Spiritual Dragons are eager to help you!

Wise, Loving and Powerful Spiritual Dragons want to share your burden and bless you with Joy, Happiness and Abundance.

There are no words “impossible” or “hard” in Dragons’ vocabulary.

“Impossible” is possible, and “hard” is easy for them.

We don’t realize how much support is available to us.

How much God loves us and sends his Helpers our way – Angels, Dragons and Unicorns.

I wrote how to summon Angels for help in this article.

But now it is time for Dragons to shine.

I asked them to give me a helping “hand” and guide as I go along this article.

I can see them encircling me, their heads “cheek to cheek”, concentrating on my writing and downloading ideas into my mind, puffing and sniffing.

They can’t help it! The Dragons are big and noisy fellas.

I described Elemental Dragons in my article “Spiritual Dragons, their Wisdom, Love and Power”.

Since more Spiritual Dragons stepped forward that I haven’t introduced to you yet.

Please, welcome some of them in this article.

So let’s get it started!

How do you call on Spiritual Dragons for help?

You don’t need a special invocation or a prayer.

Your Dragon is just a thought away!

Think of a specific Dragon and ask him or her mentally for help.

If you are not sure which one to ask, address your situation “to the most suitable Dragon to help”.

So the Dragons will figure out between themselves whom to delegate to you.

Or talk to your Guardian Angel. They know every Divine Being under the sun and will ask them on your behalf.

Don’t assume that Dragons HAVE to help you automatically because God sends them.

They are happy to help, but under the Universal Law of Request they can’t interfere unless you ask.

I’ll do my best to think of every possible scenario.

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We will cover:

🐲1 New Beginnings

🐲2 Approaching Institutions

🐲3 Conflict

🐲4 Driving

🐲5 Abundance

🐲6 Protection

🐲7 Cleansing

🐲8 Healing

🐲9 Love and Relationships

🐲10 Communication

🐲11 Psychic Abilities Developing

🐲12 Answer a Burning Question

🐲13 Children

🐲14 Gardening

🐲15 Money

🐲16 Anxiety, Depression, Low Mood

🐲17 Spiritual Growth.

So here it goes:

#1 New Beginnings

Starting a new venture? Or longing for changes?

You absolutely need a Black Dragon!

Black Dragon

The black colour of the Dragon represents Divine Feminine, the darkness inside the womb, the environment where a new life grows; safe, loving and nurturing.

Let the Black Dragon envelope you in her soft and protective energies, to allow the seeds of new beginnings to sprout successfully and reach their full potential.

The Black Dragon helps to uncover your hidden talents and calling and bring them to the surface.

She looks after the seedlings until these talents become the blossoming, integral part of your life.

Call on Black Dragon when you struggle on your Path of Spiritual Awakening.

This huge Dragon will give you a gentle embrace, cocooning you in her soothing energy and hold you tight whilst you undergo the Spiritual Transformation and Metamorphosis, emerging as a beautiful butterfly, a new you on the other side.

You don’t have to be alone!

Black Dragon like a loving and protective Mother will be with you every step of your way.

Bright and sunny day delights your heart.

But when darkness falls, the black sky is pierced with light of far away stars, and you light a candle or simply turn the fairy lights on, don’t you feel that you really come alive, that some sacred part of your Soul, keeping in the shadow as you go along your busy day, quietly steps forward.

Don’t you feel the Magic of the Night?

Black Dragon has similar soft, magical, sacred and mysterious energy…

Talking about new beginnings… Invite Archangel Aurora to help you with your new venture.

Her name means “The Morning Star” or “a Dawn”.

Your new beginning is a Dawn of the new Chapter of your life.

By the way, Archangel Aurora is a Twin Flame and a Feminine aspect of Archangel Uriel.

On your Birthday, which marks the beginning of the new Personal year for you, talk to Archangel Aurora, if you remember of course.

Because Birthdays turn out hectic normally.

I never talked to Archangel Aurora on my Birthday too, lol!

It’s still theoretical knowledge for me.

Maybe when my next Birthday comes…

#2 Approaching Institutions

For example, you need to speak to the Bank or you apply for a job.

So you have to deal with a big company.

How to make sure they are nice for you?

Employ the 6-dimensional Magical Rainbow Dragon to be your Representative!

Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow Dragon exudes Enthusiasm, Joy, Hope and Charisma.

Give him mentally a letter, for example to the Bank, and watch him to seal it with a pink heart.

He hops along the Rainbow bridge he built between you and the company you need to speak to.

Rainbow Dragon can’t move slowly and respectfully.

He is too excited and jumping for joy!

Watch him approaching the big grey building with the name of the company on it.

The Entrance door is shut.

They don’t like to be disturbed up there.

Your Dragon knocks on the door, it slightly opens.

He pulls the door towards himself cheekily, and inside swallows him.

Next you see a big room full of people behind the desks.

Your Dragon, shimmering with all colours of the Rainbow , is a centre of attention.

He is all smiles and compliments, bowing chivalrously to the left and to the right and kissing mischievously the ladies’ hands.

The Greatest Showman materialises flowers and handles them gallantly to the ladies.

You can physically see pink hearts and stars floating everywhere.

The company’s staff is under his spell!

The atmosphere has changed. Magic is in the air!

Even the grumpiest face is stretched in a big toothy grin from ear to ear now!

Your Dragon passes over the letter to the enchanted and completely smitten staff.

They examine it and nod approvingly.

It’s the littlest thing they can do for such a Charmer!

He puts his paw on his heart, bows again and thanks them.

Your Magical Dragon rushes all the way back to tell you fantastic news!..

So if you need to deal with a big company, but you don’t feel confident and are scared and paralyzed by fear, send Rainbow Dragon first to be your Negotiator and prepare the grounds for you.

Basically any time you need “a kind of Magic”, ask this charming and irresistible Dragon for help.

Rainbow Dragon is a Dragon to go when you are in a Conflict situation.

#3 Conflict

Rainbow Dragon

Turn to this Dragon for help if you need to build or rebuild bridges with someone.

Maybe someone holds a grudge against you, and you want to cease war?

Open your heart and imagine a rainbow bridge, leading from your heart to the heart of the other person.

Their heart may remain closed or open later on.

But still send Rainbow Dragon along that bridge to knock at their heart and tell them that you want peace and don’t have hard feelings for them.

Rainbow Dragon is truly Magical and can do wonders!

You will see in real life that these people suddenly change and mellow towards you.

Try it for yourself!

Water Dragons

Water Dragons will swirl around you and your opponent, smoothing the corners and bringing energy of diplomacy, harmony and grace.

They wash away dark energies and pour Christ Light in, igniting the atmosphere Golden.

#4 Driving

Every time you are on the road, ask Fire Dragons to move in front of you puffing fire and clearing any obstacles for you.

So you can avoid traffic jams and don’t have to stop at every traffic light, but you are greeted with the green signals as you move in one fluid motion along the road.

If for some reason you feel unsafe, ask these bright red Dragons to surround you with a Fire Wall to burn all negative energies that try to approach you.

Ask Angels as well to hold your car firmly in their wings and protect you and everyone on the road.

Also invite Unicorns to fly in front of your car after Fire Dragons to bless your journey.

We want our trips to be safe and smooth.

When things go wrong on the road, it’s stressful and costly.

Avoid it, inviting the Mighty Dragons, Angels and Unicorns to keep you company every time you drive.

#5 Abundance

Green and Orange Dragons from Jupiter

Call on the glorious Green and Orange Galactic Dragons from Jupiter to take abundance in your life to the whole new level.

Jupiter is the biggest Planet in our Solar System.

And everything the Dragons of Jupiter touch becomes bigger.

Ask them to take care of any area in your life that needs expansion:

 💵 finances – to turn a little trickle of money into a powerful and steady stream;

 💖 love life – to open your and your loved ones hearts, rekindle the romance or ignite the air around you with the flame of love.

Anything you want to have more in your life – health, joy, fun…

Don’t slip into a negative mode though, working with these Dragons.

Remember, everything they touch expands.

These cool Dragons bring with them happiness, joy, prosperity and success.

We all need such a Dragon in our life!

Just close your eyes, ask mentally Jupiter Dragon to be with you and see green and orange colours flash in front of your inner eyes.

Your Dragon is here ready to assist you.

He can’t contain his joy, dancing and flying around you, like a giant balloon.

