Starseeds and their characteristics

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  1. Irina, I was beyond fascinated by your advice. I only found out I am a starseed this year. I guess this whole concept is new to me but I have been able to see the Hindu dieties and Jesus and Mother Mary for almost 2 decades now. I astral travelled may times to places including the pyramids in Egypt. I complained about not being able to see the stars the first time I astral travelled. What is my mission, what is it I am supposed to do? Is it Reiki healing or it is more? I think my dad must have been a starseed also. Thanks much. Lots of love. Min

  2. Hi I’m Domino. I’m a new soul Starseed. Something went wrong, and I was slowly siphoned from the body I was born in,to to a woman old enough to be my mother. I was owing up in the body of a little white girl with Polio. After having an accident knocking self out I woke up awhile later in the body of a woman of color. I was in a six year old. After having a dream about going up on Jacob’s Ladder, I can get back into my body,only to get pulled out and to the brown woman’s body. My silver thread runs from me,the soul of Domino,to my body. But when I move,the brown woman’s body moves. Being like this is not good at all.

  3. Dear Irina,

    Hello all the way from South Africa, I stumbled upon your site and I see I’m late to join the party

    I came across starseeds 2 years ago and it blew my mind how I’d missed this entire chapter all throughout my spiritual journey thus far. I was certain without even reading further that I was a starseed and I just knew it would be the kind less common and finding out would not be easy for me…

    I read many different articles watched you tubes but sadly nothing resonated nor did I feel like I read anything I understood despite the fact that nothing was indept deep dived or specifically explained as such, most of it felt like fluff and went over my head like I’m waiting to get to the relevant parts and it just never got close to the information I was desperately hoping to get to … I felt energy drained , not getting to the right ppl n info and so I gave it a break..

    I recently rekindled my strength and found myself in the right mind space with the intense feeling of panic within , I needed to grow and educate myself and prepare because time is running out, “it” will be soon and I’m already so far behind, no time to mess around, make sure I am sufficiently ready…there’s no time left now, don’t waste what time I do have…I don’t know what the even is but I assume the broad spectrum title of an “Ascension” of some sort .

    Reading your article was energizing an easy read I breezed through it with little strain and for the first time ever I can say I have a solid start in my understanding of Starseeds.

    I was recently introduced to “muscle …..” Something, was it programming, I’m too charged up to slow down and try and remember. But it’s trusting yourself to answer the questions as we all have the imprint of our past history, even of the other dimensions and worlds and your muscles respond to the truths. So you lock your forefingers and thumbs of both hands chaining into a lock and with consciousness focus and ask yourself the questions and try and pull your right hand finger lock through the left hand locked loop, if it breaks easily through its positive and if it remains locked together your body disagrees. And I am pleasantly impressed with the results without having to put in your best efforts it still works even amidst your world tasks and a mind filled with daily chaos.

    I am thrilled to say I finally found somethings I relate to after getting through all the comments oddly enough it wasn’t in the article haha , no matter how many pulls I tugged, I easily broke free of the chain. I resonated slightly not a lot to plaeidian, stronger on Syrian B but it blew my senses when I discovered the name …,my ears started ring and my hairs on my neck and hands were standing..Mintaka!!

    I am a big empath, ppl drain me, ppl sense me in public, good and bad they come up and do exactly what I didn’t want or when I am in mental turmoil and in that state, many healers have randomly come up to me in public.

    I vibrate at frequencies since a child , where electronics would not work, touchscreen a don’t pick up my print, remotes fail, sensors don’t open doors, tvs just switch off, but I wrote it off to nothing but only later did I start to understand it.

    I too can see evil intents of ppl hanging on them, their faces I see their darkness, I have a sixth sense that sees trouble mins before it unfolds and have saved myself and others so many times from bad situations. I’ve learnt to trust in it more, when things are preventing me at all costs ,I stop and realize it’s the universe saving me and I stop pushing so hard…i also trained myself to spot the anomalies thus identifying often where the issues lie, negativities mostly, but I am greatful to see with a lens that now filters for this after a string of experiences and events ..

    I also felt elemental fairy, my love for animals and doing all I can to help and rescue and donate to animal causes…I have no human charities whatsoever, I feel nothing for humans, but animals that don’t even have a voice to complain, all they do is love you unconditionally and for this reason I try to do my best to hear them and be their voices. Animals connect with me on a deeper level, and they are ok, I sense if hey sick and it’s like they talking English to me when the meow or bark I hear the problem or complaint…and I’m on par.

    I first astral projected at age 6, I floated up on the roof looking down at my sleeping body and panicking as I didn’t know how I was going to get back down to my body..I couldn’t wait to get to school when I woke up that morning so I could tell my best friend….and it wasn’t much of a story to her, and I remained shaken from the feeling of fear and panick that was still with me. The next episode at age 9 was an alien abduction and remembered something taken out of my stomach but at the same time also something put into my belly? Both feelings with panick of oh no what am I going to do? I couldn’t wait to get to school to tell my best friend friend, it was the first time I felt the feeling of being violated and at age 9 it was extremely scary and traumatic , like a rape victim…it stuck with me for few days….

    I wanted to say hello and a deep thank you for this start , I can’t wait to read your other articles, and I look forward to anything you might pick up on. I def don’t feel we have enough healers here, the real deals or the ppl at the right levels of knowledge and strength to help me on my journey, some told me they can’t help me on some levels, and others tried to lure me onto their hamster wheels and try and recruit me keep me busy with mundane nothing’s to keep me from noticing that they are sucking my energy. It comes disguised it the least threatening harmless and smallest insignificant things and it’s amazing how one can overlook it easily in a moment less focused….I have learnt that one cannot open themselves up to just anyone as so many ppl have bad intentions out there and us good ppl are the targets…I def sense the evil in its presence…

    Love to hear your feel, what prep do I need, I feel like I have a great responsibility or role to furfill in the coming “Broadway production”and I’m unprepared …

    Thank u again ,

    Like Nadia with a S.
    Arabic meaning happiness
    Born 26 Jan 1983

    1. Hello Saadia,

      Thank you for the lovely comment.
      I’m so glad you resonated with my article and even found your Home – Mintaka.
      You don’t need any preparations, you are ready.
      And you follow your path already.
      Your Soul knows what you have to do, what you are here for.
      Trust yourself and your beautiful eternal Soul.

