You know you are a Starseed. But which Star or a Planet can you call your Home? Can it be Sirius B?

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  1. Hi Irina

    I really appreciate this content cause it’s like confirmation that I’m from Sirius B. I was meditating with the intention to remember who I was and during my meditation I saw a blue planet but I didn’t pay much attention to that.

    I then went to sleep as soon as I had finished meditating and I had a dream where I was sitting on an island and it started sinking and at that moment I was taken by a mermaid to a beautiful place where I saw what seemed like a temple and the place was really beautiful and even though I can’t describe it clearly the feeling I got by being there was amazing, it truly felt like I was home

    1. Hi Yusuf,
      What a beautiful experience!
      You asked the Universe a question about where you are from, and the Universe answered.
      So heartwarming…
      Love and Blessings,

  2. Hello,

    I am amazed from this article. Nothing could have been more clear than this. I have known that I am a Sirius starseed for over a year now. Tried contacting them through meditation and they always help and respond.
    I am working with art and music. Also I sing solo, since I was little. This article gave me a lit of information, if not confirmed some of the things I have seen or experienced. It is very difficult living in the matrix on planet Earth and depending on money.
    It is just that everyone should do what they love. Making planet Earth a higher vibrational planet. But… things happen and people tend to put themselves in places to control others… which the whole system is made to lower the frequency on purpose. So we don’t evolve. But I hope that everyone finds love, peace and happiness here. As well as making money from the things they love.

    Hope you continue writing. Again loved this!

    1. Thank you, Elena,
      Yes, the Spiritual School of Earth is a tough one.
      But I know it all starts inside us.
      If you have a strong belief inside that you are here to live a blessed, happy, evolving, purposeful and prosperous life, THIS WILL BE IT!
      I wish you a world of happiness whatever your understanding of happiness is.
      Lots of Love,
      Your Sirian Sister Irina

  3. Hi Irina! I have always felt a very deep connection with the sea that has been very frustrating sometimes because nobody seems to understand the true scope of how much it affects me. Growing up, I had a very abusive step dad and there was one point when all I wanted was to die, and I did almost try to (in the water ironically). The night after though was the Geminid meteor shower, which I watch every winter from my yard. On this particular night however, I blinked and then realized I was sitting at the top of a tree in my yard. I was looking down at my own body, and the sky spoke to me- which I believe was God. The voice told me that I had too much to do for the Earth to take my life and since then my whole perspective shifted. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a single thing that happened to me and I am an extremely positive and successful person, working with the ocean! The universities you spoke of really sat with me, because I feel as though that experience was very similar to one you described. I learned about Sirius B around a year ago, and I hope to continue learning! I almost feel kind of silly, but I feel like there is no other explanation for who I am. I truly have not encountered a single person who has the same need and love for the sea as I do and I am excited for my future with the ocean. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Kay, for your wonderful and touching message.
      I’m delighted for you that you have found your true purpose and calling in this life.
      The beauty of your Soul shines through the lines you have written.
      I can feel it.
      Lots of Love and Blessings,