He blows your roof off!

This huge and cheerful Green and Orange Dragon helps you to DREAM BIG, turn your dreams into the BIG PLANS and make your plans the BIG REALITY.

Ask your Dragon to expand your business and skyrocket it on the unbelievable new level.

The biggest hurdle that sets us back on the road to prosperity and abundance, is the poverty mindset.

Green and Orange Dragons introduce to you an entirely new abundance and gratitude mindset and encourage you to look at the world with completely new eyes.

If you started to Awaken Spiritually, they set you on fire, so you don’t walk but fly along the Road of your Spiritual Development.

So they don’t just assist you with physical matter, but dive right in and work on a deeper level, expanding your consciousness.

Emerald Green Dragons of Archangel Raphael

These Dragons work closely with your Third Eye.

And when it is spinning and radiating brightly, they create a shaft of Emerald Light between your Third Eye chakra and the Cosmic Third Eye, which is an ascended aspect of Jupiter.

So you constantly receive downloads of energy of Expansion, building your abundance consciousness, belief that you totally deserve to be prosperous and abundant.

That’s your birthright! And you absolutely have access to all the riches of the world, that would be provided in a perfect way for you.

#6 Protection

Fire Dragons

You can call on Fire Dragons to surround you with a FireWall when you are in a negative environment or have to deal with a negative person.

The fire will burn any dark energy, trying to approach you.

Ask for a Fire Wall before you enter any crowded place, when your energy can be pulled away from you before you know it.

And you might feel drained, exhausted and like a popped balloon after your Supermarket shopping.

So definitely make sure you have a Fire Wall on to protect you.

Fire Dragons are excellent at protecting you in your sleep, when your etheric body leaves your physical one and enters the Astral.

You can accidentally wander in the lower Astral Plane and have nightmares.

But your Fire Dragon will be with you, like your devoted dog, and keep you safe in your night travels.

Royal Blue Dragons of Archangel Michael

When you feel that you are in instant danger, call on Archangel Michael and his Dragons.

These magnificent royal blue Dragons of Warrior Angel Michael normally come as the number of Dragons.

When you summon them, the whole army of Dragons completely fills the space around you, transmuting lower energies and protecting you.

Ask Archangel Michael and his Dragons to always protect your loved ones.

My daughter travels quite a lot, and I ask Angels, Dragons and Unicorns to look after her.

I see the big Angel (the size of an airplane), flying under the plane and carrying it through the air, the Unicorns in front and the Dragons on both sides of the airplane.

Red, Black and Gold Dragons

Red, Black and Gold Dragons who have connection with Mars, the Warrior Planet.

They protect and empower the weak and vulnerable and patrol the Universe, checking that everything is allright.

If Archangel Michael’s Dragons are the Army, Red, Black and Gold Dragons are the Police of the Divine World.

They are sort of dressed in the black uniform with golden specs and have red flashing warning lights.

The golden tinge on their uniform means that they exercise their power with wisdom.

The black colour surrounds you protectively, making you invisible.

And the colour red is a warning that they act as an enforcement of the Spiritual Laws and also that they use Fire as a weapon to clear the dense energies.

Call on these Dragons if you need help with tough circumstances in your life:

#1 you are in a conflict situation;

#2 your relationship turned messy and ugly;

#3 maybe you are going through break-up, and a lot of dirty stuff came up;

#4 you are abused, bullied, dis-empowered – the Dragons will teach you how to stand tall in your Power again.

Red, Black and Gold Dragons roar at your opponents (like the Police sirens), what they don’t hear physically, but feel very well subconsciously and are more careful with you.

#7 Cleansing

Royal Blue Dragons of Archangel Michael

Ask Royal Blue Dragons to clear your head if you feel consumed by negative vibes – confused, angry, depressed and low.

They are experts of Clearing and able to hoover all the dark and messy stuff off your aura.

These Dragons are very powerful, and can keep the area around you clean up to one kilometre, transmuting lower energy.

Fire Dragons

The wonderful Fire Dragons spring to my mind.

These fast and furious Dragons hold you in etheric fire, burning all the negative energies, until your energy fields are squeaky clean.

Water and Fire Dragons

They know a thing or two about Cleaning.

