Psychic Abilities Meaning

What are Psychic Abilities? According to Wikipedia “a psychic is a person who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP)”.

So Psychic Abilities are the ability to surpass the physical senses and receive information outside their normal range.

People perceive Psychic Abilities as a mesmerising, astonishing and highly desirable gift that only the chosen ones possess.

Psychic senses mimic the physical ones and they are:

List of Psychic Abilities

CLAIRVOYANCE – a psychic ability to see information invisible to the human eye, to receive visions.

Probably the most glorified Psychic Ability that everyone seems to crave for and rave about.

CLAIRAUDIENCE – an ability to hear outside the human audible range.

It could be Channeling when someone receives messages from the Higher Spiritual Beings – Angels or Spirit Guides, Higher Selves and Souls, maybe even from God.

Also talking to Nature Spirits – Fairies, Gnomes, Pixies and others, listening and hearing Plants and Animals talk.

Or it could be Mediumship – connecting with the Spirits on the other side.

CLAIRSENTIENCE – a Psychic Ability to feel energies, atmosphere around, others feelings and emotions, not necessarily only people, but a gift to tune into Animals, Plants, Stones etc. and know how they feel, if they are happy.

Or feel the Land and energies buried underneath the surface.

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE – a clear knowledge when someone receives downloads of information.

When you ask them “How do you know?”, their answer would be “I don’t know, I just know”.

CLAIRSALIENCE – a clear smelling. People gifted with clear smelling can literally smell energies.

That’s where the saying “I smell a rat”came from.

They can smell danger and they can smell presence of Angels when they turn around and breathe in the beautiful scent of flowers without an obvious source.

They can smell presence of Departed Loved Ones – their favourite Perfume or Aftershave or Tobacco (if the Loved One had been a smoker).

CLAIRGUSTANCE – a clear tasting, a rare ability to taste energies.

For example to feel the sweet taste of honey in your mouth (if everything is good) or have the sharp taste of lemon (when life presents you with something sour – the “lemon”).

How do I know if I have Psychic Abilities?

The good news are that everyone has got Psychic Abilities dormant inside.

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Before you incarnated here on Earth, you browsed the Universe as a Spirit and used your Psychic Senses in your everyday life. Simply because you didn’t have the physical eyes, ears, nose etc.

But once you were born, the material reality kicked in, and your Spirit was covered with the Veil of Illusion separating you from the Spiritual World.

When you were a little child, your Psychic Senses that you have been so used to served as an important source of information.

A baby smiles and laughs staring at the empty space, but the baby sees an Angel.

Little kids can see Fairies and Unicorns.

My husband as a little child could see Spirits (not all the time!). Once he came back from School, peeped into the lounge and saw his Gran sitting on the sofa next to a man who wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

He ran in the kitchen and asked his Mum: “Have we got a visitor? Who is this man with Nana?” She answered: “There is no one”.

My hubby described the man, and his Mum said: “That’s your late Granddad!” (he passed away when my husband was a tiny kid, so he didn’t remember him).

As time goes on, you move further away from who you really are and get so much involved and enveloped in the material world, that your Psychic Senses become redundant (and buried under the information perceived by your physical ones.

The voice of your intuition gets quieter and weaker.

But your Psychic Senses are still there. They are alive!

Psychic Abilities; Third Eye
Image: Depositphotos

Also the very fact that you are reading this indicates that your Psychic Abilities raise their head and demand from you to acknowledge them.

You are reading this not by chance. One way of communication between you and your Spiritual Team is presenting you with the right information at the right time. Very often you just “happen” to read something…

What kind of Psychic Abilities do I have?

Let’s talk about your Psychic Senses.

Your Psychic Senses according to the Universal Law “As Within, So Without” are the identical copy and mirror your basic physical ones which are:

– sight

– hearing

– smell

– taste

– touch

Not all of them play the equal role in your life.

