“Whether you call it a stone, a beast, a tree, a man, a demon or the Divine – everything is the same energy, manifesting itself in a million different ways”.

Everyone heard about the Dark, or Fallen Angels,  their names are Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub amongst others.  They are the figures of fear and hatred,  evil that tempts and destroys us, until our life turns into chaos, spirals down out of control into the abyss of dark and desperation…

According to Wikipedia, “Fallen Angels are Angels who were cast out from heaven, or Angels who sinned. Such Angels often tempt humans to sin.”

Before I continue,  let me tell you a story:

The story about a little soul

Two souls were inseparable in Heaven.  The friends were so happy together chatting for hours about everything in the world, laughing and frolicking. They were the real soulmates designed for each other.

One day the little Soul noticed that her Friend was quiet and withdrawn.  She asked: “What’s wrong?  You look so sad”.

Her Soulmate sighed: “My Guides have spoken to me today.  We both will reincarnate on Earth soon,  and I’ve been asked to help you to learn a very important lesson.  In order to teach it to you I will have to turn bad and nasty for you which breaks my heart!  I will have to shut my light down and slow my vibration to darken myself.  It’s really tough!  I’ve got so much light and love for you!”

The little Soul clapped her hands in excitement and exclaimed: “A new life!  A new adventure! A new experience!  Oh… you are a real Angel!  You will do it for me?!  Only the best friend would sacrifice himself for me!”

The Soul continued with tears in his eyes: “Can you promise,  when I get unfair and hard on you,  that you will still recognise me – it’s me! – and remember how much I love you!  Look through the Dark and see Love!

The little Soul promised,  and she kept the promise.

They both were reborn on Earth.  The little Soul learned to see Love and  Divine in every moment…

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Love and God are almighty.

All Angels – Light or Dark – with no exception serve God.

As I’ve been writing this,  my eyes stopped at the Unicorn cards by Diana Cooper.  I asked about the Dark Angels and pulled a card.  Here it is,  an Archangel Uriel card: “Become a peace ambassador”.

Dark Angels

There is no war,  no confrontation,  but peace between the Light and Dark Angels  for they all ultimately serve the Source.

So the popular legend about the Dark Angels is only a legend.  You know the story of how the glorious Archangel Lucifer imagined that he was more powerful than God and challenged him for his throne.  God threw the rebel into the abyss,  and a lot of Angels followed him to become the Dark, or Fallen Angels to tempt people on Earth into evil.  It’s only a myth,  the Dark Angels didn’t fall from anywhere.

Dark Angels are NOT traitors.

There is no opposition – God and Devil. There is God only – Creator of Light and Dark.

The Source planned to run a unique experiment on Earth – a zone of free will and duality to allow the souls to evolve at much greater speed and bring back to the Source their enriched light and experience.

So because of duality God had to divide the energies into polarities:  yin – yang,  joy – misery,  love – hatred,  hope – fear,  light – dark etc.

And he needed not only the Angels of Light attached to the positive energies,  but the Dark Angels too – to support the negative matter.

I believe that God consulted his beloved mighty Archangel Lucifer and asked him to undertake the sensitive mission as a part of his service.

God needed someone really special and the most devoted to him to oversee such an ambitious project as the mission involved sacrificing everything and from the much loved and respected Archangel becoming a despicable, hated and fearsome figure.

The only wish Angels have is to serve God and Divine.

I don’t think he was over the moon,  but he agreed,  formed a team of Angels for the mission, and God shut their Light off, engulfing them in darkness.

Archangel Lucifer spread his enormous black wings and propelled himself to Earth followed by the army of Dark Angels.

Ever since they are extremely busy here growing in power absorbing the dark thoughts, feelings and emotions, radiated by humans.  If you look at Earth from space with the psychic vision,  our planet is surrounded by the dark grey mist which is humanity’s emanation.  Luckily now more and more people open their heart and turn their light on.  So the grey fog is pierced by lights stretching far high into the cosmos.  Some lights are as little as  candles lit up on Earth, and some are strong like the powerful torches.

The difference between the Light and Dark Angels is that the Angels of Dark have got the free will like humans.  If they have enough of people’s negativity and can’t take it anymore,  they are allowed to come back to Light at any time.  But normally they are very serious and meticulous about their task,  strong, loyal and too devoted to God to abandon their mission.

So Dark Angels are not bad and not good. They are the Angels on a Mission.

The life on Earth for the spirits can be compared with the TV show “I’m A Celebrity…  Get Me Out of Here!”

A group of contestants arrives in the jungle where they are faced with the endless challenges and trials.

In the middle of writing this post I went to see what my hubby was up to,  and he was exactly glued to “I’m A Celebrity…” on telly.  The soaked celebrities were busy in the long and narrow containers half full of water whilst the snakes and crocodiles kept them company.

In real life someone perhaps lives with a snake,  someone kisses a frog,  works with crocodiles and has to deal with monkeys, tigers, scorpions and tarantulas.

So the celebrities knew that they would have to deal with difficult and generally not nice things in the jungle,  but nevertheless they signed up for the show.  They also were aware of the rewards:  I guess they were paid a couple of quid, and their career would get a boost even if they don’t get the title of King or Queen of the Jungle in the end.

The life on Earth for the newly incarnated souls is really tough and challenging,  and even the brightest and the lightest spirits find it hard to withstand the negativity and darkness of our planet. And they are ready sometimes like the celebrities to shout: “Get Me Out of Here!”   But despite that the souls from all over the Universe keep applying for the show “The Life on Earth” to experience a life in a physical body for the rewards can be tremendous,  and the Souls can progress spiritually at a much higher rate.

