Late autumn… Orange and yellow leaves… The tiny drops of rain on the spider webs…

The shops are full of scary stuff – skulls, skeletons, vampires…

31st of October, Halloween, gets closer and closer…

What does Halloween symbolize?

Originally Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, symbolized Death.

According to Wikipedia, it is “the time dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed”.

Halloween started many centuries ago as a Celtic celebration of Samhain, the Lord of Darkness and Dead.

No Force was revered and feared as much as the Lord Samhain.

And Halloween was a big deal for ancient Celts.

As nights were getting longer and the days darker, the ancient Celts believed the Lord Samhain grew in his Power.

And the culmination was celebrated on October 31, the Celtic New Year’s Eve, when the Old Year would die to give way to the new one.

Celts believed that was the only night the dead could raise from their graves, roam freely between the live people and visit their families.

The Lord Samhain and his Team would be on the outlook for the dead to whisk them away to his World of Darkness.

So people had two tasks: protect their deceased ancestors and protect themselves from the Lord Samhain and his evil spirits.

Ancient Celts wore the costumes of Ghosts, Skeletons etc. to trick the evil forces into thinking that they were ones of them.

In order to protect their loved ones who crossed over, people lit up candles, dedicated to the Souls on the other side.

Some countries still have a strong tradition to visit their late relatives’ graves on the 1st or the 2nd November and light up a candle, to let them know that they are still loved and remembered.

Passing by the cemetery in the dark, it looks like a sea of lights, gently swaying in a wind.

The Souls of the crossed over relatives were welcome to visit their families.

A candle, dedicated to them, would be burned all day long.

And when all the family gathers together around the table for dinner, a plate with food would be served for their relative’s Soul.

Is Halloween a religious thing?

Not really. It’s originally a pagan celebration.

But the Church tried to redirect people’s minds by introducing All Saints’ Day on the 1st November and All Souls’ Day on the 2nd November.

The Church didn’t succeed though.

And Halloween remains a massive spooky and commercialized nowadays celebration, bringing up a dark side of us.

There is nothing bad about it.

I personally enjoy and find entertaining “The Addams Family” and “Corpse Bride”.

We all have and shouldn’t deny that we have a Shadow.

But enough about Halloween dark history…

Now, what’s the REAL meaning of Halloween?

To make it clear, I talk about not just the 31st October, but all the time from the end of October till Christmas.

1  Traditionally it’s the time for a lot of people when jobs in the garden are finished.

Nature is going to sleep and rest, recharge its batteries until Spring comes.

We have more time for ourselves.

That’s a perfect occasion to celebrate!

After busy, hectic, yes, happy and sunny days nature withdraws, encouraging us to go inside, not just our houses, but inside ourselves to meet our Soul.

Nights become longer, and the darkness outside prompts the shadow part of us to come forward, asking to be addressed.

2  Halloween falls into so-called in-between times.

What is in-between time or space?

It is a territory in-between – when something has finished, and the next thing hasn’t started yet.

The most talked about in-between experience is so-called Witching Hour – time between 2a.m. and 4a.m. when a lot of people wake up regularly and wonder what’s wrong with them.

Nothing wrong, they wake up when the night is practically over, but the next day hasn’t started yet.

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This in-between time means “nothing”, “zero”, when you fall in a void, in a place that doesn’t exist.

It is where everything is possible. It is where magic resides.

The veil between the physical and the spiritual worlds is at its thinnest.

And a lot of people feel it, waking up around 3a.m.

An opposite example is when day turns into night.

Have you ever watched the sunset, the Sun, falling under the horizon, lighting the sky in beautiful red, pink and orange colours?

The darkness, enveloping all around and the world falling asleep?

Could you feel the Magic of the Night?

I love the very special in-between time – the New Year’s Eve.

At midnight, when the clock strikes 12 times, for those seconds you drop in a void – between the Old and the New Years.

That’s a powerful zero reset… Magical time… Make your wish now whilst the clock strikes boom…boom…boom…

It will come true!

Don’t tell anyone, keep your wish to yourself.