      Lots of Love and Blessings,


  4. Hi!:)

    Reading your article was amazing! I read the Pleidian starsseed one too. It matched me almost perfectly, more accurately than anything ever has. Though I do agree with one of the comments above that the indigo and crystal and rainbow star souls aren’t necessarily 100% that. Know what I mean?
    I’m an extremely sensitive psychic and apparently a medium too. I’ve always hated the idea of being a girl OR a boy. I’d always felt like I’m not “one of the humans” not sure why I put that in quotations..
    But omg I just LOVE THE WATER. My dream is to live next to an ocean without any people around, and to swim with this pod of orcas I saw in a nat geo thing – they were so kind!
    It’s kind of funny, recently I got attacked by some plants I brought home from the store I’ve not been very connected to plants and nature since I was young, but I absolutely love animals and the ocean and water and rain and the sky. Ah.. the sky.. I love watching sunsets and huge clouds that look big enough to live in!

    Using my psychic things, as well as my intuition I got a lot out of your article! I kind of navigated in the right direction, and I know that I’ve been reincarnated like a thousand times… it’s almost not funny. Yet I really come across as young
    I can’t wait to read more of your posts! 🙂
    I have been fortunate enough to have an amazing sister who is also a starseed though I’m pretty certain she is much younger than me and likely from a different place originally. It’s funny how complicated it all is, isn’t it?

    Have an amazing time!!:)

    1. Hi Jas Rose,

      I enjoyed every word you wrote.
      Thank you so much for loving and appreciating my humble article.
      It means the world to me!

      I wish you and your sister every blessing,

      Lots of Love from Irina

  5. I have to disagree with your comment’ s regarding Indigo beings. I have been given on two periods of time information with regards to myself. A few years ago An honest remark made by a channel to me saying ” that she saw me working on planetary cores in very ancient times, yes I was building cores. Only a few years ago I was suddenly transported to a planetary core OUT of sync. with the modern day. This lady told me I had crossed a time line. And, yes I am a mentor have been for eons. Also, for further information I possess a 9 A5 pager of my life here on Earth informing me of my time is now coming to an end, with a great deal of detail but not when. I had a reading February 2021 that I wished to know when I would pass over, I was then informed by a Sirian, Pleiadian and 24 Artcurians with Metatron overlooking, that I could have a choice when to pass over within the next few days. It was seen as a dispensation, I chose quite quickly – to stay on Earth a little longer. I am teaching of a number of folk via my teachings which come from IAMUniversity Joshua Stones work via Spirit here on the outer planes. He is teaching on the inner planes exactly the same teachings. Hopefully this will be of some interest. John Fowler

  6. Hello mem I want to talk to you but I still have a little weak in English. Please understand my point and give me an answer, I read a lot of articles about starseed on the Internet and I don ‘t understand what’ s in starseed am I a starseed or rainbow child because I was born in November 2002 a dream comes true or if I ‘ve ever had a dream I’ m born in a dream and I know it ‘s not a long event but 10-20 seconds. I’ m not going to fit into a twenty – second society like I don ‘t have to stay here any where my house is. Super power, telepathy, telepen, like things I really like, but I get things on the Internet different things, so I don ‘t know what to do with me, which isn’ t normal. I hope you answer me and help me tell you if there ‘s any other means.

    1. Hi Vaibhav,

      I’m a bit confused about what sort of answer you expect from me.
      I would say keep reading and feel which information resonates with you.
      When it is right for you, you feel that it all suddenly clicks together and makes the sense.
      It’s very individual though.

      Love from your fellow Starseed Irina

  7. Hi Irina,
    I came across your website purely by chance and knew I had been led here! Could you advise what you mean by psychic vision? Trying to track down my own golden thread was part of the reason.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      The psychic vision is the ability to see beyond the range of the physical vision.
      Normally, in order to deploy your psychic vision, you have to close your physical eyes.
      The psychic vision is a part of psychic abilities and is called Clairvoyance.

      Hope it helps.

  8. You mentioned only few types of starseeds, there are so many types you have no idea.
    Regarding your classification I got the impression it come from your own personal experience, anyway there are few point also I agree with you.
    Have you seen the person you were before you incarnated on Earth?
    I have seen myself and it left me speechless, your classifications regarding the categorie of starseed as rainbow, crystal etc. is wrong, because that is the way someone once classified star seeds, but it was wrong, the characteristics aren’t given according the year people were born, but simply the place in the universe where they come from, in fact star seeds can have all qualities, they have one more quality they are psychic and telepathic!
    They can see a story before even the story begins.
    Enough there are far too many people saying what.. and this, and that..channelling etc…
    We are here, we have a different soul & vision then ordinary humans, very often we have dual personalities due to the fact the opponent wants us from his side.

  9. Hello hello!

    I am really new into the entire topic, stumbled upon starseeds on my spiritual Instagram feed and it all just seemed so intuitive and in general the idea of being a rainbow child makes so much sense. A spiritual leader always called me alien because of my ears and said I am a very young soul. I always asked sooo many questions about the meaning of life at a very young age. But how do I KNOW? Is there anything so I can know? You mentioned in your text you are feeling watched and I feel too! Is there any way I can make that connection without being exposed? I’m just so new into all of it I don’t know who to ask or where to start honestly …

    Greetings !!! ☀️

    1. Hi, Thula,

      I would say, to start with, read as much as you can about the Starseeds, absorb the information.
      Try to identify which exactly Starseed you are, where you are from.
      And meditate, asking to connect you with your Home World.
      Ask for a journey to your Home Planet in meditation.
      You will be given a Guide whilst visiting your Planet.
      Talk to the Guide, ask questions.
      You will receive the information, depending on how your Psychic Senses are working at this point in your life.

      Take on this exciting journey of discovering Yourself,

      Lots of Love and Blessings,


  10. Hi!
    I was wondering how many of the different origins of starseeds you were going to write about? I’m fairly confident that I am a star seed, and from the little i’ve seen I feel very connected to Apollonians, but its really hard to find more information about them. I was wondering if you were ever going to write something about them?

    1. Hi Willow,

      You are right, Apollonian, or Alpha Centaurian Starseeds are not covered very well.
      I will write at some point about them, but I don’t know when.
      I’m in the middle of writing the article about Lyran Starseeds at the moment.
      Our Universe is massive, and there are so many Universes beyond it!
      I keep discovering new Starseeds on Earth no one has written about yet.

