Psychic Abilities


  1. I have been listening to Collette’s reading for a few years now and find her fascinating and very insightful. I have had several experiences throughout my life that have touched on Clairaudience, Clarisentence, and Clariaudience. I would like to develop my intuition to a higher level but I’m not sure how to go about it. I have been praying to God if he would honor me with the gift of healing. I have worked in medicine many years in different capacities. I am now being told by different Tarot readers that I am very intuitive and one even said I was going to be a healer if I would prepare myself.I would be willing to pay for an instructor. I wrote to Collette one time about this but I never got an answer back. My birthday is 4/8/1946 and my name is Linda Thornton. I live in Georgia in the USA. Maybe you would be so kind as to steer me in the right direction. Thank you for your gracious time.

    1. Hi, Linda,

      I adore Colette Baron Reid too, and I’m not surprised you’ve never heard back from her.
      I can imagine she receives hundreds emails on a daily basis, and it’s humanly impossible for her to answer all of them.
      If you are drawn to Healing, why not try to learn the Traditional Reiki?
      The best intention in the world is nothing without action.
      Simply start somewhere.
      Take the first step, and the next step will appear in front of you.
      Practise on your family and friends, and hopefully they will spread the word.
      Do Reiki on your dog or a cat.
      I performed Angelic Healing on my dog last night. He is fine today (touch wood).
      And notice, no one taught me the Angelic Healing, I mean no human.
      Angels explained to me what to do.
      As you practise Healing and connection with invisible Divine energies, your own energy will be purified and raised to another level.
      As a result, your intuition will be sharpened – exactly what you are after!

      Hope it helps,

      Love from Irina

    1. Hi, Mike,

      Atlantis was an island between Europe and America that is completely submerged under water at the moment.
      For 240000 years Atlantis was a place for 5 subsequent experiments if Souls can experience life in a physical body on Earth, forgetting everything that was before their birth and enjoying free will, but still maintaining high vibration and their connection to the Source.
      All 5 experiments failed, with the last experiment, the Golden Age, running successfully for 1500 years.
      But the vibration eventually went down, and people got entangled in their egos games.
      So all 5 Atlantean experiments were terminated in the end, and Atlantis was swallowed by the ocean.

      Hope it helps,

      Love from Irina

  2. This is Honna..I am partial deaf. I was searching for a change if it is impossible from deaf to become hearing. I try look for a right magical spell. I think i name it wrong where to look for. Hope you can help me find a way so i wanted to hear everything. Wonder what does it feel like to listen so beautiful sound. Help me out. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Honna,

      Unfortunately I don’t do spells and have no idea if such a spell for deafness actually exists.
      You can ask Archangel Raphael, an Archangel of Healing, to help you and leave it in his hands.
      Sorry, but that’s all I can do I’m afraid.

      Wishing you the perfect health and praying for you,


  3. One of the best articles on psychic abilities I’ve ever read. Very easy to understand, follow and figure out what I am. This article is a keeper. Thanks Irina!

    1. You are so welcome, Cher.
      Pleased you liked my article and found it helpful.
      I really enjoyed writing it.
      Wishing you the very best for your road of self discovery.

      1. I can feel when someone is lying.I can feel good and bad intentions.I can piece together and figure things out.I can feel a person or animal that’s hurting.If I come across to much hurting I can get really upset.I feel negatively. When everything is positive and good it lifts me.I believe its my frequency.I know what people are going to say.I have a bad habit of answering for people.I am not always right about these things,but the majority of the time I am right.

        1. Hi, Brian,

          So you are blessed with Clairsentience, or Psychic Feeling, and Claircognizance, or Psychic Knowing.
          Sometimes you probably too don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse.
          Feeling good positive energy is lovely, but the pain and upset of others?..
          But that’s a part of being a Psychic.

          Love from Irina

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