Every day,  every minute of our life we’ve got liberty and choice. 

Choose the good thoughts, words and deeds –  you will invite Angels of Love and Joy,  and your blessings will be multiplied!  Or you choose the negativity –  Dark Angels will be your guests welcoming you to the world of fear, desperation and misery.

There is an Angel for everything on our planet:  Angels of Light for the kind and loving energies and Angels of Dark for the negative, murky and gloomy ones.

Angels recommended me to stop using the traditional Tarot cards deck and purchase the Angels Tarot cards instead.  As they explained,  the very Tarot cards don’t carry any negativity (they are only the pieces of paper with images, numbers and words printed on them).

But there is a vast and powerful Dark Angel connected to them.

For aeons people overwhelmed by pain from their past and fear of their future were listening to the Tarot readers’ predictions, feeding the negative emotions to the Dark Angel.

The Angels of Light suggested,  and I got Archangel Power Tarot cards.

Dark Angels

Each card in the deck is dedicated and overlit by the specific Archangel.  So they are out of reach for the Dark Angels (where there is light,  there is no dark).

Think of money…

The beautiful Golden Angel of Money connects with you every time you receive money with love, gratitude and appreciation for everything money can give you (I think the most precious things money can buy you are your freedom and time).

And the enormous, huge Dark Angel of Money will be in touch straight away with someone feeling greedy, envious, angry because of money.  The waves of dark energy will be circulating between the person and the Dark Angel destroying their financial situation in the end.

Attracted to someone’s aura,  the Dark Angel will tempt, challenge a person,  draw them deeper into the darkness,  bring destruction into their life.

But we can’t appreciate light being in the light.  Only in the dark we start to notice the stars and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The old and not serving us anymore is supposed to be destroyed and go,  letting the fresh energies to take its place.

Before my husband and I sorted and planted the garden of our dreams,  we had to knock down and get rid of two ancient, dilapidated garages on the back of our house.

Or  my acquaintance was utterly heartbroken when his girlfriend dumped him years ago.  Now he thinks that actually she’s done him a favour,  and it has been in reality a massive stroke of luck and blessing for him when she left him.  Because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to meet his wonderful wife whom he is so happy together,  and his lovely children would never be born.

The Dark Angels will come when it is time for something dark, heavy, dense to be destroyed and swept away from our life.  Attributed to the human professions they are Cleaners, Sewage workers, Infection Control and Hygienists.  Their task is to fiddle with the dark human energies and emanations.

Dark Angels point at,  highlight negativity inside ourselves and take us on a journey through the Darkness.

Someone will get lost there without the Light and eventually will start to cry out for help.  Then the Light Angel will approach and bring them back to Love and God.

Someone will go deeper and deeper down until they reach the rock bottom,  and there only one way will be – UP.  I like J.K. Rowling’s quotation:  “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”. 

Someone will spot the light in the end of the tunnel,  come out on another side,  quietly shut the door behind themselves,  breathe in the fresh air feeling Stronger and Taller – NEVER THE SAME AGAIN!

I read about a man who’s been through hell abusing drugs.  But he found the strength to quit and start a new life free of drugs.  His personal hell changed him,  and he dedicated the rest of his life to helping people with drug addiction.

We always have a choice –  to “reach out, touch” Light and Love or…  make ourselves familiar with the dark side of life.

I think I’m pretty good with deeds,  and I really think before a word leaves my mouth.  It’s harder with the thoughts.  Because no one can see or hear them,  we think that it’s our personal business,  and our thoughts belong only to us.

However it’s not the case,  our thoughts and emotions affect the world around us profoundly.  It’s really hard to control them.  We’ve got the thoughts and emotions as the parts of our human energetic structure (the four bodies structure:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies)  and the emotions sometimes take over.

In the past humankind created so much darkness hurting and damaging each other and our planet.

Nowadays there is HOPE.  More and more people are waking up to Love and shining their amazing Light to the world.

Thousands of new Angels are assigned to work with Earth both in the ethereal and physical bodies helping humanity.

Unicorns and lately Dragons returned to our planet to assist those who are ready for changes.

As negativity emitted by people reduces,  the Dark Angels will start getting redundant.  Their mission will be fulfilled,  and they will return to Light and their previous glory.

P.S.  I normally try to structure my posts logically.  But in this case I felt myself immersed in chaos.  Despite my best attempts to fill the post with Love between the lines,  the Dark Angels obviously kept interfering.

If you think you were touched by Dark Angels,  I can offer to use the Violet Flame of Transmutation brought to us by Saint Germain.

I particularly like to use its variation called  the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame (Archangel Gabriel merged his Diamond White Light with the Violet Flame of Saint Germain) which was introduced to me by Diana Cooper.  To invoke the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame,  just say:

I AM Joy,

I AM Love,

I AM Archangel Gabriel,

I AM Saint Germain,

I AM Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.

Saying “I am Archangel Gabriel,  I am Saint Germain”  doesn’t automatically turn you into an Archangel and a Saint.  It means you embody their Divine qualities.

Now imagine that you are showered in the beautiful, shimmering diamond violet light.  Every cell in your body is bathed, squeaky clean, soothed, nurtured and re-energised.

The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame works its  wonderful magic cleansing and lighting up your aura and goes deep into the earth under your feet.  So you can be proud that you are doing your bit for the planet helping to clean and heal it!

Even if you don’t imagine anything,  invoked Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame instantly surrounds you,  transmutes any negativity and protects you.

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Love and Light from Irina

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