One or two of your physical senses are dominant which means you rely mostly on one or two senses to perceive the surrounding world, leaving others on the back burner.

The general idea is that all of your senses are important. And you have to work on and develop the “rudimentary” senses if you want to build the true picture of the world.

To illustrate the idea, imagine yourself on the phone with someone whom you never met before.

You listen to his voice in a receiver, and your imagination draws an image of a short and stocky man with black hair.

When you actually meet, you are surprised to see that in reality he is tall, skinny and bold.

Never rely on only one or two senses. Employ all of them to get the true story.

Most of the people unknowingly prioritise sight, then come hearing and touch.

Unfortunately smell and taste (which is connected with smell) conclude the list.

We have to learn from Animals Wisdom. Smell is the sense #1 for them.

Imagine a fox strolling through the forest. Time after time it stops, stretches the neck and moves the nose sniffing the air.

The fox is getting a lot of information hidden from us through its nose.

Your dog does a lot of sniffing in a walk.

Animal males mark their territory to let other animals know through their noses whose territory it is.

Modern men follow their ancient instinct when they chuck their “aromatic” socks everywhere in the house.

They mark their territory with socks because their ladies would go mad if they tried to mark it in a traditional animal way.

The ladies go mad anyway!..

When two dogs meet, they sniff each other.

We, people, look at each other and talk. We don’t use our noses a lot. Unless the smell is strong and hits our nostrils. And it would look funny and even rude if we try to sniff someone.

I read a piece of advice for ladies long time ago. If you find the natural smell of your partner or a partner to be absolutely repulsing (when he sweats), don’t plan the future together. Your intuition warns you that you don’t click together.

And I recall another piece of advice I heard that has nothing to do with psychic or physical senses… but here we go anyway.

How to know if your sex life will be good with someone? Dance with him or her! Do you feel harmony? Do you move in unison?..

Let’s return to our muttons, I mean our physical senses.

There are three distinctive groups of people formed accordingly to their dominant senses:

– visual people

– auditory ones

– kinaesthetic ones

#1 Visual people

This is a large group of people. Their dominant sense is sight. They perceive the world mainly through their eyes.

How to recognize a visual person?

👀 Ask them a question and watch! Their eyes will move slightly up as if the answer they are looking for is written on the sky.

It’s easy to notice when you watch interviews on TV. The visual person looks slightly up before giving an answer.

👀 The visual person likes to maintain eye contact while talking to someone.

If you avoid looking at their eyes, they think that you are shifty and hiding something from them. So they can’t trust you.

👀 Whilst learning they prefer visual information that they can see – texts, charts, pictures.

They get tired during the Training sessions when a Trainer is waffling on about something for ages. They get bored of endless “blah blah blah” and lose track.

SHOW them something – videos, pictures!

👀 They use a lot of variations of the word “to see” – “I see”, “Have you seen?”

#2 Auditory people

This group of people is smaller. They live in the world of sounds.

You can easily recognize an auditory person as they walk towards you on the street with earbuds in their ears dissolved in music.

👂 When you ask the auditory person a question, their eyes slide (and sometimes head turns slightly) to the side as if towards their ears.

As if their ears will provide them with an answer.

👂 They avoid eye contact and feel uncomfortable when someone looks straight at their face. A visual person might think then that the auditory one is not genuine, false and deceitful.

The visual person wants to shout at them: “Look at my eyes! Look at my eyes!”, – and labels the auditory one as a slippery, shady and fishy person.

But they are not! They are just different, they are just auditory people!

👂 The auditory people feel lost in the charts, pictures, but as you guessed already, their ears make wonders for them whilst learning.

👂 Listen to the auditory people, they would use a lot different variations of the word “to hear” – “I heard”, “Have you heard?”

#3 Kinaesthetic people

Quite a few people are kinaesthetic.

Their main senses are touch, smell and taste.

Kinaesthetic means “moving”, and a kinaesthetic person’s world is ever moving, changing, the world of motion.

