Earth is an amazing place to learn and grow.

The Schools of Earth offer lessons of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, patience, integrity, to name just a few.

Practically everyone on Earth came here with the Personal Purpose to learn and redeem Karma.

But some Souls volunteered to take additionally to the Personal Purpose on the Global One – to uplift Humanity and bathe Earth in Light.

These Souls are called Lightworkers.

Lightworkers (exactly as the name suggests) shine brightly their Light dispelling Darkness around.

According to Wictionary Lightworker is “a person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves people’s lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness”.

You know that you are a Lightworker if you deeply care about the world, environment, animals. You are sensitive and kind and want to help everyone. You wish everyone is happy, healthy and wealthy!

Lightworkers include Starseeds, Earth Angels, Empaths, Walking ins, Incarnated Elementals, Incarnated Dragons, you name them!

Each Lightworker has a very strong sense of PURPOSE.

Upon Awakening you as a Lightworker question yourself what your Life Mission is.

You know that you are born here for a REASON.

“Is the Purpose of my Life only to go to work, pay bills and die?”

The old Life seems empty, dissatisfying and meaningless.

There must be something BIG waiting for you, a special PURPOSE of your LIFE!

You feel your clock ticking.


You have to find out the Truth – WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR!!

My Dear Lightworker, sometimes you will have an Epiphany about your Life Mission.

And sometimes it will slip away from you.

The best way to find the road you are destined to follow is to listen to your emotions, feelings and also to your body.

What brings you greatest joy?

What can’t you stop doing?

When every cell of your body vibrates, sings and dances in excitement?

These emotions are the green lights along the Path of your Life Mission.

You will also feel your Spiritual Team’s nudges gently pushing you towards some Road.

But not always it’s obvious.

If you struggle to identify for yourself your Lightworker Mission, just TRUST that every day of your life you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do.

Even if you don’t understand what exactly you do.

You work undercover sort of, undercover even for yourself!

Trust your Spiritual Guides.

They won’t let you waste your life. At least they will do everything in their power to remind you about your Mission and direct you to the proper Path.

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If you still have no idea about your Mission, just be yourself.

I’ll describe below some of the less known roles. Maybe you will be able to recognize yourself?

Also I don’t believe that it is an exhaustive list of Lightworkers Missions.

I’m sure we will discover more Missions as time goes by.

The Lightworkers Missions often overlap as you will see and use the elements of other roles.

All Lightworkers share the same Mission to raise the vibration of humanity, ultimately serving the Planet Earth and all its inhabitants – people, animals, nature.

All of them give a helping hand to Earth on its way to ascension.

But the individual roles of Lightworkers vary.

They normally pick more than one role in their pre-Life scenario hoping to make the best of their lives.

They are Multitaskers!

So you will see that more than one Mission rings the bell for you.

If the Lightworker succeeds with their Life Mission(s), they might volunteer (on the subconscious level) to take on more Missions.

So let’s dive right in.

Here are some of the Lightworkers Missions:

Accelerators (or Catalysts)


Karma Healers


Science and Technology Pioneers

Environment and Animals Protectors

Futurists (or Dreamers)

Wisdom sharers (or Teachers)


Earth Keepers

Joy Sharers

Dangerous Technology Controllers

Energy Transmuters


Memory Banks and Sacred Codes Careers

Seers (or Psychics)


Way showers

Simply be

Love and Help Yourself

#1 Accelerators (or Catalysts)

The Lightworkers having an ability to touch and light up other people’s energy fields (who are ready of course).

They act similarly to catalysts in the chemical reactions, seemingly not doing anything, but initiating that chemical reaction.

They pass their energy on others starting the chain reaction.

These Lightworkers are sort of “contagious”, but in a good sense.

Their recipients possess this energy now, but in diluted form and share it whoever they come across with.

Accelerators don’t even have to talk about Spiritual matters. Their mere presence works as a catalyst.

