Tarot cards reading

Many years ago I was introduced to Tarot cards. I was mesmerised, enchanted, smitten… I fell in love with Tarot.

Tarot became my best friend and adviser. It was comforting me when I felt blue and inspiring me showing the new directions and destinations. The wise cards warned me of the potential pitfalls ahead and HAPPINESS and JOY waiting just around the corner!

Tarot taught me how to attract a desirable future and even kept earning me money for years when I started giving the public readings!

These magnificent cards are an old, wise friend. They TALK like a live being – you only have to learn to listen!

How do Tarot cards work?

Tarot reading is based on the Laws of Universe:

#1 Law of Attraction – You tune into the situation, and the cards you pull out from the deck for yourself or your client will be an exact energetic match of what’s going on in yours or your client’s life.

You can’t get the wrong card! It will be magnetised from the deck to you.

#2 As Within So Without – The outside little world of Tarot cards will rearrange itself to become an energetic copy of your inner world.

#3 Law of Reflection – Your chosen Tarot cards will be an exact mirror reflection of your existing reality.

Tarot cards are the ancient language of Divination. If human language operates with words, the Tarot cards language elements are symbols and numbers.

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Which Tarot cards deck is the best?

Over the years I went through quite a few Tarot decks settling eventually on the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck.

Original Rider Waite Tarot cards deck
Image: Pixabay

They worked perfectly for me. Each card has only necessary attributes: the number, a name and a picture which is plenty.

As you look at the picture your right brain comes into force bringing into your inner space feelings, knowledge, thoughts and pictures (when you close your eyes and shut your physical vision).

Some cards have got a piece of text, the meaning of a card usually at the bottom of the card. It normally applies to the Oracle cards, but the Tarot cards decks can have this text too.

When you do a reading you can’t help it but your eyes start to read what is written on the card. It straight away activates your left logical and rational brain which is useless for the psychic readings. You feel kicked out from the psychic flow of information.

You need your right brain to come into play, you need to gain access into the subtle world of the subconscious and the stream of the unknown.

So I personally don’t advise using the Tarot cards deck with explanations on every card.

My choice of Tarot cards

My Tarot cards I’m working with at the moment are Archangels Power Tarot. They replaced the Rider Waite cards after Angels didn’t recommend to use the traditional Tarot cards.

Angels explained that because of existing duality on Earth (day – night, positive – negative etc.) there are always two opposite forces attached to everything, two Angels: the Angel of Light and the Angel of Dark.

You can read more about Dark Angels here.

Imagine what a vast and powerful figure The Dark Angel overlooking Tarot became over centuries fed on the dark human energies.

What is the main driving force pushing people to take the Tarot reading – FEAR. Fear of unknown, fear of what future might hold for them, fear of uncertainty.

What are the emotions dominating during the Tarot cards reading? Fear again! People are scared of what the reading can reveal (maybe their partner is really unfaithful to them?). They are petrified seeing the card #12 “The Hanged Man”. They faint when the card #13 “Death” shows up – “Am I going to die?” Because the traditional image on the card is rather creepy.

But I have to say there are NO bad cards in the Tarot cards deck at all. Each card even scariest looking contains a grain of positivity and wisdom. The mentioned above card #13 “Death” means the new beginning around the corner as well.

And the good reader always keeps reading as uplifting, optimistic and positive as possible discussing the most difficult matters in a tactful and diplomatic way.

Anyway you don’t really want the Dark Angel as the third person in a room playing with yours and your client’s energy fields.

So the Angels suggested to take a look and choose from the Angel Tarot cards decks.

Each image on the Angels Tarot cards is overlit by Archangels keeping energy light and beautiful.

And as we know where there is light there is no dark.

As Angels say they don’t see any crime in Tarot cards readings. They are just surprised how passionate humans are about knowing their future.

Probably because unlike us, humans, the Angels have got an ability to present simultaneously in thousands of places (being omnipresent) and any point of time.

Our future is not a secret for them. They can see it as clearly as we can recall the events from our past.

Asking what’s around the corner is the same for Angels like enquiring about the past, for example if someone asks anxiously what he or she has had for breakfast this morning…

As I mentioned before Angels don’t mind Tarot cards readings.

They are only a bit concerned about what can be disclosed during a reading to a client. Some information can be passed on only if the person is ready. It comes a lot to the reader’s wisdom and discernment.

Also it’s not ethical to discuss some matters at all!

Because of someone shouldn’t really touch the Tarot cards until they reach the age of 33 – The Sacred Number, Age of Jesus Christ and Wisdom.

Coming back to the Angels Tarot cards, I have to say there is not a massive choice. I picked in the end the Archangel Power Tarot cards by Radleigh Valentine.

Archangel Power Tarot cards

They look and feel quite nice, but I’m not entirely happy with them. I wish they didn’t have the bit of text on them that I’ve been talking about above.

