Meet Your Personal Dragon; Dragon Spirit Guide

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  1. Hi, Im just wondering….what if you see all of the colors that represent the elemental power of your dragon? And will you be able to touch and see the dragons in everyday life, can you aslo comunicate with them?

    1. Hi Eva,

      If you see all of the colors, representing the Elemental Dragons, I suppose more than one Dragon has arrived to greet you.
      The Dragons withdrew from the physical plane many centuries ago.
      So, you can’t see or touch the Dragon physically.
      You have to use your sixth sense to interact with them.

  2. I saw my dragon last night but she was gray. There was nothing mentioned in the article about gray dragons, any insight on this ?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      It looks like your Dragon is the Earth One.
      They are normally brown but can vary in color toward the gray hues.

  3. Hello, I recently had an experience with a white dragon & would like to know any feedback on this. During a Channeling session, I received a redish orange jewel from its chest before it dematerialized. From there on I always feel their energetic presence on my right side… I am very new to this and am seeking some insight. Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you.

    1. Dear Marta,

      Before I even had a chance to think about it, the words “Orion Dragon” popped up in my head.
      The Dragon said that he duly arrived at your Soul’s request to assist you “at the crossroads”.
      His Star System’s Orion “secret sauce” is discipline, the ability to explain complicated matters in simple terms, clarity, strength, and wisdom.
      The reddish-orange jewel merged with your energy system supports your vitality and links you with the Great Central Sun, basking you in its loving and potent Light.
      It also reminds you that you are the shining Sun in your own Universe.

      A very quick explanation,

      Hope it helps,


  4. Thank you so much for sharing, my son is 10 and sees dragons every where. They dont scare him, since he is opened up to me and we are talking about it more, he is sharing more details. I am so grateful for this article as I am going to meditate on meeting them as well.

    1. Awww… I’m delighted to read it.
      Dragons are awesome Angelic Beings, and how wonderful that your son has a close connection with them.
      May your son’s and your life be blessed by Dragons.
      Feel loved and protected by them every day,

  5. So, my mother had a spiritual encounter with the Dragon attunement code and I’ve been using that code and that of the Unicorns since perhaps a week or two? I’m still a baby in the spiritual community. But, I had a dream a few nights ago about a very, very big red (like tomato sauce red!) dragon with orange…ears? Fins? He was incredibly huge, quite intimidating and I don’t believe I called out for him per se but…

    What struck me most was his orange face, it looked like he didn’t have a pointy snout but a big, wide face. Like a cheeky smile? Cat eyes? It definitely felt like a masculine energy.

  6. hi my name is dar and for some reason I’m trying to make contact with my own dragon however i kinda have it hard and really wanna hear and see him be one with it even my self can’t stop thinking about him her.

    you’re dragon is from the 7th dimension right i’m trying to finding out on what for level mine will be.

    but my probleme is the communication with it is kinda hard but he will come connect and all i know he trying to showing himself but for some reason i can’t see him nor hear but or bond is connect like a red coord all what i know is trying to form with my body but for some reason there is something preventing him for doing so and all i know that i will obtain the gem later and a red dragon will be my guidelines however my dream it self is to become a gaurdian of balance i my self never feel really at home on earth and wil most likely go to a different place but.

    does or do you’re dragons know
    if there is a orange red dragon with a green emerald shape on his head that can use all 9 a 12 elements.

    1. Hello Dar,

      The word for connecting with Dragons is TRUST.
      If you struggle to see or hear your Dragon, trust him, accept it as normal, take your time.
      One day you will start getting visions and hearing your Dragon.
      You say you don’t feel at home on Earth.
      But it is one of signs that you are a Starseed, the person whose Soul originates from another Planet, even another Universe.
      Answering your question about the Orange Red Dragon with the Emerald Green spot on his head, I’m sure this Dragon does exist.
      Each colour refers to the specific quality and energy.
      There are millions of Angels and millions of Dragons.

      Wishing you every Blessing working with your Dragon,


  7. I woke up last week because I felt something like a snake moving on my neck. At first it was hard to wake up because I was too tired but the thinking of a snake that might me on my neck allowed me to gather my strength and sit up to check if there was anything. There wasn’t, except my reddish-brown glasses beside my pillow looking like a number 8. I shrugged and laid back to my pillow but got up again after a second upon remembering that my glasses were on the table, I looked all over my bed and turned the beddings upside-down, there was no trace of what I thought was a snake.

    Years ago, I and brother also saw a small-snake like creature on the wall that disappeared upon our sight. It was gold in color, it was really magical and real since there were two of us who witnessed it just disappearing before our eyes.

    I think that was a dragon too. No snake can move well on a flat wall!

    and yes, there are many of the ‘earth bound spirits’ that I see, however, I think it is because of my third eye, which all of us siblings, have.

    I could sometimes dream of the exact future.
    My sister could see a re-enactment of a crime like being there and watching a movie.
    My other sister could see ghosts in detail. ( I usually see them a bit transparent or cloudy).

    1. Thank you for your comment, Det,

      It’s amazing what we are able to see and feel with our Psychic senses.

      Much Love,


  8. Hello my name is himani, I have been binge reading your blog ,it’s being 7-6 days. This is my second time reading your blog, before I read it 2 years ago I guess n it’s funny to say but at that time I wasn’t able to understand the wisdom you have shared n now that I read this again?? I m like speechless and shocked to the point I can’t explain :’)). Btw my divine guides send me here to confirm all my doubts and helping me understand them and myself better!!!
    So I just wanted to share my experience with my dragon I guess? Well 2 years ago when I came across your blog after reading it I directly dived down into meditation, while doing it in the Forest I met a big majestic dragon something like brow red deep colour, I don’t remember what we said or talked I just saw them and never saw them again,,, So I was called to do meditation with Angel Michael todayyy,, during the meditation before meeting Angel Michael I met a white dragon a pure white light translucent as well, I don’t know how to explain that colour, but very beautiful and very comforting very bubbly dragon that got some cool humor?? And now that I m reading your blog( in evening) I just wanted to connect with dragon maybe my guardian and so I just closed my eyes and just try to go in my mind space a space where my soul reside , a sacred space of my own,

    ( I think not sure but I have a ability to talk to my guides by diving deep into that space, I do that always I always think I m imagining but I know it’s real, I could just keep my mind blank and get out of the brain think and thought concept and start talking to my guides, like separating myself from my body consciously but staying in body at the same time!! I don’t understand this?? And myself!!!

    I hope to know what you can tell me about this!! :’)) )
    so there I came across that same white beautiful sparkly dragonnn!!!! And I started talking randomly like how are you doing,, I m having period cramps and it’s kinda painful and they surrounded me with their energy and the pain subsided, and then it stricked me that I actually don’t know who they are, so I asked who are you actually and they in a funny tone said “so you now remember to ask who am I” (¯口¯,,I asked if they are my guardian, they said no I m your “guide” and they shared their message on how they are here to help me overcome my darkness and helping me in my spiritual work, and after that they said that my guardian dragon will be here in a minute?? And then I saw a majestic maroon colour dragon came out of blue!! Dark not black more like red and maroon deep red I guess Brown red marron colour , very strong and majestic , have a very powerful aura same as the past!! They are very strong yet comforting ,I was talking to them before writing this, and they are both sweet and very very friendly seem like a family member. And they both were bickering! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But they are very powerful and cool! The beautiful white sparkly my guide dragon said their name is Alōha, and my guardian dragon name is Azhreal phew ( I get very nervous knowing names because I don’t know whether I just imagine it or they told me,so azhreal told me to relax and believe in it, the human brain makes you believe these things as false so they said believe it it’s true) ,, they are still connected to me while I m writing this I feel them around me! (∗ˊᵕ`∗)

    So I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful works you have written it literally helped me to understand where I belong and for what purpose I m here for, thank you for everything you have done!! Love and light to you!

    1. Hi Himani,

      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with me.
      Your Dragons are so beautiful – the sparky White Dragon and the deep Maroon One.
      I feel enchanted by them myself!
      Hope you have many more blissful times together with your Mighty Dragons and help each other in every possible way.

      Love and Blessings from Irina

  9. Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for this well written but easy to read article. I had a vision this morning about a Green Dragon. It was mostly green with yellow and a gold nose ring in one of its nostrils. A few months ago, I casually said “I want to meet my dragon (if there is one lol)” then left it at that without another thought. Could this be my personal dragon and what could the yellow portion accent colour mean as I did not see that colour listed in your article? Also I was just under spiritual attack, does its appearance have anything to do with protecting me?


