You know that you’ve got your Guardian Angel.

But do you know that you’ve got another Being of the Angelic Realms dedicated himself to you? Yes, your very own Personal Dragon!

Personal or Guardian Dragon is a Dragon assigned to accompany you in all of your incarnations working side by side and cooperating with your Guardian Angel.

Not everyone has their own Dragon though. Your Light should shine bright to earn an honour to have your Personal Dragon.

Similar attracts similar.

There is nothing to do and pointless for Dragons with their huge and radiant hearts blazing with love to work with someone who’s heart is closed.

But if you read this (no one 3-dimensional would ever read this stuff!), you are a high vibrational Being of Light definitely enjoying the company of your special friend – a Dragon – by your side.

You don’t know, you might be a Master working tirelessly in the Universe whilst your physical body is asleep. Then you wake up, and the veils of illusion take over shutting the memories from you.

You will wake up spiritually when your time comes. And you will remember it all!

You really need your Dragon next to you at all times as sometimes you happen to get into the really dark places with the really low energy.

And your Guardian Angel is helpless there because he can’t enter them. There is a threshold of energies that Angel can’t overstep.

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Your Dragon is woven from the Angelic energies, but he is a bit different.

The Dragon is an expert of cleaning the dense and dark energies.

He dives right into and transmutes them into the energy of Love.

The Dragons’ energy is a bit similar to the energy of Archangel Michael. They are Protectors and Cleaners.

It was my Birthday.

I always find time to meditate on my Birthday and set my meditation free.

So I just close my eyes, and I am in a sort of my personal Cinema on my own in front of a big dark screen waiting for a movie to start.

I like to do such a sort of meditation sometimes when you don’t know what to expect and who will come to greet you.

So this time El Morya came to see me. I never thought about him. It never ceases to surprise me who wants to connect with me.

Anyway after the conversation that had nothing to do with Dragons, he started his Goodbyes and then said: “Oh, I’m so sorry! Getting old and forgetful! In fact I am thousands of years old… It’s your Birthday, and here is a gift for you!”

He handed me over a box with a ribbon and bow: “Open it!”

To my surprise the box contained a knife nestled inside.

My first thought was: “What do I need the knife for?”

But as I examined my present and my eyes glided along the knife, I couldn’t help to notice that it was a very old and special knife. Looking old, nearly black silver… The desk accessory used to cut paper a long time ago.

I was enchanted by its intricate details. The handle depicted a black Dragon adorned with the red stones, probably rubies.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the knife!

And then suddenly it began to grow and turned into a real Dragon – a huge, pitch black with the red eyes and the occasional flashes of red on his body!

The Dragon stood right next to me…

I froze, I never met a Dragon before! His sheer size stunned me! And the waves of energy radiating from the Dragon were yelling: “POWER!”

The Dragon didn’t move too feeling my tension. Then he slowly turned his massive head and… winked at me!

“Let me introduce myself… Ernest…”

I echoed: “Ernest… Like Hemingway?”

“Yes”, – he replied, – “like Hemingway… Only better!”

And there was this mischievous expression on his face!

I felt braver, reached out and touched his side. His skin felt like a black velvet.

We have spent quite a time together talking.


Ever since I realized how many Dragons are around – to help,support, assist, to share Wisdom.

The new Dragons portals have opened on Earth. And thousands of these beautiful and open hearted Beings made their way here – 4th, 5th, 7th and even unbelievable 9th dimensional Dragons.

Nowadays there are more Dragons on Earth than humans.

And I met my Personal Dragon – the amazing, incredible and wonderful Dragon called Radja.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Ground yourself imagining the roots coming all way down off your feet into the Earth. Ask Archangel Michael to cover you with his royal blue cloak of protection.

And here we go! Ask your Dragon to reveal himself to you.

First ask to help you understand which sort of Dragon he is, which element or two elements he represents.

In the darkness of your closed eyes (put your hand across the eyes if it is the day time) watch out for a colour.

If you can see the brown or beige colour – your Dragon is the Earth Dragon.

The green colour means your Dragon is the Water Dragon.

The blue colour points out at the Air Dragon.

And the red or orange colour indicates that your Dragon is the Fire Dragon.

After you receive the colour wait a little bit longer – maybe you will be shown another colour.

Then your Dragon combines two elements inside himself:

# green and red – the Fire-and-Water Dragon

# blue and green – the Air-and-Water Dragon

# brown and blue – the Earth-and-Air Dragon

# brown and green – the Earth-and-Water Dragon

# brown and red – the Earth-and-Fire Dragon

# blue and red – the Air-and-Fire Dragon

Read about each of these wonderful Dragons in my article “Dragons, their Wisdom, Love and Power”. You will understand your Dragon better.