Give them a chance to show you the experts in action – Deep Steam Clean.

They give you a quick shower, followed by puffing fire over you.

And just in case they missed a bit, they engulf you in a cloud of hot steam.

Lively job!

Water Dragons

Invite the beautiful Water Dragons to join you when you’re having your bath or a shower.

Ask them to light up the waters, including inside your body, with the Golden Christ Light.

So you glow golden after your bath, attracting good things into your life.

Also this Light cleanses and heals you from inside.

GoldSilver and Violet Flame Dragons of Archangel Zadkiel

The Violet Flame of Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain was a well known powerful tool of Cleansing and Transmutation of lower energies into very high frequencies in Atlantean times.

At the fall of Atlantis the mighty Violet Flame was withdrawn from Earth, foreseeing that it could be misused.

In 1987 year Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain petitioned the Council of Light successfully to re-introduce the great Violet Fire to humanity.

A few years later the Silver Light of Grace and Divine Feminine was added to it, followed by the Golden Light of Wisdom.

So it became the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of Transmutation.

The wonderful Dragons of Gold, Silver and Violet Flame create an intense fire, burning up lower frequencies in your aura, also protecting you from negative energies around you.

So you become Gold, Silver and Violet Flame yourself!

You are at Planetary Service, clearing negative energies wherever you go…

Now you are ready to face the Healing Dragons that deal with buried deep stuff, often from previous lives.

#8 Healing

Blue Pleiadian Dragons

Every Being, connected to Pleiades, holds the Blessing of Healing in their energy fields forever.

Ask a Pleiadian Dragon to work with you to bring in the best possible health under the Spiritual Laws of Request and Grace all your four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Dragon will perform a sacred ritual – placing the Blue Healing Rose in all of your chakras.

The Blue Rose consists of 33 petals, the Christ Number, and is Pure Divine Christ Love.

The colour Blue is the colour of Mother Mary’s Cloak.

The wonderful sky blue Dragon will position the Blue Rose in turn into each of your chakras, observing with awe the rose and chakra merge and the chakra, spinning faster, blazing and breaking blockages.

Fresh new healing energies circulate through you, replenishing, reinvigorating, changing your DNA.

Every cell of your body sings and vibrates fast, rejuvenated, pink and plump.

Pleiadian Blue Rose is a part of your energy system now.

You radiate it out and affect everyone you get in touch with.

Emerald Green Dragons of Archangel Raphael

You have met these beautiful 5-dimensional Dragons already…

They can see the perfect Blueprint of your wonderful health.

But they also can see the reasons why we are not well:

#1 accumulated karma from this and other lives, often not just yours, but your family’s and ancestors;

#2 lower thoughts and emotions;

#3 limiting beliefs and patterns;

#4 energy blocks;

#5 cords, attached to you and draining your energy.

If your Soul permits, the Dragons dive right in to dissolve the negative stuff, and your health improves.

And again I strongly recommend before you proceed with Healing Dragons, think of Cleansing of your aura first.

You probably will have a shower before you turn up at the Doctors.

So take a Spiritual shower before you see the Doctor Dragon.

#9 Love and Relationships

All these Dragons are of course pink.

Rose Pink Dragons

Rose Pink Dragons work closely with Archangel Chamuel – Archangel of Love and Heart.

They are also linked to Universal Angel Mary, the Queen of Angels, through their mutual symbol – the Pink Rose.

Call on these beautiful Dragons when you’re broken hearted.

The Dragon smiles at you and hands you over the Pink Rose that he encourages to put close to your heart.

Feel the Rose merging with your heart that opens and expands instantly.

The Dragon puffs gently shimmering pink flame over you.

Your aura absorbs it and becomes blazing pink itself.

Rose Pink Dragon heals your heart.

You feel at peace and start seeing your love problems from a different angle, from the higher perspective.

You forgive others and forgive yourself.

Your heart expands even more, and you allow yourself to love yourself.

Because you are an incredible, amazing, unbelievable, charming, unique and LOVABLE Being.

You’ve got so much Love in your heart!

Ask Rose Pink Dragon to build a permanent Portal between yours and the Cosmic Heart that is on Venus.

You will be overflowed with Love of the Universe.

After mending your broken, tired or simply closed heart, your Rose Pink Dragon turns to the outside world.

