Your imagination pictures the huge and vicious creatures with a very little brain and lots of fury.

A typical Dragon is massive, fast, exuding strength and power and able to spit fire.

That’s why people tend to feel scared of Dragons and are quick to stick a label “dangerous” on them.


Who are Spiritual Dragons? What is the meaning of Spiritual Dragons?

According to Wikipedia “a Dragon is a large, serpent-like legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures around the world. Beliefs about Dragons vary drastically by region, but Dragons in Western cultures since the High Middle Ages have often been depicted as winged, horned, four-legged and capable of breathing fire”.

Spiritual Dragons are the ancient wise and open hearted etheric beings of the Angelic Realms (alongside Angels and Unicorns). They exist on the different from Angels wavelengths, but work together for the highest good.

So Spiritual Dragons haven’t got the free will as we humans do. Their only heartfelt wish is to serve God and spread Love, Wisdom and Light wherever they go.

Unlike Angels the Spiritual Dragons have got a talent to travel easily between dimensions.

Similar to perceiving the Angels, Light and Love beaming from the Dragons hearts form their etheric wings.

Wonderful Spiritual Dragons are old and wise. Their Crown centre is so developed that sometimes the Dragons seem to have more than one head.

Another parallel with Angels – Seraphims, the higher ranks Angels, are depicted with six wings instead of a pair that Angels normally have.

Seraphims hearts radiate Love unimaginable for us and create the shining aura looking like six impressive wings.

God bestowed a gift on Spiritual Dragons: They can deconstruct and they can create. So Angels hold the vision whilst Dragons manifest it.

They even can manifest the physical objects!

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The amazing Spiritual Dragons vibrate on the 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th dimensions bands.

I’ll remind you that the most people on Earth live in the 3 dimensional material world ( 3 represents three dimensions – width, height, depth) with their heart closed. It might seem that someone has got a cash machine and a calculator instead of a heart. And when they set their eyes on you, they scan how to use you.

People start moving into the 4th dimension when they learn to open their hearts to love.

The 3 dimensional people can experience the 4th dimensional world when they have a joyful moment of love.., but then they close their heart and slip back into the 3 dimensional world.

I’m not overoptimistic to say that a lot of people nowadays go through ascension and have moved in to the blissful 5th dimension.

The Dragons are awesome because they unlike other beings can travel effortlessly between the dimensions adjusting their vibration. God gave them the long and sleek reptile-like body allowing them to pierce dimensions and glide easily in Space.

If we try to jump quickly into the 5th and never mind the 7th dimension, we would probably break into molecules.

Not a problem for Dragons at all! They can dive right into the dark and murky spaces where Angels can’t enter (it’s too dark for them) breathing out etheric fire, clearing and transmuting the dense energies into love.

Spiritual Dragons are the Masters of Clearing.

If you need to travel through dimensions in your meditation or sleep (for example you want a consultation with a Higher Being of Light – an Archangel, an Ascended Master or to talk to Intergalactic Council), ask a Spiritual Dragon to take you up there. Travel safely under his wing.

The Intergalactic Council is by the way The Mighty Body of 12 Highly Evolved Beings that govern this Universe.

Let’s take a look now how it all started…

The History of Spiritual Dragons

It started many aeons ago. Dragons existed already before our Planet was born.

In fact they were heavily involved in the creation of Earth.

The Fire Dragons cleared the space.

Earth Dragons created the rocks, soil, all the solid matter.

Water Dragons filled the dips with water and watched over the water to be clean.

Air Dragons breathed out the atmosphere and looked after the winds.

Dragons worked extremely hard along the elementals – fairies, gnomes, sylphs etc. to make our Planet wonderful and beautiful.

They were an important part of ancient pre-Atlantean Earth life times.

When the Atlantean experiment was planned, Dragons prepared the happy space for the wondrous era to begin.

If the incredible ancient Atlantean civilization mesmerises you, this book can provide you with the detailed knowledge of that wondrous time on Earth.