When I can see someone whom I know from far away, on the horizon, I can’t recognize them. But when they start moving, even if they are like a little dot, I can tell straight away who it is, despite myself being as blind as a bat.

Another keyword to understand kinaesthetic people better is FEEL.

They perceive the world through their feelings and are so-called “touchy-feely” people.

How to recognize a kinaesthetic person?

✋ Ask them a question – and their eyes will go down, not looking at anything. They go inside to search for an answer.

✋ When you talk to a kinaesthetic person, sit down next to them, let them to “feel” you.

They share the same quality with the auditory people, they don’t like staring at them either.

Kinaesthetic people gaze softly over you and the space in front of them.

✋ What makes their learning process easier:

#1 they write down to memorize information (their hand with a pen moves);

#2 they pace whilst learning or brainstorming (their feet are on the move).

Imagine a creative person, let’s say a poet pacing backwards and forwards from one corner of his room to the other, waiting for his Muse to turn up.

Then inspiration strikes – and he races off to his computer and starts typing fiercely! That’s our kinaesthetic person!

I just caught myself eating an apple while writing this sentence down. So my jaws are moving to help me with process of the article creation.

I mentioned already that kinaesthetic people are touchy-feely, and physical touch is so important to them.

The ultimate comfort means a lot for a kinaesthetic person.

Their ideal home would be packed with different textures promising riches of sensations: raw wood, stones mixed with the painted surfaces and wall coverings, softly draped curtains and voile, wooden shutters.

Kinaesthetic people would hate to sit on a bare sofa. The sofa of their dreams houses a multitude of cushions providing the different tactile sensations as they run their hand along – silk, velvet, smooth cotton, fluffy faux fur (maybe just ladies).

The soft throws would be waiting for a kinaesthetic person to keep them cosy and warm whilst they relax on the sofa.

We are blessed to have two wood burners in our house. They do much more than just providing the heat. The energy feels wonderfully in the house.

Kinaesthetic people love house plants, fairy lights and keepsakes (again maybe just ladies do) because they make them feel good and envelope in the lovely energies creating their own sacred space – their home.

“Oppa Hygge Style!”

✋ Listen to a kinaesthetic person talking – they will often use the word “feel”: “I feel”, “it feels”, “I’ve got a feeling”, “I can feel it coming in the air…”.

Kinaesthetic people have a taste for the good food, they are gourmets. “Oh… I’m so kinaesthetic!”, – you must be thinking now.

They often are excellent cooks and bakers.

Also they live in the world of smells, starting with the smell of enchanting flowers and including the use of scented candles etc in their home.

The ladies choose wonderfully smelling cleaning and laundry products for their home.

And their ideal bathing or showering procedure is a whole ritual!

I write “ideal” because not always our kinaesthetic person has got time to proceed scrupulously with every detail of their ritual.

They are busy, keep on the move!

So you familiarised yourself with these three groups of people now…

But I have to say that people are rarely only visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. Normally they are a mix of two groups.

I met a lot of visual-kinaesthetic people.

I am myself the visual-kinaesthetic person in one package.

When you recognize yourself in these three groups, think of the senses you under-use.

So if you are the same visual-kinaesthetic person, try to immerse yourself in the world of sounds.

Walk in the nature, stop and listen – what can you hear?

Listen to the good music that makes your heart sing! Sing along, sing in a car when you are on your own.

Okay, we got through your physical senses. Hope you made the wonderful discoveries on the way and can understand yourself better.

Now we are back to your Psychic Senses.

It’s very easy. Your dominant physical sense indicates the Psychic Ability that is easiest to bring back for you.

Psychic Abilities; Psychic Energies and Powers
Image: Depositphotos

So if you are a visual person, and your eyes are the main source of information about the world, then Clairvoyance, or a Psychic Seeing, is the first Psychic Ability to go for.

Are you an auditory person? Clairaudience is the ability to choose to develop first.

