The Mighty Spiritual Dragon and text: invite Spiritual Dragons for help.

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  1. Hello,Ma I’m interested in Angel healing and dragons invoking,pls mail me ,how to invoke Angel and Dragons for Love, healing And financial Abundance in my family .

    1. For many years,I have been lost.Nobody has ever talked to me about dragons that are useful….but now I know.Thanks for the enlightening article(s).

  2. Hi Irina,

    I’m Patrizia,an italian woman who lives in Romania (for work) for almost 2 years. I have a question that is in my mind since long time…I invoke daily Dragons,I have read Diana Cooper’s book and I’ve read all info you have posted, and I want to thank you for these info, now my question is: Each time I call a Dragon and ask for their protection, do I have to say ” I give you the permission to do it” or not? I don’t want to be disrespectful towards them, waiting for their help, I use to thank them, but I don’t know if I have to give them permission to help/heal/support, can you please give me an answer? Thanks a lot Irina!

    A hug full of Love and Light your way!

    1. Hi Patrizia,

      You don’t need to say “I give you the permission to do it” really.
      The very fact you ask them for help means you give them permission to interfere in your life.
      I’m very fussy too to be respectful and grateful for everything Dragons do for me.
      I never forget to thank them and always always always say how much I love them and how much I appreciate their help.
      And I ask if I can do anything for them.
      Also, Dragons are very old-fashioned regarding good manners, they are Gentlemen and Ladies.
      They are not impressed when someone misses “thank you” and “please” talking to them.

      Lots of Love and Warm Hugs,

      Irina and Dragons

  3. Please sir I want dragon power to increase my spiritual so I can use it for my prophecy in my ministry that’s church please help me to join you in the dragon society am serious about it and I will do whatever you tell me to do plus sir am expecting your reply.

    1. Hi Obinna,

      You don’t need me. I’m not a Dragon.
      Believe in yourself.
      If you are interested in Dragons, you have attracted at least one Dragon already.
      In meditation with your eyes closed make a contact with your Dragon.
      Try to see how he looks like, touch him – how it feels?
      Ask his name and why he is with you.
      Try to find out more information about your Dragon.
      If you can’t, place another comment, describing your Dragon, and I’ll tell you more about him.
      All you and your Dragon need is Love.
      Love your Dragon and make the bond between you both stronger.
      Seeing your Love for Dragons, more Dragons will come to you.
      They will teach you their Wisdom.
      The Dragons will become an integral part of your life.
      And life with Dragons is much easier and fun, trust me!

      That’s the plan!

      Love from Irina and Dragons

      P.S. The Dragons are waiting patiently for you

  4. Thank you for this. I was wondering how the Angel’s can assist me with trauma from past life and this life. How would be best to call on them to help me heal and really be able to move forward on my path from healing.i know I have many lessons to learn but I know I have completed alot of my lessons from around here. I’m ready for the help of the divine galactic dragons to help me move forward.

    1. Hi, Logan,

      I would speak to Archangel Mariel and Universal Angel Mary who work closely together.
      Archangel Mariel is in charge of the Soul Star Chakra that radiates the magenta light.
      Visit him in meditation in his retreat above the Himalayas.
      Imagine yourself entering his Magenta Crystal Chamber where the very Man greets you.
      See your wounded Soul, becoming healed and shining its bright light again.
      Visit Universal Angel Mary in her retreat at Lourdes in France.
      You are inside a massive shimmering aquamarine and white globe.
      The Great Angel smiles at you warmly and enfolds you in her vast, soft and feathery wings.
      Let her liquid aquamarine light of love, protection and healing to fill your aura.
      She gently strokes the light inside your energy fields.
      This light will keep working its magic, penetrating deeper and deeper, peeling off the layers on your Soul…
      But don’t forget that the work should be done by you as well.
      Accept whatever happened in your previous lives, understand that there were reasons for that, by the circumstances given it couldn’t be any different.
      Forgive anyone involved, forgive yourself and let go, let it all go…

      I wish you every Blessing and Love on your beautiful Path, discovering yourself and the Universe around,


      1. Hello,mam I’m interested in Angel healing and dragons invoking,pls mail me ,how to invoke Angel and Dragons for Love, healing And Abundance in my family and friends life.

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