The Magician


You are a free and independent person.

You have to make your own decisions.

And you have to look for your own solutions.

You are strong and intelligent enough to reach your goal.

All you have to do is to Dare to Wish it bad enough!

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Meet The Magician, the card #1 of Major Arcana. Learn meanings of Tarot cards! #TarotCards #TarotMajorArcana
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So our Hero started his journey in card #0, The Fool.

Then he realized that he can’t carry on on the bare enthusiasm.
In order to succeed he needs to add other qualities to his toolbox – skills, confidence, witty mind and sharp tongue.

And our Hero turned himself from the Fool into The Magician.

#1 Card The Magician is another card for a powerful Beginning, but before The Fool would just surrender and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

This time The Magician makes a conscious decision to embark on something new, the decision based on logic, experience, skills and self-belief.

The difference between The Fool and The Magician is that The Fool is more about Spirituality, Faith, Trust and God – the qualities embracing the Universe. And The Magician laser focuses on himself – his own abilities.

No doubt, he is a smarty pants. His brain is his main weapon. 

Unlike The Fool living from an open heart in the beautiful Universe full of Wonders, and he is the Universe himself.

For The Magician all attention shifts on himself, on his ego.

So The Fool’s main organ is his heart, and The Magician’s one – his mind.

The Fool looks at the world with big, wide open, shining eyes full of awe and wonder.

The Magician’s eyes reflect his cold mind, however they do have a twinkle and a spark.

Don’t try to play on The Magician’s emotions – you won’t succeed!

You can’t use The Magician – these things just don’t work with him.

His ruling Planet Mercury blessed him generously with a gift of communication. Smooth talking and cunning Magician can wrap anyone around his little finger.

His charm works like magic.

The Magician is driven, ambitious, powerful, hates stagnation and always aims to grow.

Meet The Magician, the card #1 of Major Arcana! Learn Tarot cards meanings! #TarotCards #TarotMajorArcana
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He is an avid learner, constantly honing his skills and knowledge, getting new experience.

The Magician’s #1 energy is laser focused on one thing at a time (unlike for example #2 when the flow of energy divides in two weakened currents).

You definitely met such people – confident, with steely determination and fire in their belly pursuing their dreams, striving for success to become #1 in life! Someone can call them “bossy” because of the way they present themselves and the natural leadership ability.

There is somewhere a field, a territory where they are born to become #1!

Another distinctive trait of The Magician is his ability to manifest things. “It’s” really “a kind of magic” when he turns his dreams into reality as if he’s got a magic wand!

The Magician definitely has got charisma!

When later we look at Tarot spreads, we will uncover the person’s hidden talents and powers depends on which position the card #1 falls into.

Get a feeling for The Magician card

New beginning, power, vitality, high laser focused energy, intelligence, skills, abilities, charisma, leadership, excellent communication skills, creation, manifestation, confidence and self-belief.

So Upright The Magician means:

Willpower, confidence, skills, experience, high vitality, determination, communication, creation, manifestation.

The time is now! You’ve got it all – skills, knowledge, drive and energy. Go for it!

The Magician’s motto is: “I can do it! Watch me!”

Reversed The Magician:

Reversed card means that there is too much or too little of The Magician’s qualities.

Too little – lack of confidence and self-belief. You are a real gem, but… you don’t feel worthy.

Be real – you are magical, wonderful, smart, hardworking!

You’ve got the power to turn your life into anything you want. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Too much – The Magician’s willpower and a burning desire to be #1 in access turns him into a dominant and self-obsessed person with a massive ego.

Or his extraordinary magic skills make him a Master of Deception, Illusion and Delusion, Trickery and Manipulation.

He will use his excellent communication skills to talk you around for his selfish goal.

The Magician’s song – Elin Lanto “I can do it”:

“…I can do it, I can do it, I can really make it this time, watch me now.

I can make it, I can make it, I can really take it this time, watch me now.

I show you what I mean if you wondering how.

Just keep your eyes open and watch me now.

I can do it, I can do it, I can.. I will make it this time…”

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Meet The Magician, the card #1 of Major Arcana! Learn meanings of Tarot cards. #TarotCards #TarotMajorArcana
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