Whoever steps into their energy field and is bathed in their Light automatically receives the codes to unlock the higher version of themselves.

That person would never understand and even associate it with the Lightworker-Accelerator why they’ve suddenly changed inside and look at the world with different eyes.

#2 Portals

Being a Walking Portal means that they are people-doors to the different dimensions.

Talking to the Portal or just being around them feels like you are “taken to Church”.

No one, including themselves, would ever think of these Lightworkers as Portals.

People feel that they are drawn to them, like to spend time in their company, that there is something magical about these individuals.

And they feel so good afterwards which is not surprising!

The Portal has swing opened doors inside and invited them to touch the different world. And they come back replenished and overfilled with love.

Portals work with our Planet as well where their Life Mission overlaps with Earth Keepers Mission.

They could be encouraged suddenly to move the house because their presence is needed somewhere to create, anchor and since to be a Gatekeeper of a Portal, connecting our Earthly Plane with the Higher Ones.

It could be one way Portal for the Earth Bound Spirits – very hard work!

Or a Portal for trapped Animals Souls, if the animal died in a horrific death. And its Soul, shocked and restless, is rushing about and can’t find its way to Heaven.

They could be two ways Portals, allowing Spiritual Beings – Angels, Dragons, Unicorns, Ascended Masters, Star Masters and other Enlightened Beings to enter our physical world.

#3 Karma Healers

Our Planet is ascending, but it can’t enter the Golden Era until all karma accumulated over centuries on Earth is resolved.

You might feel it in your life that all karmic debts, not only yours, but your family’s as well, have resurfaced and requested to be addressed.

That’s probably why it seems to you that neither you are approaching the Golden Era rapidly, nor Earth.

What the Golden Era?! You’ve got a gazillion problems in your life!

And look at our Planet: new deadly viruses, wars, terrorism, deaths, poverty, hanger, natural disasters – fires, earthquakes.

What an Ascension are we talking about?

But that’s all because all the karma on Earth is supposed to be cleared in a very short period of time.

The very brave Lightworkers offer to assist Earth in clearing of karma.

They choose to be born in the difficult and dysfunctional families carrying the heavy burden of karma’s pattern, dissolve it and stop from handing over to the next generation.

Very often these Lightworkers Souls are overoptimistic, enthusiastic and simply naive before incarnation.

And they underestimate the hash and toxic environment of Earth.

Not all Lightworkers succeed at this mission.

They go through the Veil of Amnesia before their Birth and forget it all.

Their Souls, shocked by their day-to-day reality, get tangled up in the low emotions and the web of family’s Karma.

The Light of their Soul deems.

Some of them pick a disability for this lifetime, volunteering consciously to suffer.

Taking the family’s karma on themselves and allowing the family members to open their hearts, loving and caring for the disabled one.

But this Mission comes at a cost. The Karma Healers are not the healthiest people, often suffer from mental health disorders and fatigue.

Transmuting negative energies makes their bodies ill. They constantly feel tired.

Additionally these families are often “crowned” with the Energy Vampires that our Lightworker falls an easy and sweet victim of.

#4 Healers

A very popular Mission for the Lightworkers.

Many Lightworkers pick this role performing all sorts of Healing – Reiki, Soul Healing, Past Lives Healing, Physical Healing, Animals Healing etc.

Just make sure your Spiritual Practice includes yourself as well – “Physician, heal thyself”.

You even can go above and beyond offering your Healing Services when you are asleep.

Your Soul freed from the physical body at night will be guided to somewhere in the Universe where your services are required.

Anyway it is a fantastic idea to never waste your sleep time.

Before you go to sleep, ask to talk to a particular Higher Spiritual Being, whoever you are drawn to, for instance Sananda (Jesus Christ), Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and many many others.

Request to enrol in the Spiritual Academy to learn or maybe to… teach if you have accumulated great wisdom and want to share it with others.

Simply ask to be at service, whatever service it is and whenever in the Universe it takes a place.