Unfortunately after the centuries of unimaginable bliss the energies of Atlanteans started to darken.

The Intergalactic Council decided to stop the experiment, and most of Dragons withdrew from Earth.

They felt helpless watching the light inside people dim and the beautiful and blessed Planet they have created submerges in the darkness.

Very few stayed though like Nessie, the Water Dragon (NOT A MONSTER!) living in the Scottish lake Loch Ness.

Another example of Spiritual Dragons stayed on Earth are the Water Dragons of the Bermuda Triangle. When the main Atlantean Temple – the Temple of Poseidon housing the Great Crystal – collapsed, the Crystal fell in the ocean.

The Water Dragons have been assigned to look after the Crystal that lies on the bottom of the ocean. The particular area has been nicknamed the Bermuda Triangle. The Great Crystal is not only the powerful computer and energy generator. It is an intergalactic portal as well.

When the portal is in use and a ship or airplane happens to be there at the same time, they seemingly disappear, taken into another dimension. The Dragons are assisting them for the smooth transition.

But these people Souls agreed for the sudden turn in their life scenario, otherwise they wouldn’t be on this particular ship or airplane.

Nowadays the Bermuda Triangle portal is rarely in use. More and more portals open on Earth to allow the beings from all over the Universe, Dragons and Unicorns to come here to assist human beings and our beloved Planet.

When the Great Crystal fell in the ocean, its light was shut down.

For hundreds of years Earth has been a very dark place.

The Crystal was waiting patiently for energies on Earth to pick up. More and more people wake up and open their hearts to Light and Love.

The Spiritual Dragons got instructions from the Intergalactic Council to open the Crystal slightly up and allow its energies to gently fill the Earth supporting the positive changes on our Planet.

Some Earth Dragons stayed here after the fall of Atlantis as well living high in the mountains that they probably created themselves thousands of years ago, or in Earth moving along the ley lines.

But the most of the Spiritual Dragons have left. So for centuries these fantastic and highly evolved beings kept away from Earth doing their wonderful job elsewhere in the Universe.

Despite that because Spiritual Dragons were an integral part of the history of Earth and humanity, the memories of Dragons turned into legends and engraved on a very deep level in each human being.

Lately people started to recall their own Divine origin and nature and turn their Lights on.


They Are Back!

More and more Dragons Portals are opening on Earth. Not only 4th dimensional, but 5th and beyond our comprehension 7th and 9th dimensional Dragons stream here to lend us a helping hand (or a paw?).

Currently it seems there are more Dragons on Earth than humans.

You can physically pick on changes in the Spiritual world around you, these fine unseen energies in the air, observing … fashion, shops and TV.

When our Planet started to wake up to Love, the pink colour – the colour of love – became a big thing. There was pink everywhere! Ladies shoes, handbags, dresses…

Even my husband was sporting a pink shirt and a T-shirt!

The Planet turned pink! “Black Eyed Peas” sang “Where Is The Love?”.

When Unicorns made a comeback to Earth (they unlike Dragons disappeared completely after the fall of the Atlantean experiment), the sensitive people, especially children, felt it.

The shelves in shops were quickly filled with stuff related to Unicorns!

Kids are so excited about Unicorns! Anything about them – toys, bags, clothes, colouring books etc.

The grown-ups adore them too! I’ve got bath soak “Cosmic Unicorn”, pyjamas set “Sleepy Unicorn”, a “Unicorn” hot bottle and socks with Unicorns.

So when Spiritual Dragons lately flooded the Earth, we could watch the animated action film “How to Train Your Dragon” and its sequels.

But I’m sure it’s only the beginning, and Dragons suddenly will be a big craze soon. We will see clothes, especially a new Men’s clothes line with Dragons, stationery with Dragons, Dragons shaped or themed home ware.

Dragons are everywhere! I met so many fabulous Dragons so far. They accelerated my path and made it so much smoother!

There might be Dragons assisting you on your journey without you consciously realising it (I don’t count your Personal Dragon that is always with you at your service).

