Imagine that one morning you wake up,  and all mirrors in your home are gone,  vanished.

It would be a nuisance to give yourself a shave or put on make-up on without the help of a mirror.

How to make sure that your clothes are in good order,  and you look nice and neat before leaving the house?

You need to see your reflection:  hair –  check,  face –  check,  figure –  check,  clothes –  check.

But not only your face, perfectly shaved or beautified by make-up, matters.

You have to have an idea what’s going on not only outside but most importantly inside you too.

It is equally hard to see without the special mirrors.

The wise Universe has got it all covered for you.

The Universal Law of Reflection comes into force.

Imagine the outside world as a collection of mirrors,  where people and events act as the clever mirrors reflecting your inner world  (as within,  so without).  Each such mirror is capturing and reflecting a specific aspect of you.

You like your friend –  the qualities you admire in him or her you possess too!  You like that your friend is funny –  but only because YOU like the funny side of life,  you are full of beans too!

You stopped your eyes and suddenly noticed the beauty of a flower –  it’s a precise mirror reflecting how beautiful and wonderful YOU are inside.

The indication of a mirror placed in front of you is your strong emotion attached to a person or situation.  The Universe wants you to pay attention and examine something inside yourself.

It could be a positive emotion –  think Namaste,  the beautiful spiritual greeting:  “I honour and bow to the light in you.  The light in me is only the reflection of the light in you”.

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But the most helpful is when the Universe tries to show  an aspect of you that you have to work on for your own sake to change your life for the better. The strong negative emotion will be attached to that  like the red warning light.

Those aspects are ugly (oh well..,  no one is perfect),  and reflections are equally not very attractive.

For example you can’t stand your work mate.  He is lazy and useless,  “the waste of space” for you.  Maybe he is an accurate reflection that you work too hard,  too much energy and effort for the sake of a very little reward?  Maybe you have to find the balance,  the happy middle?

People are bossy with you?  Believe in yourself!  Stand in your strength!  You are powerful,  wonderful,  beautiful and so worthy!

Universe wishes you the world of happiness,  and this little thing inside you is a hurdle on your way to HAPPY YOU!

Reflection will be the exact copy of you or the complete opposite,  like above. They are two sides of the same coin,  and you will be shown the whole coin.  You have to decide which side is relevant to you.

I’ve got a very tight relative.  When I say tight –  I mean it!  She is not just sensible with money.  For instance she would say:  “I took my Granddaughter out.  She costed me an absolutely fortune!!! –  £2…”  Don’t think that she is poor and jingling her last pennies in the pocket.  She is a wealthy lady.

Her tightness was really bugging me!  I could not understand that!

I’m obviously familiar with the Law of Reflection.  My strong negative reaction was a sign that I had to dive inside myself and dig for the reason why the mirror (my relative) was put in front of me.

It was something to do with money,  some my attitude towards money was very wrong,  and the Universe was trying to acknowledge it to me!  I don’t think I’m greedy.  So it was another side of the coin –  the opposite.  After some analysis I admitted to myself that I spent too much money on my family ignoring my own needs.  My husband,  my kids, my dogs, my mother always come first.  I’m modestly on the very end of the list.  What about Self Love that I proclaim on this website?  You have to love and treasure yourself!  You are a centre of your personal Universe! You are the most precious thing that you’ve got!

I had a re-think,  replaced my point of view and re-balanced my spending.

It’s interesting that after YOU GET IT RIGHT and change your conception,  your attitude towards the person changes.  They STOP irritating or angering you.

When I came to that conclusion,  I felt grateful to the old lady and Universe for pointing out to me at my inner problem.  I can’t be bothered anymore about my relative’s tightness.  It’s her personal business.

If people make you cross or drive you bananas,  they are only mirroring some aspect of you. Identify the subject and dive inside yourself.  Go back in time,  all the way down often to your childhood searching for it.  Look at it from the position of the wise person you are now and change your perception.  People will stop bothering you.

My acquaintance is a magnet for alcoholics.  He used to be a heavy drinker a long time ago,  but he managed to quit and is sober for a number of years now.  He’s been wondering why people with alcohol addiction are flocking around him.

I suggested that the Universe was putting a mirror in front of him.  Despite him quitting drinking in the past,  there still was something wrong about alcohol inside him.

Yes,  he gave up,  but he never really came to terms with that.  He’s still got guilt attached to it.  He felt that he wasted and stole years of life from himself and his family.  His kids grew up without a father.

When you use your logical mind,  there is no point to agonize over your past.  It’s happened already!   You can’t change it!

From the Spiritual point of view you signed your pre-life contract,  you agreed to this experience.  Also it’s not just all about you!  Your family signed for this experience and learning too.

You go along with your scenario like an actor.  Do actors feel guilty or ashamed about their roles,  what their characters are up to on the stage?

I don’t want to justify any naughty stuff that happened in the past,  but very often it’s a part of the pre-life scenario.  Take only Love from it and don’t keep dragging guilt, shame, anger and pain into your present affecting your future.

Check and sort those skeletons in your closet.  They stink and pester you today!  No point to keep them as souvenirs!

If something extremely important needs to be brought to your attention,  the Universe will show you not one,  but three mirrors.

For instance you’ve seen three breakdowns on the road in one week.

Are you heading mentally or physically for breakdown yourself?  Do you have enough sleep and rest?  Do you work yourself into the ground?  Maybe your personal vehicle –  your body –  is pushed to the limits and going to breakdown?

The Universe is shouting at you –  do yourself a favour and have a break!  Not breakdown!

The mirror is only demonstrating you the precise and accurate picture of yourself.  If you are not happy with your figure in the mirror,   you don’t get cross with reflection,  you don’t hit out and break the mirror!  You realize that the reason why reflection looks like that is YOU.  You don’t blame the mirror –  you blame YOUR eating habits and the lack of exercises.  You start thinking about healthier diet and activities.

When the Universe puts a magical mirror in front of us,  we normally react very emotionally.  If you are not liking what you are seeing –  someone being bossy, angry, needy, upsetting –  identify the subject,  it’s normally exactly the same or exactly opposite –  opposites normally walk hand in hand,  bully-victim, miser-over spender etc.,  like two sides of the same coin.  Do some research inside yourself,  go back in time if it is needed and change negative into positive.

The indication that you’ve got it spot on –  you will become at peace with the situation or chilled about the person,  your attitude will change.  That person will change attitude as well or such a sort of people will disappear from your life.

Congratulations!  You’ve got it right,  and the Universe took the mirror away!

Not just people or situations can act as mirrors.  Pets are the exact mirror images of their owners.

I’ve got two dogs.  One of them,  Jack Russel,  is the spitting image of my husband,  and I recognise myself in another one,  the cross breed.

You can tell a lot about the owners watching their dogs.  Pets reveal the hidden characteristics that owners prefer not to show.

When we visit my in-laws,  our dogs,  age 10 and 3,  are running excitedly in their garden (they are blessed with a big garden).  Their dog, despite being only 2 years old, would never join in fun,  she would be happily lying on the grass watching other two dogs running in circles like lunatics. My husband has said:  “Look,  she turned exactly like them.  They are couch potatoes,  so she is.”

Whatever comes into your life,  look at the reflection.  It teaches you something about yourself.  Learn your lesson,  and your journey on Earth will become a fascinating and enjoyable experience.


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