Returning to Halloween, it’s the magical time between two seasons – autumn and winter.

That’s why the Veil thins, and we can access easier invisible worlds.

We can connect with our loved ones in Heaven, Angels, any other Beings, not wearing a physical body.

Don’t forget about yourself – what about calling on your own Higher Self, your Twin Flames (your Soul Family) and the very Soul?

The magical time shall not be missed and is designed for making predictions for your next year.

What did you learn in the year, coming to the end?

What is the main topic of your next year?

What important is destined to happen next year?

So answering the question…

What do Spiritual people do on Halloween?

#1  Spiritual people have fun and enjoy themselves on Halloween, forgetting all about the Spiritual meaning of Halloween.

Do whatever brings you joy and adds to the feeling of celebration:

carve a pumpkin into jack-o’-lantern

make spooky Halloween cupcakes

have a fun with Halloween decorations, decorate your house and your front garden

dress up in a Halloween costume and maybe spook your next door (don’t give them a heart attack though!)

When celebration is over, turn to the Spiritual side.

#2  Remember your special loved one in Heaven, light a candle for him or her.

You can talk to them, looking at the little flickering flame and recalling their face.

Maybe you will get a little message?

Or maybe your dear one will come to you in the dream?

Say a little prayer for them, self-made, from the heart, like:

“Dear God, please look after my Dad, be a loving Father to him as he’s been used to being a loving and caring Father for me. 

Forgive him his “wrongs” and reward his “rights”. 

Keep him happy, fulfilled and progressing Spiritually under your wing.

Because I love him so much.

Thank you, dear God.


Our prayers do miracles, and the Departed Ones need them!

#3  Make predictions for the coming year.

Remember that the Veil between two worlds is thin, and that it is a proper time to access the flow of hidden information.

How to do this if you think you are not blessed with Psychic Abilities?


1 Using Pendulum

Pendulum is absolutely MUST in your Spiritual Tool Box.

You can get it online, look for example at this beautiful Pendulum:

But you need not just any, but YOUR Pendulum.

Keep tuning in, and your Pendulum will “jump” on you.

You will feel an instant connection.

It happened to me many years ago when I fell in love at first sight with my Tiger Eye Pendulum.

Buy yours once and have it forever!

How to use Pendulum?

Read all about it  in my article “Pendulum Dowsing for the Beginners”.

What questions to ask your Pendulum:

🤔1  Which area of my life will see changes next year?

Will it be:

a) Relationships;

b) Money;

c) Career;

d) etc.

For example, the Pendulum shows “Relationships”.

Whom with?

a) A Partner;

b) Children;

c) Maybe a new relationship.

🤔2 Ask questions related to your situation:

a) Will I move the house?

If yes, when? Keep going through the months until your Pendulum shows “yes”.

b) Will I start a new business?

c) Will we get a puppy?

d) Etc.

🤔3 Whatever questions you have on your mind…

✨2  DIY Reading using Angel Tarot cards

I’m using Angel Tarot cards by Radleigh Valentine for this Reading.

Separate the deck into two parts – Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards).

For example, you will make predictions for the first three months of the year – January, February and March.

Shuffle Major Arcana cards now until you feel it is enough.

Thinking what January will bring you, pull a card.

Major Arcana unveils major influences for you during January.

The meaning is written on each card.

Next take your Minor Arcana cards, shuffle them and pull a card, still concentrating on your January.

Minor Arcana talks about life’s little things.

Not every day something big and sensational happens in our life.

We normally go through the same routine, the same motions.

The Minor Arcana card will pick the situation that stands out.

Water – your feelings.

Fire – career and studies.

Earth – finances.

Air – energy.

So if you pick for example a Fire card, it means that your work and career step forward for you that month.

Absence of other elements also means that nothing special will happen in those departments.

The same situation about your relationship, money and health.

Again the meaning is written on the card.

Rinse and repeat for February and March.

I’ll pull two cards for myself using Angel Tarot cards now.

So… my January…

Angel Tarot Reading
Image: my own

Major Arcana – #14 Balance with Archangel Zadkiel:

“The need for balance and moderation. Cooperation and compromise. Wait for perfect timing.”