Dragons approach humans that need in their opinion their specific guidance. And then they wait patiently to be invited to help.

You remember that Dragons are Angelic beings and will never ever intervene until you ask.

You probably think now: “I don’t remember myself asking any Dragons for their assistance and help!”

And you are right… You never asked consciously. But at night when your physical body is asleep, your Spirit breaks free! It travels in astral meeting with other Spiritual Beings – your late relatives, Spiritual Guides and Angels.

So it’s not a problem for Dragons if they haven’t got a chance to talk to you in your physical life. They will approach you when you as a Light and Spirit roam the Universe in your sleep. And you might enjoy friendship with Dragons without even realising it.


For the sake of this article we will talk about the 4th dimensional Dragons.

These wonderful beings love our Planet, nature and us, humans.

They are Elementals which means they consist only of one or maybe a combination of two elements – earth, air, water and fire – unlike humans uniting all four elements in their energetic structure.

P.S. Whilst working on this article I have met a Metal Dragon. The Oriental traditions recognise two more elements – metal and wood.

But we will stick to the usual four elements for now.

So they are Earth, Air, Water and Fire Dragons, also the awesome combining two elements Dragons – Earth-and-Fire, Earth-and-Air, Earth-and-Water, Air-and-Water, Air-and-Fire and Fire-and-Water Dragons.

You can read more about Dragons in this book.

I invite you to meet each of these incredible Spiritual Dragons in turn.

The Earth Dragons

The wonderful Earth Dragons have got a stocky built body. Their colour varies from the very light beige to the dark brown. They are solid, calm and grounded.

The Earth Dragons love our Planet as they have created it aeons ago. They look after mountains, rocks, stones and soil making sure it is rich to give birth to plants.

They are Masters of Manifestation. They can create and can destroy the physical matter.

Another important task of the Earth Dragons is to maintain the ley lines that originally have been called the Dragon lines.

The Earth Dragons have constructed them thousands years ago.

Earth Dragon
Image: Depositphotos

Unfortunately there are a lot of blockages preventing the energies of running smoothly along the ley lines.

If you think of a human body, the ley lines are the nervous system with the electrical signals running along it.

The blockage on the ley line is a trapped nerve in a human body which doesn’t feel nice.

Our Planet doesn’t feel good too if a ley line is trapped.

The negative energies, produced mainly by humans and absorbed by Earth, cause the blockages.

Imagine that the court, prison or hospital positioned exactly on the ley lines.

Over the years how much anger, pain, fear, desperation has been projected into the Earth under these buildings forming a black blob blocking permanently the ley lines? The proper distribution of energies in the area would be distorted.

Even if there is no ley line – the dark energies absorbed into Earth will adversely affect the area for years and years to come.

There could be a field producing the lovely crops with butterflies and bees buzzing all over it. And next to it – the dead field where nothing grows, no matter how hard the farmer tries. All because of the distorted energies under that field.

Many years ago there were the special people who had a gift to understand, feel and work with stones. They would position stones on the field to redirect these bad energies away from the field. So it could be alive again bursting with plants and buzzing with insects.

But there is a much better way! Ask the Earth Dragons to clear the field.

You have to ask. Like all Beings of Light they work according to the Spiritual Law of Request and won’t interfere without being asked.

And probably you will have to ask quite a few times to make sure the dark and dense energies are cleared completely.

There is a stretch of the road (about 1 mile) leading to my home town notoriously famous for the car crashes. People are being killed exactly on this spot, not before and not after. I found out that there was an abattoir years ago that was closed and knocked down eventually.

The road was built exactly throughout. But the chilling energies – fear, panic, pain of the animals being killed – stayed inside Earth continuing their grim work even after the place was shut down.

So the negative energies positioned just in Earth affect this area only.

But the negative energies blocking the ley lines work on the much bigger scale and create more devastation.

Ask the Earth Dragons to move along the ley lines clearing the blockages.

The Fire Dragons

The Fire Dragons are the wonderful, quick, red and orange Dragons that are experts in clearing and transmuting the bad energies.

