Dark Angels

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  1. Ha Irina, I’m proud of you. You hv opened a new dimension to my Christian beliefs. You mean the Church invented the story of war in. heaven in an attempt to control human minds! so nothing like that happened! I feel this yr theory is rather Buddhist. Please give me enough instances to toe into yr concept.

    1. Hi John,

      I’m not a religious person, but I respect the Church.
      These stories were made as I said CENTURIES AGO when a lot of bad stuff happened “in the name of God”, like torturing and crucifying Jesus and killing innocent people in Medieval times by the Holy Inquisition…
      I’m not here to prove anything to you.
      Look for answers inside your heart.
      What do you believe in?
      I believe in Omnipresent and Almighty God, his children – Angels of Light.
      And his other children – us, humans.
      Whatever you believe in is up to you.
      You are free.

  2. Dear Irina.Thank you for yr reply. I am still confused. Does it mean that the WAR in heaven which the rebellious angels were thrown out was a make up story???. Who actually engineered this story !

    1. Hello, John, once again,

      Yes, the war in Heaven is nothing but an old wives’ tale.
      Wars are a reality on Earth, but not in Heaven.
      Angels of God are the Light, and where is Light, there is no Darkness.
      The story of the Fallen Angels was made up by the Church many centuries ago, striving to instill fear in people in order to control them.
      Dark Angels do exist, but they are a product of humans’ negative thoughts and emotions.
      They hadn’t fallen from Heaven but were born here on Earth from the negative emanations of human minds.

      Hope it helps,

      Blessings from Irina

  3. Leave a comment…Irina, I stumbled on yr article. about light and dark Angels.if I understand u clearly, you said there v was nothing like war. in heaven that brought. about fallen angels but rather they volunteer to act the bad way. And that with time they will return back to heaven to revert to good.i am confused so feel free to enlighten me.
    John Elogy.

    1. Hi John,

      Yes, God never created the Dark Angels.
      They exist only on Earth as a part of the plan for duality here.
      Humans create the Dark Angels, exuding the negative energy.
      Everything on Earth has its counterpart: hot-cold, joyful-sad, light-heavy.
      And the Angels of Light have their opposite – the Angels of Dark – here in our Earth conditions.
      When the role of the Dark Angel is over, it dissipates, and its energy gets directed to the Higher Spheres where it is transformed into the energy of Light.
      This way Dark Angels come back to God.
      I wanted to accent in my article the idea that no one should be scared of Dark Angels.
      Being fearful only attracts their attention.
      They are the reality of life on Earth.
      We come to Earth to learn the lessons that can’t be otherwise attained in the Spiritual World.
      And the Dark Angels are in a way our teachers, showing us tough love.
      They are not capable of love really, they are indifferent and cold to us.
      For example, someone is possessive and controlling, and he quickly gets noticed by the Dark Angel who creates the situations where problems in his relationship escalate.
      His partner suffers, perceiving the relationship as a prison for her.
      He tightens his grip, fearing to lose her.
      They both radiate a lot of energy forth that the Dark Angel absorbs in glee.
      As the Dark Angel absorbs the energy, he grows and becomes more powerful.
      In the end, she can’t stand it anymore and leaves him.
      She has learned the lesson to be free and stand in her power.
      No one has the right to own and possess you.
      He has learned (hopefully) the lesson that he can’t keep the person captive.
      You really keep someone by your side by setting them free.
      What about our Dark Angel?
      He’s gone, not interested in them anymore…
      Trust God.
      God sees and knows everything.
      The way things are on Earth is designed by God.
      I know it’s hard, especially with the shocking stuff, like the war.
      But still, believe that it is a part of God’s plan that we can’t comprehend being in the human body with the limitations of our human brain.
      And the Dark Angels are put on Earth on purpose, so we learn how to live in Light, avoiding their attention.
      One wrong step – and they will teach you a tough lesson.
      So, understand their role, accept their presence and grow in Light and God.
      They will never take any interest in you.