      Love from Irina

  11. Hai Irinda How Are You? I Have A Question About My Birthmarks And I See Your Intellect And Insight On These Type Of Topic’s. I Have The Mark Of Merlin The Greates Of All Magicans And I Would Like To Know More About Them And If Not About The Orion Starseeds. I Have A Small Bomp On My Chest That Grew Fully At My Adult Houd, I Have Three Mools And Each Is Bigger Than The Next Their In A Traingle At The Left Side Of My Body, With An Moon Or Sun At My Left And A Star Within. I Have Star Mools All Over My Body One On My Left With Growing Out Hairs, And A Big Looks Like The Biggest Mool I’ve Ever Saw At My Left Foot On One Of My Teos. I Have To Yellow Birthmarks Looks Like A Backstab Wound And A Peirce Mark On My Belly Small In Size, I Have A Cerry Plom On My Left Arm And I Had Two Mools On My Palm I Toke Off One With A Niddle, Looks Like I’m Holding A Sword In One Hand And A Shield In The Next. The One I Toke Off I Regret Even Though Its Imprinted In My Soul. Cant You Give Me A Clear Or The Clear Insight On Orion Starseeds And I Don’t Believe They We Here Reciently?

    1. Hi James,

      Thank you, I’m fine.

      You ask about the birthmarks, but honestly I’ve never taken any interest in them.
      So I’m sorry but I can’t provide you with information and insight on this subject.
      I do believe that some of them (not all) are on our bodies for a reason.

      I will cover Orion Starseeds on my blog.
      Stay tuned!

      Love and Blessings,


  12. Hi, Irina. I am definitely a starseed. I have all the traits. I have autism, high anxiety disorder, love science fiction movies, very good at fixing gadgets and technology which I love, but I don’t like Math. Nor am I any good at it I feel as if I don’t belong here on Earth. I feel like my soul lost its way in the cosmos and accidently ended up here on Earth. How? I don’t know. Maybe because of a galactic war. I have hard time being around negative energy. I breakdown. I like being alone. I look up at the sky all the time, if and when I can see stars. I try to enlighten people to truth if they choose to listen. I really don’t care about my appearance but I’m not a workaholic. I like to relax and be a peace with myself when alone.

    So where I could possibly be from? Sirius? Or someplace else?

  13. if you’re one of twelve
    it’s no longer a twin but a duodecimal .. it was lost in translation from Sirian to English , maybe ?

  14. Hi Irina ,

    Lovely article…..

    I was feeling lost for years .The movie Avatar somehow opened my eyes. (This was like the story of my life -Amazing movie, real staff. )Now your article make me ask myself again why I am on the planet earth, to heal others om myself? or to find people like you which make my journey meaningful .

    Love Krasi

    1. Hi, Krasi,

      Avatar stays my #1 favourite film.
      I’m sure James Cameron is a Starseed himself, and he has reflected memories of his own Home Planet in Avatar.

      I think you are born here, on the Planet Earth, to excel at both – heal yourself, heal others and heal this Planet that needs you desperately!

      And you can’t help but attract similar people into your life – online as well.
      Birds of feather flock together.

      By the way, I don’t make, but remind you that your life journey is meaningful and how beautiful and precious you are!

      Much Love,


  15. Hello ! thought I would chuck my 4 pence in! old money born in 43. up till I was 4 I used to disappear into another World , the occupants were all Ladies ? they would say Peter they are going to awaken you now , go back! When I was 4 they stopped the visits , that hurt? .
    I was very aware of the people around me and new their thoughts etc even though I was only 2, Fast forward to the 60s, I became very interested in Astrology & things Mystic. I went through several aspects of my being, transforming my Emotional. & Mental Bodies then an horrific experience of virtually destroying my EGO, ( it,s called the Dark Night of the SOUL! ) Then I read an article thatdescribed what I had done , Initiations ?? I knew how to accomplish them without being told, eh? That last bone is the 4th Crucifixion Initiation ( Jesus on the Cross) Nasty, I then took the 5th & 6th ones only to be stopped from taking the 7th , the Ascention Initiation , that was 40 years ago Its very difficult to survive in this World when you have destroyed the means to survive it? how ever I adjusted to it taking years to achieve it ,
    I met a girl 20 years ago who specialised in Channelling , she spoke to a group of beings called the Nine,( ninth Dimensional) they said that I and a few others were given the task pre birth of experimenting with Ascension Techniques for the forthcoming Earth changes , mine was discarded as being too violent? they thanked me and said I was a beautifull being of Light ( thanks cheeky) you need to mend your broken system ,
    shortly after a Being arrived just before I slept, a rectangle of very dark inky blue appeared on the wall, with a light shining behind it, which flowed out towards and encircling me, an extremely bright light that took some time for me to adjust to, the feeliong of Love from her ( she is a high Dimensionl being , passive Second Ray ) I was totally shocked, she communicated telepathically without words , empathy ? I had work to do later .
    She totally rearrnged my life so that I was free to do her bidding . , Now it looks like that time is near ,I am going to teach / explain to others the forthcoming changes to the planet and prepare , I think that I need to Ascend to remove the blocks on my knowledge ? so that,s it ! , I wait .. b et that bored yopu rotten eh? Peter

  16. Hello Irina,
    I enjoyed reading your article about earth angels and star seeds immensely. I have just been told I am an Earth Angel (twice now) and a Star Seed – of this I am certain (I am an Old Soul Star Seed and have been on Earth for many lifetimes). I feel like I am from Pleiades. I am a natural energetic healer and have healed people with my hands. Even though I have a resistance to this calling at first, I still practice healing when people request it. I am an Engineer by profession and I feel that this is what I came here to be. I enjoy being in the technical field. I would like to read more about Pleiadian Star Seeds in your blog and I guess I am asking for confirmation if indeed I am from Pleiades. Thank you

    1. Hi, Sheila,

      So pleased you enjoyed my articles.
      Your instinctive knowing is always right.
      If you feel that your purpose on Earth is working in Technology, trust that little voice inside.
      Joy is an indication that you walk the right path.
      I will write about Pleiadian Starseeds. I keep postponing, because it is such a vast topic!
      There are seven Stars – seven Sisters.
      But actually I don’t think you are from the Pleiades.
      Not every Healer on Earth has come from the Pleiades.
      Your Home is a far far away Planet on the other side of the Milky Way that we can’t see from Earth.
      It’s much bigger than our Earth, and “people” exist up there not in the physical bodies, but very light ones, transparent and shimmering with rainbow colours.
      Imagine the soap bubbles, only not round, but human shaped.
      There are so many Stars and the Planets in the Universe, and I never heard of your Planet before.
      Let’s call the Souls, originated from your Planet, the Rainbow Starseeds, and you are one of them!

