Sirius Star System has two the best known inhabitable Planets – the Planet A and the Planet B.

I wrote about Sirius A and Starseeds from Sirius traits in another article.

Sirius B is a wonderful blue Planet, completely covered by water, and a Home for 7-dimensional etheric and 5-dimensional physical Beings – the Merpeople, also dolphins, whales, fish and other rich marine life.

Starseeds can often recognize that they have experienced all ways of life on Sirius Home Planets prior their Earth incarnations.

I have to mention that there is Sirius C as well or so called Lakumay, an ascended 9-dimensional part of Sirius.

We on Earth are used to the precise geographical or astronomical location.

But Sirius C doesn’t exist on a physical plane, it’s rather a different dimension.

So we can’t pinpoint its precise place in the Sirius System.

All Sirian Souls come initially from Sirius C, stepping their vibration down to experience life, physical or etheric, on Sirius B first, then on Sirius A.

The interesting facts about Sirius C:

✨ The Magical Kingdom of Unicorns is found exactly on Sirius C, but they assist Earth a lot lately helping the pure and kind hearts on their path to Ascension.;

The Horses Souls are special and come originally from Sirius C.

They make the full cycle, incarnating time and time again, learning and ascending until they come back to Sirius C.

And Horses Souls undergo transformation, turning into Unicorns – snow white horses with a silver horn first and later as they continue to ascend with the golden one;

✨ Ascended Masters Mother Mary and Jesus Christ both originate from Sirius (and they’ve been used to live on Sirius B in etheric form).

And the Golden Ray of Christ is held permanently on Sirius C.

So every Being originated from Sirius is blessed with a gift of unconditional love and wisdom associated with Jesus Christ or Sananda, his name on the inner planes.

The Golden Ray of Christ is imprinted into their energy fields affecting everyone they get in touch with.

✨ Dogs Souls come from Sirius as well teaching us the art of unconditional love and protection.

✨ Birds Souls are from Sirius. They don’t incarnate on Earth to learn anything, but to teach us how to live with Joy, Freedom and Trust in God.

The birds work closely with Angels, leaving feathers at Angels request as a physical sign of Angelic presence.

After many cycles of incarnation the birds come back to Sirius C to live together with Unicorns in their Paradise.

✨ Dolphins originate from Sirius and first incarnate in a physical form on Sirius B. They keep connection with the Golden Ray of Christ and pass it through their energy fields into the water, cleaning and enlightening our oceans.

I’m not sure about whales, because they came from another Universe, and they have fallen in love with Sirius B and its wonderful enlightened oceans.

✨ Sirius C is a two way Portal to access different dimensions and consciousness and also for the Higher Spiritual Beings to enter our Universe and step their dimension down.

Sirius C deserves a separate article, but this article is dedicated to Sirius B and Starseeds who call it their Home.

Sirius B

As I mentioned already, Sirius B is entirely covered by water, and life exists there in both etheric and physical forms.

The physical Beings vibrate on the higher end of the 5-dimensional frequency.

And the etheric Ones are the 6-7 Dimensional Beings, having an ability to hold up to 9-dimensional frequency from time to time.

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An emerald-blue ocean, covering the Planet, dictates a type of a physical body for Souls, incarnating there.

Yes, they are Merpeople with a fish tail instead of legs and an ability to breathe underwater.

Merpeople of Sirius B

By the way there is actually evidence that physical Merpeople of Sirius B do exist…

Thousands of years ago the Dogon Tribe of Mali, West Africa, witnessed the ET Spaceship land.

Strange “folk” with fish tails emerged from it.

The Dogon called them Nommos, meaning “to make one drink”.

“The Nommos descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder. After arriving, the Nommos created a reservoir of water and subsequently dived into the water. The Dogon legends state that the Nommos required a watery environment in which to live”.

“The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, fish-like creatures.  The Nommos are also referred to as “Masters of the Water”, “the Monitors”, and “the Teachers”, – according to Wikipedia.

The Nommos shared with the Dogon that they “were inhabitants of a world circling the Star Sirius”.

The world that we call Sirius B and its pure blue ocean.

So Merpeople A.K.A. the Nommos had to adjust their bodies to a life in water.

Legs are useless there, but a strong fish tail makes much more sense to glide effortlessly through the water.

The local folk have two genders – Mermen and Mermaids.

By the way, the etheric Earth Mermaids, populating our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, are only ladies, for they don’t need to multiply.

I visited the Underwater Kingdom of Sirius B in a meditation, accompanied by my Sirius Guide.

She asked to call her Violet. I say “her” because her energy felt so soft, gentle and loving.

Violet didn’t give human appearance and looked like the swirls of silver energy spiralling first anti-clockwise, then clockwise.

I asked why the energy current is changing direction?

Violet replied – when the silver swirl moves anti-clockwise, it cleanses and purifies my energy.

Moving clockwise raises my vibration, preparing to meet the fabulous Sirius B.

And unexpectedly I got somebody else, keeping me a company – a very friendly, joyful and playful Dolphin!

We swam first close to the surface in the bright and aquamarine water, watching fish pass by.