Minor Arcana – Four of Water 

“Missing an opportunity. Discontentment or boredom. Open your eyes to the possibilities.”

As you can see, Major Arcana indicates my January will be calm and quiet, designed to rest and get my batteries recharged.

Perhaps too calm for me on the border with boredom, because I like a good old piece of action!

The Minor Arcana card, Water, tells me that my January will be about how I feel.

But the good news is money and a job won’t bother me (no Earth and Fire), and no difficult times are on the horizon (no Air).

Don’t forget to write it all down.

When your January, February and March are over, check your predictions and compare with reality.

You’ll be surprised what a Master Tarot Reader you are!

Another idea is to put down 12 Major Arcana cards “A year at a glance”, a card for every month.

Major Arcana gives you a big picture, what is coming in the air next year for you.

You will see straight away which months stand out and are packed with events for you.

To understand which sort of event it is about, pull a Minor Arcana card.

Very generally again Water symbolizes feelings and relationships, Earth – money, Fire – work and career, Air – possible difficult stuff.

You will see a bird’s eye view of the whole year.

If you want to dig deeper into the cards’ meanings, read my article “Tarot cards Framework”.

Write predictions for every month down, and if you spotted something exciting, help to manifest it!

Dream about it and feel so so happy in your dream, this will help to pull your dream into reality.

✨3  DIY Fortune Telling using Oracle cards

Perhaps you have some Oracle cards already.

If you haven’t, I recommend you Oracle cards that I love:

🔮 Ask Angels Oracle Cards by Melanie Beckler;

🔮 Crystal Spirit Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid;

🔮 The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.

Relax, shuffle the deck and concentrate on your question like for example:

🤔1  What was my 2020 year about for me? What was my lesson to learn?

🤔2  What is a message for my present situation?

🤔3  Advice for my 2021 year?

Pull a card out of the deck.

Take your time, looking at the card, read the message slowly.

Absorb the information, process it not just with your mind, but the most importantly WITH YOUR HEART.

The Invisible Realms talk to you through the Oracle cards now.

I’ll pull a card from Melanie Beckler’s Ask Angels Oracle Cards.

Oracle cards Reading; Spiritual Halloween
Image: my own

“Live With Passion” – Archangel Michael has a message for me.

I’ll read the message from the little book: “ Follow your passion to align with the flow of the Universe and with love…”

It carries on, the message is quite long.

Of course, you can pull more, for instance three cards: one – for the 2020 year, what a lesson has it taught you, the second one what is the most important for you at the moment, and the third one – for the next year, what it will be about for you, the energies around you.

But I’m afraid you will end up with such a cocktail in your head, stop seeing the wood for the trees and forget all the next minute you put the cards away.

But hopefully you will remember only one card, and it will get you thinking.

✨4  No Pendulum, no cards whatsoever?

Prepare important questions and ask your Guides and Angels to provide you with answers.

For example, you ask whether you will find your True Love next year.

Concentrating on the question, turn your TV on, listen and watch what’s going on there.

There could be a comedy on, and you could get a really funny message that would make you laugh!

Still take it seriously.

Thinking of what my next year will be about, I turned the TV on. 

And here is what I heard: “…power. Introducing a new cordless vacuum cleaner…” – it was a hoover’s ad.

Now, don’t get the message literally. Mine doesn’t mean I’m getting the new hoover next year.

Analyze it.

So the general theme for my next year is POWER.

Bringing Power back into my life if I let it slip away from me, standing in my Power.

I like it! “I’ve got the Power!”

But… No way Power means Control.

New stuff does happen to everyone every year, but this is apparently something I never thought about or never expected, a completely new situation will be introduced to me, big and hopefully exciting.

Also my life will be squeaky cleaned, hoovered from the old rubbish that weighs me down. 

By the way, when you ask Archangel Michael to clean your aura, he literally hoovers it…

So analyze your message. 

And write it down in your Journal, otherwise you will forget it.

Another version – get a book off the shelf, open it randomly, poke your finger somewhere and read.