When I closed my eyes and asked to give me an idea what a sort of Dragon my Personal Dragon was, I could see a flash of blue first and green after colours.

So my Personal Dragon’s nature is Air and Water.

Very often your Dragon will pick the element of your Star Sign for this your life.

For example if you are Leo, and your element is Fire, your Dragon will sport the Fire qualities as well as a reflection of you in this lifetime.

My Star Sign is Libra that is ruled by the Air element. But Moon, Venus and some other important Planets in my Horoscope are in Cancer which is a Sign of Water.

So it makes the perfect sense that my Personal Dragon is the Air-and-Water Dragon.

O.K., back to your own Dragon… Now you know what a sort of Dragon your Personal Dragon is.

Close your eyes again and ask to show himself to you.

What size is he? The Dragons tend to be huge.

Look at his face! What an expression has he got on his face?

What can you read in his eyes? Keep the eyes contact for a while.

My Dragon looked so excited! He was literally jumping with joy reminding me of my dogs greeting me when I come back home.

By the way if you are a dogs person, you will 100% love Dragons! I can’t help to compare them to dogs all the time!

Dragons love you fully and unconditionally with all of their heart exactly as dogs do, only on the bigger scale.

But the dogs are physical and tangible, and Dragons are etheric Beings.

Can’t see your Dragon at all? Don’t worry. Maintain the special bond between you two, talk to him. And one day you will receive the vision of your Dragon.

What can you feel? Dragons have got a big, open heart full of Love for you.

Can you feel your Dragon’s Power? Do you feel totally protected at his presence?

Reach out and touch your Dragon!

My Personal Dragon’s skin feels smooth and silky.

Dragons like all Beings in the Universe have their own names.

Ask your Dragon to reveal his name to you.

Did any name pop into your head? You can ask him to spell it for you a letter by letter.

If not, ask him another time. But be watchful just in case over your next days.

Maybe you will hear or see some name over and over again. Then it’s your Dragon’s name!

My Dragon is called Radja.

Dragons prefer to be called by name or, if you don’t know it, you can greet them simply “My Beloved Dragon”.

They are ancient and wise Beings having rather old fashioned manners and very sensitive.

So keep your appearances, watch your manners, be nice and polite, bow and thank them a lot!

Just remember that your Dragon is a Being of Light and according to the Universal Law of Request can’t interfere without asking.

Your Personal Dragon and Guardian Angel work hand in hand (or a paw in hand?) alongside you.

So what does your Dragon accompany you for?

#1 The first important task of your Dragon is to protect you. When you put yourself in danger that is not in your life scenario and not your lesson, both your Guardian Angel and your Dragon charge to your rescue

#2 The Dragon follows you like a shadow in the places with very dark and murky energies that your Guardian Angel can’t enter. He keeps his eye on you, roars and puffs out etheric fire

#3 Dragons exude Power, and your Personal Dragon encourages you to step into your Power, speak your Truth. Remember that you are a magnificent and powerful Being of Light!

#4 Your Dragon is a keeper of ancient wisdom, and he shares it generously with you. Especially when you are asleep, and your Spirit meets your Team of Guides and Angels

#5 He teaches you to live with the open heart radiating love, warm and kindness

#6 Depends on which sort of Dragon he is, your Personal Dragon gently brings his qualities into your life because your energies are so much connected.

For example the Water Dragons will influence you pointing out at the path of intuitive and psychic development and teaching you the qualities of water – flexibility, calm, diplomacy, deep thinking.

You have many layers as a person. No one really knows you – only you and your Dragon do.

You are a mystery, no one can get to the bottom of your Soul.

#7 All 4th and 5th dimensional Dragons have a special connection with Earth. They love our Planet and its inhabitants including us, humans.

Your Dragon invites you to look at the world through the eyes of a Dragon full of awe, love and endless gratitude!

He nudges you to remember how blessed you are to live on this beautiful blue and green Planet with its incredible nature!

How lucky you are to have a physical body and be able to experience the physical sensations. To smell of a beautiful flower, enjoy the taste of a strawberry in your mouth, feel the warmth of sunshine and cool of the gentle breeze on your skin, stroke and cuddle your pet.

#8 The Personal Dragon helps you to ascend. He works with your chakras, watches vigilantly over the new chakras developing. As you ascend, you acquire 5 additional chakras to form the 12 chakras system.

Your Dragon helps to anchor the new crystalline body for you because your old physical body can’t sustain the amount of light you contain now.