Then Violet encouraged us to dive deeper, in the darker waters.

As we reached the bottom of the ocean, a huge rock appeared in front of us with an opening leading to what I thought was a cave.

A Merman greeted us and welcomed to the Underwater Town.

It wasn’t a cave, but an Entrance Gate to the Underwater Town.

I don’t know how they achieved that, but I was surprised to see the bright light, as if they had the Sun down there.

But I couldn’t spot any obvious source of light.

The Street was going round and round, resembling a snail’s spiral with “houses” on both sides, made of shells, corals and rocks.

Locals live with dolphins and fish that can come and go as they please.

When a dolphin or a fish makes a strong bond with someone, they become a part of a family and permanently move into the “house”.

I asked a practical question about what they eat since they are physical Beings.

The picture of some sort of an underwater field or a system of allotments was telepathically downloaded into my mind with the word “Yummy”.

The seaweeds, growing on that field, didn’t look particularly appetising and yummy, but I didn’t argue…

Swimming along the endless Street, we reached at last the blind alley – the centre of the round Town.

We entered the Holy building that didn’t seem to have a roof.

Staring above, we could see all way up to the surface, as if we were at the bottom of the giant well.

The Temple is used for Healing and Counselling purposes and houses a massive pearlescent Crystal.

I asked if I could have a Healing Session.

As I rested, an energetic copy of myself, transparent white with greyish segments, was pulled out of me and moved towards the Crystal that seemingly swallowed it.

In about a minute it was retrieved from a Crystal, sparkling white and placed over me.

The high vibration filled the Temple, so the water was buzzing.

Accompanied by this buzz, distorted energies healed, the cleaned and restored to the original Blueprint, my copy merged back with my etheric body.

I stayed for a while in a Temple, feeling every inch of me buzzing and vibrating in unison with this strange high “sound”, as if the water sang around.

Merpeople are the Masters of sonic engineering”.

They use some sort of “amplifiers” in their Temples to clean and heal the waters of their Home Planet.

The Healing baths in the emerald blue waters of Sirius B, humming with sonic vibration, are very popular and much enjoyed by Beings from all over the Universe.

Reluctantly I said Goodbye, seeing for the last time the big picture of the blue Ocean with its amazing Underworld Cities, and thanked Merpeople and my lovely Guides – Violet and the Dolphin.

Signs that you are a Starseed that has been used to live on Sirius B as a Merperson

🧜‍♀1 The green shade in your eyes, they can be brown or blue, but with the green fragments, if you look closer at your irises.

Absolutely typical Mermaid has green eyes and red/auburn long curly hair.

But don’t dwell on your hair colour.

🧜‍♀2 You like to keep your hair long, regardless of your gender.

🧜‍♀3 You are drawn to turquoise colour. When you open your wardrobe, there are quite a few turquoise items.

🧜‍♀4 Ladies often have curvy, hourglass shape figures.

🧜‍♀5 You are always thirsty and need water next to you to keep you hydrated.

🧜‍♀6 You feel cold often, even in warm weather.

🧜‍♀7 Your perfect vacation is at the warm tropical beach, perhaps scuba diving or snorkeling.

🧜‍♀8 You have a playful, fun loving, independent and adventurous character.

🧜‍♀9 As you grow up, you nevertheless preserve the purity, laugh and happiness of a child.

🧜‍♀10 A big water body obviously is a MUST in your life – a sea, an ocean, to inhale the salty air. You feel the happiest at the beach!

🧜‍♀11 Despite loving water, you are not keen on swimming pools.

You are sensitive to people’s energies in the water, smell and chloride.

🧜‍♀12 You are fascinated by Underwater World – dolphins, whales, fish, seahorses.

🧜‍♀13 Fish is not “fish-face” and “fish-brain” for you.

They are clever and equal to dogs in your opinion. Fish’s got rights too!

🧜‍♀14 You have a fish tank or a fish pond in a garden and find it very relaxing watching your fish.

🧜‍♀15 You are fiercely protective of the sea environment, upset about people leaving litter on the beach and heartbroken learning about plastic pollution, killing our seas and oceans.

🧜‍♀16 You love seaweed based products, sushi rolls wrapped in nori. Your Mer-body requires sea nutritions.

🧜‍♀17 People say that there is “something” about your voice, something magical.

🧜‍♀18 You’ve got a beautiful, crystal clear voice and love singing – maybe just for yourself in a car.

Think of the singing sirens, enchanting sailors with their beautiful voices!

🧜‍♀19 You love some classic music that you listen to again and again.

And when a musical instrument or a singer hits a perfect high note, your heart skips a bit.

Remember about sonic healing?

🧜‍♀20 You love long relaxing baths with sea salts and prefer them to showers.

🧜‍♀21 You never really learn to swim. It comes to you naturally, and you don’t understand how it is possible to drown!

🧜‍♀22 You love starfish floating in the water on your back, spreading your arms and legs apart, glazing softly at the sky and feeling one with nature.

🧜‍♀23 You are mesmerised by anything to do with Mermaids – pictures, stories and enjoy Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.

You know by heart songs lyrics “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl”!