    1. Hi Chloe,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article.
      About your Dragon: she is not your Personal Dragon.
      She is the Galactic one, 7-dimensional, from Sirius to be exact.
      This beautiful Green and Golden Dragon came to you as a Guide.
      And the golden colour symbolizes Wisdom.
      Maybe you have a connection with Sirius where you’ve been used to living in one of your previous lives.
      Or maybe you grow spiritually and are attending the famous Spiritual Academy on Sirius at night when your physical body is asleep.
      And the Green and Golden Dragon is assigned to you for the duration of your studies.

      By the way, when you are bathed in your Dragon’s Green and liquid Gold 7-dimensional energy, nothing dark and low dimensional can approach you.

      Lots of Love from Irina and Dragons

  10. i can feel his presence but i dont see him but i know i will see him soon maybe! now i have a better understanding

  11. Really Speechless. Doubt anyone will believe me. But i seen my dragon today. But it was translucent it became the color of its surroundings. ??? I have so many questions ive been asking God y am i here. I feel out of place. But anyways Thank u so much for this article. Be blessed

  12. I had a moment last night, when my disabled mother called me to help her, she felt like a spirit was trying to get into her. I helped her ground herself and added protection. As I went home I was thinking of other ways to protect her, I lay down and started my breathing exercises, and behind my eyes I saw a giant burning tree, as I breathed in the flames would come to me and leave the tree. When the trees fire was out, ther was a massive red dragon! He put his face very close to mine and told me, not to worry that he would guard her and protect her, that he was offering his help to her. I don’t know if this is “my” dragon or “hers” that just let me know he was there for her? He was very fierce and serious, red was dominant and blue was in the fire. Mother is a cancer and I a Capricorn it felt more hers Tham for me, was hoping you could message me al let me know what u think? This is the first time I have spoken to a drangon

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      You asked for extra protection for your Mother, and the invisible World answered you.
      Fire Dragon stepped forward and offered his services.
      I would accept them gladly and with deep gratitude.
      It’s not yours or your Mother’s Dragon, he simply answered your call.
      Know that from now on the Fire Dragon is always beside your Mom, loving and protecting her.

      Love from Irina

  13. I’ve been having an odd dragon craze and this help i don’t meditate often but when i do I’m always conforted by a silvery wolf until recently a semi large dragon was in her place which i found odd i have also had this very weird liking for the name Conner for a few months now which im thing is his name

  14. Dear Irina ..
    I am from the Czech Republic and I am living in Senegal for the fifth year in a row.

    I came across your site today by a big coincidence.
    At night, I meditated on meeting a being that is important to me. And the only wish was to meet your guardian angel or personal guide. I have never heard or read about dragons …
    When I sailed on a cloud and had to focus on the star and the glow from it, the being what I wished to see was supposed to appear to me …

    First what i saw was a metal lattice artistically shaped and behind it was lots of red glow and even brighter red eyes. There were a lot of them …
    What was behind it didn’t make me feel nice at all, but suddenly something near me began to appear … it was a huge dragon ..
    Red Dragon (maybe with somepart of brown skin too) and he had cracks on his skin in which orange fire was seeping through… laid you put your head on me with your eyes closed and I snuggled up to him and hugged him …
    I was very well with him … the next day I wanted to find out what kind of protector he was. Because it was my wish that I wanted to see the protector.
    Could you tell me more about what you think about it? Thank you and I really appreciate your time. Alaïa

  15. Hi Irina, I am a medium, and I can see dragons very clearly. My dragon is a Air dragon names Eden and Endo. I have learned that my dragon is a She and a He. It changes every now and then. At this current moment it is Endo. I have found that drawing my dragon helps a lot. Thank you so much for showing me how to do this. I have found that I can connect with a very powerful dragon that is Elohim’s dragon. If you know who that is.

    1. Hi Maddy,

      I’m so glad my article has been helpful for you.
      Isn’t it amazing that the Dragons can change their “gender” depending on your need?
      If your current situation requires from you masculine qualities such as strength, confidence, taking some area of your life under control, your Dragon sports the masculine looks and energy to empower you, and vice versa.
      No, I personally never met Elohim’s Dragon.
      I’m intrigued now and will ask him to meet me.

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  16. Hello Irina,
    Thank you so much for this informative article. I had a rather spontaneous spiritual awakening about two months ago and since then I have been in bliss and having the time of my life. I recently found out about Dragon Guides when during a meditation one “visited” me. She was huge, I could only see the side of her face, mostly her eye. She had eye lashes which made me think she was a “she.” She stared into my third eye and gave me such a loving and calm connection. Just now I was outside and one of the “side effects” of my spiritual awakening is that I can’t stop looking and mesmerizing at the clouds. They are so beautiful. Just now a storm was approaching and the dark clouds were very active. I saw three or four distinct cloud formations that were amazing dragons. They were massive and beautiful and I felt like they were showing off for me, lol. I felt their presence and thanked them for revealing themselves to me.
    My question for you is: I am color blind and don’t know if color distinction will help me much with identifying “my” dragon. I am a libra so going off of your suggestion I will assume he/she is an Air dragon. Any help you can give me would be most appreciated as I feel a strong connection to Dragons of late and suspect that the Dragon may be my totem spirit animal, if that is such a thing. Thanks again for posting this article to help people like me!!

    1. Hello, Steven,

      I’m so pleased you’ve liked my article and you love the Dragons as much as I do.
      Yes, it’s a bit trickier if you can’t see the colors.
      But you can still ask your Dragon to give you an impression, or the impressions of her elements during meditation.
      She can show you for example the sky (air), the river (water), the flower (earth), or the fireplace (fire), one or two of these elements.
      But I suspect that she is Earth-and-Air Dragon.
      That’s why she is huge and feels feminine.

      Lots of Love and enjoy special time spent with your Dragon,


  17. Holy moly!…so today I decided to meditate… I found myself floating in a lake with my daughter. Then she gentle fell asleep so I can have my time. I floated and could feel the water..then I found myself sitting on a porch in the middle of the woods. This beautiful ancient women approached me, she had this beautiful ancient attire with crystals and feathers and almost like a cloak with a hood, and her beautiful hair seemed to be in dreds almost..but her eyes were the most notable. They were these beautiful radiant sparkly diamond like eyes. She was so I can’t explain it but I felt honored she was ancient. We had a couple words. THEN! THEN a huge hugggge dragon flew down! And layed in the open area with us. He was blue! And his underbelly was different colors like a rainbow trout..or atleast under his tail was..he had the biggest biggest loving eyes I’ve ever seen! Like a puppy! He looked at me and then he hugged me!!!! He put his head on my shoulder and hugged me !!! Like twice! I mainly could see his head and eye he was so big. I thenlooked up in in the tree lime, btw massive ancient trees, and thought he was going to show me a nest or something, but no I saw like 4 dragoon flying overhead , my body was shaking! And tears rolled out! I asked his name hand I think its losum or locum I have to ask next time for spelling like you said. But after it was time for them to go, my guide, not losum, had q gift for me as well..she handed me a pink beautiful stone , maybe rose quartz or even a pink egg or rock, like the color of Himalayan salt. I said thank yiu, qnd I asked losum if I could watch him fly away. He faded pretty quick but I got a little climpse of his undertail which was like a rainbow…. the message I got was I am a spiritual guide…this I didn’t know. I don’t know if you have any input or anything you would like to share with me after reading this. But I would be extremely honored. Thank you

    1. Hi, Katelynn,

      Wow, what a powerful meditation!
      You described it with such love and mentioning every little detail, that I could literally feel it myself.
      You have a special connection with the Spiritual World.
      And I think the message that you are a Spiritual Guide means that you are a clear Spiritual Channel.
      Through you, the Higher Spiritual World brings the Divine energy to Earth.

      Sending you so much Love and Blessings,


    1. Hello, Anonymous,

      I don’t know what’s happened, but my suggestion is not to give up on Dragons.
      It has been only one bad experience.
      Give it another go, but this time make sure you ask for Archangel Michael’s protection.
      See his Royal Blue and Golden Cloak of Protection and Wisdom around yourself at the very beginning of your meditation.

      Good luck on the quest to meet your Dragon,

      Love from Irina

      1. Hello miss. Feel joy in my heart when I read your article my first time of hearing this so amazing. Please will love to connect with my personal dragon but the thing is I don’t even know how to meditate. Please how do start. Thank you.