  4. Hi Irina,
    I have spent most of my life as a helicopter pilot and it has resonated with me very well, in spite of the fact that I went into it without the desire for it. My life before it was very difficult including time in an orphanage and much lack in the parenting department. Nonetheless I remained strong enough to struggle through it. My first knowledge that something is different about me came when I found myself changing my baby sister’s diaper when l was four years old. The second thing was when I was nearly drowned at 7 years old but I did not mind the experience, thinking that death was not to be feared. The 3rd was when I was very sick in a hospital in Vietnam during the war and even though they could give me no medicine and I ate no food for 30 days and the doctors did not expect me to survive due to very high fever and many abnormal blood problems and having lost 30 pounds, down to 125 lb at 6 ft tall, somehow I woke up on day 31 and was completely well. Now, 52 years later, I am still very well and for some reason unknown to me I believe that my last life was in the Sirius Star system. Also I believe that I am a mystic of some sort but do not fully comprehend the meaning of that and do wonder if your experience of things in other realms pertaining to the Sirius B inhabitants could explain anything about it? Thanks for your impressive connections to realms of understanding that are way beyond my personal experience in imagination and beauty. I am sure that you have given much value to many of your followers and l would follow you too but I am somewhat against Facebook policies and as they try to remove anything that disagrees with there own point of view of how things should be. I don’t know much about Pinterest maybe they are better.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      If you KNOW at your heart that you are from Sirius Star System, then YOU ARE.
      Men are really good with Claircognizance – the clear knowledge, one of the Psychic Senses.
      The fact you were drowning but still were not afraid of water means that the water is very familiar to you environment.
      Sirius B is your Home Planet.
      Your Soul keeps in touch with your Planet, and when you are asleep, travels back to it.
      I suppose when you were very ill, every night your Soul asked for help and received it in the Healing Temple of Sirius B.
      Maybe, it is an explanation for your miraculous recovery?!
      You are definitely a Mystic.
      According to Dictionary, a Mystic is a person who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.
      Otherwise, you wouldn’t ask yourself all those questions.

      Love and Blessings from Irina

  5. This read has blown my mind off.I was fast asleep when I felt I heard my sister on Earth say something in my dream and that woke me up. I have been through a abusive relationship and to make it more weird my abuser has decided to set me free through divorce. It’s been couple of months that my curiosity has made me investigate about my origin and I figured out that my mother and siblings are from Sirus . It was shocking at first but then the traits mentioned by you resonate at many levels. I personally love the torquise color (wedding theme colors, our children pram, my clothes,etc),dogs/dolphin/sea,architect by profession,etc. There’s this thing we do is weirdly have unconditional love for our haters how can that be???

    1. Hi Nickita,

      I’m happy to hear that you are free of the abusive relationship now.
      And yes, our Souls are wise and see the different perspectives of the abuse.
      We don’t justify what they have done to us, but we don’t judge them either.
      We still can see a spark of Love inside them and know that they have taught us to stand in our Power.
      If he has divorced you and is out of your life, it means you have learned your lesson.
      You are free.
      You are strong.
      You are loving.
      And you are loved.

      Much Love and Blessings,

  6. Hi Irina!

    Thank you for all this wonderful content that you have put together to help us better understand who we truly are. I literally got chills and Goosebumps when I read about Sirius especially Sirius B.
    I’ve had many readings to find out who I am and where I belong and what I am supposed to do here. Arcturus and Pleiades seemed to always pop up. But I feel a strange heavy connection to Sirius.

    When I was living overseas in Thailand, I would have dreams about going to a water planet. I would see fantastic creatures and even speak to some like a whale. I was never afraid as it always felt familiar. When I moved to Indonesia, I would have dreams about being in Tibet and meeting with a lioness who would stand upright and speak to me. I do wonder if there is some lyra connection to that vision.
    I am also a reiki practitioner. Thank you again for all that you do. Maybe, you know someone who has good information on the internet about Arcturus?

    Take care,

    1. Hi Tarra,

      Thank you so much, delighted you loved my article and found it helpful.
      When I read the bit about the Lioness, standing upright and talking to you, I straight away got the impression that she was the original Lyran.
      I think she was your friend in your other life on Sirius A which has the mountains and seas structure.
      It was a long and happy life.
      As an avid traveler and having an inquisitive mind, you went to Sirius B and fell in love with it.
      You spent about a quarter of that life on Sirius B, and it will always have a special place in your heart.
      But originally you are the Arcturian Being, Arcturus is your Home.
      And you have also 4 lives, spent on the Pleiades.
      That’s where your inner sweetness and gentleness come from.
      You have traveled a lot as a Soul, you embrace the whole Universe…

      Unfortunately, I can’t tell where to get good information about Arcturus.
      I will write about it one day on my blog, don’t know when yet.