They breathe out etheric fire. Clearing and Protection – that’s all the Fire Dragons are about.

They dive right in the dark and dense spaces and puff etheric fire burning all the negative away.

Fire Dragon
Image: Depositphotos

The Fire Dragons are the skilful protectors. They can create the wall of fire around you, your loved ones, your home or car. Nothing bad will be able to approach you.

When you are in doubt, confused, ask the Fire Dragons to enter your energy fields and burn all mental rubbish that they can find there.

Whilst driving ask the Fire Dragons to fly in front of your car to burn off any obstacle on your way. Your journey will be much more pleasant and smooth.

My Story

I remember myself waking up in the middle of the night. I had a bad dream, couldn’t remember what, but something not nice.

I realised that I managed somehow to enter the lower astral in my sleep.

Straight away I called in the Fire Dragons and asked them to burn off any negative and stay with me for the reminder of the night.

I could feel them swirling around me and surrounding me in the clearing etheric fire.

Soon I dropped off and then woke up again because I dreamed of fire and smoke! Of course, in my sleep I could see the Fire Dragons in action diligently getting on with their job!

As elementals the Fire Dragons and Salamanders are behind any fire on our Planet.

We perceive the house and wildfires as a major tragedy.

But fire has the amazing clearing qualities. That’s why we traditionally burn candles during ceremonies to keep an area extra clean and transmute the negative.

The house fires never happen by chance. There should be a lot of dark energies lurking around and accumulated sometimes over the centuries, maybe not in the house, but in the land under it.

Then the only way to get rid of them is to burn them off. The amount of negative energies reaches the critical point, and any additional dark emotion displayed like anger would be a match for Salamanders to start fire.

Salamanders are temperamental, very sensitive to human negative emotions and can easily get out of control.

The Fire Dragons are disciplined though and never lose their cool (if “cool” is the right description for fire).

The Dragons are supervising Salamanders and fire to make sure the area is properly cleared allowing the fresh energies to flood in.

Everyone having the fire experience in their life gave permission to it on the Soul’s level. Going through the fire means initiation when after a difficult and painful period of life, often losing almost everything, people enter the new level when they are never the same.

They have had a complete rethink of their life and learnt the hard way the valuable lessons.

After a wildfire the area seems black and dead for a while, but soon the new green shoots emerge. And before you know it, the emerald green and lush young forest delights your eyes.

The Air Dragons

Air Dragons are fast and light Dragons.

Even thinking of these Dragons, you can feel the mental swoosh of their wings blowing out the old and stagnant rubbish of your mind bringing you inspiration, new ideas and conceptions (out of the thin air!) and creativity.

The beautiful Air Dragons are blue. They remind of the colour of the sky. And you can spot sometimes a Dragon resting comfortably between the clouds and watching us from above.

We look to him like ants constantly rushing.

You can see physically the Dragon (as a Dragon shaped cloud) because condensation is getting built up around his energy fields. And we enjoy looking at the Dragon’s shaped cloud at the sky!

The same with Angels, spotting the Angel shaped cloud means that there is the Angel watching over you! How awesome it is to see him with the naked eye!

Air Dragons bring us inspiration, lightness, lift our spirit.

They help us to rise above and see a bird’s eye view of our life, when the troubles that seemed so huge down below turn out to be just the small things to get on with.

And we can clearly see stuff that we have to prioritise really in our lives.

The Dragons help us to look at our life from the new higher perspective.

When we are stuck and feel suffocated, they can bring the fresh wind of changes and move things around for us.

We, humans, sometimes without realising tend to hold on to the old, clogged thoughts patterns that clutter our mind.

Air Dragons are brilliant at breathing the etheric fire, breaking this mental rubbish down and blowing it off with all other mental cobwebs.

Air Dragon
Image: Depositphotos

They gently blow when we are ready at our third eye removing the veils of illusion.

These Dragons help us with communication – to talk our truth, to find the right words, to be articulate, inspirational, motivational and charismatic at expressing yourself and your ideas.