#5 Science and Technology Pioneers

These Lightworkers feel drawn to Science and Technology.

They are brilliant minds and fantastic inventors.

The genius Lightworkers choose to work in the fields of IT, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, basically any science that helps to propel our Technological progress to the new levels.

The blueprint of unimaginable at the moment future Technology is downloaded into these Lightworkers.

The files will be released when the right time comes, and Mankind will be ready for this Technology.

#6 Environment and Animals Protectors

These Lightworkers love deeply Nature and Animals.

As the Guardians of Animals they feel that they have to protect these beautiful and vulnerable Beings from the biggest Predator on our Planet – a Human!

They do it on different scales. It doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small dead.

Every little kindness counts in the eyes of God.

Some Lightworkers simply surround themselves with pets and just love them to bits.

They also would look after the birds and any other wild animals in their gardens.

Basically they turn their property into a paradise and territory of love for any animal on it!

And imagine if there are millions of such Lightworkers on Earth?! That’s powerful!

Not long ago myself and hubby were driving past a field when I spotted people dotted around the field with dogs. “Shooting… There is a rabbit on the field..”, – hubby said, and then I heard the guns.

My heart fell… I thought – how cowardly! They are, about ten armed people, against one little helpless rabbit!

Killing him for entertainment!

What if ten rabbits armed to the teeth with weapons would turn up against these people?!

They would run away faster than Usain Bolt!

Diana Cooper encourages you to join other Lightworkers to petition the Council of Light, bringing up the Cruelty against Animals on Earth.

You can do it in meditation, or before you go to sleep set a task for your Soul to visit the Council of Light on Saturn.

Ask Archangel Michael to be with you all the time and protect you.

You have to stand in front of 12 Magnificent Beings and talk that your heart is shocked and bleeding for all these beautiful creatures that are treated in such a horrifying way.

Ask the Council of Light to help our Animals, to restore their feeling of self worth and happiness.

#7 Futurists (or Dreamers)

A Dreamer is miles away in his or her own world…

But the important job happens right now.

The Dreamers get flashes of the happy future, bring them down and ground into Earth helping our Planet to ascend.

They actually work hard to make this future a reality for Earth.

Lightworkers-Futurists have the 5-dimensional Blueprint of the happy and bright future Earth engraved in their energy fields.

They are optimistic. They can see it coming!

And they know exactly the way to go and what to do.

Futurists dream a lot, projecting their dreams into reality and helping the positive changes to manifest in their lives and on Earth.

How to know if you are a Futurist?

People often see you with an absent expression on your face, when you are miles away, gone with Fairies.

You dream a lot. Your dreams are vivid, colourful and joyful!

They put a smile on your face!

And you are an eternal Optimist. You know that everything will turn out alright in the end.

If you are a Futurist

Keep on dreaming!

That’s a vast role! Know that you are performing a very important Planetary service when you dream.

Ignore others saying: “Oh… He is a Dreamer”.

Remember that you bring Hope and Positive Changes to Earth and humanity.

#8 Wisdom Sharers (or Teachers)

Wisdom Sharers offer others or their own wisdom.

Some of Wisdom Sharers channel the Higher Spiritual Beings – Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Masters – and spread their words of wisdom through the books, websites, workshops, zooms etc.

And another group of Lightworkers, being the Old Souls, accumulated so much wisdom through their own lives on this and other Planets throughout the Universes, so they share themselves with the world helping and serving humankind and Earth.

They adopt basically a role of the Spiritual Teachers.

#9 Channels

Channels are the link connecting our physical world with other invisible worlds.

They can be Mediums working with another side.

Mediums bring great comfort and relief to grieving people, when they realize that there is no death. And they can still be in touch with their loved ones passed away.

When my Dad died, it seemed to me that he just moved somewhere far far away from me, like to Australia.

But I still could talk to him on the phone, only a signal was terrible. My Dad’s voice was so subtle…

There are Lightworkers that focus on channeling Archangels – Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel and many others.

