Ursa Minor Starseeds

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  1. Good day,
    I have moles that connects into Ursa Minor on my face so I was curious about which Starseed it represented. Interesting story of Mnegations!
    I love Metaphysics because it is the combination of Science, Physics, Technology, Spirituality, and Religion. I love most sports and swimming.
    When I was 3-4 years old living in a haunted apartment number 13, with 8 siblings, 4 cats, and a single mother, I already saw or dreamed of infant reptilians my age , and fairies, that I did not remember as a Starseed. But my siblings and I, always hear loud stomps on the stairs around 1-2 midnight. I moved into apartment 14, I was 7-11 years old when I dreamed of the same rectangular metal spaceship 3 times, floating above the road of the apartment I lived in. Currently, I am 31 Earth years old, but I did not know what they were until my elder sister introduced me to a YouTube Channel- The Truth Can Change Your Life which was about Extraterrestrials and who was behind the corrupted martrix.
    Last year, around December 2021, I think I saw Ursa Minor’s Beautiful Shining Metal Spaceship slowly fading, and rotating counterclockwise in the cloudy sky when I was in my upstairs bedroom. Ursa Minors spaceship did not look like the ship I dreamed of in childhood. But Ursa Minor spaceship was kind of slow moving, so intricate, and too glistening to even looking like a space rocket. It was something that I cannot remember imagining from my past life. I asked to see them. I still cannot believe what I saw though.
    My ethnicity is Cambodian but I am Asian American, and was born, and raised in California.
    I have been meditating for about 6 years now, to obtain my light body, to reactivate my Levitation and Teleportation powers.
    We are All the Sacred Flower of Life, “I am You, You are Me, somewhere Multidimensionally in many forms”.
    Thanks for sharing. Stay Healthy and Perfectly Blessed Bee.

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