Thinking of air, imagine the light breeze – that’s the Air Dragon dancing around you, or the stronger wind – the Dragon brings fresh energies and changes to the area.

But Air Dragons are behind the storms as well.

When they spot a thick grey cloud of clotted negative energy above Earth, they storm up there (Dragons in the front followed by Unicorns). They’ve got a job to do!

You can see them (with psychic eyes) in their full glory and power tearing that cloud apart and moving it away to allow the new and fresh energies to stream in.

Unicorns accompany the Air Dragons normally to comfort the animals scared of storm.

The Air Dragons remind you to appreciate the simplest thing in this life – the air.

How long would you be able to stay alive without air? Not very long.

Even thinking of Air Dragons makes you take the deep breaths – feeling more relaxed , composed and content after.

Water Dragons

The green Water Dragons are smooth and sleek.

They live in the big water bodies – a lake, a sea, an ocean. But technically water is everywhere – in the atmosphere, in the cell of our bodies. We consist of up to 60% of water, and the brain and heart are composed of 73% water.

Water Dragons share with us generously an ability to be intuitive and psychic, to dive deep and get to the bottom of a situation.

They touch your third eye gently and allow it to open. They wash it to keep your vision crystal clear.

Water Dragons are the only Dragons that cannot breathe out fire.

The wonderful Water Dragons are incredibly flexible showing us an example how to deal with the obstacles.

Instead of banging their heads, they just move around them.

They wouldn’t waste any energy dealing with the obstacle – argue, try to prove something to it, creep, intimidate, persuade the obstacle to move.

No, they are wise. They save their energy for something that is really important.

One gracious bend of their sleek body, one quick move of their tail – and they slide effortlessly leaving the obstacle behind.

Water Dragon
Image: Depositphotos

Water Dragons teach us that sometimes it is the best to go with the flow, resist resistance and just surrender… Let it be.

Stop fighting. Put your weapons down. Relax and take yourself mentally out of the life’s hustle and bustle. Turn into an observer, contemplate life…

Ancient Chinese military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu said: “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by”.

But the main duty of the Water Dragons is keeping the big water bodies on Earth clean and protected (they struggle with pollution though – our seas and oceans are full of plastic!) and spread the Christ Light wherever they go.

If you ask them, they will glide around you touching the waters inside your cells and lighting them up with Love and Light of Christ leaving you glowing and blessed. You will attract more goodness into your life.

I was deeply touched by Diana Cooper‘s personal story shared in her book “Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians” that I absolutely recommend to read.

When she was undergoing an initiation, she was very ill in the hospital.

Initiation means that you are left alone to face your demons. You have to tap into your own powers dormant inside you to activate them.

It feels that you are alone in the whole world.

No one is there for you, to help you.

You are forced to go inside yourself to find the powers you never thought you had!

Your team of Guides and Angels is waiting watching you from the distance but not interfering.

It seems cruel, but sometimes “you have to be cruel to be kind”.

Sometimes we get used to rely so heavily on other people, Angels, Spiritual Guides, Unicorns etc., that we forget WE ARE THE POWERFUL BEINGS OF LIGHT OURSELVES, THE CHILDREN OF GOD. And we’ve got all of his qualities ourselves – snoozing at the moment.

So Initiations are meant to leave a person one-to-one with themselves, to tap into their own Divine Powers and bring them to light.

The Initiations don’t feel good, but after you pass them, you feel reborn. You are stronger and wiser. You enter a completely different level now.

Your Spiritual Team surrounds you overfilled with joy, hugging, applauding and congratulating you.

So back to Diana, very ill in the hospital undergoing her Initiation.

Everyone left her. She felt so lonely. There was no one in the entire world for her.

And only a small green Water Dragon was sitting day and night next to her hospital bed holding the Christ Light for her…

Also the Water Dragons are the talented counsellors working with relationships, teaching you to be patient, flexible and tactful.

They bring harmony and grace into your relationship when you ask them to pour the golden Christ Light and Love over you.