Obviously, avoid using technical books, the answer would be too confusing.

Or turn your radio on and listen to the first song’s lyrics.

Sometimes it’s hard to decode the message.

But at least you can distinguish if it is positive or negative stuff up there.

So positive means “yes”, negative is “no”.

#4  Open your Third Eye 

Gaze at a candle (lit up of course) to open your Third Eye.

Imagine that the fire burns off all dark and dense energies, blockages, leaving your Third Eye warm, clean and sharp.

Work with Dragons, supporting Psychic Abilities Development.

Read my article “Invoke Spiritual Dragons for help”.

Dragons are the best companions during Halloween because they are so powerful and designed to deal with negative forces.

You can also gaze at the Waning Gibbous Moon (when it is large enough and getting bigger and bigger), absorbing milky silver energy of the Moon.

Inhale now this energy into your heart, feel it moving up, filling your head, and exhale through your Third Eye.

#5  Ground yourself

Try at least once before the winter to walk on the ground barefoot, if you dare of course!.

My Guides asked me to perform this Ritual:

Bridging Earth and Heaven

The Ritual is performed outside on a Full Moon night barefoot.

Look at the Moon, even if the sky is overcast, you know it is there.

See the milky, pearlescent liquid Light of the Moon streaming down on you, flashing gently through your body and aura and pouring down into Earth, healing and restoring our Planet.

You basically act as an antennae, nurturing the Planet.

But at the same time you heal and rejuvenate yourself.

No little help gets unnoticed.

According to the Law of Tenfold Return, when you give, you receive a ten-fold return from the Universe.

To be honest, my first thought was: “Brr… The ground is too cold in November to stand on it barefoot.”

But my Guides remarked: “It only takes a couple of minutes. Also the Autumn ground is not too bad and still gives away warmth accumulated during the Summer.”

If you decide to do it, make sure you have some sort of light to see where you put your foot.

Then turn your light off and concentrate on the Moon.

Always use your own discernment before you do anything.

No way Guides mean for you catching cold or injuring your foot…

By the way, I soaked the Full Moon’s Light in, but with shoes on.

The Guides were right.

The energy was flooding through and splashing around me, creating the ripples, affecting the area for miles, which was nice.

But it wouldn’t flow inside Earth.

#6  Let go

The trees outside shake off their leaves.

Shake off you too anything you don’t need, that is outdated and doesn’t serve anymore.

Let it go…

Here is a Full Moon Ritual, designed to let go and close the situations that you would like to leave behind and avoid dragging their energies into the New Year.

You don’t have to be barefoot this time.

Very often we don’t properly close the stuff that has ended in our life.

Maybe you came out of a relationship in the past, but have you noticed it still affects you in your present.

The demons of that relationship, that doesn’t exist anymore, still on your case and torture you.

You find it hard to trust again, you are suspicious, you are still full of hurt and resentment and generally have not a good opinion of opposite sex.

How to start a new healthy and loving relationship on such a rotten foundation?

Or maybe you’ve lost a job.

You hated that job anyway.

If you don’t close the situation, you will simply attract another job that will make you unhappy.

Close that job, say it properly goodbye.

Think what you have attracted into your life in the first place for.

What lessons did that job teach you?

What did you need it for?

Nail the answer, learn your lesson and there won’t be need for it to be repeated.

And perform the powerful Full Moon Ritual.

We have two Full Moons between Halloween and Christmas this year.

The first one exactly on Halloween – the 31st October, the very rare Blue Moon.

The second one – on the 30th November.

On the night of the Full Moon come outside. 

Hopefully it’s not cloudy, and you can see the shining white disc of the Full Moon.

If you can’t, you know that the Moon is there.

If you can’t go outside, perform the Ritual indoors, visualising the Full Moon.

Close your eyes, and let the Moon’s silver Light pour over your face. 

Think of whatever or whoever you want to release and say “Goodbye”.

Thank them for the lesson.

Let the Moon’s silver Light pour through every cell of your body, cleansing and washing off every little bit of the old situation.

Thank the Moon and send it your Love.