I also purchased Angel Tarot cards by Radleigh Valentine, but I still prefer Archangel Power Tarot cards.

I’ve got the second set of Angel cards for a reason. Sometimes you need only Major Arcana for your reading. So I have separated Major Arcana from the Angel Tarot cards deck and use it only for this purpose.

SO you’ve chosen your new shiny Tarot cards deck, and before you even dive in and start learning the meanings of the cards, you probably question yourself if you have to be special, to have the psychic abilities to carry out the psychic readings!

Psychic Abilities for Tarot cards reading

Activating your psychic senses is crucial for a Tarot reading. Note – I said activating, NOT obtaining the psychic abilities. You’ve got them already dormant inside you.

The knowledge of the Tarot cards provides you with a good structure, frame and idea for your Tarot reading. But psychic abilities will give it the WOW factor!

Psychic abilities

The best ever Tarot cards reader whom I met never learnt Tarot, didn’t know the meaning of a single card, but her readings rocked! Because she had worked years and years as a healer developing her psychic senses before she touched the Tarot cards.

She started modestly, she would pull a card from the deck, look at it and say what she saw. For example Two of Pentacles ( if we simplify the picture) looks like a man with two coins. She would say then: “Don’t expect to get a lot of money!”

The lady went from strength to strength basically using the Tarot cards only as a starting point for her reading.

She would pull a card, look at it and find her head in the flow of information. Her readings were amazingly detailed and accurate. She would mention dates (time is always a stumbling block in readings) and picture the events in future.

She got extremely popular and literally stalked by clients, worked like mad driving herself into the ground.

In the end unfortunately she got a mini stroke and accepted it as a sign from the Universe that she should stop doing readings.

Her words were: “God does everything for a reason, and there is a reason why some information is hidden from us. LOVE, TRUST and FAITH are the three keys to be at the heart of everything we do in our lives instead of chasing the knowledge of our future”.

I think the real reason, why her physical health collapsed, was simply working too hard draining and exhausting herself.

But we are clever. We love ourselves. And when the army of clients encircle us begging for a reading, we will remember about the healthy work-life balance.

Anyway without using the psychic abilities it could be a very basic and clumsy reading.

Tarot cards are the language. When we talk, we understand that there is so called verbal and non-verbal communication.

A University of Pennsylvania study reported that the majority of communication is transmitted non-verbally – 93% (70% – body language, 23% – voice tone and inflection), and only 7% is your spoken words.

Remember the Universal Law “As within so without”? Only 7% of information during your reading will come from recalling a card’s meaning.

Your psychic abilities will be responsible for providing you with the rest, 93%, the sea of information, to build the full picture.

Have I got psychic abilities?

Now probably you are telling yourself: “I can stare at the cards for ages, and nothing happens. My mind stays virgin and blank. No psychic visions are born inside, no sacred information is passed on me”.

“Have I got the psychic abilities at all?”

I’ve got the good news for you – of course you have! Because initially you are a Spirit wearing a human body for this lifetime. You actually have spent much more time being the Light and the Spirit between your incarnations than living in the physical body.

Spirits don’t have physical eyes, ears, noses etc. So obviously you have mastered the art of non-physical, psychic communication. It’s just dormant, well forgotten, snoozing inside you. Having a physical body, you are used to rely heavily and only on your physical senses, absolutely ignoring the psychic ones.

But you can start to perceive the world through the psychic senses again. Do the regular exercises, be patient , and one day the psychic visions will break through into your inner world. You will be able to hear the Higher Beings of Light, and the psychic information will flood your head.

Just keep going. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Keep working on your psychic muscles. They too need time to be re-built.

You can try this exercise to develop your psychic abilities. I can’t remember where I got it from, I read a lot. And the exercise definitely does the trick.

Exercise #1

Find the place where it is quiet and you wouldn’t be disturbed, relax, close your eyes. Imagine that you are somewhere outside, in nature. Look around – how does it look like? Are you in the centre of the meadow? Is it a river bank? Is it a woodland’s clearing? Can you hear birds singing? The whisper of trees? Can you feel the light warm breeze, sun caressing your skin?

Red Balloon

Now imagine that you’ve got a balloon in your hands. It is of a colour red. Feel it, examine its size. Maybe there is a picture on the side of the balloon like the heart for example. See how bright it is.

Let the balloon go. Watch it lifting higher and higher in the blue sky. It becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears completely from your sight.

You’ve got another balloon in your hands now – this time orange. Take a look at it and let it go. Watch the wind taking the balloon away from you until it turns into a tiny dot on the sky – and it is gone!

Repeat with more balloons – yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and purple.

The exercise is simple but mighty. It will give jump start to your psychic abilities – clairvoyance, clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowledge), clairalience (clear smelling) etc.