Next let’s take a look at the Dragons combining two elements in their energy structure. They will have features of both elements and more…

Earth-and-Air Dragon

These beautiful brown and blue Dragons help you to marry Earth and Air, to make your plans and dreams come true.

They ignite your inspiration, blow away any cobwebs and breathe the fresh ideas into your mind.

The seeds of these new ideas are then planted in the ground, and Dragons look after them to develop into the blossoming result, manifest in the physical world.

Earth-and-Air Dragons help you to keep the balance between being Down to Earth and an ability to Dream Big. When they are nearby, you won’t be just a Dreamer. All of your ideas will be doable, making sense and bringing benefits to you and others.

The Earth aspect of Dragons makes sure you plan properly with the accurate details. They trigger your determination to work tirelessly on your project and your Divine abilities to become a Creator and manifest your ideas and goals into reality.

The Air aspect helps you to be inspired, bring the fresh energies, ideas, hopes, enthusiasm, vitality and knowledge necessary to get on with your project.

Earth-and-Water Dragons

These gentle brown and green Dragons help with the new beginnings.

Seeds should be put in soil and watered regularly in order to develop into the blossoming plants.

After you have been pregnant with the new idea for a while and birthed it, Earth-and-Water Dragons join in like the loving Mothers to nurture your project and help it to grow healthy and strong.

Ask Earth-and-Water Dragons to bless you with the new beginnings – new job, new home, new relationship etc.

So Earth-and-Water Dragons have got the maternal, loving, caring, nurturing and protecting qualities.

They have a connection with money as well.

If you remember, the element of money is water. And money exists only here on Earth.

So some people have got a steady stream of money coming into their life.

Imagine the underground stream of money coming to the surface exactly in their garden forming a brook where they can always refill the bank accounts and wallets from.

But this money stream is missing some people passing their house deeply underground.

Visualise yourself having this little treasure at the bottom of your own garden! Ask Earth-and-Water Dragons to bring your dream into reality and redirect the money stream towards you. Enjoy your own beautiful babbling brook of perpetual abundance!

If you haven’t got a garden, imagine the perfect garden for you. Fill it with plants, birds, bees, sunshine… and definitely the very special water feature – your very own stream of money.

Be generous! Wish your neighbours to have one! Wish everyone in the world to be rich and prosperous! Of course always mention – if it is for their best and highest good.

When people get too attached to money and the material plan, turn greedy and full of envy, the crystal clear water from the brook becomes mud (earth + water).

Earth-and-Fire Dragons

The main task of the wonderful brown and orange Earth-and-Fire Dragons is to keep the ley lines clear and perfectly functioning.

The ley lines were originally called the Dragons’ lines because Dragons helped to build and maintain them.

As our Planet and we ascend from the 3 dimensional world, Earth-and-Fire Dragons work tirelessly anchoring a new fifth-dimensional ley lines system.

Imagine the golden net placed over Earth. The Dragons ground it and move along the lines enabling the golden Christ energy of Love to run freely.

You can help the Planet by inviting these Dragons to join in wherever you go – walking or driving. Ask to be a portal of the golden Christ Light that you will bring down, and Dragons will distribute it along the ley lines blessing our Planet.

The crossing points of the fifth-dimensional net are the Christ Light and Love portals. In your thoughts infuse the portals with the golden energy – and see our Planet to light up!

When you give, you receive.

Earth-and-Fire Dragons will help you illuminate challenges on your way, and after you acknowledge them, burn them off making your path smooth.

Air-and-Water Dragons

Imagine the water and air together. “Oh, that’s champagne!”, – you would say. Or a fizzy drink.

So you can feel the nature of these amazing blue and green Dragons.

They are sparkly, bubbly, quick, exciting, uplifting and enlightening!

They literally can’t stay still swirling and dancing around you full of enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation.

These Dragons give you joy, hope and happiness!

The water is the psychic and intuitive element. Air-and-Water Dragons encourage you not to stick with only the material world – but explore the invisible world of Psychic and Divine, to sharpen your intuition and your psychic abilities.

