Archangel Sachiel, the Angel of Money and Wealth

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  1. Thank you. Such clarity on ArchCherub Sachiel is most welcome and appreciated. Thank you ArchCherub Sachiel and I LOVE YOU. YOU who is weaved from the Divine marterial of LIGHT(Who is Jesus Christ). Amen.

  2. I just discovered Archangel Sachiel today, November 19, 2023. I pray to win the Powerball jackpot, $295 million. I have taught for the past 30 years. My family, especially my daughter has cut me put of her life after the divorce. I not only want to give to my kids, ex-husband and my boyfriends son, I want to establish a not-for-profit that provides services to single mothers and their children to get them back on their feet. I also want to help purchase water purifiers for Water Women. I also want to have my dream home and life. Travel to see all of God’s creations. Thank you Sachiel for all you have provided this far in my life.

  3. It is with immense Gratitude that I write to Thank You for an introduction to Archangel Sachiel. When I pray I experience his very presence!
    May you be Blessed for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you so so so much for your kind words of Gratitude.
      I appreciate it.
      May Archangel Sachiel bless you with Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, and everything you wish for yourself!

  4. I wish to win the Texas Lotto so I can retire and help my sons Joey and Joseph and my brothers and sisters. Get a new home paid off all my bills and others. That is the desire of my heart. Amen

  5. could you please send me the story of Sachiel.I love what I had read.
    I’ve had alot of help from Jesus and all the saints and angles.
    may you and your family be blessed always.

  6. Dear Irina,
    Thank you so so much and I’m much grateful for whatever you’ve shared to me .Am a Thursday born and I was looking for Thursday Archangel to invoke thank you so much God richly bless you and your family each and every single day .Please write to me the items and the steps needed to invoke Archangel Sachiel please.God bless you for me

    1. You are ever so welcome Darkwah.
      May God and Archangel Sachiel bless you and your family with love, prosperity, abundance, and luck.

  7. Dear Irina,
    I’m very delighted and feel so special for opening my eye of understanding and the knowledge about Archangel Sachiel,I know very soon my life and everything about me will change for good, thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, dear Gabriel.
      You have a beautiful and meaningful name, by the way.
      I’m delighted you’ve made a special connection with Archangel Sachiel.
      He is an incredible Angel and such a joy to be around!
      Wishing you all the happiness, abundance, and love in the world.
      Many Blessings,

    2. Dear Irina
      I am very grateful and feels enlightened about your words and with believe I know you will lead me through shortly. Thank you

      1. You are ever so welcome.
        May you be blessed by Angels, and Archangel Sachiel, the Angel of Money, Wealth, Abundance, and Success, accompany you lovingly on every step you take.
        Lots of Love,

  8. Beautiful,
    A million pieces of gratitude Irina and Archangel Sachiel !
    I am writing this on what is considered the Feast day of St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Gabriel. Today now I learned about Archangel Sachiel then was guided to this page just when I needed it most. During the meditation I felt Divine peace, that was so needed. Since being treated for Acute Myeloid Leukemia I have been praying for stronger help financially. Being the spiritual person I am, this is so appreciated!
    All the Best,

  9. I’ve been saying your mantra for Money, Prosperity and Wealth for a looooong time now. My uttermost desire is to WIN a BIG lottery so that I can “take charge” of my life. I live alone and am retired now but I feel abandoned by my family. I live in a Senior low income apartment complex but would like to move to the coast of British Columbia in Canada from central Saskatchewan where I’m now living as the winters are “too cold”. Although I’ve been winning smaller amounts of money on expensive scratch tickets it’s not the BIG lottery I desire to win by playing the lottery machine lotteries. I am going to buy a ticket for Friday’s BIG $70 million Lotto Max lottery and I ask that you can pray for me that I will “finally” be LUCKY and be blessed with this BIG win. Lots have won in Saskatchewan, Canada. THANK YOU Irina.

    1. I’m sending my prayers your way for incredible luck and the Angels’ blessings and protection today and always.

  10. Dear Irina,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us the various energies from angels. I believe by sticking to your directions I will have a feel with Archangel Sachiel for a turn around in my life. Thank you.

    1. You are ever so welcome, Joshua,
      Archangel Sachiel is a beautiful and powerful Angel to take with you along the road of your life.
      Every morning, ask him to be with you all day, loving, blessing, protecting, creating new possibilities, and directing you towards the flow of abundance and prosperity.
      Lots of Love,

  11. I am so grateful that I was lead to this sight thanks for the insight. I will use this in my journey. May all the blessing you have given to me return 100 fold back unto you fame.

  12. Dear Irina, I read with excitement about Archangel sachiel .The beloved Angel love and abundance,,I have already fallen in love with this Angel. I want to thank Irina for insights about Sachiel. I wish I. know more how to travel in space to meet and facilitate with him or her. I like to explore more. lead me by hand please.

    1. Hi John,
      I absolutely love Archangel Sachiel.
      You don’t need to travel in space to meet him.
      Just think of him, and he is with you instantly.
      Angels are omnipresent and can be in millions of places at the same time.
      Actually, they operate outside of space and time.
      So, just think of him and talk to him like you would talk to your most beloved friend.
      Open your heart and tell him about your wishes.
      Archangel Sachiel’s energy will flow and envelope your thoughts and dreams to help them to come true.
      And his light will be with you forever.
      Love and Blessings from Irina

  13. Dear Friend, thank you so much for let me know archangel Sacheil and I hope my has changed from now on and it will never be the same Amen
    Albert Oduro

    1. Hi Albert,

      I’m so pleased you loved my article.

      Best Wishes, Brightest Blessings, and Lots of Love

      From Irina and Angels

  14. Thanks so much for this divine jot of twirling insight… As i said the sample prayer to archangel sachiel i felt a busk of hot energy swirling around me… His presence is so comforting

  15. Dear Irina,

    Thank you thank you thank you so much for sharing Archangel Sachiel. This knowledge and prayer has come at a significant time in my life.

    Love & Light, bless you Antonette

    1. Awww… Thank you so much, Antonette.
      I’m delighted you loved and found my article helpful.
      I pray for you and hope your circumstances improve.
      Archangel Sachiel is with you every step, holding your hand, loving, and changing your life for the better.

      Love and Blessings from Irina

      1. Please can ask fir a prayer to archeangel sachiel to win the lottery as I badly money buy a house of our and a car fir myself snd daughter and to help us lead a secure financial life so we never gave to worry about money again thank you

        1. Hi Noelle,

          The prayer to Archangel Sachiel is included in my article.
          Just add your own words that you need the house and a car for your little family, and you ask him to bless you and your daughter with financial security and abundance.

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