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  1. I absolutely loved all these prayers to the angels. I am in desperate need of fast money for me and my family to just make it through our lives. After I read these prayers as I held on to my rosaries ( that were given to me by my late aunt whom I love and miss dearly) I felt a calm come over me a sense of ease and content that everything is going to okay, that we will make it through this money down fall! So I thank you for sharing these wonderful prayers with me God bless you

    1. Hi Christina,
      I’m delighted you connected with Angels and felt their Love.
      God bless you too with all the Abundance, Joy, and Happiness in the World.

  2. Please I need the help of Angles in my life My name is Harold Calvin Mnokote from Malawi -Central Africa I want them to bless me with wealth Joy Good Luck and Blessing thank you.Amen

      1. I really enjoy reading your article am from Ghana. My name is Samuel Appiah. I will try it when it goes well with you let you know. Thank you.

          1. WHAOOOOO!!!.
            IRINA, just came upon your site by pure chance.
            Just yesterday l asked the Infinite spirit a guide to a long standing challenge and pop here is irina wonderful writing-up that seem to give the answers.
            Please accept my warm regards and love for such a profound work. I will tackle the challenges with some of your suggestions and will give a feedback. God blessings be upon you. David.

          2. Thank you so much, David.
            I wish you every blessing of Abundance, Wealth, and Prosperity.
            May God and Angels be with you every step you take.

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