The Angelic Realm of Dragons; Spiritual Dragons

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  1. I keep seeing clouds that look like angels and dragons! I just did the meet your dragon spirit guide meditation and got a rainbow dragon…or, in my minds eye I first saw individual colors cycling in a loop…then it switched to colors lined up like a rainbow. I’m excited to delve deeper! Thank you.

    1. You are more than welcome.
      So pleased you met your Dragon.
      And I love Rainbow Dragons!
      They are so special.

      Lots of Love,

      Irina and Dragons

  2. Irina I like the blog. I met I real living breathing and moving dragon. I spent almost all night with it. It was golden brownish in color and with head up it was 12ish feet. It was hanging out all night with Griffin. Did you know that such physical creatures as real animal dragons exist? Has anyone one else met one physically?

    1. Hi Dan,

      That’s amazing!
      No, I personally never met a physical Dragon.
      And I never heard of anyone who did.
      All Dragons I met were REAL but etheric.
      What an experience!

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  3. This explains alot about me then, God told me I was a Dragon, a great powerful creature also know as a Cherub, he gave me the name Ahron, I been feeling change from red to now a black dragon but I have the ability to clear all negative energy with my spiritual fire, I am able to read peoples minds, emotions and thoughts, I can look into there deepest memories just by staring into there eyes. This reading helps me understand a bit more for sure and understand whats been going on with me these years from God saying I was a Dragon of Jade, to him saying I am a Cherub Of Dragon and Hope and that I am also a Son of his, I remember as a kid to the first thing I ever drew was a dragon when I was a child and then my Uncle was telling my Father, I am not of this Earth, he said that since I was born and growing up and he gave me a figurine of a Red Dragon when I was older.

  4. In these crazy times ppl have brought to my attention that dragons are Satan in Revelations 12. I have worked with dragon energy for years but feel the opposition from ppl who think I am evil. Is there biblical reference to dragons not being related to Satan ?

    1. Hi, Jo,

      Isn’t it sad? I feel for Dragons and for you…
      Unfortunately there is no single positive reference to Dragons in the Bible as far as I am aware.
      Even Angels had been shown no mercy, and a part of them was labelled “fallen”.
      I’m not overly religious and don’t want to go deep into these matters.
      But a lot of really dark stuff happened in the past, called shockingly “in the name of God”.
      The lovely Medieval times, when people have been burned and drowned for maybe growing herbs.
      And if you remember many centuries ago in ancient Judea the local Church put pressure on Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, who actually didn’t see any crime in Jesus speeches and thought he was just a travelling Philosopher.
      Also Pontius Pilate’s wife was begging to let Jesus go. And he loved his wife and trusted her intuition.
      I think in the end they blackmailed Pontius Pilate, and he said the famous phrase: “I wash my hands of the matter” and sentenced Jesus to death…
      So don’t get me wrong – I do respect the Bible and Religions.
      But I wouldn’t hold the Bible as a trustworthy source of information about Dragons.
      Aeons ago the Elemental World – Dragons, Fairies, Gnomes, Goblins and many other wonderful elementals – was as physical as we humans are.
      But gradually a bond between humans and elementals broke.
      Love, respect, friendship and cooperation turned into hatred, and elementals were announced evil.
      So ever since elementals went non physical and co-exist next to us on Earth in an etheric form.
      For centuries they tried to avoid and had nothing to do with humans.
      They only stayed here for the sake of our Planet, its nature, plants and animals.
      A lot of Dragons withdrew from Earth actually.
      They started to come back when they saw from Cosmos more and more blazing lights, piercing grey dense fog, surrounding Earth, the bright light of people’s hearts.
      The Dragons felt Hope and restored Belief in humans and charged to Earth to offer their wisdom, love, protection and support.

      Dragons are the Angelic Beings.
      They don’t care what anyone else thinks of them.
      When you work with Dragons, you can’t help it, but anchor their energy inside your energy fields.
      So be like them and stop being concerned about others’ opinions if you know in your heart that they are pure and magnificent Beings of God and Light.

      Stand in your Truth, Wisdom and Power!

      Love from Irina and Dragons

  5. Yesterday, i took a picture of what immediately appeared to be a chinese dragon shaped cloud (with even a round one above it’s head that seemed a planet, sun or the moon) right in front of my house. Besides any case of pareidolia, the figure is quite accurate.

    1. Hi, Peter,
      Oh, how wonderful!
      I can see the Dragons shaped clouds quite often.
      When my husband is driving and I can have a good nose around, I always check the sky.
      Maybe a Dragon is resting there and keeping an eye on me?
      Seeing the Dragon lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face.
      You say there is a round shape above the Dragon’s head…
      So that’s probably a Galactic Dragon paid you a visit, who came from some Planet or a Star.

    1. Thank you, Quintin! I absolutely adore Dragons. They help me so much in my life! I’m going to write an article how to work with Dragons and what Dragons can do for us. They can enhance our life and make it so much easier and more joyful!

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