        1. Hello Bernice,

          I can’t really explain in a few words how to meditate.
          Very basically, make sure you are on your own and undisturbed.
          Sit down or lie down, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, relax.
          Ask Archangel Michael for protection.
          And here you go… Carry on with your meditation.
          It can be guided meditation or just your own one.

          Hope it helps.

          Love from Irina and Dragons

  18. Thank you for this article. I’ve had a lot of synchronicities about dragons lately, and when I googled to try to figure out why I ended up here! I had no idea that we could work with dragons like this!
    Last night I did a guided meditation to meet my personal dragon. I’m unsure if the dragon I met was personal or guide – I did hear the name Mehiel who is an angel I have called on before so it may be his dragon? I suspect we connected further when I was asleep – When I woke up this morning I could not remember my dream which is fairly unusual for me, but I had the name Hector in my head, so I believe that may be the dragon’s name.
    I’m less sure of my visual impressions of the dragon, but I think he was quite large, ‘European’ style, and the color of moss growing on a tree – mottled deep green and brown, with an iridescent sheen.
    What I am sure of is that he had an enormous energetic presence, full of love and protection and good humor.

    1. Hi, Kitty,

      Oh, your Hector is an absolutely fabulous Dragon!
      I’m in love with him already.
      My own Dragon has a good sense of humour too.

      Lots of Love to you and your Dragon,


  19. Hello Irina;
    First; thank you for sharing such a beautiful meditation.
    Second; during my meditation I clearly saw the colour of my dragon revealed as a brilliant silver. What does this signify? I know that at night, we have 6 dragons guarding our family of 4. The first is a huge, red (with black points) one which watches over my DD son. My daughter has a black dragon & a white dragon (like yin & yang), they are smaller but fierce. My husband also has a black dragon, I have a dark, blue dragon. There is also a large silver dragon which feels like “a boss” energy. Why would my personal dragon be different from the one which guards me while I sleep?
    This is all relatively new to me – I would be most grateful for any insights.

    Blessings to you,
    Sandy C

    1. Hi, Sandy,

      You have at least two Dragons with you at the moment:
      the blue one is your Guardian Dragon that accompanies you in all of your lives;
      And the large silver one is your Guide Dragon.
      She feels large and “the boss Dragon” because she a high-vibrational Dragon.
      I call her “she” as she is more feminine than masculine.
      Yes, she is the Boss Lady!
      The difference between your two Dragons is that the Guide Dragons come and go, according to your energy and needs at any specific time.
      But your Guardian Dragon stays with you forever.
      His and your Souls have a special bond that lasts an eternity.

      Lots of Love and Hugs,

      Irina and Dragons

  20. Hi Irina! Sorry, I’ve been thinking about his color. His grand entrance was a green light prism, although his picture I took he is a cream/ tan color. Also, I live above the world’s 2nd largest quartz crystal deposit, being the largest in the northern hemisphere and crystals and rocks are my thang! Lol crystalline vortex was exciting news to hear about for me!! Much love and light! Thank you!

  21. Hi Irena! Thank you for writing this article, I have resonated more with this than most others. I have only recently got to see my dragon, and my close friend who’s grandson is a dragon was here to see it as well. He came between rain and thunderstorm that night. And to our surprise, he showed himself on my security camera as a bright green light prism, but couldn’t get a clear picture until I took pics of him on the screen and brightened it. The next day, I decided I was going to talk to him, so I decided to sing a song, written on the spot for him. The words, the melody all just came to me without having to really think about it. I have been wondering about his name, but today I did get a name drop I believe is his. Pele’ (Peh-Lay?) I do believe is correct in spelling and pronunciation as well. I was told I was a priestess or princess, I have been told this before. Currently, we are working on the ley lines around our property. Any insight is appreciated,much love!

    1. Hi Layla,

      So pleased you met your Personal Dragon!
      And how sweet of you to write a song for him.
      I’m sure he has been delighted!
      Singing the song especially for him, made you feel the magical bond between you two.
      He is the Earth-and-Water Dragon, that’s why you could see him clearly on a rainy night.
      Rain, thunder, lightning – all the things he enjoys!..
      Well done on clearing the ley lines, your Dragon is so proud of you.
      So Mother Earth is.

      Sending you much Love and Blessings,

      Irina and Dragons

  22. Sometimes I see a faint transparent image of me in a dragon body.Then I researched about dragon spells and dragon magic. Before seeing myself as a dragon I tried a spell that just spat out of my mouth(dragon spell). I was also testing outdragon egg spells. Then Ifound this article. Itried out contactingmy personal dragon. Isaw a dragon butit wasnt my Guardian it said.After a while of talking. A bigwhite dragon appeared. The rock that I turned to a dragon egg appearedand my dragon cameout of it. Im thinking thiscouldbe my imaginatition since its toosimilar toyours but i always saw the first to dragons in my dreams for asplit second. might say more later but thats all I have so far.

    1. Hi Eissa,

      So pleased you love Dragons as much as I do.
      They are the most awesome and magnificent Beings of Light – my favourites!
      I’m sure you will have a lot of wonderful encounters with Dragons in the future.

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  23. Relate to my first comment, I was typo, I mean its possible if the dragon is a girl, Miss? The white dragon is nearly by my side that just I knew recently, her name is Rosetta, would you mind to help me to get the confirmation, Miss?I just remember since I was a child I often dream about dragon, I am on the bridge and seeing the dragon in the water, and the dragon is watching over me, so so big, but before I don’t aware of it at all for years, I was ignoring that dream, after I awaken to Spirituality, I just remain to my old dreams relate to dragon. Your article is help me a lot to know more about dragon spirit, thank you so much

    1. You know very well that she is a Lady Dragon.
      Trust yourself and your Psychic Abilities.
      Trust your Dragon, cherish your special relationship, the unbreakable bond between you two.
      Love from Irina.

  24. Hello, Miss Irina, thanks for this article, I love this, I got the answer that I looking for. since I just knew now that there is a White dragon nearly by my side since my birth on earth. I want to ask is it possible of the dragon ia a girl / woman? Thanks for your reply

  25. Hi Irina! Thanks for this amazing blog and all the info.

    Yesterday I was using hypnotic meditation to meet my Spirit Guide in a lucid dream, when I woke from the dream in another dream and I felt that something was calling me from a black like space (like a black hole inside my room) and I wanted to go there, I was feeling like floating.
    Suddenly, an incredibly strong force took me by my foot, dragged me through the air in circles..
    I was really scared and wanted to wake up, but I couldn’t move. So I started to breathe and calm down.
    I was again in my bed, but I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming so I tried to move again and touch my face… Once I felt myself again I opened my eyes, and there he was.
    I think he is black, I just saw his eyes and he kind of roared silently breathing over me. I felt his incredible powerful and strong energy through his breath… like a hot wind so strong and powerful.
    I stayed there for a bit, I thought he was about to burn me.
    Then I woke up, for real this time.
    I was really scared, but then I remembered about dragons and started to research.

    What can you get from this? Do you know what his name could be?
    I would really appreciate any advice/thought you can give me.

    Much love

    1. Hi, Andromeda,

      I think your special friend and Personal Guide is an Earth Dragon.
      I don’t know his name, he has to share it with you.
      I can’t interfere, it is between you and him…
      You asked to meet your Spirit Guide, but when he showed himself to you, you got scared.
      Beings of Light always step back if they feel you are uncomfortable with them.
      They will wait…
      Your Dragon is still with you, but keeps in the shadow.
      When you get used to the idea that your friend is a huge and breathing fire Dragon, invite him to make himself known to you again.
      Hopefully you will spend fabulous time together and learn tons about him!

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  26. Hi, Irina I have been on my spiritual journey about a year and a half now. I am interested to learn more about Dragons. My spirit guides/animals are starting to reveal themselves and I think one is a Dragon. Why I say that because I had a dream which I was spitting out fire for protection. So I’ve been questioning myself I’m I a reincarnated Dragon. If so what steps should I take to become more open.

    1. Hi Shantya,

      It is absolutely possible that you are an incarnated Dragon.
      What to do if you are the incarnated Dragon?
      Continue to walk a Spiritual Path, learn about yourself and your Purpose on Earth, learn about and be in touch with Dragons.
      What exactly Dragon dwells inside your Soul?
      What is his or her energy, intertwined with the energy of your Soul?

