirits, Animal Spirit etc.  The script has been written and agreed on many levels.  You have taken a part in deciding on the script as well.  By the way, as a more evolved, pure and enlightened Spiritual Being you are,  as less free will your Higher Self has.  Your only Soul’s desire is to serve God’s will.  Angels and Unicorns haven’t got free will,  they are above it.

The villains are assigned.  I can see them pacing nervously learning their lines.

Your Soul Mates have got  their roles too and can’t wait to start filming.

And the moment comes:  “Lights!  Camera!  Action!”.

You are in one of the scenes,  you follow the scenario and a lesson outlined there.  You will film an episode as many times as it takes to get it right,  and you can move on another episode –  another lesson.

In the meantime between filming the actors are free and can do whatever they want to.

The key moments of our life are pre designed,  we can’t change them.  But in-between there are a lot of white pages that we fill in ourselves,  we have freedom to do with our life whatever we want to.

We have many incarnations,  we try on, like actors, many roles, many masks.  I’ve read that the word “person” derives directly from Latin “persona” –  a part in drama,  originally “a mask, a false face” worn by actors in Roman theatre.

Our personality,  what we think is “real us” is not really us.  It’s only the actor’s mask for this life.  What is “really us” many people believe doesn’t exist.

You are a luminous Being of Light who came to Earth to learn,  to serve,  to enjoy.

Your older Brothers and Sisters –  Angels and Ascended Masters –  are so happy to help you to navigate your path.  Ask and give them permission to take your hand and show you the way!

Ask Angels from your open heart,  not from neediness, desperation or frustration. 

Imagine a little child in the middle of the shop throwing itself on the floor, screaming and banging its feet:  “I want the game!”  Will the parent get the game?  No,  the parent will pick the child off the floor and take it straight out of the shop.

Or the parent knows that the kid has been dreaming of the game for a long while,  found out a lot of information about it,  and the game will be beneficial for him or her.  Then the parent will surely look into possibilities to get the game for the child.

Ask genuinely from your heart.  God wouldn’t fulfil someone’s wish if this someone throws a tantrum in front of him.  Don’t scream from neediness or desperation,  be ready to receive with gratitude,  have trust –  and it is granted for you already!

Now have patience.  The Universe forces are activated in your life from now.

It can happen quick,  it can take time,  but trust that it is happening.

When you order something from Amazon,  you believe that you are going to receive it,  not straight away –  there is the delivery time,  but it is definitely coming your way.

When you place your order with Universe,  there is the delivery time as well,  it might not happen overnight,  but it all is real.  The Universal Law of Request is interwoven with the Universal Law of Attraction here.

The Universe, Angels and Guides are waiting to help you!  All you have to do is to ASK!

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