      Much Love and Brightest Blessings,


      1. Thank you Irina for the overall helpful info, but the following two contradictions that you mentioned can cause confusion:

        1) Crystal Children are the next wave of the Starseeds that started to come to Earth in the 1980s to approximately 2000.

        2) If you were born in the 70s – 80s as a Crystal child, and you are now respectively 30-40, then it’s you that child – estranged, lonely, anxious and shy, very sensitive.

        1. Thank you, Barbara,

          Well spotted!
          You should read (and I should write in the first place!):
          “if you were born in the 80s – 90s as a Crystal child, and you are now respectively 20-40, then it’s you that child – estranged, lonely, anxious and shy, very sensitive.”
          I’ll correct that bit in my post.
          And I consider myself exceptionally good with maths! Lol
          I read the post a thousand times before I hit “Publish” and still missed the obvious discrepancy.

          Thank you very much for letting me know.

          Much Love,


  17. Fun article to read! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I know for sure I am not from here. I knew since I was 7 years old that I came here on a mission and have felt alien and lonely my whole life. The other kids could tell I was different and used to call me “weird” and they rejected me. I have always been a gifted healer but struggle myself to find good healers who can help me.

    Some of the info you present feels 100% resonant. Other times the traits you experienced, you seem to assume all starseeds feel this way, and they don’t. I was very huggy-lovey as a child and didn’t get the affection I needed. And there is definitely versions of “sex” in other cosmological and dimensional realms…but maybe not yours.

    It is in no way all technological and laboratory like you say. I have no desire to merge with machine or technology at all. Some of us are not drawn to artificial intelligence and plan to ascend naturally and organically. Nor are we all workaholics. I would if I could in order to help the most I can, but I get very sick from overwork as my nervous system is so sensitive.

    There is also a discrepancy the dates you give pertaining to the Indigos, rainbows and crystals, so that will be confusing for people who are new to this topic.

    There ARE many traits in common that we all share…but then there are ones that apply only to the individual ego and their Earthly genetic inheritance or their particular star system…imo…after 40 years of experience on this topic.

    It’s been very hard for me here on Earth…so hard that I am not even able to help much anymore though I used to and still want to, but depression has been severe. I am still here though as my compassion keeps me from hurting family by choosing to leave early.

    I wish love and comfort to all those suffering these same circumstances, and to all beings struggling to find belonging, safety and/or peace. Much love. Ashtar. xo

    1. Hi Ashtar,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I’m so sorry to hear the harsh local environment takes a heavy toll on you.
      We, Starseeds, are extra sensitive and take in a lot of negatives that affect us adversely unfortunately.

      Sending you healing thoughts and loving wishes,


  18. Every single word you wrote resonates with my soul about starseeds. I’ve always felt connected to the stars. I have markings from Orion, Pleiades, and Andromeda but feel connected to 4 or 5 different ones including Sirius. I have dreams of this beautiful place on the crystal clear blue waters with greek architecture, and waterfalls somewhere middle of the ocean which only I can think Atlantis would’ve looked like. Sometime I feel very homesick after I wake up. Thank you for this wonderful article.

    1. You are more than welcome, Meri.
      I don’t think it’s possible to stick to only one Planet in all of our lifetimes.
      Our Soul wants different experiences for us.
      But only one Planet becomes special that feels like Home…
      It’s like you can travel a lot, but only one place on Earth is where our heart belongs and where our thoughts return and that feels like coming home…
      So you probably are a Sirius B girl.
      By the way, your name means “sea” in Finnish and Estonian languages.
      Also can you see the connection between your name “Meri” and “Merpeople”, “Mermaid”?
      Merpeople are the local folk on Sirius B.
      Did you read my article about Sirius B? I’m sure you visit this Planet in your dreams.

      Love and Warm Hugs,


      1. I have always subconsciously been attracted to the stars, the universe, dolphins, the sea and water in general. I have had encounters at a young age with E.T. or celestial beings visiting Earth. And most recently the eve of the june 5th full moon and lunar eclipse had a beautiful visit with a non-binary being. I refer to as he. Idk, why but I consistently have referred to the love as he. We looked upon one another with no fear. I was not scared, I was filled with an abundance of beauty, love, connection and an over all sense of spiritual elation. Even though it was spilit seconds, it felt much longer. He was all green, covered in a gorgeous soft moss, with lovely lil white flowers. With the elegantly elongated, the crown of his head dare I sayE.T.ish, was surrounded in a lighter green aura. Needless to say after our visit. I continued walking home, light as a feather and feeling connected more than ever to Mother Gaia, my spirits, guides, and other star beings. Then within days I had and today still continue to research finding nothing. I did within days of this glorious visit, doing meditation was visited by Zeus in my third eye and a lightning bolt to my heart. I was not expecting Zeus, and again I had no fear for the God of Thunder, only even more curiosity. I know my purpose is to raise the vibrations of love, light, understanding and truth. To push positive vibrations into Mother Gaia, into the universe and into others. I have no doubt about my eartlhy quests as a Starseed. Many blessings, much love and light. May peace be with you. Thank you for the beautiful insights and connections.

        1. Oh wow!

          Thank you, Michelle, for this beautiful story.
          Absolutely enchanting!
          We expect Beings from other Planets to look like humanoids, but life in the Universe exists in so many forms, shapes, colours and sizes.

          Brightest Light, Love and Blessings to you too,


    2. Meri, That sounds very much like the description of Mintakan starseeds <3 Mintaka is one of the stars in the Orion constellation and was a water planet. Most Mintakans feel homesick and long to return.

      1. Mintaka was a Planet, completely covered in crystal clear healing water.
        Unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore.
        That’s why Starseeds originated from Mintaka feel especially homesick.
        Deep down they know that their Souls can’t return to their beloved Planet.
        Because of that they are homebodies, cherishing their own home.
        But actually there are a lot of watery Planets in the Universe.
        I suggested connection with Sirius B because of the description of Greek architecture in the middle of the ocean.
        That’s exactly what I saw in my meditation!

        Love from Irina

      2. I first discovered I was a starseed while watching a video on tiktok where someone had three cards and told you to pick one. I like always stared at the screen till one card lifted with my mind’s eye. At the end of the video she turned the card over and said whoever picked the middle was a starseed. Just like the Rainbow children I was born in 1998 and was diagnosed with autism at 17 with the same characteristics as the rainbow children. My senses are sharp and sensitive and always felt out of place as a kid with my abusive father. I’ve done reiki since I was 6 and actually have taken the pain from a old lady in church. This describes me to a T.