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  27. Hi,

    I had a dream that a huge white dragon appear (I think it is a wyvern) from a hole on the sky after fire rainbow and galaxy aura around it disappear from that hole. It fly and land in the old city (I do not know where I am). It came to me and said I was a dragon. Although this fact I did not even think. I used to dream he is flying around the sky and rainbow in more modern city than the dream I tell you. Can you let me know cause I love them so much ❤️

    1. Hi, Jade,

      I think you are an incarnated Dragon.
      You have the Dragon’s energy dwelling inside your Soul.
      That’s why you keep dreaming of Dragons, and the Dragon has actually told you the Truth about yourself.

      Love from Irina

  28. Hope this is not a duplicate as I posted but don’t see it now! So I just received 3 channeling guides and one was a dragon, she gave me a bunch of crystals and she said something like, lets travel the universes together. I am so freaking excited about this. I love dragons, I told a friend of mine who is very psychic and she said, it figures you got a dragon because you are an inner earth being LOL. I also was told last year to start working with crystals and so the dragon giving me a bunch of crystals I assume she will be helping me channel the crystals???

    1. Hi, Kathy,

      Yes, the beautiful Water Dragon is your Guardian Dragon.
      She said that you travelled the Universes together for aeons.
      You incarnating, and she supporting you from an invisible Realm.
      And she reminded you of your Gift and Purpose – working with crystals.
      Your Personal Water Dragon nurtures your Highly Sensitive Nature and gives you a key to unlock your Psychic Powers.

      Much Love,

      Irina and Dragons

      1. So I was a water dragon also? Did we come from a certain planet? I have her name as LeeOandra, is that correct? Would you happen to know my Dragon name? You know I have seen my higher self several times and she is always dressed in a very tribal looking warrior outfit so I’m not sure if I was that girl when we traveled the Universes together or was I a dragon also – was this 7 or 9th dimension? Sorry for all the questions LOL!!!

        1. Hi, Kathy,

          You are not a Dragon, you are an incredible Being of Love and Light, incarnated currently on Earth, protected and guided by your Team of Guides and Angels, including your very own Personal Water Dragon.
          If she has whispered you her name as LeeOandra, accept it and trust your Psychic Abilities.
          Your Higher Self reminds you that you are a Heavenly Warrior, fighting the Dark with Love and Kindness.

          Lots of Love from Irina

  29. Hello Irina, I just came across your site and must say that you just shed a really bright light and help my understanding about Dragons, for that I’m eternally grateful.

    As for my experience with Dragon, I was told in the past by a stranger to learn to communicate with my Dragons (which I brushed off due to my ignorance at the time). However, a vision of a red Dragon show herself to me in the middle of a meditation guided by a friend of mine, and ever since then she remains there whenever I closed my eyes in the morning. However I do wish that I have a better understanding on how to communicate with them respectfully? Looking forward to your reply, and stay safe!

    1. Hi, Kevin,

      I’m so pleased to meet someone who loves Dragons as much as I do.
      The Red Dragon you see is your Guardian Dragon.
      How to communicate with Dragons respectfully?
      Start with your intentions – for your own and everyone else’s Highest Good.
      Talk from a position of Love and Kindness.
      They like to be addressed respectfully “My Beloved Dragon”.
      Don’t forget to thank Dragons, they are very old fashioned and funny about the good manners.
      Offer something nice for them, for example, shower them with the energy of Love or perform your own DIY Reiki session on them – they will be surprised and so happy!

      Hope it helps!

      Love and Best Wishes from Irina and Dragons

  30. Hello Irina,
    your knowledge about Dragon is impressive.
    When I read about dragons from here it resonates so much with me, every time I think of my dragon or that I am one, I feel like I am reborn.
    On a plant ceremony I gave birth to 7 purple dragons, before that I saw in meditation a purple dragon that I understood it was me.
    If I am the purple dragon, there is another one which is my guardian?
    I have visualized I feed the 7 new dragons with balls of light that I make, then ai saw a golden waterfall where they could drink. How do I know their names? How can I be in contact and take care of them ?
    At night I cover them
    with mirror jacket so they are protected, am I being too protective?
    I am very new to this!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Ejona,

      I’m so delighted you love Dragons!
      And you are an incarnated Dragon yourself.
      You work closely with Archangel Zadkiel, and your Mission on Earth is to transmute dark and dense energies of everyday life into bright energy of Light and Love.
      Apparently you felt that you would do with some help because of the sheer amount of dark matter you had to deal with.
      So you produced 7 more Dragons – the babies at the moment.
      How cute is that!!
      You don’t have to worry about your babies safety.
      They are pure and powerful already little Angels.
      They grow and learn.
      You ARE in contact with them all the time, subconsciously.
      To find out their names, ask them in turn, and they will drop their names into your relaxed and receptive mind.
      And finally, yes, you still are waiting to meet your Personal Dragon.
      Perhaps he is busy preparing a really dramatic entrance!
      Many Dragons like to put on a show!

      Sending you and your Dragons lots of Love and Hugs,


  31. Last March during a breathing activity geared towards letting go of negative emotion, I found myself, in my mind’s eye, on my back in white water, rushing fast and faster. Suddenly, the river came to an end (maybe there was a waterfall, who knows) and I was propelled into the air high above a valley. I transformed into a dragon and blissfully flew away. I felt so much relief that I cried.

    Then, on 30/03/2020 I went on a shamanic journey to meet my spirit guides. They always appear to me in interesting forms. An elf, a wizard, and a raven. I asked the elf, I know you are energy appearing in a form that entertains me. So where are the dragons? You know they’re my favorite mythic beings. He answered: you are the dragon.

    After this experience dragon-lover-me became even more interested in dragons. So I took a class on dragon yoga. Since then, I’ve met seven dragons.

    I see six dragons regularly in my morning rituals plus a seventh dragon that appears in my mind later in the day.

    The six dragons that appear in the morning are:

    A white and gold female dragon that seems to remain with me throughout the day. She pops in and out of my mind always behind me. Definitely aligned with the air element. Long, sleek and protective.

    A black dragon with fiery red eyes with an affinity to the earth element. I think this dragon is female. It’s hard for me to tell their gender as they seem so balanced.

    A fiery red dragon with golden horns appearing in the south. Clearly of the fire element.

    A green-blue dragon in the west. This one moves me emotionally and seems associated with the water element.

    A dragon so dark it seems the embodiment of the shadow. She has silvery horns.

    A light golden, ethereal, almost transparent dragon of light.

    The last two seem to work together, like yin and yang.

    Later in the day, I see a golden dragon with black horns. I’ve fallen asleep imagining myself leaning on his paw. Sweet.

    Could you shed a light on who or what these dragons are? Thank you so much. I’ve been visited by these 7 dragons for about a month.

    Love, light, and dragons.

    P.S.: The archangel Uriel has appeared to me twice in my life. First in 2002 and then on September 26th, 2014 when he woke me up in the middle of the night to chat. The following year I became an herbalist.

    1. Hi Giovanna,

      Your Dragons are:

      White and Gold Lady Dragon is the awesome 12-dimensional Dragon of Divinity, Purity and Wisdom from Lyra, working with Archangel Christiel on development of your Causal Chakra.
      By the way, White and Gold are colours of the Mahatma Energy – the highest frequency energy, available to us at the moment

      Black Dragon with red eyes – 7-dimensional Dragon of Protection and Transformation

      Red Dragon – the Fire Dragon of Clearing and Protection that has entered the higher 5th dimensional level

      Green Blue Dragon – 4-dimensional Water-Air Dragon

      Dark Dragon with silvery horns – 8th dimensional Dragon from Pluto, helping you with personal change and transformation

      Light Golden Ethereal, almost Transparent Dragon of Light – 12th dimensional Dragon of Source, attuning you to All That Is; this Dragon is really a sight to behold, you are truly blessed

      Golden Dragon with black horns – 7th dimensional Atlantean Dragon. Black colour of her horns means that she carries gentle feminine energy.
      During your Atlantean incarnation you were inseparable with your Golden Dragon.
      She has returned now to you to ignite Atlantean codes, wisdom and knowledge in your aura.

      You are an incarnated Dragon yourself which has been your Soul’s choice for this life.
      Your energy and the Dragon’s one spiralled and intertwined as you entered your physical body when you were born.
      Those seven Dragons are your Guides.
      You also have your Guardian Dragon that you apparently haven’t met yet.
      He looks like a Fire-Water Dragon.
      Whew! Quite a few Dragons are here.