By the way do you remember what Ariel looks like? Long red hair.

And what is her most precious asset? Her beautiful singing voice, envied by Ursula the Sea Witch.

I have to note that normally we consist of a mix of energies.

You absolutely can originate from Sirius B as a Merperson and at the same time acquire for this your incarnation, for example, an additional Fairy energy blueprint. You want to be a Nature Guardian in this life.

Also it depends which energy dominates. So you will sport the mixed qualities.

Also as you go through your incarnations, the happy times being a Mer-person on Sirius B become a distant memory and fade away, and not all traits might ring the bell.

But deep inside you always know if it is true for you.

The nostalgic feeling…

Longing to experience it again…

Wanting badly to bring back freedom, joy and adventures that the waters of Sirius B could offer…

We have to move on, and next Violet wanted to introduce the famous Sirian Temples to me.

My visit to a Temple of Sirius B

I saw in front of me a white Temple nesting on the big rocks in the middle of the ocean.

I noticed a big shiny sign: “The Temple of Remembrance”.

Surprised, I turned to Violet: “Fancy to see English writing on Sirius…”

She laughed: “Only you can see this! Things are made easier for you.”

“Also the Veil of Amnesia exists only on Earth. The Higher Beings of Light have nothing to remember really…”

The Temple looked very simple, but impressive, with big white columns.

Staircase with its lower part disappearing in the water led up to the big double entrance doors that were wide open to welcome us inside.

The floor in the Entrance Lobby, made from glass, showed the water and fish swimming underneath.

The Temple Guardian appeared by our side and invited us to follow “him” (you couldn’t say “his” gender) along the long corridor off the Entrance Room.

The Temple seemed much roomier inside than it looked from outside.

The Person supporting us opened one of the doors on the left and invited us inside.

It was a round room with the walls adorned with Crystals.

The Guardian invited me to sit down in what looked like a recliner chair, disappeared for a moment, returning with a big round rainbow shimmering crystal that he passed to me bowing.

Everything turned pitch black.

When the light returned gradually, I saw with surprise that I was working in this Temple as a Guardian.

I cut through time and space and captured myself in another life…

Then my next life – working in a Temple again, but very physical on Earth in Atlantean time.

Words can’t describe how I felt after..

If you are a Starseed and ever worked in the Temples of Sirius B, you will often find that you continue with a similar Mission in this life, but the Earth is your Temple this time…

I for example still carry on duties in “the Temple of Remembrance”, helping people to remember who they truly are.

You will understand it better when I describe the Temples of Sirius B for you ahead.

The Temples of Sirius B

Temples of Sirius are not just for Sirians.

Many Beings from all over the Universe and beyond visit them.

After you visit a Sirian Temple for the first time, you will come back time and time again.

You have to set your intention, and the Temple you need the most at that moment will appear in front of you.

Because the Temples are etheric, everyone’s power of mind and heart creates them differently inside your head.

So the details of the Temples will vary for you, but there is definitely a structure put in place.

Sirian Temples embrace:

🏛 Healing,

🏛 Contemplation,

🏛 Purification,

🏛 Counselling,

🏛 Initiations.

Right in the middle of hundreds of the Temples is the holiest area, where Initiations and Ceremonies take a place, also the Council of Light pops in for meetings.

Each Temple has three Guardians that conduct activities within the Temple.

I personally visited in my experience, described above, one of the Temples of Contemplation, which I saw as a Temple of Remembrance.

Another example of the Temple of Contemplation is the Temple of Twin Flames, very popular among Beings from Earth.

Here you can connect with your Twin Flames.

You remember that you are twelve Twin Flames, scattered all over the place in this Universe and others, bringing different experiences to your Higher Self.

The Temple of Twin Flames houses a big water pool in the middle, where you are supposed to dip yourself in.

Your Twin Flame will enter the room and join you in the pool.

Water is a Psychic Element, and the sparkles will fly (or swim) between you and your Twin Flame, swirling around you and electrifying the water.

In Sirians opinion water contains consciousness of Goddess and is used in abundance throughout the Temples.

If you want to attract a meaningful and Spiritual relationship in your life, ask to visit the Sirian Temple of Twin Flames in your meditation.

I mentioned in my article “Starseeds and their characteristics” that my nearest Twin Flame lives on Sirius B as a non-physical 6-dimensional Being.

I call him (but in reality he is androgynous, not “he” or “she”) my Big Brother.

His name is Akar, and he enjoys life in an etheric body.

He is about 314 years old in our understanding of time.

I like talking to him sometimes, but he watches me all the time.

He watches me not because he spies on me or he’s got control issues.

As lower vibrational and denser your energy body becomes as more isolated you feel.

Our 3-dimensional world is all about separation, and the higher dimensional worlds are all about unity.

When the boundaries between the Beings dissolve, and you feel One with the Universe and everyone and everything in there.

Akar lives in the higher dimension where he constantly feels connection between our Soul Family members and knows what’s going on with everyone.

As Akar explains, when we get more evolved, we know every moment of our life what’s going on with other our Sisters and Brothers that we share one Higher Self with.

All 12 Twin Flames go their different ways, but are constantly in touch feeling each other.