      Best Wishes, Love and Brightest Blessings,


      1. Hi Irina
        You said that Dark Angels only exists on earth.
        But what about the dark spirits in other universes and planets. You mentioned in different articles about dark energies and universe war… What about this kind of darkness?

        1. Hi Sam,
          They are not Angels, but the Beings who possess the Soul like you and me.
          Angels do not possess the Soul, they are the Soul if you like it.
          They are the Energy.

  4. So I dont even know if this is possible, but could a dark angel incarnate as a human? I sense that could exain why we have empaths. They exist to absorb the negativity when it is released. I feel my spirit may be a dark angel who is at the end of their task given by source and needs to learn how to transition back into the light.

    1. Hi Riri,

      No, they don’t incarnate as humans.
      If you feel the darkness inside you – that’s true.
      We are all composed of light and dark, and during our life, we increase the amount of light in our aura.
      This longing for light is normal, you are ascending.
      Also, the darkness inside is normal.
      Sit down together with your darkness, and let it talk to you.
      You will discover a lot of truths about yourself.
      And do something about it.

      Lots of Love,

      Irina and Angels

        1. Hi Sam,
          They are not Angels.
          We all come from God, but there are two lines: the Angelic one and the Human one.
          The Angelic line originates from God’s Heart and includes Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Uniwhales, and Elementals.
          The Human line originates from God’s Mind and includes humanoids and other Intergalactic Beings with the Soul.

  5. I’m in a dark time right now. I am glad I found this article. It makes me feel like this dark time happened for me with a reason. Hope I can grow stronger in the future.

    1. Hi, Amy,

      Maybe, it has nothing to do with Dark Angels?
      Maybe, you are going through the Dark Night of the Soul?
      When your Soul awakens, unfortunately, the first thing you are thrown into is The Dark Night of the Soul.
      You feel your whole world crashes around you.
      But either way, you are right – everything happens for a reason.
      Trust and Believe – the Dark Night soon will be over, and the Sun will rise for you again!
      And you will come up stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.

      Wishing you all Love, Wisdom, and Strength in the World,

      Thinking of you,


  6. I am at a cross road in my life & trying to understand my place// a person told me recently that my soul was damaged. they wanted money I do not have to fix my soul. I then started on a journey to figure out to heal my soul. That is what led me to your article about our angels. I realize it was a con. That night when I went to bed after I shut out the light ,I was in the dark & I saw bright light in the dark room. I had not asked for my angel but it was there. Around that time I also found a small white feather there other day I found a dime on the ground by my jeep
    I saw the light before but did not understand it. Now I do I have no money at this time but I want to read books to help me understand how our angels can help me

    1. Hi Denice,

      I’m glad you haven’t fallen for that scam.
      There is always someone about to find out that you are cursed, your Soul is damaged, and offer to remove the curse or as it is in your case to fix your Soul for a very hefty price.
      No one can fix your Soul for you!
      It’s YOUR Soul, and only YOU can do it!
      Someone can only guide you gently…
      Your Angels let you know that they are with you.
      You are not alone, the Angels walk your path with you every step and hold your hand.
      Talk to the Angels, whatever you need – ask.
      For Healing, for help with your financial situation, etc.
      They always listen and do whatever they can to help you.
      And the Heavenly Forces are much more powerful than we, humans, are.

      Lots of Love and Blessings,

      Irina and Angels

  7. Dark angels are different than demons and satan and lucifer you are mixing everything together. God told everyone that he asked angels to show their respect to the first human in the world but some of them said that they were higher than humans so god punished them.

  8. Such a beautiful resonation, I met a dark angel recently and you hit the nail on the head with your description of them.

    They’re doing what is necessary. Sometimes that’s an ugly truth but it’s needed to bring balance.