          1. Hi Irina, I’m not quite sure what I am. But I have an indigo aura around my belly caught on camera in my home. I have shadow ppl that hide from me at home, but my friends see them when they are here. My oldest daughter caught them on camera, along with a face on the back of my other daughters back. One of these shadow ppl were seen poking me in my side last yr in my home hurting me psychically while I was pregnant, and I lost that baby. A different shadowy figure was seen staring down at my belly a few weeks before I conceived this baby. I have surpressed memories of seeing red eyes under my bed as a child. I honestly think whatever’s lurking around us has been following me since I was a child. I know my cousins mom has a light like mine and her daughter does too. My family is gifted, but the problem is half of them are dead, I have no one but my cousins mom to give me any answers to anything. Please help me if you can, I would like to know more with having my children involved!

          2. Hi Anjelina,

            I think you have to cleanse your house of negative energy.
            It’s not nice to live like that at all!
            Also ask Archangel Michael to clean your energy bodies, cut negative cords between you and any other being and give you protection.
            Do it not just once, but every night before you go to sleep.
            Talk to your house Angel to keep those beings at bay.
            Don’t overlook the brownie – your house spirit.
            Ask him to get rid of those pesky shadowy figures for good!
            Offer him milk or honey for the job.
            Leave the plate with offering on the floor over night (if you have no pets) or somewhere low.
            Your brownie is a short fella.
            In the morning chuck milk or honey away.
            Brownie can’t eat physically, but takes goodness – prana – of your offering overnight.

            Hopefully it will help.

            I wish you Love and every Blessing,


          3. Hi, Awakened Indigo,

            Loved reading your comment.
            Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation.

            Wishing you all the love, happiness and every blessing in the world,


  19. New here. Always did feel different. Longing and waiting to connect with ” like ” minded people. This article helped and was informative, but now it’s my journey to learn more so that I too may find my purpose here on earth. Thanks! Live and light!

    1. Hi, Jackie,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      By the way, have you read my article “What is your Lightworker Mission and Purpose”?
      Hope it can shed the light on your Purpose on Earth.

      Love and every Blessing on your Spiritual Path,


  20. Wow what an insightful article, thank you Irina for writing it. It brings me so much clarity about my life… I think I am an Indigo or Crystal child. I spent most of my youth having out of body experiences, flying into other dimensions, meeting other beings, communicating via telepathy… lots of adventures. Although I had no way of explaining any of this to anyone in this earthy realm… to my parents for example. I just remember they told me that what I was doing was evil and I must stop. However, I wasn’t even trying to do this, it was just happening. I recall going to the local library to research it (many years before internet was a thing!) and finally finding one book on astral projection and being so relieved that I could finally put words to what was happening.
    I knew from a very early age that I could exist outside of my body as well as within it – as I spent so much time outside of my body! And have always felt such a strong connection with nature and other realms. I spend a lot of time in ‘solitude’ which may seem weird to some people, however that’s when I feel most connected. When I don’t manage to have time alone is when I start to feel disconnected. Currently during the quarantine time, I’m having the opportunity to be fully alone and really embracing it!!!!
    Interesting to read the mermaid section too, I started having incredibly vivid dreams about swimming with dolphins and whales many years ago… and I now work for a wild dolphin swimming retreat and have spent the last few years connecting with the wild dolphins in The Bahamas and working to promote ocean conservation.
    I’m extremely empathetic, to the point of thinking maybe I am psychic. I’ve received dream visitations and messages from loved ones who have left this earthy realm, and also dream visitations from people still in the earthly realm and received messages/ visions.
    Thank you for providing this space to connect and share with like minded souls. I’m still trying to make sense of lots of things in my life… it’s taken a long time as I didn’t know anyone else experiencing any of these things!! Love and light from Sarah

    1. Hi, Sarah,

      Wow! You sound just like my Twin…

      It’s not a very popular thing to say, but I feel so happy during this quarantine!
      Of course my condolences go to families that have lost their loved ones.
      I deeply respect their grief.
      I know that many businesses suffer. People worry about the money – I pray for them.
      But the energy feels cleaner.
      Even my hubby noticed how bright and clean the sky was another day.
      He said that’s because the cars are parked up, less emissions, poisoning the air.
      I like rainbows at almost every house window.
      I even saw huge rainbows – the pieces of art, probably created with kids, in people’s front gardens.
      That’s heart warming…

      Anyway I’m sooo happy you let your heart lead you and fulfil your Mission – be an Earth Guardian and protect its oceans.
      I can see electric-blue grids around you, exactly the same geometric pattern you can see around dolphins bodies, their signature energy.
      You are a part of them, a part of the ocean.

      Love and Light from Irina

      1. Thank you Irina! So lovely to read your reply and receive all of your light. Sending you love & light, Sarah

      2. Hi, I feel most connected to Andromeda or being an Indigo child. Im just really confused, are they separate things, or can you be both?

        1. Hi Jackie,

          Of course you can be both.
          You can be originated from Andromeda and come as a part of the Indigo wave in this lifetime.

          Much Love,


    2. Irina, thank you for such an informative and insightful article. I relate so much to what you say, as an Indigo who I think has incarnated here a number of times. I have so much that I want to explore in the time I have left in this incarnation, but in my heart, I can’t wait to go home, and rest there.
      I feel that the energy here is not right for me, and I have chronic pain & fatigue as a result, together with a nervous system and emotions that are very sensitive.
      Love and light xx

      1. Hi, Kylie,

        Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you are not well.
        Despite many incarnations on Earth you still can’t adjust to the local environment.
        We only can do our best…
        Make every day the best possible day!
        God still has his plans for you here on Earth.
        This Planet needs you!
        Without you this world would be a darker place!

        I wish you Good Health and Happiness,

        Love from Irina

      2. It does seem true about children. The starseeds I know have none.

        A point of interest is the (quite rare) Rh Negative blood type, which I have, as do many, starseeds. Rh- showed up in the earth population only 30,000 years ago. And I suspect it arose from genetic engineering done by “visitors” to this planet with the indigenous humans of earth.

        Most Rh- (all that I have met) have numerous similar traits such as feeling different/alien, an interest and talent for psychic/occult phenomena and are creatively gifted, high IQ, sensitive, artistic and compassionate.

        It is interesting to note that Rh- women do not carry children of regular bloodtype very easily. They may be able to have one, but the mother’s body will attack all subsequent children as foreigners…like a transplanted organ.