      Lots of Love and big Hugs from Dragons and Irina

    2. Hello, what if it’s a Purple Dragon? And I gave birth to 7 other purple dragons on a plant ceremony.
      I have visualized how I make balls of light and feed them. Do I need to feed them? How do I keep contact with them and give names? Once, just on a moment, gave as gift a dragon to my brother, this was before seeing my purple one and the 7 new babies. Any thoughts?
      Thank you!

      1. You don’t really have to feed them.
        But it’s lovely and so thoughtful of you to share with them your Light.
        I’m sure they absolutely love and appreciate it.
        And you remember the Law of Tenfold Return.
        Whatever you give, returns to you tenfold.

  32. I just found my dragon, Vonun. He’s a water-earth dragon which makes sense cause I’m a virgo! He has teal scales and whiskers and a longer body, kinda like a Chinese dragon! I couldn’t of found him without this help!

    1. Hi Jax,

      So happy for you and for your awesome Dragon!
      He is the most amazing and impressive Dragon I’ve ever seen in my life!

      Much Love,


    2. I did a dragon meditation awhile ago and met my beautiful white dragon. He likes to spend his time resting, curled around a outside my front door. When I was going for my “V”, I did the same meditation asking for protection against anything that might be harmful to me in the “V”. This time 4 dragons came and made a protective square around me. Really amazing! I feel blessed!

  33. Hi! I was reading what you wrote about meeting your personal dragon, I was wondering if there was any way we could talk about my experience? I stumbled across your article afterward, and so much of it makes sense with what I experienced. Would love if I were able to chat a bit about it! Sorry for posting here, but couldn’t figure out another way to get in touch. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kaitlin,

      Because of my workload I really haven’t got time for chat.
      But you are welcome to share your experience here, in the comments.
      I believe your story can inspire other people, and you will get a reply.

      Looking forward to hearing of your experience,

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  34. You are extremely understanding in your messages that I’ve read so far, so first let me thank you for your time, and will to respond and interact.

    Sorry for the delay however, – I sent a message via the contact inbox talking about a silver dragon on curiosity. I realize now it was a ‘light form’ I saw because I was not able to see them fully or even enough to see form.

    I’m still working on this, but my dragon is very deep green, with brilliant green eyes named Rajesh. Had a healing friend reach out and he warded them off until their intentions were made clear. Dealing with root blockages and such so this was… A really great find.

    The only time I had ever been able to dig deep within was never the focus on a blue pearl or humanoid eye / star of david. It was the eye of a dragon, which now that I recall, became green as it grew into a realistic form. I heard the voice feminine “Welcome.” – Just previous I had met the source, so to compare ‘power’ between them was quite different but the same.

    Now I feel the dragon has taken masculine form but I could be wrong. I could just be interpreting the name as male since dragons are not gender focused beings. I wanted to take this time to ask you, specifically, what can I do to make this focus and connection between us stronger? Each day I see a little more, following my gut and meditating on seeing them with astral sight (since I can’t project due to overgrounding/blocked root. Literal pain).

    I appreciate that you took the time to write all of this. I have been wondering why my stubborn concept of dragons being supreme over even angels and ‘gods’ (not the source/GOD). Even my ‘Third Eye’ Focus was not like the rest.

    Finding this site basically made me think I was crazy with how hard things were resonating. So thank you regardless!

    1. Hi, Michael,

      If you want to learn more about Dragons, you can read my article “How Spiritual Dragons can help you”.
      I describe quite a few Dragons in there, including Silver and Metal Dragon.
      I have another article about Elemental Dragons, and our Personal Dragon is an Elemental One.
      But unfortunately there is a void, because I never wrote an article about Galactic Dragons who can act as our Guide Dragons.
      Probably, I will fill this void in future, introducing the fabulous Galactic Dragons!
      Galactic Dragons vibrate higher than Elemental Ones, 5th dimension and up.
      Your Green Dragon is a Guide Dragon, supporting you at the moment.
      You can have many Guide Dragons helping you with your current situation.
      They can come and go.
      But your Personal (or Guardian) Dragon is only one and stays with you during all your lives, from the beginning of the time.
      How to strenghten your bond with Dragons?
      The same way you would strengthen your bond with any other Being – by genuinely loving, opening your heart and communicating with them.
      Talk to your Dragon often, meditate and listen for their messages.
      Dragons are ancient and wise Beings, they can teach you so much!
      You will see that more Dragons will approach you offering their service.
      But always give back – send them your love.

      Love and Blessings from Irina and Dragons

      1. *meditate and listen for their messages.*

        I’ve had trouble just being ‘still’ lately. An overeager desire to work on Chakras. My guardian/guide whichever they are is often working with my healing friend to keep balance.

        I appreciate this response and don’t worry. I’ve read almost everything on your site by now! haha. So much of it has rang true. Even with the angels – though I am far less… Resonant with them. I feel that’s a personal issue, however this does not mean I am not grateful. But specifically in my darkest times, it was the dragon spirit that kept me rolling through.

        I’ve lost doubt that I am of the dragon(s) but to what degree, I simply do not know. The phrase “I learned my guide is my higherself.” Though they were speaking of angels.

        It’ll be time before this message or the truth comes clear, but something in me (including some revelations of the LoA in progress) says that is more likely.

        I digress. I can’t wait to see what you write and how it sits.

        Thanks so much, Irina & Guides of.

        1. Thank you, Michael,

          So much appreciated!
          By the way, Dragons are the Angelic Beings.
          So it means you resonate with Angels really well.

          I wish you every Blessing on your beautiful and very busy Spiritual Path,

          Love from Irina

          1. I really appreciate your insight. I’ve realized it’s a ‘type’ of angelic being I resonate with. Like how some one can have preferences over vehicles – in the end they are still vehicles.

            Different purposes and affinities? – This is a lot to contemplate and figure out.

            You have no idea how much your time has meant to me. Thank you! I look forward to what else you do bring around.

          2. Thank you!

            Very kind of you.
            Me too, I love Angels, the Elemental Kingdom, but have a soft spot for Dragons.
            They’ve got this special irresistible charisma.

  35. I wrote a comment on here mentioning I was not able to connect with my dragon in meditation. I was looking for a resource that could assist me with getting there. This morning I chose to try again and found a meditation playlist for the third eye dragon awakening. Things got pretty weird, I didn’t realize how weird until I came back to your article to read why dragon colors meant and I started re-reading the whole article. During my mediation I kept seeing a very bright and very vivid green color. It was such a bright and beautiful green and radiated with immense color. I believe that was my dragons color as it’s what I was asking. I then asked for a name, and the name that came to me was Raza, then it turned into Raja, so I’m unclear if it’s Raza or Raja. When I started focusing more on my dragon talking to me, it literally disappeared. All colors and name impressions were gone, my mediation was over because my dragon suddenly left! So if you haven’t connected the dots here, when I came referencing your article I noticed your dragon is green and blue and named Radja. I couldn’t help but to notice the similarities here. Do you have any ideas or thoughts on what I just shared? Maybe why my dragon left suddenly and if it’s normal for dragon to share the same elemental colors with similar names. Thanks again for reading,‘I’m really looking forward to your response.

    1. Hi, Cassie,

      You used as a starting point the meditation for the Third Eye Dragon Awakening.
      And to help you with your Third Eye developing, Archangel Raphael’s Emerald Green Dragon has arrived promptly.
      Each Dragon has a specific task assigned to him.
      One of Archangel Raphael’s Dragons tasks is developing Psychic Abilities and working with Third Eye:
      – protection;
      – cleansing;
      – opening;
      – development.
      The Emerald Green Dragon is a beauty to behold!
      He is of the most bright, vivid, luminous green colour.
      His other two departments are Health and Abundance.
      You didn’t ask him to improve your health or make you more abundant.
      But he can’t help it, but to have a magic touch, lighting up these areas of your life as well as a nice bonus!
      He gave you his name, so he accepted your invitation to work with you.
      Anytime you need his assistance for the tasks above, call on him, and he will swoosh to you instantly. You made a bond with him.
      So Raja is a Guide Dragon, not your Personal Dragon.
      I can hear it all the time. It’s very common that the first Dragon you meet is not your Personal Dragon.
      So carry on, but this time state firmly that you want your Guardian Dragon to step forward.
      About Dragons’ names: don’t dwell on it, whatever name he or she gives you – accept it.
      The Dragon never gives away his real name – first it’s sacred, second it’s extremely long and unpronounceable for us.
      He tells you a nickname that is easy for you. The nickname seals the bond between you and the Dragon. It acts like your password for this specific Dragon, and your user name is you, your energy blueprint.
      So no, not every green Dragon is Radja.
      By the way, if your Personal Dragon is a Water Dragon, you will see the gentle green colour, not vivid green one.