Air-and-Water Dragons encourage you to take things lightly and go with the flow.

When it is needed, they blow you high (come fly with me!) and show your life from a higher perspective.

They are the sophisticated Diplomats and Masters of Communication.

Called upon to help with conflict, the Air-and-Water Dragons will teach you the art of being tactful, flexible and calm like the water, prioritise, and at the same time assertive, quick and elusive like air.

When the etheric fist of your opponent hits out, you are like a wind, you are not there. Your opponent fights the wind.

Air helps you to rise above the conflict and see it from the higher perspective. And water qualities soften the edges and conflict.

Air-and-Fire Dragons

Air is an element of communication. And fire gives you passion, high energy and bags of charisma.

So these smashing orange and blue Dragons allow you to communicate with fire and passion.

When you read this article, I hope you can feel the fire inside me.

Of course, the article consists of words (a lot of words!), but you don’t just read the words – it would be too boring. You read between the lines where my fire and passion reside.

Actually I haven’t been used to do anything with the element of fire. My dominant elements are Air and Water. I’ve got some Earth in my energy structure as well, because I’ve been born on the cusp of Virgo, the Earth Sign, and Libra.

But because I love and call on to Fire Dragons to assist me in my life ever so often, I managed to anchor Fire inside my aura.

It actually is an ultimate goal – to bring in balance all elements in your energetic structure. We need them all!..

So if you want to be an influential and charismatic leader, call upon the amazing and powerful Air-and-Fire Dragons to bestow on you a gift of powerful and inspiring communication.

They help you to express yourself with originality, creativity, imagination and excitement.

These Dragons can accelerate the path of your Higher Interest and Destiny. And you might find yourself instead walking – racing and flying along like a wildfire!

Air-and-Fire Dragons are a bit turbulent. So ground yourself and be sensible. Don’t get too wild!

Fire-and-Water Dragons

I love these incredible orange and green Dragons!

Who would think that fire and water could co-exist?!

Fire evaporates water turning it into steam. So instead the etheric fire these Dragons puff out the hot steam!

Fire-and-Water Dragons are excellent at the deep steam clean. The low feelings, the murky emotions, any etheric dirt don’t stand a chance when the Dragons jump into action!

You will feel squeaky clean and purified after the magical and enthusiastic touch of the Dragons.

Fire-and-Water Dragons approach you when you are about to experience a change in your life.

The Water aspect of the Dragon will make sure you make the intuitively right and sensitive decisions, and you are flexible to embrace the change.

The Fire element will supply you with strength and enthusiasm.

And the Dragon will push and propel you along the way, but only if it is your Highest interest way.

Fire-and-Water Dragons also love fun. They invite you to play and stop being so serious!

They will fly around you like the giant steaming kettles making you laugh!

If a smile touches your face suddenly, and you feel mischievous and want to laugh, that’s because this full of beans Dragon is frolicking next to you. And you can feel his presence unconsciously.

The Dragon enables your inner child to play and be fun.

He wish you more excitement, entertainment and lovely surprises each day!


“Thank God”, – you probably think, – “the afterword at last!”… It was a long read.

Anyway, the Dragons seem first the scary and intimidating creatures. But as you get to know them, your perception changes dramatically.

They’ve got so much love to give you!

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how wonderful and amazing they are!

The Spiritual Dragons are ancient beings, and they’ve got the old fashioned manners. You have to bow and “thank you” a lot. They love to be called “My Beloved Dragon”.

And like anywhere in the Universe it’s never a one way road. You get – you give.


Give and Take - the Spiritual two-way energies Law; in giving we are receiving
Image: geralt, Pixabay

Offer something Dragons in exchange. For example they love massage.

Massage and stroke the Dragon gently seeing with your inner eyes the waves of the golden healing energy streaming off your fingers and dancing around him. Your Dragon will close his eyes and bask in the golden light.

The Dragons are such charmers. You can’t help to love them!

And they love you back! They can’t wait to meet you and become your friends!

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