        I definitely did not incarnate here to create more 3D earthlings, but having this bloodtype has made it difficult to conceive anyway…so those two things seem to go hand in hand for a bunch of us.

        I was looking at a book of astronomy when I was a child and connected with the Pleiades and Andromeda long before the internet or before I had ever picked up a book about the topic. I thought I was the only one in the world who felt like an alien. I was the only one I had ever heard of feeling this way until I read in 1999 that Kurt Cobain believed he was dropped off from a spaceship too.

        When I was seven years old I was looking at the night sky when I received my first telepathic message. I heard “They are not your real family, WE are your real family”. My sister was born that year. She is seven years younger than me and the Pleiades are also known as “The Seven Sisters”. So that’s interesting.

        Then there’s the cartoon called “The Lost Spaceship Girl” I started drawing in 1996, again, before I had heard of these things. And I named her “Andromeda”. When I finally read the characteristics of the star people’s various origins, sometime after the new millenium and the advent of the internet, I definitely connected with the descriptions of the Andromedans and Pleiadians more than others…but also Arcturus and ancient Lemuria too.

        I do not connect as well with the colours orange/yellow/red as I do with purple, blue and green, and always just figured that was a result of not being grounded in the lower centers/chakras of the physical body or earth.

        And YES. I identify as androgynous…both male AND female. I am drawn to fairies very much too as well as unicorns and winged horses and griffins and have seen them all in clear visions, along with visitations from the Hindu deities during meditation though I was raised Christian and love Jesus too. And these visions of the hindu deities first happend in a Sufi school, which is interesting because Sufi’s are Muslim and do not depict their prophet in visual form at all and warn off of “idols”.

        I feel like an intergalactic fairy of sorts, but because I am so sensitive to the extreme brightness and rays of the local sun here, I do not like to spend alot of time outdoors. Nor can I tolerate extreme cold or humid heat.

        I’m also not drawn to water particularly….I like deserts and dry climates. I’m a winged one, not finned, that’s for sure. Of course I require water to survive, and I do find water pretty when it sparkles….but being near water usually means being near humidity which makes me uncomfortable. (Water is a great scrying medium though, and I love clouds and fog which contain water).

        So as you can see…I have many similar and dissimilar features too. Just wanted to connect, say hello to anyone reading this, and share some of my experiences.

        Peace,Truth, Love,

        Ashtar xo

        1. Hi Ashtar again,

          By the way, I have the negative blood type too.
          And that’s true, I have had the “bloods’ conflict” during my second pregnancy.

          Thank you very much for sharing.
          I found it fascinating and enjoyed reading!

          Love and Light,


      1. Thanks for sharing Irina.
        I’m in Western Australia. If you have any links with Starseeds here I would love to know.

        1. Hi, Charlie,

          Thank you, so glad you liked my article.
          No, I have no links with Starseeds in Australia I’m afraid.
          I’m in England myself geographically.
          But you can recognize Starseeds when you talk to them.
          You can FEEL that they are not from Earth.
          They are DIFFERENT.
          Among people I know two are definitely Starseeds.
          So I’m sure you will be able to uncover at least two Starseeds when you look around.
          But not all of them realize that they are Starseeds though.
          Everyone undergoes Spiritual Awakening in his or her own time.
          Your suggestion they are Starseeds might raise their eyebrows.
          So probably the best idea is to communicate with other Starseeds on the Internet.

          Love, Best Wishes and Blessings,


  21. Hi Irina, thank you for share all This beautiful information about starseed… can you please recommend me a book about starseeds…. a book where I can read more about the starseeds types you mentioned here
    Thank you !!!!

    1. Hi, Daniela,

      I loved that you loved my article.
      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment!
      I obviously haven’t read all the books about Starseeds under the Sun.
      I actually tried to avoid reading them because they would cloud my vision, and then I would feel like a copycat, writing in my article about what I learnt from others…
      I’m sure that a lot of meaningful, kind and informative books are up there.
      But I personally especially enjoyed Eva Marquez’ books:
      “A Starseed Guide. Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius. Volume 1”;
      “A Starseed Guide. Centaurus, Epsilone, Erinadi and Lyra. Volume 2”;
      “Pleiadian Code. The Great Soul Rescue”.
      I’ve got an Amazon Kindle on my Tablet, and they were quite inexpensive to download them from Amazon.
      Actually the “Pleiadian Code” starts with a beautiful story of love between a Sirian girl Tia-La and the Orion Warrior Aro.
      The story was so romantic and mesmerising, that it spurred my interest in Twin Flames.
      Eva Marquez’s book “Pleiadian Code 2. Cosmic Love” is more difficult to read, but it features another amazing and wise love story between a girl called Soul and a man Ego…
      You would think that Ego and Soul are opposites, and we, Spiritual people, have to suppress our Egos to allow our shiny Souls come forward.
      But they are actually Twin Flames here on Earth and embrace in a Dance of Love.

      By the way, if you are interested in Sirius Starseeds, read my two articles:

      P.S. I have checked Amazon. They ran in some sort of issue with the file of “A Starseed Guide. Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius”.
      So it’s not available for purchase at the moment, but other books are, I assume.
      And it seems that the prices are gone up a bit… Oh well…

      Hope it helps!

      Love always from Irina

  22. This where I belong and will like to reconnect with my star family and read my Akashic records.

    1. Hi, I’m so delighted you have discovered who you truly are.
      The slow and steady wins the race.
      Carry on walking your Spiritual Path, peeling away the layers, your ego imposed on you, and discovering even more about yourself.
      You do need a certain level of Psychic Abilities in order to access your Akashic Records.
      When you develop yourself spiritually, you can’t help but sharpen your Psychic Senses at the same time!

      Love and Blessings from Irina

  23. Hello,

    I came to this site by mistake as was trying to understand myself. I am 41 years old and from my 40th birthday start getting knowledge. I have all the clues of crystal. Within one year I understand all the major’s chakras. understand kundalini, met lots of spiritual beings (etherly), thought to fly, etc by an invisible force (Astral projection). Met my Guru (we have 11 teachers in the divine realm). Went on lots of planets e.g. Red, Sky Blue, Yellow like sun and a lot of other experiences. Thanks for the insight of starseeds. It is interesting knowledge. Do you know anything about a bright blue light being?

    1. Oh wow! That’s very very impressive!
      Your consciousness really expanded in such a short period of time – only a year!
      No, I never came across the Bright Blue Light Beings.
      Maybe they are Archangel Michael’s Angels?
      Their colour is royal blue.
      Glad you enjoyed my article and wish you every Blessing on your road of Spiritual Enlightenment.