The Temple of Twin Flames on Sirius B serves as a place where you can reconnect in a more powerful and profound way with your Twin Flames.

It’s so important to know that you are a part of a big Soul Family and feel supported, understood and loved.

At the end of the day who can understand YOU better than another YOU?

Akar is my nearest Twin Flame. Ten others live in the different Universes. None of them is physical.

I’m very inquisitive, full of questions and ask them a lot.

Here are some of questions

Q.: “What do you do for living?”, (probably a stupid way to ask a Sirian Being…) “What is your occupation?”

A.: “I am an Architect in your understanding. I design and build Temples as a part of a Team.”

He shows me the wall of a Temple. I can see the very complicated pattern, I would say – filigree or lacy looking.

“Each piece is designed according to the Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Astrology, Astronomy and Sacred Sounds because we have to create the specific energy and vibration of a Temple, also to connect the Temple to the Stars and Planets.

It’s a very skilful task. I’m so fortunate, proud and passionate about what I do!

That’s the best job in the world to build the Temples!”

Q.: “Have you got a family?”

A.: “No, we haven’t got families again in your understanding, but I’m a part of a Group of like minded “people”whom I “hang with” a lot. I feel Oneness with everyone on Sirius and the Universe.”

Q.: “How do you multiply if I may ask? If it is not a cheeky question?”

A.: “You may… First, you don’t need a partner to multiply on Sirius as an etheric Being of Light. It’s all about your intention.

You consult with your Guides, discuss what a Soul you want to attract and then connect with the very Soul and its Guides.

You virtually shake your hands, and the deal is sealed.

Then you use your Will Power to manifest the Soul in the world of Sirius B, giving it an etheric body.

The babies grow up together looked after by the specially appointed High Dimensional Beings extremely revered and respected on Sirius B as they bring up the next generation, the future of Sirius B.

Children are brought up together and at the same time individually according to their gifts and talents.

Their Teachers surround them with so much Love, Encouragement and Understanding, so they feel as a part of a big, happy and loving Family.”

Q.: “Would you be interested to incarnate on Earth in a physical body?”

A.: “No, thanks. You do this job for our Soul Family and pass the experience to our Higher Self.

It’s enough for me to watch you…

Do you realize how much time you spend addressing your physical body needs?

You need clothes to protect your physical body.

Your clothes need washing and a wardrobe where they should be kept.

You need money to buy the clothes and the wardrobe.

You need the house to be safe and protect you from the elements.

You have to clean the house and pay the bills.

So again you need the money.

You need food to sustain your physical body. So you spend time shopping, cooking and washing up afterwards.

And again you need money to buy the food.

And obviously you have to go to work to earn all this money.

So basically more than a half of your time when you are awake, you, humans, spend at work that often you don’t like, but you think you haven’t got a choice!

Which brings me to reflecting on how much time you spend doing something you really love, joyful and passionate about?

I can tell you from watching you that most of the time you do NOT what you WANT, but what you think you HAVE to do!

I can see that you are not really excited about hoovering or cleaning the bathroom…

In my world I haven’t got any tasks related to the physical body, so I can solely concentrate on things I love and that make me happy!”

P.S. Akar doesn’t use the human language. He downloads the chunks of information into my head. I wrap the information into the language and present it to you.

Well, Akar is right… But anyway there is a special joy to be a human that only can be experienced if you are in a human body.

Like for example connection with nature, loving and feeling oneness with it.

Let’s come back to the wonderful Temples of Sirius and take a closer look at them.

We started with the Temples of Contemplation. Let’s carry on:

#1 Contemplation

We need a quiet moment and be still sometimes to connect with our True Self and allow the Divine Energies to touch our Soul.

The Sessions are arranged both in the Temples and the famous Contemplation Gardens.

Contemplation Gardens are the most beautiful Gardens, designed with lush plants and gorgeous flowers, bursting of colours, sweet citrusy scent, floating in the air and the trickles of fountains (of course, water), delighting your ears.

Exquisite beauty of the Garden echoes the tremendous beauty of your Soul.

Sit on the bench in a private and secluded location, feel the magic and excitement in the air.

Your Soul will approach quietly and join you…

#2 Healing

Sirian Masters offer Healing on many levels, not limited to the physical one only.

They follow the Spiritual Laws of the Universe though – the Law of Karma,the Law of Grace and the Law of Request.

They also consult your Higher Self and the Team of your Spiritual Guides and Angels.

As a surprising final part of the Session, you move along the slide and fall with a big splash right in the sea, where Merpeople’s Sonic Healing adds the beautiful touch to you, refreshed and replenished.

#3 Purification and Counselling

You take a seat in the centre of the Temple, surrounded by especially selected and attuned to the purest Divine energies Crystals.

They bathe you in the waves of the sparkling energy, triggering the areas, where work is still required, for inner issues to surface to the Light.

These areas include:

💫 self identity,

💫 the Life Mission,

💫 limiting beliefs.

The Temple’s Guardian or a Counsellor will guide you through answering your questions telepathically.

You experience “the light bulb” moment, and any limiting thought, uncertainty and simply blank areas will merge with your perfect Divine Blueprint.