Some work with Ascended Masters – Saint Germain, El Morya, Djwhal Khul, Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene etc.

You can channel your very own Higher Self if you fancy.

And don’t assume that it is impossible to channel God who is not so unapproachable as you think!

There is not just one way flow – when we pray and talk to God.

But God would never talk back to us, sitting somewhere far away on his Throne and sending his Messengers, the Angels, to deliver his Message.

You should be a pure, nearly 100% embodiment of Light to be able to connect with God.

But unfortunately, the conflict between such amounts of Light and your physical body would arise, leaving it practically impossible to acquire so much Light and still sustain a physical body.

Because of that, there are not many Channels of this level amongst us whom God speaks directly through.

So basically, if you are a channel, you will be able to channel pretty much anyone and anything: elementals (Fairies, Gnomes, Goblins), animals, trees…

The Channel gets connected with other Beings by a sort of a golden thread that the information moves along.

It could be a constant stream of information or the information could be downloaded in bulks into your unconscious mind.

Then according to your Psychic Abilities it will pass through to your conscious mind as words, visions, feelings, smell, taste, knowledge or as a combination of above.

Often you know the Guide, whom you will channel during your physical life, before your birth.

And this Guide may have accompanied you in many of your lives.

Upon Spiritual Awakening your Guide connects consciously with you, and cooperation is reinstated.

How to know if you are a Channel?

Obviously, if you channel already, then you know.

But if you never even heard of channeling, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be your Life Mission.

All Channels are in the dormant state until the right moment when something spurs their interest for Channeling.

They get more and more information.

One thing leads to another. They learn and practise, and before they know it, their Channeling is in full swing.

Channels do readings and offer the Channeled messages to their clients from the deceased Loved ones, the Angels and Guides.

Or they can work on a bigger scale offering their channelings to the wider public on their websites, do workshops, write books.

If you are a Channel

Please, carry on with your important work.

Etheric Beings can’t deliver otherwise their valuable and enlightening messages to humanity.

Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Masters, Dragons, Unicorns, you name them, haven’t got physical mouths, lungs and vocal cords.

You are their only chance!

Also it works for you. Channeling makes you feel so good!

You feel infused with the Heavenly energies afterwards.

Even if you don’t go public with your Channelings, it makes communication with the Higher Beings much easier and ultimately serves you.

#10 Earth Keepers

Maybe not as glorified as Channeling, nevertheless working with Gaia (Earth) has never been more important than now.

Our Planet ascends, and not just one but two dimensions up – from the 3rd, storming through the 4th and triumphantly arriving into the 5th dimension.

A man looking at the night sky.
Image: Pixabay

A lot of invisible work should be done.

All blockages on the old grid must be dissolved allowing the uninterrupted flow of energy to run along the ley lines.

Grave yards of negative energy must be transmuted into energy of Love.

The new 5th dimensional grid descends and supposed to be anchored in Earth.

These Lightworkers often have no idea about their Life Mission.

They seem just to live their human lives.

But backstage their energy interacts with the energy of Earth, healing and lighting up our Planet.

They are in charge of Portals as well.

Sometimes such a Lightworker feels a strange and strong urge to move to a particular area.

Their Mission is calling them to live where they are needed.

Maybe there are Portal that should be cleaned energetically, and after they will be assigned as this Portal’s Gatekeeper?!

Or especially if they work on a conscious level, they would build and look after a new Portal.

So how do you know if you are an Earth Greed and Portals Keeper?

🌎 I’ve described above that these people are drawn at some point of their life to a particular place on Earth.

They just have to move! They want to live there! They eat, sleep and breathe that area!

🌎 You love our Planet, enjoy walking, hiking, even driving a car and admiring the ever changing landscape.

Just to be outside absorbing the beauty of nature, inhaling fresh and crispy air, enjoying every step.