  24. Hi you offer a book by Doreen virtue well she went complete Christian now and no longer does offer any kind of meta physical books cards items see Doreen virtue YouTube videos on how suddenly all her old beliefs changed and is now born again she simply does not believe any more in her work can you comment on why people go from spiritual to religious

    1. Hi Marie,

      I know…Some time ago I went on the Doreen Virtue website, and it didn’t exist anymore!..
      But if you look closer at her life, it doesn’t come as a surprise.
      If you remember the story of her life, she’d been used to living a pretty normal human life until one fateful day she was hijacked.
      And for the first time she heard a loud voice in her head, giving her clear instructions what to do to stay safe.
      This first meeting with Angels turned her life upside down.
      She lived and breathed Angels for years!!
      She gave Angels, Fairies, Mermaids, you name them, all passion and all love of her heart.
      Heck, she became an American Queen of Angels!
      Then the story repeated itself…
      Another fateful day in a Church she had a profound experience with Jesus Christ.
      And again it shook her to the core, and she completely immersed herself in serving in the name of God and Jesus Christ, giving it all of herself.
      Which is absolutely wonderful, because I understand that on a Soul level she has fulfilled her Life Mission on Earth.
      And now she took on a new Mission – to be an Ambassador of Jesus Christ on Earth.
      She carries his Light, Compassion, Wisdom and Unconditional Love.
      How did she make the U-turn psychologically?
      She is such a sort of person.
      Have you ever met them?
      Everything or nothing!
      Black or white!
      People who slam shut doors into their past experiences.
      They never look back…
      Normally you can see it clearly in their relationships.
      They put a big fat dot in the end of the chapter, move on and never ever come back!
      Past is dead and doesn’t exist for them anymore.
      I adore Doreen Virtue as an extraordinary woman and absolutely respect her choices.
      But at the same time I make my own choices in my life.
      And I choose to value and treasure her legacy, sadly unwanted and rejected child of hers.

      Thank you, Marie, for bringing it up and igniting this comment with the tremendous energy of this unbelievable lady, still Queen of Angels for me, Doreen Virtue.

      Lots of Love,


  25. Hi Irina,
    Someone told me I am a 10th Dimension Agarthan Pleidian.
    I am a schoolteacher for many years. I am a Reiki Healer, just started in Tarot Reading, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing. I feel I would like to marry a man who is also a Starseed. I have a crush on someone younger than me and he does not know it. He comes from another state. What do you think?

    1. Hi Juanita,

      I’m not entirely sure about “10th Dimension Agarthan…”, if you mean that you’ve been used to live in Agartha, the City inside the Hollow Earth.
      But you definitely had to lower your vibration as you entered the Earth Plane.
      It’s not possible to be a 10-dimensional Being and sustain a physical body at the same time.
      And you are 100% a Pleiadian Starseed.
      Pleiadians are Geniuses and Masters of Healing.
      To marry a Starseed? Why not?
      Like attracts like.
      You exude strong Starseed’s energy, and it attracts other Starseeds to you.
      And age really doesn’t matter, it’s only the abstract number.
      But crush is nothing, but a chemical reaction in the body.
      Crush has nothing to do with Soul.
      Sometimes crush indicates that a karmic relationship is about to enter your life.
      When you meet your real Soulmate, you wouldn’t first pay any attention to him.
      You would gradually grow into a relationship with him.
      And then you would think how you were so blind and could not see your sweetheart right under your nose!

      I wish you every Blessing on your beautiful Path of Spiritual Development.

      P.S. DIY-ing Tarot Cards Reading for Love and Relationship?
      Don’t fall into a trap of seeing what you want to see and interpreting the cards the way you want it to be!

      Hope a lovely Man, O.K., a Starseed (but Earth Angels and Incarnated Elementals are not too bad too!), will come into your life soon, looking for you.

      Lots of Love from Irina

  26. Hey Irina!
    It has been so fascinating, liberating and confirming reading of your experience and wisdom.It is also wonderful to connect through the reposes to so many like souls with similar experiences and knowings. ! I have only recently discovered that I am a star seed, although I have felt it forever! I have been connected to a great teacher and psychic, teaching me about the colours of our soul and how these relate to our soul’s journey. I have been awakening slowly over a long time in this life, but recently, over the past few years, it has suddenly sped up, bringing me into a place of great peace and excitement and finally living a fully creative life, helping others through my work. I continue to have lots of help and support from the spirit realm and confirmation that I am now on my true path, co-creating with spirit. I would love to talk with and share with other star seeds. I am 56 years old, but feel ageless, if that makes sense! Thank you and bless you!! In love and light! Lisa

    1. Aw… Thank you, Lisa. I loved reading your message.
      What a fantastic Lady you are!
      I’m so pleased for you that you’ve found your true path.
      And every day is filled with joy, peace and excitement now.
      What an awesome way to help others through your creative work.
      By the way, I’m finishing the new article “Lightworkers Missions and Purpose”, and yes, one of the Missions, what Lightworkers come on Earth for, is shining their Light forth and affecting people profoundly through their creativity and art.
      The Lightworker is a collective name for everyone who incarnates on Earth for the Planetary Service to beam their Light and dispel darkness around.
      They include Starseeds, Earth Angels and others.
      You are 56 years young, and it is the best age ever!
      The kids are grown up, probably have left the nest.
      Now you can dedicate time to the wonderful yourself!
      Wishing you every blessing on the road of your True Life Purpose.

      Lots of Love, Irina

  27. Hi Irena, I fit the Starseeds profile, however I was born in 1955. Is that too early. I ask because I had a distinct moment of awareness that I had come from another world upon waking one morning at an early age (3). I remember feelings of confusion and asking the question “ how did I get here?”. The memory of that event has stayed with me powerfully. Are you aware if anyone else having such an experience?