Your Temple Counsellor and Guide will make sure you hold this Blueprint and your new higher vibration.

#4 Initiations

You decide that you have outgrown your current consciousness and are ready to experience others.

But you won’t be allowed to enter this Holy Temple unless the Masters of the Temple of Purification worked with you.

First you will be shown the bird view of the Temple, with many paths, leading to it, to remind you that there are many Paths to Spirituality, and they all are respected.

You enter through one of the many doors, and the High Priest or the High Priestess of the Temple leads you along the 12 steps up, resembling 12 Initiations, to the platform on the top.

You sit comfortably there. The High Priest takes your consciousness out of your etheric body and places it in a different dimension where you meet the Cosmic Guide, showing you the Galaxies, Universities and everything happening in there from a different perspective, through the eyes of Divine.

When you come back, you will never be the same.

You are the new you, and your views of the world are changed forever.

#5 Other famous Temples:

The Crystal Temple

A large Temple dedicated to the examples of all Crystals known in our Galaxy.

Many of them are alien to Earth.

You can visit this Temple to learn more about Crystals and feel their energies in the action.

The Temple of Divine Flow

The Temple, showing you a connection between your past, present and future.

The Crystals in the Temple scan your energy field and create a cloud of the swirling mist in front of you.

They pick on your emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions.

Then they show you how events in your past led to your present life.

Also they take the veil off your future.

So if you stay the same, cocooned in your energies, it will generate the most possible version of your future.

The purpose of the Golden Temple is not to give you a Psychic Reading, but to raise your awareness of the “cause and effect”.

If you don’t like what you see about yourself in the future, change your attitude in the present.

And the outcome will be different.

The Temple of Divine Feminine

The Temple of Divine Feminine houses a big ruby Crystal, radiating energy of Goddess.

You feel loved, gently hugged and nourished in this Temple.

If your Soul feels tired and wounded, visit this Temple often, to bounce back to life again.

Libraries of Light

I have to say that Libraries of Light are not exclusive only for Sirius B.

They are found throughout the Universes.

But nevertheless pop in to access all history of the world from the moment of creation.

You can check Akashic Records here as well.

Akashic Records are the full collection of human (yours as well) events, thoughts, emotions, feelings, covering past, present and future, that exist at the same time on the Higher level.

Anything that ever happened, is happening and will happen.

You can access and download (in your own energy system) any information that your Soul allows you to have.

But you can have troubles recalling the information on a conscious level.

Some high vibrational information, when you try to move it into the 3-dimensional world, simply “slips through your fingers”.

Also you should be a vibrational match to these records.

Otherwise after visiting the Libraries of Light, you feel that you touched and absorbed “something” exciting and light.

But your conscious mind can’t figure out what it was.

You rake your mind, and there is no memory.

You accessed and downloaded the files, and they are stored safely in your energy fields, waiting for the right moment.

When you accumulate enough Light to be a match to the Record, and the world around is ready for this information to be shared.

Spiritual Universities of Sirius B

Sirius B is a Universal Centre of Spiritual Education.

Souls from all over the Universe and other Galaxies attend the Schools and Universities of Sirius B.

Lord Kuthumi, the World Teacher, is in charge of these Educational Establishments.

Never heard of Lord Kuthumi?

But I’m sure you know about Taj Mahal, the Temple in India, built by Shah Jahan, the Mogul Emperor, to express his LOVE for his late wife and announce that LOVE is stronger than DEATH and TIME.

I’m sure you’ve heard of St Francis of Assisi, the Monk demonstrating such harmlessness, selflessness and kindness, that any animal didn’t feel any fear at his presence and trusted him totally.

He exuded such a strong energy of harmlessness, that any ferocious predator, approaching him, would turn into the tame and harmless one too.

You definitely know about Pythagoras who introduced Sacred Geometry, Mathematics and Numerology.

And you probably heard of John the Beloved, Balthazar, one of Wise Men who visited Jesus after his Birth.

They all are his significant incarnations that still influence people on Earth.

Illumined and Enlightened Spiritual Master Lord Kuthumi doesn’t incarnate anymore and works in the World Teacher capacity now.

His 12 Spiritual Universities are found on Sirius B.

Of course, they are etheric, not physical.

Students, graduating from these Universities, attain the degree of an Ascended Master.

If you are in a physical body currently, you still can enrol and attend studies when your physical body is asleep at night.

To enrol, set your intention to study in Lord Kuthumi University before you go to sleep.

An Angel or a Green Golden Dragon from Sirius will collect you at night, when you are asleep, to deliver you safely to Sirius B.

Lord Kuthumi personally issues invitations to his Learning Establishments.

After a quick word with you and a scan of your aura, he will recommend the exact School you need the most at your current time.

After accepting his Invitation, he will give you a warm hug and welcome you to one of his wonderful Halls of Learning.

You will receive from him your own personal crystal skull and join other Students, a very interesting crowd, because they originate from all over our Universe and beyond!

Make new friends, enjoy the little chat before you are off to studies.

The lessons look similar in all of the Universities.