    Thankyou for your words of inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much, Ash,

      I wanted everyone to look at Dark Angels through the eyes of God and Love.
      All Angels regardless of colour are His Creation.
      And Dark Angels are counterparts of the Angels of Light here on Earth, whether we like it or not, as a shadow following the Sun. That’s a reality!

      Sending you Love and Blessings,

      Irina ✨

      1. Lots of thanksies for this! I’m so so so happy! ♡ I just saw a pin on Pinterest that said “sometimes you gotta fall before you fly” I love everyone! I love them all! I always knew and felt that the truth about ‘dark’ angels was something like this!

        Also, I wanted to be clear on the part where you said that humans created negativity in the past. Was it all created by humans? Because sometimes we are influenced by different spiritual beings (both beneficial for our acsesion and not) through our thoughts (that we often perceive as being our own) This is something I read on another site tho…I would like some clarity on that…(I’m sorry,I just feel lost when it comes to things like “people wanting to harm/trick others for their own good” or things like “there are certain spiritual beings who go to lengths to avoid love and light” and stuff like that..) is it really true?
        I’m very Sorry again if I sound confused or silly..

        But anyways,

        1. Hi Babypink,

          Glad you liked my article.
          When I was talking about negativity, created by people in the past, I meant the darkness engulfing Earth after the last and final fall of Atlantis.
          This negativity was created single-handedly by humans.
          We have no one to blame.
          God never meant it for his children.
          No one’s influencing us – we have free will here and do what we want.
          We have to take responsibility for our actions…
          Earth and every living Being on it are going through clearance and transformation at the moment.
          I’m sure you can feel how much pain and fear has been released lately, trapped inside Earth and our collective consciousness.
          But… we will get there, concentrating on the light, shining through the darkness.

          Focus on your bright Light!
          No one can bring you down or influence you negatively unless you give them permission to do so.
          Dark Beings still respect the Universal Laws and can’t do anything against your will.

          Ask Archangel Michael to protect you if you feel vulnerable.

          Sending you lots of Love and Brightest Light,

          May Angels, Unicorns and Dragons be with you for guidance and support,


  9. It’s quite funny that this is the second article i am commenting. About one year ago i was walking in one of our naturalistic parks and i took a “selfie” to show the place to my foreign friends. It was a surprise to notice that, behind me, not so far in the sky, there was a black flying figure that resembled one of those flying humanoids that have been filmed around the world. I guess i am quite haunted by supernatural events. 🙂

    1. Hi, Peter, again,
      Yes, Dark Angels are out and about…
      They are the reality of our life on Earth.
      Interesting that the Dark Angel let you know about his presence.
      He could stay invisible…
      It was about a year ago, and you probably can’t remember what you’d been thinking of and what sort of energies had been swirling inside you before you took the photo.
      It’s so easy to attract unwanted attention from Dark Angels…
      When a negative thought or an emotion visit me or the environment feels dark,, I do the quick cleansing and protection on the go.
      I ask the Fire Dragons to burn any negative energy inside my aura and to surround me with a Fire Wall of protection.
      I can also ask them to fly in front of me to puff fire and burn the obstacles, especially if I drive the car, to make sure my journey is smooth and without the traffic jams.
      Anyway seeing the Beings from the invisible Realms means that you are ascending.
      Your Light shines brighter, and you are not just a human on Earth, but a citizen of the Universe.
      Love, Best Wishes and Blessings,
      Irina ✨

    1. Thank you very much, Phillip! So glad you liked my article! I think there are a lot of misconceptions and fears around the Dark Angels. Just wanted to bring some clarity.
      So appreciate and understand the sacrifice they made – to become the least popular, hated and feared Beings, working with the mess humans spread around! Send them Love!
      And Love you radiate will keep The Dark Angels at bay.
      Stick with Light and work with the Angels of Light!

      Many Blessings, Irina ✨

  10. Great article! Thank you for sharing that! I feel it is very uplifting and empowering, even you had been through hard times in your life. So, once again, thanks, it is very inspiring.

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