Walk-Ins: Spiritual Soul Exchanges, Featured Image

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  1. My ex husband seems to exhibit all in article . He had gone thru a trauma of vaccine injury he could not cope . He , literally went and separated with me after 26 yrs of marriage lost all love and interest of me within months to the vaccine injury, he does not know why . He , was visited by ancestors in his dreams , moving to new location and forging ahead with his new life he thought it was for the best for both of us . He never attempted to even try to give it a chance . I was very confused and hurt not knowing why .

    Since, I had physic abilities runs in my line of generation of women , I could sense he was not my husband . Prior, to our separation , I spent time with him and his touch and smell was quite different. There were many other things I could sense that was not my husband .

    I do sense after sometime of acceptance and forgiveness on a more spiritual level that my real husband still resides somewhere in him . As , we can talk and communicate a lot better than we did when married . I also now can sense he is still somewhere in there because his actions are different compared to when the trauma occurred and afterwards .He doesn’t know why he feels the overwhelming sense to keep me protected . I only desired wish that my real husbands soul would come back to me and hoping for whatever reason he is still here . I know this would have never happened if the vaccine injury did not occurred , as he has mentioned it to me . The due strain and stress of our marriage occurring specifically about his vaccine injury really did a number on him .

    Many times while observing him many things I had never seen thru our 26 yrs of marriage nor the overwhelming feeling and sensing he was not the same at all . It happened literally within months this change .

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