Tarot cards Framework

Tarot cards Framework
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Tarot cards deck is divided in two parts: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana (as you probably know already).

Major Arcana describes the major influences in your life, the Universe forces working behind the scenes, which period of life you are going through right now. There are 22 cards in Major Arcana.

When Tarot cards were initially created, they consisted only of Major Arcana encompassing all Wisdom of the Universe.

Minor Arcana (and its 56 cards) was added later on. Minor Arcana represents our daily life, people around us, the little events and activities filling our day.

When you get a lot of Major Arcana cards in your reading, it means that you are going through a significant period of your life. Something Big and Important is happening right now.

If your reading is packed with Minor Arcana, you just carry on with your life, your routine.

Nothing significant happens in our lives on a daily basis.

So Major Arcana gives you the bird’s eye view of your life. What’s big going on in there.

Minor Arcana respectively comes into play when you get closer, zoom into Earth and can see the intricate details of a picture: people characteristics, their thoughts, feelings and actions towards you.

You look through the magnifying glass at what’s going on in your life.

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The next thing you notice that every Tarot card has a number on it. Even the cards without the number displayed still have one attached to them.

For example all Aces are represented by #1 actually.

The numbers heavily influence the Tarot cards. Let’s understand the energies the numbers share with Tarot cards.

The numbers on Tarot cards


“0” means the beginning and the end. It is a very special number because you find it only on one card in the Tarot cards deck – The Fool (the traditional name) of Major Arcana.

The number “0” represents God. Remember the expression “be a fool for God”? It’s such a Big and Sacred number that you won’t find it in Minor Arcana.

“0” has got the perfect round shape, and energy circulates freely and perpetually along it.

“0” symbolises God, eternity, nothing and everything.

We all start our journey from God and will come back to God eventually.

All the knowledge of the world feels pale and humble compared to Wisdom of God .

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said: “I only know that I know nothing”.

“0” is new, fresh, revolutionary, extraordinary, courageous, joyous, loving, pure, innocent.

You can see “0” in the wide open eyes of a child looking at the world with awe, excitement and astonishment! The world full of miracles and joy!

The keywords for “0” are TRUST and BELIEVE.

It’s a beginning… Our Fool starts his journey…


Number “1” overlights The Magician in Major Arcana and all four of Aces in Minor Arcana.

“1” is another big and significant number.

It means the powerful beginning as well. But this time it’s a lot about your personal qualities, your confidence and self belief. You start gaining skills and knowledge.

Number “1” is dominant, authoritative, independent, unconventional, individualistic, ambitious and goal orientated, bursting with active masculine energies. It represents a strong sense of courage and leadership.

High energy, dynamic force and unstoppable drive towards its goal characterise the number “1”.


Number “2” sports softer, gentle and feminine energies (and exudes pearlescent colours), often plays the role of adviser.

“2” is loving and humble, longing for harmony in any form and disliking confrontation.

It’s a passive and dual number. You can see number “2” on the High Priestess card in Major Arcana and all four “2”s in Minor Arcana.

There is a lot of uncertainty, duality, thinking, reflecting, reevaluating, talking, negotiating, tossing between the two points, weighing all pros and cons, trying to find the perfect balance, solution, the “happy middle”.

It’s the relationship (“1” + “1” becomes “2”), friendship, companionship number.


The number “3” is responsible for gathering information, communication and self-expression..

“3” is creative, enthusiastic, inspirational and motivational.

Thinking is over! Full steam ahead now!

You can find the number “3” on The Empress of Major Arcana and all four “3”s of Minor Arcana.

The number “3” is another active number, busy and lively, a very social number (“2” + “1” becomes a sort of crowd).


We got a bit tired of the number “3” noisy, mad and non-stop energies.

Time to rest.

We enter the number “4” and associated with it cards The Emperor in Major Arcana and all four “4”s in Minor Arcana.

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down or lie down comfortably, pause, take a break.

The Number “4” is passive, symbolises stability (the most stable number), foundation, being down-to-earth, conservative, reliable, the Fatherly figure, protection.

“4” is practical, orderly, systematic, methodical and precise, punctual, dependable and trustworthy.

The negative part of “4” is being limited and narrow minded, rigid and plainly boring.


You’ve had the good rest in the number “4”, got your energy back?!

Good! Because you will need a lot of your energy now!

Expect the bumpy ride! Expect unexpectable!

You enter the number “5”. Anything can happen! The roller coaster can take you unimaginably high and… suddenly drop you low!

The number “5” consists of surprises (unfortunately unpleasant as well).

It’s extremely active. The world is gone mad!

The number “5” is represented by The Hierophant in Major Arcana (oh yes, a lot of prayers to God would help now) and all four of “5”s in Minor Arcana.

But nothing lasts forever…


Give a sigh of relief. Get your breath back, relax.

You are in the number “6”.

Smile because life turns its bright side to you now.

The number “6” is a number of Love and represented by The Lovers in Major Arcana and all four “6”s in Minor Arcana.

“6” is caring, protective, nurturing and family orientated.

Savour the warm and fuzzy feeling inside!