A kinaesthetic person? The whole bunch of Psychic Abilities is yours:

Clairsentience – clear feeling

Claircognizance – clear knowledge

Clairsalience – clear smell

Clairgustance – clear taste

It doesn’t mean you’ve got only one or a couple of Psychic Abilities. It only means that it is your strongest Psychic Sense that would make a sense to concentrate on first.

You can achieve results quicker. Then you can get on with other Psychic Abilities.

How can you know that your Psychic Abilities are awakening?

How can you “feel it coming in the air”?

👁 You can see “something” that you are not supposed to see with your human eyes – maybe a vague figure or flashes of light?

Often you can see it out of the corner of your eye.

I normally don’t see anything too special in my physical life. Thanks God for that, because when I do, it’s always unexpectable and startles me.

Sometimes I spot a figure in a flash, for a fraction of a second.

A couple of days ago I was about to walk through the doorway when a dark figure appeared just in front of me obstructing it. I couldn’t stop and walked automatically through that figure.

It felt wacky afterwards.

I guess they are Spirits with quite low and dense vibrations, so I am able to see them with my eyes. Perhaps Spirits that couldn’t cross over.

I can see them only at work, but I never talk to them. I haven’t got time for that.

💤 Have you got unusual dreams?

You saw something that later was played on in reality?

Do you have Deja Vu dreams? To dream of something vaguely familiar that you feel you already have experienced , but on the other hand you know it has never happened before.

Reoccurring emotionally intense dreams?

Dreams of your past lives? Especially when you were a kid.

I had three reoccurring dreams that were played for me every week when I was asleep in my childhood. One of them, from my last life, more often.

4 months before my Dad died, I was shown the first dream about him, and I instantly knew that something really sad is going to happen.

Then every time my head would hit a pillow, more details would be revealed to me.

I knew the day and even the time of his death long time before he actually died.

My dreams supplied me with all the information.

After he died, I saw him in my dreams every night for a very long time.

Every time I would close my eyes, not even go to sleep, my head would explode with visions.

These visions were driving me crazy!

🧠 Do some thoughts pop into your head that feel “alien” to you? It’s not your way of thinking.

Then someone (your Angels or Spirit Guides) upload the information inside your mind.

Or you ask yourself a question – and you instantly know the answer. It could be as if someone whispered the answer in your ear. Sometimes it could be as simple as “yes” or “no”.

Or you can feel it – with your guts feeling.

💗 Can you feel what another person feels? You can scan practically everyone on the bus stop and describe a whole array of their feelings and emotions.

👃 Can you smell something with no obvious source of smell?

You can smell the beautiful perfume, the flowers scent – an Angel or your Loved and Loving you One passed over came from Heaven to visit you.

Or you can smell faeces or something rotting – a low vibrational Spirit is around you.

Energies do smell:

#1 love has got the sweet and enchanting smell;

#2 excitement and joy – the citrusy and exotic scent;

#3 gentleness smells like a delicate and humble flower (lilies of the valley for example);

#4 aggression – sudden repulsing and strong rotting smell;

#5 envy smells like gall;

#6 hatred and dislike smell like a poo.

👅 Have you ever felt an unusual taste in your mouth?

The sweet taste as if you enjoy the invisible chocolate – when Angels get in touch with you?

Or the sour taste when you are in conflict with someone?

They are all the signs that your Psychic Senses are waking up and ready for you to explore them.

But before we dive into “how” to develop your Psychic Abilities, let’s think for a minute “what” to develop your Psychic Abilities for.

What to develop your Psychic Abilities for?

“Why” are your Psychic Abilities hidden from you in the first place?

Because the Veil of Illusion has been placed over you at the moment of your birth.

That’s a part of the plan for your life on Earth.

That’s a rule of the game, and you have accepted it before your incarnation.

You really need the Veil of Illusion because it helps you to attain a unique experience on Earth and offers potential of tremendous growth.