Maybe he can negotiate with your Partner’s Soul, their Higher Self, Guardian Angel and Spiritual Guides?

Or if you are single and want to attract the loving Partner, he will look around and work with this Person’s Guardian Angel to create synchronicities and serendipities for you both to meet.

But don’t skip the phase #1 where you heal your heart.

You attract exactly what is inside you.

If you are in turmoil, another turbulent relationship is the last thing you need.

If you can’t forgive and can’t understand why your ex behaved that way, you will get an exact copy of him or her, and the situation will repeat itself.

Give yourself time, heal your wounds, forgive everyone involved, including yourself.

Feel that you come back to Life and Love.

Rose Quartz is a fantastic Crystal for heart.

It doesn’t need to be big and fancy. A little one will do.

Hold it in your hand and feel drawn to it.

Feel the Love bond between you and your Pink Crystal.

Every Crystal contains an Elemental, the little Spirit who made that Crystal their Home.

Ask your Crystal (the Spirit) to watch over your heart – to heal it and help your heart to be overflowed with Love again.

Pink Dragons of Quan Yin

The Great Ascended Master Quan Yin is often seen by sensitives as travelling with a Pink Dragon, wrapped around her shoulders.

She is a Dragon Master and commands thousands of Dragons.

Her luminous Pink Dragons go to individuals and families and dissolve everything, preventing them from experiencing Love.

They pour their bright pink Light into circumstances, so everyone involved sees the situation through the eyes of Love.

Call on a Pink Dragon and ask her to wrap herself around your shoulders.

How does it feel?

Your aura is completely Pink now. You are the LOVE, attracting only LOVE into your life.

Isn’t it handy to have a pair of Dragon’s eyes right next to yours to spot all good, coming your way, and make sure you don’t miss it!

Golden Christed Dragons

These impressive Dragons with golden 9- vibrational aura touch everyone with golden unconditional Love of Jesus Christ.

If you want to enjoy a happy Spiritual relationship in your life, call on these Dragons.

They blow the Golden Fire into your energy fields, making them huge and blazing golden and attracting people with the same golden qualities into your life.

Also never miss an opportunity to invite Golden Christed Dragons for your special occasion – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding, Christmas etc.

They would love to share them with you and bless you with Love and Happiness.

#10 Communication

Air Dragons

If you struggle to communicate with someone, ask the awesome Air Dragon to interfere, blow cobwebs off that person’s mind and deliver messages quickly.

Watch this quick sky blue Dragon to fly between you and your opponent with a busy look on his face.

Blue Gold Dragon from Mercury

But the best ever Dragon, that was born to maintain successful communication, is hands down Blue Gold Dragon from Mercury.

Small, lively and fast as mercury, these Dragons work in Intergalactic capacity, connecting Stars and Planets and watching the lines of communication to be clear.

They keep an eye on humanity, but really struggle, because human communication is clouded with karma, negative emotions and often dominated by ego.

But they are so happy to help you:

#1 Blue Gold Dragons encourage you not to be afraid to speak your Truth, to engage only in loving and positive conversations and avoid gossips, negative and small talk;

#2 They will breathe their blue and gold fire into the lines of communication you are using, including your phone and Internet.

If your computer freezes, the Internet is slow, you struggle with technology or can’t find information you need, ask these wonderful little helpers to sort it out for you.

#11 Psychic Abilities Developing

Emerald Green Archangel Raphael’s Dragons

These Dragons are multitaskers, really busy bodies, working tirelessly on Health, Abundance and Psychic Abilities matters.

Archangel Raphael is in charge of your Third Eye.

So logically you call on his Emerald Dragons to help you to open your Third Eye.

They only will do the job if you are ready, and your Soul agrees.

Your Soul might say “no”, for instance, if you were a Psychic in one of your previous lives, and you ended up being drowned or burned for it.

Ever since you shut your Third Eye, because it was linked to a traumatic past experience.

So you have to heal your Soul and your previous lives first.

Because of this I caution against “Open Your Third Eye Fast”.

Be gentle on yourself.

Speak to Dragons. They are ever so gentle, loving and wise.

The Dragons will only open your Third Eye as much as you can handle it.