      Please, let me know about your progress with your Dragon.

      The Dragons are absolutely magical and irresistible Beings!

      Simply answering your comment and touching Emerald Green Dragon’s energy made me feel so good!

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  36. Short, simplified version of my story: (believe it or not)

    I was very clairvoyant as a child, and still vividly now. I remember always seeing and drawing dragons incessantly. However, due to nightmarish experiences involving harmful, negative energies as a kid, I disregarded my Divine experiences I had with God and angels, and became a hard, pessimistic skeptic. Despite my sardonic remarks, I could still feel and see energies, but I try to say it’s just my imagination. Deep down inside, I knew they were still there. One day, I had a dream of a white dragon with intense glowing blue eyes in some veil of darkness. He keeps reappearing every single night to where I did some research. After that, I sat down to meditate and he immediately zeroed in and used auditory and physical imposition to grab me and yell my name. It spooked me something terrible that I had to run outside, thinking something demonic was attached to me. After a week and one church visit later, I tried again for a different result, but he came back just as strong but more gentler on the approach from the last session. I got myself into a trance, but then I saw that I didn’t look human anymore in the astrals, but I took the form of an Eastern looking dragon. (Makes sense since it’s design is the origin of m birth)

    Before me suddenly was that same white, heavily armored, large dragon. His prominent feature was his horns interlocking together like a halo. His dense warm energy matches his appearance: stoic, fierce, intense, carnal yet majestic. He apologized for his first introduction attempt, he was very excited and he forgets himself. He said he was so blissfully happy, for he has been trying to reach me; he followed me here, claiming we lived together both in spirit and in physical vessels for many lives, saying he will and have always said, be with me for eternity. He even speaks that we are twin flames. (I know people’s opinion on this, but I stick to my experiences)

    His name is Gabriel, and closely affiliated with Archangel Michael and Gabriel. (Or Gabrielle is how he said it)

    Since he came into my life, I was up on cloud 9 very often. My life perspectives changed completely for the better, and I had never felt peace like this in a very long time. As for those negative energies, they don’t even bother. They fear us instead, or else they are to be transmuted.

    How my Gabriel is now? A lot more calmer. Snarky here and there, but never truly insulting towards anyone, protective, and vivacious!

    I still struggle with this information that someone like him has been willing to be with me for this long, or the intense desire to want to. But I’m getting better at this.

    I’m looking more into sites like these to make up a lost time. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Jennifer,

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!
      Your Dragon looks like Archangel Gabriel’s Dragon.
      They are shimmering white.
      Have you ever thought that you can be an incarnated Dragon?
      You probably heard of Earth Angels, when Angel dwells in someone’s Soul?
      Dragons are Beings of Angelic Realm, and they incarnate too.
      Because they can influence the physical world more when they are physical themselves.
      Everyone in this world has a Twin Flame, even Archangels do.
      By the way, Archangel Gabriel’s Twin Flame is Archangel Hope.
      She exudes feminine, soft energy of Hope (obviously), Inspiration and New Opportunities and shimmers with all the colours of the rainbow.
      So you are a Twin Flame of your Dragon.
      You are Hope for your Gabriel.

      I wish you every Blessing under the Sun,

      Love from Irina

    2. Wow! What an amazing blog and article. I wanted to know if you could point me in the direction of a guide, someone that I can have assist me with the introduction of my personal dragon. I’ve been meditating a lot on trying to meet my dragon and each time I do, it seems I fall into a deep mediation and when I come out of it, I don’t remember anything. This usually is not the case when I mediate, which I’ve reached, seen, and communicated great things during mediation. But for some reason, I can access my dragon, does it mean that maybe I don’t have one?

      1. Hi, Cassie,

        You don’t need any Guide to point you in the right direction.
        It’s strictly between you and your Dragon, it’s personal.
        And you definitely have your Personal Dragon.
        You didn’t have any recollection when you came out of meditation.
        I don’t know why, but everything happens for a reason.
        I believe you have met your Dragon whilst in deep meditation, but the information never got through from your subconscious mind into the conscious one.
        Your conscious mind put the block on it.
        The conscious mind has its own rules.

        Anyway I know that there has been exciting development!
        I’ll read your second comment and come back with more information.



  37. Hi,
    I’ve asked my dragon to show me how she is and she’s blue bottom and purple on the top. What colors do you think they represent in elements.

    I love how complete your blog is by the way.

    All in the loving light.

    1. Hi, Sophia,

      Thank you so much!
      My blog is only tiny at the moment, but I try to dedicate as much time as I can to grow it.
      About your Dragon now…
      I think you’ve seen your Guide Dragon who works with you currently.
      The first ever Dragon I saw wasn’t my Personal Dragon too.
      Your Dragon is 6-dimensional, but Guardian Dragons are 4-dimensional elementals.
      Because of I can’t attribute the elements to her colours (blue and purple).
      In your case she is a Dragon of Protection and Transmutation.
      She represents two magnificent Archangels – Archangel Michael (blue) and Archangel Zadkiel violet or purple).
      Her blue energy forms a protective shield around you and teaches you to be fearless, feisty, bold and stand in your Power.
      Your Dragon wants to be your Role Model, encourages you to be like her.
      The violet part is softer and more feminine.
      She puffs gently the violet fire over you, that penetrates in, layer after layer, going deep in your past, even in your past lives, transmuting lower energies into energies of love, healing all past trauma and dissolving blockages.
      Past, present and future are interconnected.
      She makes sure your present life heals, attracting a better future.
      Perhaps your Soul feels that it is you need the most at the moment:
      protection and learning to be big, bold and powerful;
      transmutation of dark and dense energies, holding you back, and healing.
      To meet your Personal Dragon, state clearly that you want your Guardian Dragon to step forward this time… and enjoy your special moment together!

      Lots of Love from Irina and your Dragon who happily supplied me with information

  38. Hi.With my pendulum i found my dragon’s name.It’s ..AOPR.. i dont know if it is correct.
    The colors was the yellow and white and the dragon came from 10th dimensional.

    1. Hi, Notis,

      Your Dragon has a wonderful name. The first part sounds like music, it’s a bit harder to pronounce the second part.
      All Angelic Beings have very long and practically unpronounceable for us names.
      So they pick the short version of their name or think out a nickname to introduce themselves.
      So it is perfectly fine for a Dragon to be called Aopr.
      From now on this name seals the bond between you and your Dragon.
      It’s like your Password to access the Dragon.
      There is an opinion that you shouldn’t share your Dragon’s or your Angel’s names, that they are sacred.
      I asked my Dragon about it, and he didn’t mind.
      By the way, Aopr is your Guide Dragon, who has overshadowed your Personal One.
      So you haven’t met your Personal Dragon yet.
      Aopr comes from another 10-dimensional Universe called Shekinah.
      If you are interested to know the physical Beings on Earth whose Souls originate from Shekinah, they are Whales.
      Shekinah is a far away unbelievably blissful beyond our comprehension Universe.
      Your Dragon combines white – the colour of Divine – and yellow colours.
      The pale aspect of the yellow colour is the signature colour of Archangel Jophiel, an Angel of Wisdom, who works with our Crown Chakra.
      When the yellow deepens, and your Dragon sports the bright sunshine yellow colour, he exudes the waves of happiness and joy and also encompasses the energy of Archangel Fhelyai, the Archangel of Animals, who comes from the Universe Shekinah as well.
      So your Dragon radiates the Light of Pure Divine, Wisdom, Happiness, Joy and Animals Protection.

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  39. Hi! During one of my astral travels I went far enough up that what appeared to be one star in the galaxy was actually everything we know to be our galaxy/universe and there I saw a giant dragon that was swimming through the air – it was clear, but also every color imaginable all at once, almost like the sheen gas leaves in water.

    1. Hi, Justin,

      You’ve been blessed to meet Source Dragon that is directly connected to All That Is, to Infinity and God.
      Source Dragons are of the highest frequency, transparent shimmering white.
      It’s a rare and truly special occasion.
      In order to meet a Source Dragon you have to stay very still and quiet, silence all noise inside your mind, raise your vibration and feel the bliss.
      If you are ready, only if you are ready and able to hold these high vibrational energies,the Source Dragon enters your silence and pours the pure white liquid light into you, connecting you straight to God.
      You feel enlightened and expanded… You feel that your consciousness fills the whole Universe and beyond!
      You see your physical life on Earth completely differently.
      Because you’ve got another set of eyes inside now – your Divine Eyes.