Each Hall of Learning is bathed in the different light, containing the secret Codes of information that is taught in that particular Hall.

And each Hall has its own Central Crystal Skull, where Lord Kuthumi personally downloads knowledge needed for students.

Other Illumined Spiritual Beings, like Ascended Masters, Archangels, occasionally the Council of Light, take their part too, downloading their own information.

The Students connect their Crystal Skulls to the Main One to copy the files.

The Personal Skull is basically their PC where they can always retrieve the information from, placing the Skull on their Third Eye area.

When Students need a more personalised approach, they connect to the Main Skull through some sort of Password.

The Skull scans their Spirit Body and provides them with a tailored answer.

The Illumined Master, conducting the lesson, is always at presence and downloading his topic telepathically into the Students minds.

After it’s time for questions. You can ask the Master anything, not only about Spirituality, – your Love life, your Career, your Money.

Most of the Illumined Masters, teaching in Lord Kuthumi Universities, have incarnated on Earth at some point.

They’ve been in your skin before and understand challenges of being on Earth in a physical body.

When your lesson is over, you spend some time with your friends socialising.

Normally they invite you to visit their Home Planet and show you around. Enjoy!

You do the same, but your friend needs a Portal to access the Earthy Planes.

So you have to negotiate with Dragons. They are the Experts of piercing Dimensions and storming through from one world to the other.

They can help your friend and make sure he or she is perfectly safe during their visit to Earth.

You are blessed to have your Guardian Angel always with you, but not everywhere in the Universe people have Guardian Angels.

So these 12 Universities offer the following lessons, according to Diana Cooper:

#1 The Lessons of Balance

The Yin-Yang Symbol, balance of masculine/feminine, greets the Students as they enter the Hall of Learning #1.

Earth has been more masculine orientated for millions of years.

And now the Divine Feminine makes its comeback to our Planet.

Students learn to connect with the Christ Light, that is held on Sirius C and is Feminine by its nature, and bring this Light in through themselves, permanently anchoring it on Earth.

Whatever balance is “out of balance” – work and personal life, spiritual and material, love for others and self love – will be brought up and addressed during these lessons.

Also don’t forget about one more important Balance – your Karma Sheets Balance, the Good Deeds and Not So Good Ones.

#2 The Lessons of Bliss

The most important lesson the Students take with them from this Hall of Learning is the ability to TRUST the Universe and God.

That everything is WELL. Everything will be better than you can even imagine.

And you NEEDED everything whatever happened to you in the past.

There is always an explanation and a reason behind everything going on in your life.

Even if it seems unfair and a very dark experience.

If you read this, you are a Lightworker – a person who came here to battle the Darkness on Earth.

You are a peaceful Warrior of Light.

Can you imagine a Warrior living as a flower in the greenhouse?

Warrior is thrown right in the middle of the battle!

You deal with Darkness in all forms – abusive relationships, toxic environment etc.

When you enrol in the Hall of Bliss, you stop being dragged through your life from one disappointment to the other.

The scales fall off your eyes, revealing the REASONS behind the facts of your life.

NOW you will UNDERSTAND HOW and WHY it happened in your life.

Whatever happens in your life – YOU NEED IT!

You will see the logical chain preceding that sad event.

And now you will have the cement knowledge that God as a loving Father has done the best for you.

I know deep down that every nasty thing in my past, no matter how bizarre it sounds, HAS BEEN THE BEST THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN TO ME!

I couldn’t see it this way and couldn’t accept it, when I was going through some very dark times in my life.

But now in the hindsight I can!

Knowing and accepting that everything happens for reason brings peace and takes you out of the turmoils of life on Earth.

You notice that your life becomes smoother. You feel constantly loved, looked after, nurtured and guided.

You enter Spiritual Bliss…

#3 Understanding Crystal Technology

This Hall of Learning brings you back to the Atlantean times where Crystals were at the heart of every Temple and Home.

The Great Crystal, connected to the Stars and housed in the main Temple of Atlantis, the Poseidon Temple, served as a source of all power in Atlantis.

They didn’t have electric, gas or oil then.

Crystals provided Atlantean houses with heat and light.

They worked as powerful computers, recording and proceeding information.

Every Crystal has a tiny elemental inside, an intellectual Being of Nature.

When you feel drawn to a Crystal, it’s actually this tiny Beings who wants to connect with you.

When you grow to love your Crystal, you bond with the elemental inside, who will surround you with his circle of love.

The mind boggling Crystal Technology is taught to you in this Hall of Learning to be ready to return to Earth when the time is right.

#4 The Vibration of Truth

Students of this Spiritual University learn how to live their life with high integrity, confidence, honour and peace.

They are not afraid to tell their Truth.

The shimmering white light of this Hall of Learning fizzes and sparkles in every cell of their body.

And everyone, coming in touch with them, feel a total trust and peace, exuded by these Souls.

#5 Codes hidden within Nature

A very popular and lively Hall of Learning.

Many Souls feel attracted to the Magic of Nature.

The Ascended Master Pan and Archangel Purlimiek teach Students in this particular Hall of Learning.

