Andromedan Starseed

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  1. Thank you so much for this!
    I literally cried when I was reading the part about home of Andromedans and their forests.

    I learnt that im Lyran from Andromeda but wasn’t sure how’s that possible.
    But now I know.

    Thank you so much for describing my home in such beatuful way!

    Love and Freedom!

    1. Dear Nana,

      I’m so so pleased my article helped you to return to yourself and touch your Soul.

      Love and Freedom!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article. This is the most beautiful article I have ever read about andromeda.Nice to meet you, More love and joy. ️️☺️✨

  3. Best wishes to you,
    I haven’t written a message in a foreign language for a long time,so funny.
    I look for article about Andromeda for a long time!
    One day in 2019,I pray to know where I come from,next day I receive the answer from a book,would you know the planet Hautuon?it’s also from Andromeda Galaxy.May have ethereal spiritual world,domed temples for practice and initiation,also keep Akashic Records ,colourful sky and air full of energy.In my dream,I overlooked the temple,built on top around that area,with columns and ladder.We study inside,and saw bright beam come with teachers,color like yellow and brown.
    My description may be wrong,just for reference.I tried to know more about Hautuon.
    I agree characters describ in this article. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm to write them,fairy lady.

    1. Hi,

      No, I didn’t come across the Planet called Hautuon.
      But Andromeda Galaxy is so vast!
      I suppose the Planet houses the etheric Educational Centre for the Souls in-between lives.
      But no one incarnates on there for life in the etheric body.
      I believe these studies were huge and enjoyable for you, and your Soul has fond and the most recent memories of them.
      The link between your Soul and that Planet is so strong.
      That’s why when you prayed to find your real Home, the name of the Planet Hautuon popped up.

      Lots of Love from Irina

  4. This is by far the most beautiful article that I’ve read about andromedans ❤️ I was told in a dream that I am andromedan and that was before I had ever heard of them. I started reading everything I could about them and discovered that it’s true. Everything I’ve read has described me 100%. It felt amazing to read your article describing my true home, I could see it and feel it in my heart and mind and it brought me so much happiness so thank you

    1. Oh, thank you so much, dear Melissa, delighted you loved my article.
      I’m Sirian Starseed myself, but the Worlds of Andromeda have touched some strings of my Soul.
      And I am fascinated by their Philosophy and Wisdom.
      Lots of Love and Blessings,

    2. Hi Melissa & THANK YOU, Irina from Essex / UK, SOOO MUCH !!
      KEPT RUNNING DOWN MY CHEEKS, WHILE READING about ZENETAE ******* (“85 % covered by the OCEAN; aquamarine sea; The sea plays a massive role in Andromedan’s lives; ….unusual shaped GREEN EYES (!); Andromedan ladies .. (t)heir beauty is wild and untamed … the key to their heart .. well hidden; No roar of the engine; .. Pyramides (underwater temples, Art and Learning Centers; Gaia’s Temple with a big EMERALD in there; 3 sexes; ELDERS, PRIESTS (!!) and Teachers (!); ART (and music) !!! … they pick the subject their Soul is drawn to ->
      .. their LIFE’s MISSION .. their own Uniqueness, Magnificence …”

      1. Thank you, Susanne,

        I loved every minute of writing about Andromeda.
        So pleased I could help you to reconnect with your Home World.

        Much Love and Hugs,


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