Your Spiritual Team of Guides and Angels looks after the Veil of Illusion.

They only allow the Veil of Illusion to become thinner when they think it is of benefit for you or you are ready for it.

The Veil of Illusion can be made thinner on purpose:

#1 Someone’s life scenario includes Spiritual mission:

✨ The person can see Spirits, Angels, hear and talk to them from the moment they are born like the amazing Lorna Byrne.

Have you read her fantastic book “Angels in my hair”?

Mediums normally discover their surprising ability to see and communicate with Spirits in the early childhood.

They might try to hide and fight their psychic gift first, but eventually surrender and serve on Earth as a bridge between the two worlds reminding people that it’s not all about the material stuff in this life.

✨ The awakening point is scheduled later on in their life, and all their previous life is preparation for this wondrous moment.

#2 The person walks the Spiritual Path, an Ascension Path if you like it.

There are seven parts of the Path, and seven layers of the Veil of Illusion attached to each part.

Your Angels and Guides take your hand and guide you gently along.

Every time you complete a part of your journey, learn and absorb the wisdom of a lesson it presents, your Spiritual Team removes a layer of the Veil of Illusion allowing you to see more clearly with your Third Eye.

#3 Angels and Guides consider that at some point you should be reminded that there is more to this life.

You are not just a physical body you associate yourself with.

Angels and Guides lift the Veil of Illusion slightly and let you see beyond.

When you need it the most, when you’ve lost hope and joy, feel confused, and your future seems nothing but the sequence of grey, boring and meaningless twins-days with nothing to look forward to.

And a miracle happens for you! You realize you are not alone! You are watched, looked after, loved, blessed, prayed for and cherished.

You’ve got so much support around you!

You are an important part of the Universe, and the Universe has your back.

So Angels and Guides allow you to experience something unexplainable and exciting outside your physical senses range.

Long time ago I cried at night into my pillow. And suddenly I felt and saw the wings gently, but tightly enveloping me.

An Angel cuddled me comforting and reassuring that I am not alone. He is by my side looking after me.

I saw the wings with my own eyes, and the touch felt absolutely physical and tangible!

For a second the Angel removed the Veil of Illusion and showed me the reality because I NEEDED it so much.

I forgot to cry and lay in the dark in disbelief what I just now saw!..

To wrap it up, the Veil of Illusion is monitored closely by your Spiritual Team.

They might make it thinner for you when you need it – maybe you need to start believing in miracles! Or when you are ready – you walk the Path of Spiritual Awakening.

Your Guides will never remove the Veil of Illusion when they know it can harm you – scare or traumatise you.

You will receive the exact information you are ready for.

When I first heard a Spirit talking to me, it freaked me out!

So there was silence in my head for a very long time afterwards.

You will never get knowledge of your Past Lives that you can’t cope with.

The daunting knowledge from the previous lives can include being executed in a particularly not nice way or murdering someone about 300 years ago. The times were ruthless and cruel then, and a human life was worth nothing.

Not a pleasant discovery at all!

You only will be shared the information that you are strong enough to cope with.

If you feel that it is too much, you underestimate your strength because your Spiritual Team knows you inside out.

If you are really interested in developing your Psychic Abilities, it means that you are Awakening Spiritually.

How to develop your Psychic Abilities?

Once again, Psychic Abilities developing and walking the Spiritual Path are intertwined together.

You will have to meditate – YOU WILL!

I haven’t started meditating till I was in my early thirties.

Meditating seemed a some sort of a funny business to me then.

Meditating Cat
Image: Depositphotos

Until I enrolled into the Untraditional Healing Classes, and Meditation played quite an important role in these classes.

So I was forced to give it a go. First I thought I would pretend, close my eyes and think of something like what I’m going to cook for dinner.

But soon the dinner flew out of my head. I couldn’t help but be drawn in.

A couple of these meditations were absolutely amazing. I still remember them, they shook me to the core.