🌎 Sometimes you feel that you MUST take a specific route, you don’t know why…

Because you have to do your job and clean ley lines as you walk or drive along.

Or you have to stop and pause for a minute whilst walking, because there is an area requiring your Lightworker’s attention.

🌎 Many of these Lightworkers are green fingered.

Whatever they touch in their gardens grows massive, lush and blooming.

They know how to treat soil that delights them with general crops.

If you are the Earth Keeper

Negative energies held for centuries in depths of Earth are heavy and dense, and Lightworkers, dealing with them, can spend a lot of their own energy trying to help.

Taking on the dark energies can adversely affect these Lightworkers health.

So look after precious yourself, make energy cleansing your everyday habit.

You can ask Archangel Michael to clean your aura, or invoke the wonderful Fire Dragons to puff etheric fire into your energy fields and burn all dark, heavy and stagnant energies.

Use protective crystals – Smoky Quartz, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst and others.

#11 Joy Sharers

Some Lightworkers are born just to share Love and Joy with the world.

I wish there could be more such people – smiling, energetic, buzzing with joy, seeing life from the funny side, with a joke ready to fly off their lips and contagious laugh.

They don’t take themselves and life too seriously.

Good laughter goes a long way, helps to defuse the atmosphere and transmutes negative into positive.

The Dark Angels can’t stand to be around the happy and joyful people and flap their wings away.

Don’t underestimate the power of joy and laugh!

This role is really big. The good laugh dispels Darkness.

Think for yourself, what company do you prefer – the misery guts or someone who makes you laugh your socks off, so you “forget your troubles and just are happy”?!

#12 Dangerous Technology Controllers

This sort of Lightworkers find themselves very technology unfriendly.

The appliances refuse to work, fuses keep tripping, machinery breaks.

Computers freeze more often than normally.

These people suspect that there is something wrong with them, that they contain some destructive energy.

They are the flipping Terminators!

There isn’t wrong, but something very right with them.

Because they came to Earth with the Mission to keep all the dangerous Technology under control.

They are infused with the special energy that sabotages research and development of the bad technology which humans can use to gain greater power and in wars.

If not these humble Lightworkers, the human beings would already exterminate themselves and the Planet.

Unfortunately these energies affect their day-to-day life.

That’s annoying when something is often breaking down or refusing to work at their presence.

That’s how their “Magic” works!

#13 Energy Transmuters

A similar to the Karma Healer role, who woks with a particular Ancestral line, but Energy Transmuters act as a sponge absorbing negative energies, proceeding them through their system and turning into the energy of Light.

How do you know if you are an Energy Transmuter?

This challenging Mission requires a lot of the Lightworkers’ own energy and often affects their health.

They may suffer from fatigue and feel constantly tired.

If you are Energy Transmuter

Look after yourself:

🌳 spend time in nature and simply outdoors;

🛀 whilst bathing or showering see with your inner eyes water washing away dark energies from your body;

💫 do energy cleaning exercises;

🛌 every night before you go to sleep ask Archangel Michael to clean all your four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

#14 Journalists

The Lightworkers in disguise, living their normal human lives, but unbeknown to themselves recording everything happening around them and sending the records over.

Of course the Higher Divine Beings know everything that’s going on here on Earth.

But to really understand a human being, you have to physically step into his shoes.

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.

Atticus, “To Kill A Mockingbird”

The Higher Beings need information from a human being’s perspective.

That’s why they didn’t limit themselves to watching us from above (I imagine them observing us from Cosmos through a Telescope), but send the special Souls – Journalists – to work between us collecting information and send their reports to the Divine Office.

So these Lightworkers Universal Mission is not to interfere with life, but absorb the information around and pass it over.

How to know if you are a Journalist?

You like to be just “a fly on a wall”, to watch the world go by, to be an observer.

You are Adept of not Western Philosophy expecting you to be constantly on the move – chasing success, reaching new levels, achieving new goals.