Think that you will see through the Veil of Illusion not only Beings of Light, but the Dark side will become visible for you too.

But that’s life… There is Light, and there is Dark…

We got a bit distracted…

To proceed on your Third Eye, Emerald Dragons cooperate first with Air and Water Dragons to wash and blow dry your precious chakra.

And then Emerald Dragons leap into action, breathing Emerald Fire into your Third Eye, opening and gently rinsing its chambers with bright green light, removing all blockages.

When Emerald Dragons worked with me, I felt blazing green light filling my head, and a blob of dense energy shot out of my Third Eye.

You know, like a cork from a bottle of champagne!

Water Dragons

Also water is a Psychic Element, and amazing Water Dragons can help you to develop Psychic Abilities.

When you have a bath or a shower, ask these quick, smooth and green Dragons to wash your Third Eye gently, also to ignite the waters inside your body with the Golden Christ Light.

Pearl White and Silver Moon Dragon

I absolutely love the mysterious and magical Pearl White and Silver Moon Dragon.

When this Dragon comes to you, your Intuition increases tenfold, and you turn Psychic, even if you never suspected you were.

I suggest this meditation:

Imagine that the night falls, and you notice with awe and wonder a massive Super Full Moon on the dark night sky.

Leave your house, follow the Moon and walk through the enchanted forest until you reach the lake.

Black and calm surface of the lake mirrors the Moon.

Take your clothes off and enter the lake. Don’t go too deep.

Feel warm water around you.

Look at the Moon in the sky and its reflection in the lake.

Feel the peace and calm come over you.

Waters of the magical lake took away all your worries, and new fresh energy, streaming of the Moon, supercharged your body.

Notice that you are not alone actually.

The beautiful Pearl White and Shimmering Silver Dragon watches you from another side of the lake.

See so much Love and Gentleness in her eyes.

She makes sure you receive the exact amount of Light your body cells can hold.

Feel your Intuition and Senses sharpen as your body absorbs the Silver Moon Light, unlocking your hidden Talents and Powers.

Thank the Moon, the Dragon, the enchanted Lake and come back home a different person.

Aquamarine Dragons from Neptune

Aquamarine Dragons from Neptune can help to sharpen your Psychic Abilities.

They are Water Dragons, but operating on the higher frequency.

These Dragons pour the liquid aquamarine Light into your chakras, cleaning them, opening up and raising your vibration.

They ignite the hidden codes in your aura, so you can recall the tremendous beauty of your Soul and discover clear seeing.

#12 Answer a burning question

The Green Dragons of Nature

Call on the fabulous Green Dragons of Nature.

Natural world around us is ancient and wise.

The answer to every possible question lies within nature, and these beautiful Green Dragons touch your Psychic Senses to direct you to the answer.

They connect you with the keys and codes held in Nature.

When you walk on your own in the park, forest or elsewhere in Nature, even in your own garden, stop, tune into the trees, grass, fresh air, sky.

Ask the Green Dragon to come to you and help to get the answer to your question.

White Crystal Dragons of Archangel Gabriel

Call on these beautiful Dragons when you feel lost and confused, you need clarification and to illumine the Path in front of you.

Feel them swirling around you and beaming their pure white light into your chakras, dissolving lower energies and clearing your head.

So you suddenly KNOW the answer to your question.

#13 Children

Light Blue Dragons of Universal Angel Mary

Invoke Light Blue Dragons of Universal Angel Mary to embrace your child with their gentle, loving and protective translucent blue energy.

These Dragons adore children and often can be seen smiling and keeping a vigilant eye, like a loving Mother, on the little ones.

Get your child a soft Dragon toy and keep it at their bedside.

So the Dragon will protect your precious one whilst they are asleep.

The Universe operates by symbols.

And the simple toy will send signals to the Universe, attracting a Dragon to protect your child.

For as long as you have that toy, Dragons know that you need them.

#14 Gardening

Earth Dragons

The amazing Earth Dragons are waiting for you to call on them to help with gardening.

These “green fingered” Dragons:

#1 provide you with an expert advice on the plants in your garden;

#2 look after soil;

#3 negotiate with other elementals – Fairies, Gnomes and other hardworking little helpers in your garden.

I like to call on Archangel Ariel, Archangel of Nature and Abundance, as well.