      Love and Blessings from Irina and Dragons

      1. Hi there! My experience was very similar. My dragon was transparent shimmering white, swimming through space, he looked like a chinese dragon. He gave me a sense of peace and connection with beautiful! But how do I know if he’s my personal dragon?

        1. Hi, Helga,

          The transparent shimmering Dragon is your Guide Dragon.
          The Guide Dragons come to you, drawn by energy inside your aura, and stay with you for as long as it is required.
          When you enter another season of your life and their Mission is over, they go.
          And a different Guide Dragon gets attracted to you.
          But your Guide will never forget you.
          Think of him – and he will be right next to you!

          Your Personal Dragon accompanies you for aeons, since the beginning of time.
          He is your Angelic-Dragon counterpart, mirroring your dominant element or a combination of two elements – water, air, earth and fire.
          He will never ever leave you. Together… forever…

          Love from Irina and Dragons

  40. Hi, when I have met my dragon for the first time I asked her to show me a sign if she is real and not my imagination, I asked her to see repeated number in the clock within 24 hours, well I did not see but the day after that my 5 years old kid was playing! With microwave machine in the kitchen, she was pushing the numbers I turned back to tel her not to do that and I saw the number 85:85 in the clock of microwave machine, I am sure it is a message from my dragon I have searched a lot to understand it, could u please help me if you have information about this number 85? Thanks a lot and sorry for my english 🙂

    1. Hi, Mona!

      These numbers are not accidental. Your Dragon knows you like the back of his “hand” and thinks that they are highly relevant for you…
      “8” is a number of Infinity, Universe, Balance between the Material and Spiritual Worlds, Abundance.
      “5” is a number of Courage, Risk, Adventure, Quest and Discoveries.

      “8” – your Dragon tells you that you are not a limited physical Being, but you and her are the Universe, you are Unlimited.
      She is here to help you to build a bridge between our material world where we live and the Spiritual one.
      She encourages you to adopt the Mindset of Abundance and Gratitude.

      “5” – your Dragon says – don’t be afraid to take a risk. Someone who always plays safe, never really wins! Be confident, courageous. Give in to burning desire to explore the World! And be on a quest to discover yourself!

      “8” + “5” = “13”. Is anything in your life coming to the end at the moment, which feels painful because it’s always hard to let it go? Any difficult transformation in your life?
      Your Dragon is right next to you supporting you.
      Whatever is going away – you don’t need it anymore…

      “1” + “3” = “4”. Things will settle soon, and you will enter another period of stability. Peace and calm – phew…

      I’ll repeat that these numbers are not accidental.
      Your Dragon obviously sees every day of your life as an endless number of little tasks when you have no time for yourself.
      She respects the fact that you are a Mum, and it is the best and the most important job in the world to be a Mum!
      But she encourages you to bring a Balance and Self Love into your life (at least to think about it).
      Also she feels that your confidence and self worth are down. Because she shows you the number “5” to say: “Be bold, be courageous! Stand tall!”

      And your Dragon is there for you every step you take!


      1. Hi Dear Irina
        Thank you so much for your kind and complete answer, well I was postdoc in mexico city but my twin girls have born and I left my postdoc andwe came back to our coutry, after that I could not find a job we are back to mexico now since 2 years but this time is so hard financialy for us. My husband has no good job I can not find a good job and we have 2 5 years old girls. Any way I am thinking about that hard transformation which is painful now but hard to let it go, do you think it could be our life situtaion now? Well I hope that.
        One other thing before I have got your answer I searched and find out that if we turn the words GREEN WATER DRAGON to number it is 85. Do u blieve it? I had doubt about the color of my dragon since the color was so dark but now I am sure that she is green, I remember her beautiful and so kind eyes,
        Thank you so much again.

        1. Dear Mona!
          So sorry to hear about the great difficulties your family is going through.
          Yes, you are experiencing transformation when your old life ends, and a new one begins (that’s the number “13”).
          The change is very slow, and you will feel its influence for months to come.
          About “let it go” – I mean when we try to cling on something instead of releasing it and “let it go” to free space for the fresh energies to come in.
          For example, you have to move away, but you have a good friend whom you can’t bear the thought of parting with.
          With a heavy heart you say “Good Bye”, because life goes on… and you let your friend go…
          Or you don’t want to part with your house. You love it, it holds special memories for you… But you still let it go… you can’t stay in that house and become its prisoner forever…
          I said already that the change is very slow, and I think only next year looking back at 2020 you will realise what you had to “let go and let God”.
          Returning to your initial numbers 85:85… Your Dragon accented “8” because she showed it first with “5” following to give an additional meaning.
          She never showed you 58:58, did she?
          I repeat that the number “8” is the number of infinity and abundance, the best financial number ever!
          I know, with the influence of “5” which resembles a bumpy ride for you unfortunately.
          So your financial situation is going to change for the better, just very slow.
          But waiting for the bright future to come, it doesn’t mean you have to put every day of your current life in the bin.
          Stay positive, appreciate and feel grateful for all Goodness you’ve got now like your beautiful girls, and at the end of the day you’ve got precious yourself.
          Treasure every day spent with your daughters. Time flies, and before you know it, you will celebrate their weddings!
          Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world,

    1. Hi, Fe!
      I think that’s your Guide Dragon who has arrived to bring clarity, purity, joy and hope into your life.
      Your Dragon is Archangel Gabriel’s White Crystal Dragon.
      What you can see as “a bit of purple” is the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame he carries to offer you the extra purification and transmutation of any lower energies within and around you, to dissolve any blocks.
      But he is an Angelic Being, and you have to ask him to put it all into action for you.
      Talk to him, try to find out his name and form the beautiful relationship with this amazing, illumined 9-dimensional Dragon who is there for you.
      Love, Blessings and Best Wishes from Irina ✨

  41. I was searching for an info.. I only began my meditation on mid- December so I am new to this.
    I had a vision where I was in a rainy forest there I met with all my dead animals since childhood. I saw a house or a building similar to maya civilization temple or Temples of Bali. ( I search for it in google) I enter I felt this place is only for me. It was long dark way passage. It was lighten when I enter at the end there was a square room in the middle was old chair made of stone. It was also square in shape. I sit on it. I raise my head there was no roof I saw the sky it was grayish pink I also saw dark dragon flying towards me I knew he was green before I saw him clearly. (Actually he was very dark green so it will be hard to determine his color by Vision but I knew he was green) he come to me until I touched him. His eyes was very bright in contrast to his dark colour. It was a very bright light blue. His eyes was like a gem. he is with me. He is name is Rahu. I just knew.
    Can you give me an explanation of this?
    Is he a water dragon? I am not sure.

    1. Hi, Alayah!
      Yes, your Rahu is a Water Dragon.
      What a wonderful vision!
      Interesting that you felt your Dragon as “him” despite the water carrying originally the feminine energy.
      Your Dragon demonstrates the masculine qualities because it is what you need more at the moment – security, protection, peace and confidence.
      Feel absolutely safe under his wing.
      Whatever comes your way has to deal with him first.
      And a huge, the size of a house Dragon is no joke and has to be taken seriously!
      Love and Best Wishes for you and Rahu

      1. Wow you knew his size even though I didn’t write about it. Yes for some reason I knew if I want to meet him I have to imagine myself outside our house because he is huge. Yes, this qualities is the reason I start my journey I really want security, protection, peace and confidence. Every time I think of Rahu I feel overfilled with love.

        Thank you for reply and your confirmation. I feel very happy to find your blog.

        1. You are very welcome, Alayah!
          I’m so happy you have discovered more about yourself and met your wonderful big Friend, Guide and Protector – the mighty Dragon Rahu!

          1. Today I was focusing on myself. Self loves being independent and let go.
            I was on the top of the mountain over look a lake.
            I was determined to let go on everything that not serve me and to love myself.. to plant the love seed in my garden by myself.. I was sitting on top of the mountian when a large red dragon appeared behind me.. there were white element in him. He is red but with white aura . Even His flame was white.