But you are more the relaxed and laid back “Oriental Person” inside that believes in “stop and stay still in the moment”, contemplate and reflect, acknowledge the world around.

What to do if you are a Journalist?

What a wonderful role!

People might think that you are lazy. Ignore!

You are busy.

You are at service and performing the very important Planetary Task.

You are a link between the Earth Plane and Divine, recording information and sending the files over.

#15 Memory Banks and Sacred Codes Careers

These Lightworkers have the Sacred Information and Codes stored safely in their aura waiting for the times when Humankind is ready for them.

When the time is right, and Earth ascends to the higher level, the dormant information and Codes become active.

The Lightworkers radiate these Codes, infusing everyone’s around them energy fields and propelling Earth and Humanity Ascension forward.

So they live perfectly normal human lives until one day they find themselves in a midst of Spiritual Awakening.

They would think that the changes affected only themselves, not the world around.

And they would struggle to uncover their Lightworker Mission because it is invisible.

Nevertheless they will influence the world in a profound way!

Things look a bit different with the Memory Banks. They will have the urge to share the information awoken inside with the world.

They will start websites, their own Spiritual Practises, write books, arrange Workshops.

These Lightworkers will be acutely aware of their Life Mission and fulfil their Purpose.

#16 Seers (or Psychics)

These Lightworkers have the sharpened Psychic Abilities giving them a chance to access information from the invisible world.

They offer Psychic Insights and Spiritual Consultations, comforting and enlightening people.

Purely Psychic Readings, Tarot, Oracle, Angels, Crystals, Unicorns, Dragons cards – there are so many ways to give a reading.

Past Lives, Soul Healing Sessions – Psychics bring clarity and empower their clients.

#17 Creatives

God shared generously with them the Gift of Creation.

Lightworkers blessed with this Mission are born with the artistic talents and creative bones in their body.

They express their talents in arts, music, creative writing, poetry, photography, crafts, design to name a few.

These Lightworkers bring a gift of beauty, harmony, inspiration and astonishment to the world.

They lift others Spirits and bring so much joy in our life!

All Creatives have Channeling abilities, but they normally don’t suspect that.

Inspiration strikes when they connect with their “Muse” – the Being of Light streaming the information into their head.

#18 Way Shower

The Lightworkers whose Mission is to be a North Star for others and to show the way to Light through the darkness.

These Lightworkers are often on stage, inspiring and teaching others.

But a lot of them work humbly behind the scenes.

They serve as living examples of HOW to LIVE a PURPOSEFUL LIFE on EARTH.

On every given day they smile gently performing their endless acts of Kindness and Love.


Could you find your Lightworker Mission? Or Missions?

If yes, you will understand yourself better, and everything will fall in place for you.

If not, and you couldn’t associate yourself strongly with any of the Missions above, I’ve got for you…


Be kind, be loving, be tolerant, be forgiving, be generous, be wise.

TRUST God, the Universe and your Guides. There IS a REASON for you as a Lightworker to incarnate on Earth.

There are so many more Missions we haven’t got a clue about yet.

Live your Life and follow your inner Guidance.

Always prioritise your inner voice over whatever someone else is telling you.

Don’t let anyone take the power from you! You are your own Authority!

Which brings me to offer you…

#20 LIFE MISSION – Love and Help Yourself.

We, Lightworkers, often rush to help others, forgetting ourselves and our needs.

I understand that you are eager to be at service and change the world!

But please, start with yourself – heal, nurture and love yourself, infuse yourself with more Light.

So you are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy and rainy day.

Uncover the Truth about yourself, understand your Karma and how it is played out in your life, heal your Karma.

Heal your crying inner child, heal your Soul and your Past Lives.

And then you are ready for your Planetary Service.

Whenever you could identify yourself with a Life Mission or not, my Dear Lightworker, walk Earth such as every step you take lights up the Earth instantly.

So you leave the golden footprint behind as you go…

I love you…

Irina 💖

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