Come back indoors, filled with Love and Magical Silver Moonlight.

#7 Cleanse yourself

It’s time to cleanse yourself and your Home…

Add salt to your bath. It has tremendous cleaning properties.

Get this Himalayan Salt.

Or simply add the usual salt of your kitchen cupboard. It’s still salt.

I want to share with you a beautiful way of cleansing your energy – Unicorn Shower.

Unicorn Shower

When you are in the shower or in the bath, ask Unicorns to join you and shower their blessings on you.

Close your eyes to see what they shower you with.

Unicorns are Angelic Beings, and very often they throw ethereal feathers or rose petals over you.

Maybe they are the whole flowers – roses, lilies, bluebells, daisies?

Or if your aura needs a really good scrub, they chuck seashells on you?

What colour are they? White, pink, blue, golden, silver?

After Unicorns are satisfied with your cleanliness, they touch you with their horn, lighting up your aura instantly.

Where did they touch you? What a gift did they bestow on you?

If you want to learn more about Unicorns, read the most recent book of my favourite Spiritual Teacher Diana Cooper “The Magic of Unicorns” or her previous book about Unicorns “The Wonder of Unicorns”.


How to cleanse energetically your Home

I like to keep things simple and don’t have complicated rituals.

When I mop floors, I add a tiny bit of salt to water. Less is more in this case.

Salt is famous for its ability to absorb energy, actually water is too.

So anything negative from your floors will be absorbed and after you finish, chucked away with water.

Smudging is another popular way to cleanse the space, but I personally don’t like funny smells in the house.

But if you insist, you can get the smudging kit here.

Basically, using salt is enough for me.

But the whole situation changes if things start breaking in your house, anything – crockery, appliances etc.

If three or more things break within a week, it’s time for a deep clean.

When you are home on your own ( your family might think you turned funny), walk around the house and clap your hands in each corner.

You can also chant “OUM” at the same time.

Don’t forget to thank God and feel grateful that only maybe a silly old cup or a plate broke, but not your or your loved ones health, finances, relationship etc. 

Negative energy can manifest itself anywhere – physical objects, health, money, work, relationships.

Good job it was only the broken cup!

Your loving Guides and Angels directed that destroying energy from you to the material object.

Call on Dragons to cleanse your home. Read about Spiritual Dragons here.

The Fire-and-Water Dragon is an expert of deep steam clean.

See him putting a cute old fashioned apron with ruffles on and flying like a helicopter in your house, puffing hot steam about.

Learn more about Spiritual Dragons in this book.

#8 Protect yourself, your loved ones and your home

Especially on Halloween, the Veil between two worlds is so thin, all sorts of Spirits flood the Earth.

And you don’t want the majority of them.

So how to protect yourself, your family and your home?

Use crystals known for their protective quality. 

Here are some of them, interesting that the majority of them are black.

Pick a couple of Crystals you are drawn to:

Black Tourmaline


Smoky Quartz


Black Obsidian


Fire Agate

Lapis Lazuli


✨  Burn a candle every night.

Fire has protective and cleaning quality.

Even if you don’t have a pleasure of open fire or a wood burner in your Home, the tiny flame of the candle will help to keep unwelcome Spirits at bay.

When the darkness falls, light up a candle and feel a special connection – as if in the whole world there are only little dancing yellow flame and the Light inside you – the Light of your Soul…

Also it feels very cosy and atmospheric to have a lit up candle in a room.

We have a lot of fairy lights in our Home as well.

The Universe operates through symbols, and a little fairy light is a powerful symbol of fire.

✨ The House Angel

Yes, your Home has its own Angel, appointed and looking after it.

Acknowledge your House Angel, thank him or her for looking after your House and ask for a special protection during Halloween.

✨Your House Brownie

The little Spirit, living in your House, is unseen and often unappreciated.

But he works so hard to keep your House safe, everything functioning and you being well and protected.

Give him your heartfelt thanks and offer a treat – maybe a saucer of milk or a spoonful of honey or simply a sweet.

Leave it overnight somewhere low, because your Brownie is a short fella, but keep away from pets.