Thanks to her magic touch my garden delights us with lush greenery and bursting of colours.

#15 Money

Silver Dragon

The mysterious Silver Dragon holds the frequency of Prosperity.

Call on this Dragon and notice the shimmering silver mist approaching you.

As the mist thins, you see the wise and loving eyes, softly gazing at you.

Your Silver Dragon touches you ever so gently.

And your aura becomes shimmering silver, attracting good luck and prosperity.

But in order to keep these Silver keys and codes in your energy, you have to demonstrate the Silver Dragon’s feminine qualities in your life – calm, tranquillity, balance, kindness, wisdom, trust, generosity and open heart…

Another wonderful and wise Dragon to go is Earth and Water Dragon.

Earth-and-Water Dragon

Water is an element of money, and Earth helps to ground it.

I like to meditate imagining that there is a whole net of underground streams of money, covering Earth.

These underground streams come to the surface for everyone.

But some people have the powerful fountains and whole pools of money in their lives.

And some unfortunately receive only a tiny trickle.

I meditate that this stream breaks through as a full river of money into my life and ask Earth-and-Water Dragons for help…

But my absolute favourite is the incredible Metal Dragon!

Metal Dragon

Huge, asphalt grey, heavy, moving with specific metal clattering noise and… with the most beautiful romantic viola blue eyes.

His head is so huge that you can’t see both of his eyes simultaneously.

So talking to him, you look into his one bright blue eye.

I call him the Dragon of Attraction.

Because of his heavy metal nature, he has an ability to turn the magnet inside on to help you to attract something into your life.

Or he changes the polarity of his Magnet, and you can get rid, push away something or someone you want to go.

When my friend Metal Dragon (he asked to call him Elijah) told me about his Magic of Attraction, I thought: “Let’s see it in action”.

So I asked to attract the money, any amount, the same day, until midnight.

It’s an underestimation to say I was surprised.

My in-laws suddenly decided to go for a drive.

They normally don’t do that at the moment, because they are self-isolating at home from the virus that shall not be named.

They both are over 70.

All the family helps them with shopping, including us, and we never take the money.

So my in-laws passed us by and chucked the money over the fence in our front garden.

I’m sure my Elijah downloaded telepathically a message to deliver me the money and kicked them out of their house.

I believe my Elijah can be very persuasive when he wants to.

Not a lot of money – 55 quid, but nevertheless Angelic number 55 is a number of positive change and growth, which is nice!

I was so impressed! It only took a couple of hours – and the money flew over the fence into my garden!

BUT… the Dragons always tell me that the DOOR should be open for money to come in.

There could be a river of money, knocking on your door, but it is shut, and money can’t enter your life.

For example, Dragons can see that your job has an earnings ceiling.

No matter how hard you work, you can’t jump higher than the ceiling.

And the Dragons spot an opportunity for you with different income (and more enjoyable) that is much more scalable than your current job can offer.

Dragons will never suggest a job only for money.

They follow your Soul’s calling.

Also Dragons brought to my attention such a thing as blockages in the flow of money.

And your Mindset plays a pivotal role here.

Have you got the Mindset of Abundance or the Mindset of Scarcity?

That’s the hardest obstacle on the way to Abundance, Prosperity and Money.

The blockages can include your limiting beliefs about yourself and money, past and this life’s karma, your pre-life Scenario and Vows, taken on in your previous lives.

People have been used to take Vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

Maybe someone in their past life rejected wealth and took the Vow of Poverty, thinking thus they would accelerate their Spiritual Growth.

That’s exactly what Buddha did in his Earth incarnation.

And then they are haunted by poverty in this life, because Vows are registered at the Soul level.

Or maybe a lady had taken a Vow of Chastity, becoming a Nun and promising in the sacred Ceremony to love only Jesus.

In her current life she can’t understand why she is so unlucky in love.

Everyone around is married or has a boyfriend. Only she is alone forever.

But you can see an etheric cord between her and the Vow of Chastity she has taken in another life, but she doesn’t remember of course.

I will write how to release old karma and Wows from the previous lives in another article…

Let’s return to our Dragons, waiting patiently for us.

So we were talking about the blockages in the flow of money.

They are like dams on a river, stopping waters from getting any further.