I am a strong believer in the power of Meditation and practise Meditation ever since.

A word of warning now (when your Psychic Abilities get stronger)

✨ Developing Clairvoyance – you might start seeing Spirits when you don’t expect that. It’s quite spooky when a figure pops into your vision field.

✨ Clairaudience – you won’t cope well with the noises, loud music. You will feel that you want to cover your ears with hands to stop the noise smashing your head from inside.

When someone asks me what would I like to listen to, I answer: “To the silence”.

Also you will experience ringing in your ears.

✨ Clairsentience – you will become so sensitive that you would feel a whole spectrum of negative feelings, emotions and physical sensations of others like your own. You will often feel your heart breaking down for others.

That’s uncomfortable to say the least.

I stopped watching TV. I feel hit by the waves of violence and cruelty emanated from the telly.

I don’t read newspapers (they are so negative!) and had to narrow down my books choice to the Spiritual ones only.

✨ Claircognizance – you might receive disturbing knowledge.

A young man has received Psychic knowledge
Image: Depositphotos

I walked in a room with my hubby watching on the telly something about the Italian dictator during the World War II Benito Mussolini.

Straight away mentally I got inside a scene of his execution, and I knew his last thoughts before he died. He cried out to his Mum asking to come and take him quicker.

What did I need this knowledge for?!! His silent cries stalked me for days after!

I actually know what I got this information for. My Guides constantly encourage me to look at the things from the Higher Perspective before I even think to judge.

✨ Clairsalience – I don’t really appreciate when the disgusting smell suddenly hits my nostrils without any obvious reason.

I know then that a low vibrational Spirit tries to approach me.

You will notice as brighter your Light shines as more attention you will attract from Spirits.

They will be drawn to you literally like moths fly to the light.

The low vibrational Spirits often trapped here and so called Earthbound Spirits hope that you can help them.

Unfortunately they also hope to get energy from you to sustain their etheric body.

Use some form of Psychic Protection then. You might simply say in your head: “I AM the Gold Ray of Christ”. Jesus Christ will protect you instantly.

So this is something to keep in mind about the Psychic Abilities…

Do I personally ever regret going for the Psychic Abilities? Never, not for a minute!

On the brighter side developing your subtle senses will bring into your life so much joy and love that you never could experience on Earth (on condition you communicate with Higher Beings of Light only).

It will change your life forever, and you will never look back.

I don’t miss TV, newspapers, meat, milk, alcohol to name a few.

Yes, Psychic Abilities definitely changed my life style and my habits, but no regrets whatsoever!

But I still firmly believe that Psychic Abilities Development goes hand in hand with Spiritual Development.

They are two parts of the same process.

That’s the most natural way to bring your Psychic Abilities back.

O.K., tips for developing and strengthening your Psychic Abilities

I’ll give you the little tips to start with:

#1 Look at the fire.

The easiest way is to light up a candle and gaze softly at it.

Forget everything and concentrate on the little flickering flame.

Fire will help to clear your Third Eye.

#2 I thought it was just me, but recently I was surprised to discover that the Psychic Medium Michelle Beltran recommends the same method to unlock the Psychic Abilities.

So imagine that you’ve got the Traffic Lights in your head.

Which Traffic Light accompanies your thought?

You ask for example: “Is this man good for me?”

And the round red signal lights up in your mind in a flash.

So this man is not good for you.

Or you might ask: “Should I buy this course? Will it be money well spent for me?”

And your inner Traffic Lights demonstrate you the Green Signal.

Yes, the course will be beneficial for you.

Or your question is: “How will the changes at work affect me?”

And you get the Amber Light which means “the answer is not so straightforward” or “The question is wrong, ask in a different way” or “there is no answer yet” or “you won’t be affected by the changes at all”.

#3 I have described these tips here under exercises for Psychic Abilities.

#4 Move your Spirit mentally out of your body and place it in other objects:

🌳 Imagine a tree, maybe the one you know and like. Merge yourself with the tree now. You are the tree.