          2. Hi, Alayah, nice to hear from you again,

            What a wonderful meditation!
            And a Dragon decided to join you in.
            First I thought he was a Galactic Dragon, connected with the red warrior Planet Mars.
            But he shook his head.
            Then it dawned on me… WOW… he is Archangel Mariel’s Magenta Dragon!
            Magenta Dragons are attracted to the blazing light of people who start to develop Soul Star Chakra – one of 5 additional chakras, complementing the traditional 7 chakras system as you ascend.
            These Dragons work directly with your Soul, their colour represents love and wisdom.
            Your Dragon sports white light as well as the highest embodiment of Divine.
            The colour white embraces all the colours together.
            The brilliant white light exudes purity, clarity, joy, happiness and love.
            Magenta Dragons hold you in their deep pink (and white in your case) flame filled with Love, Higher Spiritual knowledge and Wisdom.
            These awesome Dragons come to those making their first steps towards their beautiful Soul and starting to awaken to who they truly are.
            The magnificent Magenta Dragons blow a layer of the Veil of Amnesia off you, so you start to remember your Soul journey and wisdom, your gifts and talents.

            I believe you have bonded with your Magenta Dragon Guide, and he will walk with you hand in hand along your Spiritual Path for as long as you need him, keeping a nice company to your Personal Dragon who is ALWAYS with you in all of your incarnations.

            Love from Irina

          3. Thank thank you Irina for your light And guidance from my heart I really appreciate your help. I am very happy with meeting magenta dragon. And yes he is dancing with Rahu currently. I am so happy to connect with them. I am definitely overfilled with love with all the support around me and from you..

            Kisses and loves❤️❤️

          4. As always my dear Irina your blog is my second home about dragons. Whenever I see a new dragon I rush to tell you as I don’t know anybody in real life who can I share it with. Months ago I met a dragon. All my meeting with the dragon is not by design rather they come to me and I am so grateful for there help and my Rahu who never leave myside he take me anywhere I want whenever I want. I met a new dragon a baby dragon to be exact . He was small a yellow dragon I think.. he stays with the pink dragon he never left her side. Yesterday while doing my meditation I met him again he become stronger bigger almost the same size as the pink dragon and for the first time I saw his eyes pure turquoise he is yellow I think with strong turquoise aura and eyes.

          5. Hello, Alayah, hello, my dear friend,

            How sweet is that! A baby Dragon!
            His Mum looks pink because she radiates and bathes a baby in the energy of Love.
            He needs a lot of Love to grow into a big, happy and powerful Dragon.
            Yellow is the colour of knowledge. Your little friend is learning.
            As he matures, the colour yellow deepens and turns into the golden one, which indicates wisdom.
            The colour turquoise consists of blue and green colours.
            Blue is calming and soothing, but green is the colour of Nature – Tranquility and Balance.
            He will become an amazing 7-dimensional Dragon of Wisdom, Peace and Balance.

            The baby Dragon has come to you by reason.
            The Universe shows you that you learn, grow and attract these energies into your aura.

            So at this stage Wisdom, Peace and Balance are the dominant themes of your life.
            And Love is of course all we need… all the time…

            You can use the power of colours, getting something yellow or turquoise for yourself.
            Even if you get something as little as a yellow or turquoise pen.

            I wish you and your little friend all the happiness in the world!

            The bond between you and him will stay strong, and you always will be special for each other.

            Lots of Love,


    2. It happened to me again. I was in deep meditation with Rahu and then I saw him a white dragon it’s different then normal dragon ,how can I say, more smooth maybe? And then I was like oh you have blue aura and eyes and then it turn to green. I asked “your aura blue or green or my eyes deceive me?” He said “ no I have all the color I am rainbow” and then I saw an eye and then meybe pair of eyes I was so scared I asked Rahu to protect me and wake up from my meditation. It not the first time before I was under a big green tree during meditation suddenly everything turn to pink pink grass pink big tree I also was scared I was like I am not ready I don’t know what happening to me ?

      1. My dear friend Alayah,

        By the way, your name sounds like music…

        In your recent meditation, you were extremely blessed to meet Rainbow Dragon.
        You felt straight away that he was an unusual Dragon, and you were right.
        Rainbow Dragon vibrates on a very high 7-dimensional frequency.
        You got scared because a human part of you doesn’t like unknown territories, especially so high vibrational.
        Your Ego is used to operate in the 3rd, maximum 4th dimension.
        It doesn’t want to be pushed out of its “comfort zone”.
        Thus your Ego intimidates you: “Don’t have anything to do with that Dragon! Look – he’s scary!”.
        Don’t get cross with your Ego though – we need it to be able to live on Earth.
        Your Ego believes it protects you.

        Back to Rainbow Dragon now – he understands…
        He is a very gentle Dragon.
        Rainbow Dragons normally bring a gift with them – hope, luck, a new opportunity, a new open door for you.
        By turning your surroundings pink, he showed you that he came to you with Love.
        Pink is the colour of Love.

        When you come to terms and get comfortable seeing other Dragons apart from Rahu, they will start working with you.
        Depending on your situation, different Dragons will approach you, one at a time.

        No need to be afraid, trust Rahu, he will always protect you.

        Lots of Love and Hugs,

        Irina and Dragons

  42. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your
    useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  43. I’m pretty novice in the spiritual community. But just the other day I had a Kundalini like experience. My body was twitching and pulsing with energy. My vision seemed tunnel like and HD. My hear space felt the size of a volly ball. I couldn’t sit still at first. Then right when I closed my eyes there was an eye of a dragon checking me out. Then I became a blue dragon flying over an ocean and dove into it. Next I knew there another dragon in front of me and she cuddling my face. She was white with the most intense crystal blue eyes. She even ran a nail down the back of my neck. Now this is all before I knew about Kundalini or dragons. Any help would be appreciated. I’m also a twin flame and right before this was happening I was worrying about her. Thanks!!

    1. Oh wow! What an experience!
      You have started your Spiritual Awakening.
      I think your Soul energy was mixed with the Water Dragon (but the ascended one) energy before you were born for this your life mission.
      I’ve never thought of incarnated Dragons before. So basically you’ve got a Dragon dwelling inside your Soul. So you Twin Flame does.
      It looks like her Dragon is Archangel Gabriel’s White and Crystal Dragon.
      That’s awesome!
      Your Dragons are probably a reason why you’ve drawn together.
      So the other Dragon in your vision is your girlfriend, and you have been shown that she loves you!
      Love, blessings and many more amazing discoveries on your Spiritual journey! ✨✨

      1. Dear Irina, many thanks for your beautiful blog and advice here. I think I saw mine as a fierce big golden white dragon with white more dominant and his eyes seem black but changed to light Amber brown color.. and there’s another smaller dragon(not sure why smaller) who is rainbow white with blue eyes n look more feminine n gentle. Hope you can enlighten me if you have any insights, thank you so much, wishing you Abundances of Blessings and Miracles in your life, Love and Light

        1. Hi, Liv,

          The White and Gold Dragon is a 9-dimensional Dragon from Lyra.
          The colour White is the highest vibrational colour of God and Love, containing all other colours.
          And the colour Gold is the colour of Wisdom.
          The White and Gold Dragon Guide works on the development and illumination of your Causal Chakra, connecting you with higher Spiritual Realms – Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Ascended Masters.
          He lights up the White and Gold Path in front of you – your Personal Path of Purpose and Gifts.

          The other Dragon seems smaller because she is a 6-dimensional Dragon, but nevertheless she is the most wonderful and exciting one!
          There are some exceptions, but generally as higher we ascend as more we expand.
          Rainbow Dragon brings Hope, Joy, Playfulness, Magic and Miracles into your life.
          Her aura is extra infused with high dimensional White Light.
          She invites you to come with her over the rainbow to discover your personal pot of gold.
          You can do this in meditation.
          Open the pot – what can you see in there?
          You will see a symbol of your special Blessing.

          Wishing you and your Guides so much Blissful and Meaningful time together,

          With Lots of Love,


    1. Hi, Melanie!
      Tell your Dragon that you want to learn about him, close your eyes and watch for a flash of colour, sometimes you can see two colours on your inner screen. Come back to my article “Dragons, Their Wisdom, Love and Power” and check your Dragon out.
      Don’t worry if you can see nothing. Usually your Dragon’s element coincides with the element of your Star Sign. So for example if you are Libra, your element is Air, and your Dragon’s element should be Air.
      Be watchful though for a couple of days afterwards. if you can see for example the water literally everywhere, you turn TV on – and there is an ocean and a beautiful beach. You turn your radio on – and hear the song “Cry me a river…” You open your front door – and there is the torrential rain despite the lovely and sunny weather forecast. Your Dragon let’s you know that he is a Water Dragon.
      Hope it helps!

    2. I think mine appeared to me last night. A blue and green dragon said his name was Azurulious….I am trying to find out more -.-‘ I am so lost.

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