Fire and Earth Dragons

Fire and Earth Dragons can help you to at least partially remove the blockages that your Soul allows them to do.

Watch them working methodically through your blockages, breaking, puffing etheric fire and burning them.

#16 Anxiety, Depression, Low Mood

Turquoise Dragons of Archangel Haniel

Call on wonderful Turquoise Dragons of Archangel Haniel.

These absolutely beautiful, large and brightly coloured Dragons with elongated black eyes bring joy and happiness with them.

Soft and feminine on the one hand and fierce and protective on the other, these gorgeous Dragons dive right in messy emotions and feelings, consume the heavy and dark energies, leaving the trail of their own turquoise optimistic and joyful Light.

See the Dragon sitting in front of you and her beautiful eyes looking lovingly right into your heart.

Feel the turquoise cloud of her energy gently enveloping you and working its way through you.

Feel the weight lifted off your heart and every cell of your body singing with joy.

Calm, peace, hope and belief that All Is Well come over you.

Your Turquoise Dragon will be with you for as long as you need her.

#17 Spiritual Growth

Silver Dragon

Your friend Silver Dragon is more than happy to assist you again.

See her coming and the silver mist filling the room.

She turns her side to you, and the silver particles join together as a giant mirror.

She invites you to look at the mirror.

And you will see not your physical shell, but your Soul’s reflection in the mirror.

What do you see?

What colour is your Soul? Is it white, golden, silver, pink, purple, rainbow?

Have you got wings?

If so, what shape are they? Their size, colour?

Look at your Soul’s eyes in the mirror.

Feel how much Love you’ve got!

Come through time and space, ripping off layers and layers of this reality, back to yourself – to the Magnificent and Powerful Being of Love and Light!

The amount of Love you touch is so overwhelming, that you can start to cry.

But that’s OK.

The tears will wash away your worries, and your heart will feel lighter, softer and more loving.

Pure White Dragons from Orion

Pure White Dragons from Orion teach you to live with integrity, purity and wisdom.

So people trust and respect you.

If you ask this Dragon to work with you whilst you are asleep, he can take you in your etheric body to Orion, the Planet of Wisdom, to meet 12 Masters of Orion.

White contains all colours in perfect harmony and balance.

It is the highest vibrational colour in the Universe.

After the visit your aura shimmers with the pure diamond white light.

You walk as a Master along your brilliant white Path of Ascension.

Magenta Dragons of Archangel Mariel

Ask Magenta Dragons of Archangel Mariel to assist you with your Spiritual Awakening.

These wonderfully coloured Dragons puff and build around you a cocoon of deep pink Light, containing Love, Wisdom, Protection and Spiritual Knowledge.

All you need to undergo the Spiritual Transformation.

Magenta Dragon keeps a thoughtful eye on you, starting to dissolve the Veil of Amnesia.

So you can see yourself as an Enlightened Master, remember your Soul journey and your origin, your gifts, talents and wisdom.

You are a great Illumined Being with your unique role in the Universe!

You have so much to offer!

Magenta Dragon helps to build the bridge and ultimately merge with your Higher Self.

So you look at the world with eyes of Higher Wisdom and Love.


There are so many amazing Dragons!

Sorry, Dragons, but it is not possible to include you all in an article’s format.

I only included the Dragons I work myself more often with and whose influence I personally feel in my life.

If you want to learn more about Dragons, I can recommend Diana Cooper’s book “Dragons, your Celestial Guardians.

Work with Dragons and you can become a Dragon master!

It doesn’t mean that you will be commanding Dragons as an Army Sergeant.

If you try, the Dragons will laugh you out of the room.

You have to develop Dragons’ qualities and literally become one of them.

Be kind, caring and compassionate; fierce, strong and powerful; open, wise and generous-hearted.

Learn to work with Elemental Kingdom and stand in your Power at all times…

Hope you will make friends with some of these awesome Dragons!

Remember your Dragon is only a thought away.

Think of him or her – and they will swoosh to you, happy to help!

Don’t forget about the power of a simple “Thank You!” or ask if you could do something nice for them.

For example, maybe your Dragon wants to be officially invited to the party where he or she can share fun and laugh?

Be intuitively inspired… What is the first thought popped into your head after the question?..

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