Here is another good exercise to develop your psychic abilities:

Exercise #2: Talk to Angel

Make sure your environment is very quiet, and you will be undisturbed. Sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes. If it is day time, put the hand across your eyes to completely shut the light off until all you can see with your physical eyes is darkness.

Imagine yourself inside a vertical column filled with Golden light. The column stretches down to the centre of Earth (grounding) and up to Heaven (connecting to Divine). The Golden light circulates up bringing you Love of Mother Earth and down bathing you in the Heavenly energies, washing away from your aura all stagnant, heavy and negative energies that don’t serve you.

Say now: “I AM the Gold Ray of Christ”, – which gives you the strong protection. You also can ask Archangel Michael for his Deep Blue Cloak of Protection.

It’s very quiet and dark. Your physical senses are disengaged, and now the psychic senses have a chance to come into force.

Open your heart. You probably ask yourself a question now: “How am I supposed to open my heart?” Just do it! Relax, and the very intention will do it for you.

Guardian Angel

Ask Archangel Michael to talk to you, explain that you do an exercise. Concentrate, look and listen!

Focus inside the darkness of your visual field and try to see something. Listen to the silence inside your head and wait patiently for words.

Maybe some knowledge is downloaded or a feeling passed on you?

Be patient for a couple of minutes and don’t feel disappointed if nothing happens.

It comes as a surprise and shock to our brain that we don’t want the routine way and the physical senses and intend to use instead our subtle senses that were sitting on the back shelf collecting the dust so far.

The brain needs time to think about it, proceed the information to re-shift itself.

You’ve got your dominant psychic ability that will kick in first. It’s normally a mirror image of your dominant physical sense.

If you are a visual person, i.e. you perceive the information about the outside word mainly by your eyes, then your dominant psychic ability is clairvoyance.

For auditory people who perceive the world heavily through the sounds, the main psychic ability will be clairaudience.

Kinaesthetic person, or someone who absorb the world through their feelings and physical touch and movement, will find out clairsentience is their psychic ability N# 1.

Normally everyone has got not one, but two dominant physical senses. Mine for example are visual and kinaesthetic abilities.

Because vision is so important in my day-to-day life, the first psychic sense to come into play for me was clairvoyance. I SAW! I saw an Angel. They don’t really look like people, they are energy and light. Angels show you themselves the way you expect them to look like.

You want the Angel to look like a beautiful lady with wings? – You are welcome! There should be a halo above her head? – Here you go!

My other strong ability is clairsentience. I FEEL people’s feelings.

But it doesn’t mean that you haven’t got others than your dominant psychic abilities. In your physical life you still can smell and taste despite using your eyes mainly to perceive the world.

Just be patient. Give yourself time, and psychic abilities will come forward in their full glory!

It took me a lot of attempts. I kept lying in the dark with my eyes closed and couldn’t hear a thing. But one day the spoken words burst into the silence of my head. I started to HEAR.

But even if you ignore exercises (you better don’t! they will boost and rocket unimaginably your psychic abilities!), every time you deal with Tarot cards, you can’t help it but tap into the world of psychic information.

Decalcify your Pineal Gland

Your Pineal Gland is a small pea-shaped gland in the middle of your brain, connected with the Third Eye that you work so hard to open up.

Fluoride is considered to be the main culprit behind the Pineal Gland’s calcification.

Try to avoid fluoride in your life, using fluoride-free toothpaste.

I personally use this one. It feels a bit funny in the beginning, but then you get used.

To Wrap It All Up

The Tarot cards have a long history dating back hundreds of years.

I won’t be surprised if one day we find out that the Stone Age people knew about them. And the Oracles were using 22 stones with engraved on them images to impress the local public.

Tarot cards definitely have been known at the Golden Atlantean Age. Their purpose was to help with Manifestation. People would imagine the desired outcome and draw two cards.

The first card would mean what they should do to speed the manifestation up. The second one – what forces work against the manifestation?

Then a person would tune into each card in turn, and the answer would appear in their head.

They also could place a Tarot card with the relevant energy on to their manifestation board (yes, people started making the Manifestation boards at Atlantean times already; it’s not a modern invention). They could pick for instance the card #1 “The Magician” responsible for the powerful beginning.

Atlanteans had been an amazing and highly evolved civilization with technology exceeding our wildest imagination.

They learnt, trusted and respected Tarot cards, so we can know that Tarot is a real deal!

If you’ve got the strong interest in Tarot, give it a go! You’ll love it!

It’s not as complicated as you think.

You don’t need any special prerequisites: only you and your cards.

And someone to take your hand and give you the good basic idea of Tarot cards and reading. And the rest will be history!

But remember the exercises helping to dust off and brush up your psychic abilities!

Welcome to the Wonderful and Weird World of Tarot!

Over the next weeks… months… I’ll introduce you to the Tarot cards deck and the reading itself.

Here is your next step – Tarot cards Framework. Check it out!

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