At night he will enjoy his treat, consuming its prana (energy of life).

The Brownie is a non-physical Being and can’t physically eat the treat.

The next morning chuck the milk or honey away – it has been for your Brownie only!

You and the treat will make him so happy!

Invisible world likes to be appreciated too!

✨ Dragons

Dragons are so helpful during Halloween (and actually always) because of their ability to dive deep in messy and dark energy.

Read my article “Invoke Spiritual Dragons for help”.

And you absolutely need Black Dragon for Protection.

Fear nothing next to this huge and powerful Dragon who protects you and nourishes seeds of Transformation inside you.

Nature goes underground over the winter.

There in the dark and calm, embraced and nurtured by soil of Mother Earth, they rest and gather energy to go through rapid Transformation in the Spring, exploding with greenery and colourful blooms.

Black Dragon acts in a similar way.

She cocoons you in her soft and gentle black energy.

The colour black is initially the colour of feminine, magic and mistery.

You become invisible for negative forces.

Time to rest and undergo Transformation.

Greatness awaits you!

#9  Face your inner shadow

Close your eyes and ask your inner shadow to step forward facing you.

How big is your shadow?

Can you feel it?

Is it fear, old pain, guilt?

What an event in your past is it linked to?

Don’t judge, don’t think, just feel, simply watch and acknowledge your shadow.

And give it a warm and gentle hug.

Open your heart and pour love into your shadow until it starts to cry, melt, until your shadow shrinks and turns into a baby in your arms – a healthy, chubby cheeks baby.

The baby calms down and falls asleep, but you still can see tiny silver tears on his or her long eyelashes.

Rock the baby, spend some time and feel how much you love him or her.

And then… put the baby safely in your heart.

Feel some missing part of your heart returning back to you.

#10  Talk to your Soul, your Soul Family and enter your Heart

November… Nature withdraws… And to be in the flow with the world, it’s time to go within and favour your Soul.

What do you really want from life?

And what you DO NOT want.

A quote by Dr Wayne Dyer springs to my mind: “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.”

What is the purpose of your life?

A Psychological Test can help.

Imagine that the Doctor delivered you an unpleasant diagnosis – you have one year left to live.

What would you plan to do that year?

Make a list.

Then the Doctor says that your situation is even worse, and you have only three months left to live.

Cross some things off your list, laser focus on the most important.

Now… it is exactly what you have to start doing TODAY.

Even if you introduce it very slowly.

It is what your Soul yearns for.

It is the Moment of Truth.

Your beautiful and wise Soul talks back to you.

Connect with your Soul Family.

Initially your Higher Self sent out 12 identical sparks to all over the Universes and Galaxies to gain different experience and bring it back to Higher Self.

You are one of these original sparks in a human body, educating yourself in the school of Earth.

But you have 11 Brothers and Sisters, experiencing all sorts of life – physical or etheric – and scattered in the infinite world.

Separation is an illusion.

You are all connected by invisible golden threads.

Maybe you, living on an Earthy plane, don’t consciously acknowledge them.

But your Family, residing on a higher level, feel and know what’s going on with you every second of your life.

If you need support, talk to them.

Who to ask for help if not your own relatives first.

They will send relevant energy along the golden threads, connecting you.

Drop in a void

Close your eyes and open the beautiful heart of yours.

Imagine maybe double doors on your heart that are normally shut.

Open them wide and drop within.

There inside is a place of calm and stillness, a void, the Cosmos of Peace and Tranquility.

All life’s storms are left outside…

Enjoy this quiet moment and return often.

The final thoughts

I do love Halloween.

It is associated for me with burnt orange colour, candles, smells after apples and cinnamon, rain and fresh wind, funny and spooky.

Halloween is a quirky celebration, but when you look closer, you discover a deeply Spiritual, meaningful and wonderful special season that suits us, highly sensitive people, down to the grounds.

Try some of the activities, described above, and leave me a comment below.

Who knows, maybe Halloween will become your second favourite magical celebration after Christmas!

Have a Spooktacular Wonderful Halloween!

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