I don’t need to talk a lot about this number because Love is… Love.

Just remember that the number “6” is another dual number after “2”. Think choice – which lover or which path to choose.


Get yourself off cloud nine and come back to Earth.

You’ve got a job to do!

Are you a man for the job?

The Chariot and all four of “7”s in Minor Arcana are influenced by the number “7”.

Time to look inside yourself, time for soul searching and spirituality.

Accept yourself the way you are! Accept that you are not perfect, or you are perfect in your imperfection. You’ve got your strengths and your weaknesses.

Put all your energies together, laser focus them and – break through!

Ride the wave!

Feel the Power of energies around and inside you and enjoy your ride!

Whew… It’s obviously a very active and tiring number.

But no time to rest yet!


You enter the highly emotional number “8”Justice in Major Arcana and all four of “8”s in Minor Arcana are under the number “8” influence.

P.S. Strength is #8 and Justice is #11 in some Tarot cards decks, but I feel that the correct Justice number is #8. Angels Tarot follows exactly this cards’ sequence.

The number “8” is a very important number combining two “0”s and representing eternity as well.

Energy flows uninterruptedly and perpetually inside the number“8”.

“8” is not an active number and won’t take you forward. Everything is going on inside it.

And you have to go inside.

Do your inner inventory, balance your good and not so good deeds.

The papers and documents rustle in this number, and another very special sort of paper – money – rustles here and jingles here as well.

Generally “8” is a very positive and highly desirable number.

But our next destination is the number “9”.


The number “9” crowns your cycle.

It’s a highlight, a culmination of this part of your life, the end of the period.

Emotions run extremely high in the number “9”.

So you have to take a break from everyone and seek solitude to digest everything that’s going on with you.

“9” is noble, aloof and aristocratic, philosopher and idealist.

Major Arcana card #9 is The Hermit and of course “9” is responsible for Minor Arcana all four “9”s.

And the number “10” completes the old cycle and starts the new one for you.

You move along a spiral. You are done with the old cycle, and now you can see the familiar digits – “0” and “1”.


The number “10” represents the end, and there is a hint for the new beginning.

You completed the old cycle, and the seeds of the new one are planted already.

The number “10” is Wheel of Fortune in Major Arcana and all four “10”s in Minor Arcana.

“10” is a passive and dual number. Which way will Wheel of Fortune take you?


“11” is one of so-called Master numbers. They are “11”“22”, “33” and “44”.

The Master numbers are highly charged, mature, blissful, meaningful and enlightened numbers.

We will touch in the Tarot cards knowledge only two of Master numbers: “11” and “22”.

Other amazing Master numbers that shower blessings in to your life are:

 💫 “33”, or Christ consciousness number. The number associated with Jesus Christ that reduces to “6” (“3” + “3”) which is Love number.

 💫 “44”, a sacred number of Atlantis, a Master vibration of absolute balance, a different way of seeing Universe and understanding of Spiritual Laws. “44” reduces to “8” (“4” “4”) which is a number of infinity. “8” represents the balance between the material and spiritual world.

Back to our “11” that is a psychic number.

The number “11” strength is not physical and not logical or rational. It’s the magic that happens when two Magicians put their power together (“1” and “1”).

“11” is intuitive, sensitive, illumined.

Two numbers “1” together create charisma, uniqueness, individualism, leadership and inspiration.

The number “11” reduces to “2” (“1” “1”) which gives “11” the deep insight beyond the physical world, a channel to subconscious and Divine.

You can see the number “11” on Strength in Major Arcana.

P.S. Remember I said that the different Tarot cards decks position Justice and Strength differently at the 8th and the 11th places in Major Arcana.

“11” also belongs to all four Pages of Minor Arcana.

Every kid is born a genius and operates with the intuitive logic, knowledge, purity and simplicity of God, the logic of an open heart.

Divine Truth is talking through a child.

That’s why the Master number “11” is attributed to the child’s card – Page.


“12” is the number of The Hanged Man in Major Arcana, and it is connected with all four Knights in Minor Arcana.

Our Hero (“1”) got some information in “2” that made him stop and doubt his journey. He doesn’t understand and is full of questions. He doesn’t know what to do…

The lack of understanding triggers negative emotions – upset, blaming others.

“1” + “2” = “3” – our Hero’s head is a lively place buzzing with all sorts of thoughts that he tries to process.


That’s the number of a card that seems unpleasant to say the least – Death – in Major Arcana and all four Queens in Minor Arcana.

The beginning (“1”) was followed by the busy and full of events period of life (“3”). And now it came to the end.

The number “13” is another after “4” (“1” + “3” = “4”) absolutely still number.

Every number apart from “13” and “4” has got something moving on it.

The High Priestess on the card #2 of Major Arcana seems to be still on her throne, but as you look closer you see her mouth moving. She reveals Divine Truth to you.

A dead body (“13”) is absolutely still, and “4” is the rectangular shape of a grave.

Two “4”s give you “8” where someone is in a deadlock, a vicious circle (“8” – two vicious circles) where it seems there is no escape from. (That’s actually not true, it is said that there are at least two escapes from every “no escape” situation).