As you ascend your Dragon happily ascends with you too!

Personal Dragon; Dragon Spirit Guide
Image: Depositphotos

#9 Your Dragon is there for you to bring so much joy, fun and laughter into your life!

#10 Your Dragon introduces you to his mates, other Dragons.

There is a Dragon for everything under the Sun!

For example if you feel low, lost your direction in life, your Dragon can suggest to get in touch with the Rainbow Dragon who oozes joy and vitality and takes you on a spirit lifting journey.

At the end of the journey the Rainbow Dragon will proudly present you a pot. Open it – and find the clue to the questions in your head at the bottom of the pot!

As you grow and develop more Dragons will approach you seeing your light and stay with you temporarily depending on your needs.

If you want to get an idea what a Dragon apart from your Personal Dragon works with you currently, you can use the Dragon Oracle cards. Pull a card – and there would be your Dragon in his full glory!

Ernest, the first Dragon to meet in my life, is not my Personal Dragon.

He is not an Elemental, but Cosmic Dragon.

As he explained, when I opened to channeling, my Spiritual Team (including my Personal Dragon Radja) was concerned for my safety. That I could get myself into troubles connecting enthusiastically with etheric beings.

And as brighter your light shines and you become more visible, as more attention you attract from the etheric world, sometimes unwanted attention.

For instance, the spirits of deceased people that haven’t passed over (or so called Earth bound spirits) get really interested in you.

They feel lost and hope that you might show them a way – the way home, to heaven.

But it’s not all innocent! They need energy to sustain themselves in the Earth planes. And the only way to get the energy is to attach to a human body and suck the energy from there.

Yes, they are the energy vampires.

So with all my respect for their longing and my empathy I don’t really want to have them hanging around…

Also we don’t realize that we make ourselves vulnerable every day by allowing the negative thoughts to pop into our heads.

Every negative thought and emotion pierce our aura opening a door and inviting dark energies to come in.

And you can’t completely get rid of these pesky visitors in your head!

Everyone living on Earth in a physical body has got ego.

No matter how hard you try to control yourself!

The nasty thoughts, emotions and feelings still find the way to creep in! You can get judgemental and send out the arrows of negative energy to the person you judge.

You can feel stings of jealousy, be low and doubtful.

I would be first to confess that I can get cross from time to time. My initial reaction is to go ballistic, hit the roof and “fly around on a broom”.

Then I calm down and assess the situation. Normally I come to the conclusion that “all is well and nothing really to worry about”.

Even for a split second you can get arrogant, jealous. When you hear about someone successful, you might think: “Wow! That’s amazing! Well done, you!”, but then catch a little worm of envy squirming at the bottom of your heart.

And you can’t help it!

You live your human life here on Earth, and you have got ego!

When you start to open up to spirituality, your ego shrinks, but never goes away completely.

Everyone who has ever lived on Earth or living now gets these naughty thoughts, emotions and feelings. EVERYONE, including Saints, Mother Teresa and Pope of Rome.

Even the Great Ascended Masters who experienced incarnation and walked the Earth in their past still have got a touch of ego.

That’s why my wonderful friend, the 7th dimensional Black and Red Dragon Ernest, offered his services to protect me.

Black colour absorbs the negative energies approaching me. So I can blossom and develop spiritually.

Red colour means a warning – Don’t Mess With Me!

Ernest is a Warrior Dragon, and he will stay with me for as long as I need him.

Here is his little message:

We are Dragons. We are powerful, but peaceful Warriors. We are strong yet gentle. We come to those who radiate our qualities into the Universe – Love and Wisdom – and invite you to become a part of us and walk our Paths together.

I’ll conclude with another Ernest’s message:

Appearance is deceptive. What you think is bad can be the biggest blessing in your life.

Look inside… Look at the heart of everything, and your judgement will fade…

Look at the Universal Mirror I put in front of you and see the beautiful and radiant reflection of your Soul. The light is so bright that you have to squint.

I’ll step next to you in front of the mirror now. What can you see? The same blazing light! We are One. And I love you as my brother or a sister.

I will be your Teacher now and give you a presentation of the Universe. It’s big, and it shimmers with the myriads of colours.

But wherever you go and as you explore diversity of the worlds, you will find something in common – the Law of Love that governs the Universe.

I brought you Love in my heart, and I will be with you supporting you to touch people’s hearts and watch them to open like the spring buds turning into the beautiful flowers radiating Love.

That’s my mission here on Earth.

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Personal Dragon; Dragon Spirit Guide
Image: Depositphotos

Love, Wisdom and Power from Dragons and Irina!

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