How do you feel? What do you think? Calm, unhurried? Time goes slower for you. You watch people born and died, homes built and deteriorated over time…

Your life depends on seasons. You enjoy birds singing inside your crown. Feel insects on your trunk. FEEL!

🐠 You are a fish. What are your feelings, emotions, thoughts? Feel your body, long and slender, sliding gracefully in a water.

How does it feel to live in the water?

🌊 You are a river. Get a feeling for your body, on the top where your back is caressed by the wind and at the bottom where your belly touches the river bed.

Do you feel stones by your belly as you move? You are ever moving… A scenery after scenery…

For the most of the time you are peaceful. But sometimes you rage and show your power.

Concentrating on your main Psychic Ability

You have figured out what’s your main Psychic Ability is, haven’t you?

Focus on it first, then you can pay attention to others.

If you are a visual person, for instance, and your dominant Psychic Ability is Clairvoyance, start with developing your Psychic Vision.

Psychic Abilities; Psychic Energies and Powers
Image: Depositphotos

Here is a Meditation to help you:

– Make sure you won’t be disturbed, your environment is calm and quiet, and you are relaxed

– Close your eyes, make sure your inner screen is dark, put the hand across your eyes if it is the daytime or use the eye mask

– Ask Archangel Michael to protect you and cover with his royal blue Cloak of Protection

– Ask your Guide to connect with you

– Concentrate on your main Psychic Ability for now. If you develop Clairvoyance, focus on what you see

– Anything? Colours, shapes? Hopefully your Guide’s figure. What does your Guide look like? His or Her face? Hair? Clothes? The expression on their face? Body language? Gestures?

– Greet mentally your Guide, say how happy you are to see him or her

– Ask your Guide for a gift for you (don’t think that it is too cheeky). See him or Her handling something to you. What is it?

– Thank your Guide and put the gift safely in your aura

– Thank your Guide again and Archangel Michael for being there for you and protecting you

– Say your Goodbyes, until the next time

Someone else might come to see you the next time.

If you carry on with Meditation above aiming to develop your Clairvoyance, don’t worry that you can’t hear anything.

You sort of operate in silence. That’s normal. One day the silence will be broken, and you will hear the voice of your Guide.

Do I have to work as a Psychic after I developed my Psychic Abilities?

No, you haven’t.

Enjoy the benefits of being a Psychic for your own, your friends and family good.

Use your sharpened Intuition, learn the simple Divination, you don’t have to make it your career path.

But everything changes if your pre-life scenario includes a point that your Path is a Psychic one.

Your Guides and Angels would keep nudging you in this direction.

Of course, you have a free will and a free choice as a part of your life on Earth.

You can refuse, but you will know deep down your true calling, feel unsatisfied and uncomfortable in your life.

To sum it all up

Understand what your main physical sense is and who you are – a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic person.

If you feel you are a mixed person, for example you are the auditory-kinaesthetic person, think what is more important for you – sounds or feelings?

Then you can figure out your main Psychic Sense.

Do exercises and concentrate on your dominant Psychic Ability.

As simple as that.

If you are born Clairvoyant, but you decide to dive into Mediumship first, you will make your learning process harder.

P.S. If you are assigned to work as a Psychic in your pre-life scenario, your main Psychic Ability doesn’t necessarily mean you have to carry on with that.

For instance, you find yourself mainly Clairvoyant, but Channeling is your Soul’s calling.

So Clairaudience will make the powerful Entry and dominate your life after.

You can’t hurry your Psychic Abilities Development. Be patient.

You haven’t been using your Psychic muscles 💪 for a very long time.

Stick to the Psychic Gym and do exercises!

TRUST the process, TRUST your GUIDES!

Walk the Spiritual Path.

Everything will come to you in the right time, when you are ready.

That’s enough about that for now!

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Inspiration Divination is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites.


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