“13” is the number of Queen in Minor Arcana who has accumulated Wisdom compared to Page and Knight and knows that everything is coming to the end.

Smile, laugh, love, enjoy, savour this moment because soon it will be gone and never come back! This too shall pass!


14” is the number on the Temperance of Major Arcana and all four Kings of Minor Arcana.

After the initial powerful impulse (“1”) we sat down (“4”) and realized that sometimes we just need time, that all good things come to those who wait.

Step back, observe, contemplate and surrender to whatever life gives you (lucky or not, “1” + “4” = “5”), become a Wise Man.

“14” is the number of King because it combines leadership of “1” with authority and protection of “4” and courage of “5”.


Our Hero made a decision (“1”) and took a risk (“5”),but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Probably The Devil (the card #15 in Major Arcana) tempted him.

And now he feels as a prisoner of the situation, the shackles are heavy, and no way out.

“1” + “5” = “6”. What has the number “6” and Love to do with all that?

The ball and chain are only imaginary. When you remember that you are a Magnificent Being of Light and Love, the shackles will fall. You are free now and always!

Also Devil is a flip side of the coin for God and Love.

We experience duality whilst living on Earth. Everything is counter-parted. We’ve got God, and there is a Devil on another end of the scale.

Too much Love (666), or obsession and fixation, is Devil as well.

People turn possessive, controlling and paranoid about their partners. They take their partners independence and freedom away, don’t leave any breathing space and suffocate them.

The relationship turns into a prison.

People get paranoid that their partners might be unfaithful to them, might leave them. All in the name of love. They say: “I love him (her) so much!”

But really “what’s love got to do with it”?


“16” is the number you see on the card The Tower of Major Arcana.

“1” (Human will and Human attitude) and “6”(Love or some sort of Love as described above) inevitably led to the situation falling apart.

“1” + “6” “7” – the number of Spirituality.

As someone experiences Spiritual Awakening, it seems all the previous life falls apart. And on the ruins of the old life the new person is being born.


The Star is the card #17 in Major Arcana.

Our Hero (“1”) grew spiritually (“7”), and now he touches Eternity, Infinity and Cosmos in “8” (“1” + “7” = “8”).

The North Star shines brightly in the sky showing him the way.


Exploring Infinity, Cosmos and the balance of energies in “8”, our Hero (“1”) becomes a Wise Man (“1” + “8” “9”). He relies more on his intuition now supported by The Moon – #18 of Major Arcana


A Wise Man (“9”) realises that all wisdom of the world is nothing compared to God’s wisdom.

Love and laugh, trust and believe, bask in the sunshine (The Sun – #19 of Major Arcana)! Enjoy this beautiful world created by God for us!

Our Wise Man touches God, accomplishes his old path and starts the new one living in Love and Joy (“1” + “9” = “10”“1” + “0” “1”).


Notice that the number “1” (the ego and concentration on an individual) being a permanent feature in all of previous cards (#10 to #19) is suddenly gone.

The Divine knowledge (“2”) takes over lighting our Hero’s new path (“0”). He experiences Spiritual Awakening (Judgement, #20 of Major Arcana).

“2” + “0” “2” – the energies are gentle and subtle.

Our Hero rediscovers himself.


The duality and doubts are over (“2”).

Our Hero (“1”) stands with both feet on the ground.

He knows who he truly is and his important role in the Universe (The World – #21 of Major Arcana).

He has reached his potential.

It’s time to celebrate and rejoice (“2” “1” = “3”)!


You won’t find the card #22 in Major Arcana because the number stated on the card in reality is “0”.

The Tarot cards deck starts and finishes with The Fool card representing infinity of the World.

Our Hero has done the full cycle on the Spiral of Life, and now he is about to enter another one.

The number “22” is a Master number often referred as the Master Builder.

It’s the most successful of all numbers, capable of turning dreams into reality.

Its intuitive and enlightened nature is combined with “4” (“2” + “2” “4”) overlighting “22” with practicality and the methodical approach.

“22” is unlimited and yet disciplined, making its visions manifest.

O.K. here is a quick glance at the Tarot cards numbers:

The Main Points Recap

The numbers can be:

 👓 “straight forward”, bursting with the active and strong energies.

There is only one way – forward!

The “straight forward” numbers are “0”, “1”, “3”, “5”, “7”.

 👓 “dual”, carrying the energy of choice, weighing the options, striving to find the balance.

They are “2”, “6”, “8”,.

 👓 There are two absolutely “still” numbers – “4” and “13”.

 👓 The number “9” crowns all other numbers, it’s noble and aloof.

 👓 Two digits’ numbers reduce to one digit (e.g., “17” – “1” + “7” “8”).

So “17” carries the qualities of “1”, “7” and “8”.

👓  “11” and “22” are the Master Numbers standing out of all the numbers. You don’t reduce them.

So, that’s I think enough about the numbers on the Tarot cards.

Next we will dive in the Tarot cards meaning.

Each Tarot card will step forward in turn and introduce itself to you.

Stay tuned!

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