      Love and Blessings,

  7. thank you so much for this information and insight! i’m finding this after i dreamt of a possible past life on Sirius B. I was a merperson who could emit sounds/frequencies through singing that would help to heal the heart chakra. reading about the merpeople & sonic healing really resonated, as well as everything else. can’t wait to start exploring the temples and remembering more thank you & blessings

  8. Hi Irina,
    I have a question, I am a sirian b starseed and one of my best friends is an avian starseed. Did these two races have any significant relationships? I first met her in fourth grade at school and we’ve been friends ever since, I know it sounds weird but I read the part that you wrote in your article about the cat starseeds from lyra coming down to earth to join their close friends so can that happen with avian aswell? I have 3 very close friends all of them have an interest in the metaphysical, one of my friends is an empath and the daughter or very Christian people who are truly loyal to god, one is a Pisces is very good at casting spells and is quite an extraordinary singer, and the the other is a avian starseed who loves crystals, birds and has a very strong connection to the wind, it almost seems to bend at her command anyway I’m sorry you probably don’t need to know all this I do tend to babble on lol anyway
    Absolutely adored your article it was lovely to see someone finally capture some of the architectural sites in detail (I remember one of the temples it is one of the very few memories I have from Sirius) anyway may god bless you and luck come your way

    1. Hi Winter,

      Thank you so much, I’m so pleased you loved my article about Sirius B Starseeds.
      About your question – talking collectively, Sirius B Starseeds and Avians are not closely connected.
      But personally, you decided to widen your horizons and spend some lives on the other Planets.
      And you ended up enjoying three lives on the Avarians planet where you first met your friend.
      Your Soul was more adventurous and desired a challenge.
      What can be nobler than taking a part in the Intergalactic help for the Planet Earth?
      So, you persuaded your friend to incarnate together and support each other in your new endeavour.
      That’s the long story short.

      Lots of love and every blessing on your beautiful path,


  9. Hello,

    I have been traveling a lot to Sirius B. I also saw a giant temple underwater with a huge crystal, and some guides took me to touch the crystal, when I did, my energetic body turned into a fish a giant fish. I felt so free! I then joined a school of fish and swam with them.

    I also saw that the city although was underwater, it was filled with light as if it had a sun.

    I met some mer folk too.

    Thank u for sharing this.

    It helped me make sense of things.

    1. Thank you, Neema,

      What an amazing experience!
      Your comment took me back to the incredible Underwater Worlds of Sirius B.

      Love from Irina

  10. I am actually redhead with long hair who always cold and constantly needs water, lol.

    I have been recently there I didn’t visit the city though. They like to show me things by pieces. I was surprised to see the exact replica of our Mayan pyramid. I used to live in sirius b a while ago, around the time when the draco took over the planet. It’s another story, we had to make a deal with which turned into a another karmic tie.

    But I found it’s quite interesting how they keep their babies and no one knows who the baby belongs to, so they feel like all the babies are theirs. So when the babies are mature enough they just stick with one adult, then another adult, or a group of beings, that way they learn more and have a broader perspective.

    1. Hi, Maria,

      So wonderful to meet someone from Sirius B!
      And yes, it’s amazing how they bring up their kids.
      The whole community is their Mums and Dads.
      No one belongs to anyone, and everyone enjoys freedom.

      Much Love to you,


  11. Hi Irina

    Thank you very much for this infomation sister!

    This is one of the most detailed example on the internet about the Sirius B starseeds.

    There are many aspects that show that i am a sirian starseed. I was born between the dog days and love the sea / ocean, sea animals, corals, ancient cultures like ancient egypt, cats, astrology and so on.

    And the funny thing is, my name is Burak, the first letter of my name starts also with the B 🙂

    I have a few question what a always wonder about. How can i visit this planet? like meditation or with astral projection? and what are the steps to do it?



    1. Hi Burak,

      Thank you very much, so glad you liked my article.
      You can visit Sirius B in meditation.
      Ground yourself, ask for protection, raise your vibration and state that you intend to visit Sirius B.
      The Guide or the Guides will be automatically allocated to you to accompany during your visit.
      And off you go!
      Take a note who your Guide is, how they look like, you can ask their name.
      Your Guide normally has an itinerary for your visit.
      My very first visit included only Temples.
      Or you can specifically ask to see for example the Underwater World or visit and maybe enroll into the Spiritual University of Sirius B.