Great Ascended Master Pan is in charge of Elementals – Fairies. Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines, Fauns and many others.

Elementals carry on very important, but often unappreciated work, looking after animals, plants, soil and waters on our Planet.

Archangel Purlimiek is an Archangel of Nature, bathing the Students of this Hall of Learning in his beautiful green-blue light.

Reading one of Lorna Byrne‘s books, I discovered that every tree on the Planet has its own Angel.

I’m more mindful now about chopping the trees down, because it’s like killing an Angel!

Trees are not just plants.

They are ancient sentient Beings, absorbing energies and creating Libraries of what’s going on around them.

All trees on Earth keep in touch with each other, creating a net around the world.

Tuning into a tree, you can find out what’s going on at the other end of the Planet.

Archangel Purlimiek encoded the Sacred information among Nature.

You can find the answer to your burning questions when you walk alone in Nature.

Or you can press your back against the tree, close your eyes, tune into the tree – and it will speak to you!

People used knowledge of sacred codes, imprinted in Nature, for centuries.

I’m talking about herbs.

For example, some plants contain the perfect codes of the healthy kidneys.

Consuming these plants means placing their blueprint over the ill kidneys, merging with them and bringing back to good health…

#6 Unconditional Love

The Students of this Hall learn about different facets of Love – Love for your Partner, Love for Parents, Love for Kids, Love for Yourself etc.

Christ Unconditional Love shines golden-white (golden is a colour of Wisdom, and white is a colour of Purity and God) and vibrates at the 9-dimensional frequency.

Our Heart Chakra contains 33 petals, and they open gradually as we ascend.

First, the outer layer of green petals open as we learn our Life Lessons.

Then the wonderfully pink petals emerge as we open our hearts to Love and start feeling compassion towards the vulnerable, animals and self.

And the blooming heart, overfilled with love, caring, forgiveness, non-judgement and acceptance, triggers the new pink-violet petals unfurl.

When our heart is directly connected to Christ Unconditional and Transcendent Love, the final layer of white petals opens.

And our heart becomes a wonderfully scented pearlescent white rose.

We radiate pure love wherever we go and touch people profoundly.

#7 Higher Perception

Souls, invited to study in this Hall of Learning, don’t make their first baby steps on the Road of Spiritual Enlightenment.

They are wise and advanced Souls, encouraged to look at everything around them through the eyes of a Higher Spiritual Being – the eyes of Angel or even God.

The scales fall off, and the Students suddenly see the whole picture, cause and effect.

Imagine a white sheet of paper in front of you.

Peck down a little dot on it with your pen.

The dot represents what we know.

And the whole paper is the whole and complete knowledge.

So the blank area is the knowledge, hidden from us:

our lives before we were born,

the meeting with our Guides and a scenario we picked for this our life,

agreement with other Souls, incarnating at the same time with us,

karma, accumulated during this and our previous lives.

But our vision of reality is based on the tiny dot, that is actually more microscopical then we can imagine.

We operate our life according to what we can see – the tiny speck of knowledge, completely ignoring the whole picture.

For example, you think that you attracted a monster into your relationship.

Why are you so unlucky in love? It’s so unfair! How and why could it happen to you?

But if you see the whole picture, you wind back time and see yourself tangled up in an abusive relationship with this person in your past life.

Perhaps your abuser is given a chance to put things right in this life and LOVE you, allowing love to dissolve the karmic cord between you.

And you perhaps have to learn a lesson of self worth, strength and to stand in your power.

Students of the Hall of Higher Perception open themselves up to an ability to rise above the circumstances and see the Divine Order and God’s Love everywhere.

They don’t judge, scan through people’s imperfections, flaws and even ugliness and only see the bright, magnificent Light of their Souls.

The Master doesn’t judge others’ incarnations. They walk only them known paths and learn only them known ways their lessons on Earth…

#8 Universal Oneness

On the Monadic 12-dimensional level we all are One.

As our vibration lowers and denser we become as more separated we feel.

We become “I”, “you”, “them”, “different countries”, “different cultures”.

In the Universal Oneness Hall of Learning Students are taught to rise above differences and come back to knowing that in the end of the day we all are made of the same energy.

We all are Love and Light.

The boundaries dissolve.

There are no ranks, no bosses.

Human mind invented hierarchy: Angels, Archangels…

So we assume that Archangels is a higher rank than Angels.

In reality they are not, and an Archangel will look puzzled if you ask him if he is in charge of the group of Angels.

Because they are all the same, they all serve God, only their roles vary.

If you ask Archangel Michael if he is a Boss Angel, he will give you “a look”.

They have no Bosses or Chiefs Executives.

They are all the same.

So if you study in this Hall of Learning, you grasp and download into every cell of your Being an idea that we all are One, yet Unique, Original and Different at the same time.

#9 Service with Joy

Lord Kuthumi himself and Archangel Metatron offer teachings in this Hall of Learning.

They show Students a Path in front of them – not always easy, but so much supported, with Source and Archangel Metatron pouring their Love, Wisdom, Courage and Strength over them.

The Mighty Tutors teach about Joy of Giving – Service with Joy.

Many Students of this Hall of Learning work at day time in caring professions.

When you are well into these studies and pass Initiations, Lord Kuthumi offers you to become a member of the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe that is under his management.

The Brotherhood (and the Sisterhood) of the Golden Robe is a selfless service to humanity, taking pain and the burdens of the world on themselves and transmuting into energy of Light.

Members of the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe keep reincarnating with an invisible Golden Robe – the Golden Light shining out of their aura and transmuting dark and dense energies.

#10 Gateway to other Dimensions

This Hall of Learning widens your horizons and introduces other Dimensions to you.

A lot of doors will open for you, revealing the Kingdoms of Unicorns, Dragons, Angels and the Elemental Kingdom.

Take your time and explore these magical Kingdoms, connect on the deep level with Advanced Beings of Light.

You will learn how to change your vibration and energy to tune instantly into the world you wish to visit.

In a way it reminds me of tuning the radio to find the radio station you want to listen to.

Every Kingdom vibrates on a specific wavelength, and it takes time and practice to tune finely into their frequency.

This Learning Faculty doesn’t only serve your curiosity though!

Stepping through their threshold, you are touched and infused inevitably with their incredible Light.

You never will be the same after!

The Golden Path of Accelerated Growth awaits you, and you walk it as a Master.

#11 The Divine Feminine

You’ve learnt the lessons of balance and how to bring your masculine and feminine energies into equilibrium already.

But because feminine qualities – love, kindness, wisdom, compassion, empathy, caring, nurturing, healing – are so incredibly important, especially this time on Earth,

Lord Kuthumi decided to establish the Hall of Learning, dedicated to the Divine Feminine.

A lot of Men study in this Hall of Learning, aiming to bring their masculine-feminine energies into alignment.

They have to pass the Initiations first though before entering the Divine Feminine Hall of Learning.

Ladies don’t have to, because it is considered on the Higher level that Menstruation, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding are the powerful Initiations in themselves.

It’s the only Hall of Learning where about 70% of lectures are carried on in a complete darkness.

The black colour is the colour of Yin, the Feminine energy.

It resembles the darkness of the womb where the new life grows.

The Students gain access to the deepest secrets of Divine Alchemy – Metamorphosis and Transformation undergoing in the Darkness.

Magi, working in Temples of ancient Atlantis, were the experts of Divine Alchemy and could awaken their vision and turn it into material objects or change completely the physical matter.

Magi understood the Magic of Black.

If someone was ill, especially mentally, they would take the person’s Soul out of the body and position it in a black cocoon where healing would take place…

#12 Your Ninth-Dimensional Cosmic Master Light

You only can enrol in this last Hall of Learning if you vibrate on the upper level of the 5th Dimension.

But don’t underestimate yourself!

First of all, no one stays on the same vibrational level all the time.

There are times when your energy soars, you feel enlightened, encouraged, happy and enthusiastic!

You love the world!

And there are times when your energy nosedives – you are consumed by fear and worry, sadness or anger.

Angels and Ascended Masters see us differently – in full our Enlightenment, Magnificence and Glory!

So, who knows, maybe you undertake studies in this particular Hall of Learning.

The Students, stepping into this Temple of Learning, are introduced to 9-dimensional Diamond energies that they will carry in their aura forever.

It’s hugely important, because these Enlightened Souls will impact everyone they meet and heal the Earth they walk.

The Students will be linked directly to the greatest Sources of High Dimensional energies, known currently in the Universe:

🙏 the Christ Light that is held permanently on Sirius – the Golden Ray of Love, transmuting any lower energy,

🙏 the Mahatma energy – the vast glowing pool of golden-white energy, created collectively at Atlantean time by the Greatest Beings of Light adding their energy to this pool,

🙏 Pleiadian Blue Cosmic Rose – energy of Transcendent Love and Healing,

🙏 the 9-dimensional Wisdom Blueprint of Masters of Orion,

🙏 the 9-dimensional Spiritual Light of Masters of Neptune,

🙏 the sparkling energy of the 9-dimensional Unicorns, blessing you with their golden horns,

🙏 the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, placed over your aura by Archangels Zadkiel and Gabriel,

🙏 the golden orange 9-dimensional Light of Ascension, poured by Archangel Metatron into your chakras,

🙏 the Aquamarine Light of the great Universal Angel Mary, bathing you in her incredible love and purity of heart.

And many many other magnificent Archangels and Ascended Masters will generously share their Light with you.

As you graduate from 12 Spiritual Universities of Lord Kuthumi, you become an Enlightened Master, blessing the Planet Earth and speeding up its ascension.


Sirius B seems to be the Far Far Away Planet.

But as Earth ascends, the mind blowing Technology that has been available to us at Atlantean times, only enhanced, will come back.

Humanity will discover the ways to travel in space fast. We probably won’t travel in a linear fashion, but rather changing dimensions.

Think how much technology has progressed within decades literally, from carts and horses to rockets, going to space!

Expeditions from Earth will explore the Universe.

And our beautiful Planet Earth will take a proud place next to our Intergalactic Brothers and Sisters from Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus, Orion and many many others.

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Love and Blessings from Irina

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