      Much Love,


      1. Thank you so very much! I was recently told by someone I totally trust that I am a Sirian starseed. Reading your article really confirmed this! I felt like at least seven of the twelve Halls of learning I may have either already studied in or super resonated with. This information made a big difference for me!

        1. Hi, Elizabeth,

          So glad you liked my article and found it helpful.
          What about the other 5 Halls of Spiritual Learning?
          Maybe flick through once again and feel that one of them actually talks to you?
          Maybe see its colours suddenly flashing in front of your eyes, inviting you in?
          And ask your Guides for enrolment at that Hall of Learning…

          Love and Blessings,


  12. Hi Irina,

    The Universal Oneness Temple description gives me chills. The idea ‘we all are One, yet Unique, Original and Different at the same time’ – is something I’ve been feeling and preaching for as long as I can remember – despite the fact that, in most cases, in response, I receive blank stares… lol

    Thank you for the information you share, from the bottom of my heart!! 🙂

  13. Thank you so much. I’m so happy to be here. And I’m honored to be sharing this amazing path with my sisters and brothers of light..

    1. Hi, Logan,

      You are ever so welcome!
      And we are honoured and delighted to share this Path of Light with you.

      Love and Blessings,


  14. Thank you so kindly. This is very amazing. And I’m so happy to be sharing this path with all my sisters and brothers of light.

  15. Greetings Irina,

    Thank you so much for this information. I am very grateful for it. I definitely feel that I am a Sirius B/Lyran combo if that is possible. I have been to some of the Temples you mentioned in my visions and it is so wonderful to see that others have been there as well and they exist! Thanks to your website, I now understand more of what I was seeing and what the purpose of the different temples are.

    If I may ask, are you from Eastern Europe originally? I am from Romania.

    Much gratitude and many blessings for all that you do.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for all your lovely words.
      How small our Universe is!
      We have come from the same Planet, been to the same Temples, and now we have bumped into each other on Earth (virtually).
      Answering your question if I am originally from Eastern Europe, I am Russian, but such a Russian who never lived in Russia.
      This explains my perfectly Russian name Irina.

      Thank you for everything YOU DO, that you just ARE in this world and make it kinder and more beautiful!

      Lots of Love and Blessings,

      Irina ✨

    2. My God, been search this for ten years.. Finally it confirmed that is not fragment of my imagination, invited in one of the temple in the astral state, my dream in 2010.. I’m not even spiritual people, but started searching my soul origin, now my life in quite a mess just try scramble survival in earth game.. Feeling fail badly

      1. Hi, Wan,

        I’m so glad my article resonated with you and your world.
        No, it’s not a figment of your imagination.
        Sirius B and its magnificent Temples are absolutely real!

        I wish you Love and every Blessing following your Star and walking your Path on Earth,

        Irina ✨

    3. Thank you so much for your articles, I have been a light worker since 2015 and have been studying the shaman path. I did my first meditation and was told by my higher to find out about Sirius and that was the first branch of my family tree. Everyone you have said has confirmed what I have read previously.,,do you have a book, I can delve further….

      1. Hi Clare,

        Wonderful to meet you!
        I’m in a similar position.
        It’s all begun for me on Sirius C.
        I stepped then my vibration down and entered the fascinating worlds of Sirius B.
        Sirius A gave me a chance to experience life in a physical humanoid form.
        Between Sirius B and Sirius A I experienced lives on other Planets as well.
        But I still hold Sirius B dear to my heart!

        I feel drawn to shamanism too, because I’ve been used to be a Shaman in Alaska in one of my previous lives.

        Answering your question if I have a book… Not yet.
        But I definitely will write one.
        I receive more and more information that demands to be poured on the paper.
        So stay tuned.

        Hope your lucky Star, Sirius, shines brightly for you in the sky!

        Much Love, Irina

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