    1. Hi, Jerome,

      Of course it’s not too late. You can be amongst the first of Indigo Children being born on Earth.
      And you could have more previous incarnations here, many more if you are an Old Soul Starseed.
      Answering your question about waking up in the morning with questions “Where am I?” and “How did I get here?”…
      You were only 3 then… That’s the gentle age when you are still so close to the non-physical existence and your previous life.
      Your memories are not completely blocked, and the information leaks through, especially when you are asleep, and your unconscious mind comes to force.
      I had a recurring dream about my previous life when I was a child.
      And sometimes I wake up in the morning with the first thoughts: “Who am I?” and “Where am I?”, – because I’ve just now been in a completely different world! LOL!
      You have to take your dream seriously if it is very vivid.
      And I guess it was, if you still remember it after so many years.
      So yes, they are your memories from before this your current life.
      You could live on Earth, just elsewhere, or on another Planet.
      My Daughter, when she was exactly 3, announced to me: “I am American! I am here by mistake!”. I’ve been so surprised that I still remember that!
      But what you actually ask is if you can be a Starseed and if you’ve been visiting your Planet, your real Home in your sleep…
      You should feel the answer in your heart.
      When it is right, you just know it. All pieces of the puzzle come together.
      You feel the click of a light switch in your head.
      But you actually sound to me as a Starseed having his first incarnation here on Earth.
      That must be a shocker for you!
      Anyway embrace the Truth about yourself.
      Now you know that you’ve got an important role to play on Earth.
      You’ve been born here for a reason to bring Hope and Light to this Planet.

      Love and Best Wishes,

  28. Thank you, Irina, for writing this article. It was very helpful in affirming what I already knew.

    I hope you do end up reading “The Bringers of the Dawn”. It is excellent and just what anyone who is newly discovering their path will want to read, but also for those who have already began this journey into discovery. Barbara Marciniak put the book together (the Pleiadians wrote it, of course.) It is quite mind-blowing how much this book seems to be speaking directly to me and my exact experiences, quite literally, and The Pleiadians, are teaching me to hone my skills and expand my knowledge within the universe at an exponential rate.

    With Love and Light,


    1. You are welcome!
      I will read the book, I am a bookworm.
      Pleiadian Masters are much loved and highly respected in our Universe and beyond.
      They are Wizards of Soul Healing.
      So I look forward to feel amazing after reading the book!
      Love and Blessings,
      Irina ✨

  29. Hi Irina~

    I don’t know where to start and since I tend to talk ALOT, I’ll just get to it. I know I am a star seed. I feel like I am an indigo. reasons: I am drawn to the word. Once in a book store (about a year ago) I was looking in the new age section and then Nina Simone son, “Indigo Blue” came on at the same time, my eyes caught the book, “indigos”. I bought it. Also, around that time, I kept seeing wander, the tarot card in the tv show, the song came on the radio, and out shopping and see a store called, you guessed it, Indigo. I had just started learning about ascension at this time (about Feb. 2017), Fast forward, yes, I do have a ton of the characteristics of star seed, but more than that, I felt such relief when I found the book, “The Bringers of the Dawn” and how I found my way to this book. It was so interesting. It was like a game, which I love. I am a big action adventure, sci-fi, kick-ass warrior chick kind of a gal. I always watch these shows/movies and think of myself in those roles. I love to escape from reality by watching tv & movies. I use it to esacpe from the loneliness, stress of mental illness symptoms (depression and bi-polar) and then I found my way to “mastering the matrix”, which as you can guess, led me to the book I mentioned, The Bringers of the Dawn. It did not take me long into the book, pretty much after the Introduction, to feel a warm sense come over me, like I found something really important I had lost and was searching for, for a long time. It was relief. My body tingles with almost every word I read, I get chills, I cry, I get scared, what does this mean. I even laugh out loud because it is like Pleiadeans are talking directly to me. Everything is so relevant to me and how I am and all that I have become to get here. and the book was written in 1992, but I found it now, and I truly believe that I was guided to it at this time, because I am now ready to actually make a change and accept the calling that I volunteered for. I have had many suicidal thoughts, but not because I wanted to die, but because I felt so lost, alone and not on my soul path or knowing that I am supposed to be here doing important work. I love helping people so much, but I have been living with aggression, mood swings, control issues, relationship issues, and I am a mother of 5, but have been through a tough life, being a single mom for over 20 years and losing one of my children when they were only a 7 week old baby. But through all of my hard ache, and there were so many times I just wanted it to end, that I just kept hanging on because I knew my children needed me, but now I am realizing, not just my children I gave birth to, needed me. I do feel that I am on a mission to be the bringer of the coded DNA and blueprints for the new. I feel like this is the ME my human form has been searching for. I am accelerating so fast that I almost want to slow down, but not really too much. It is a bit intense and I still find myself saying, could this be just my over active fantastical imagination, but then I visit sites and watch YouTube videos and I get chills and cry and I know I am on my souls mission. I am just trying to do the work on myself, so I can be ready when the final stage happens. This has been an intense week for me and I know my life will never be the same. I cannot go back and I don’t want to. Now, when I go out in public, I being the light with me and imagine that I am radiating it all around. I notice strangers taking glances at me and I have not had that kind of attention since I was in my 20’s. I am truly transforming in such a fast and profound way. Even though my memories have not come through yet, I know that who I really am would totally sign up for this and I feel honored to be part of the renegade team to help humanity get back its humanity back and save our beautiful planet. I am now just trying to do the work on myself, so that I can clear out any blockages to make way for the final awakening. I do long to meet other star people so that I can feel that connection and familiar vibration.

    1. Hi, Willow!
      Wow! Thank you very much for sharing your story.
      I agree with you. You are absolutely on the right path.
      It all starts with accepting and healing yourself, reconnecting with your True Self.
      Just walk this path, and every step will reveal something new and exciting.
      You will receive all you need and when you need, when the right time comes.
      P.S. Never read that book “Bringers of the Dawn”, have to upload to my Kindle…
      Love and Blessings,
      Irina ✨

  30. Hi Irina!!
    Great and very informative article,
    Thank you so much!!
    I’m libra as well, 11 October 1973,
    Just found your site, very excited to know more….

    Interesting how though my life I try my best being good… do the best, help everyone… bit still felt like outsider…
    Appreciate your reply and awesome info

    1. Hi, Zhenya,
      Thank you very much, glad you’ve liked my article.
      The day you were born has caught my eye.
      It’s “11”, a Master Number, carrying high potential and high vibration, representing insight, sensitivity, spirituality and illumination.
      Also “11” is a Psychic Number.
      Because of my background as a Tarot Reader, I perceive the number “11” as Strength – the card #11 in Tarot Major Arcana.
      There is a Lady who tamed a Lion depicted on this card.
      You should feel this Strength inside your Soul.
      If you decide on something, you are unstoppable!
      I’m sure you have tamed a lion or two in your life…
      Sending you Love and Blessings on your Starseed’s way (I know, it’s tough at times),
      Irina ✨✨✨

  31. Hi Irina,

    This was an interesting read. I found this after watching tarot readings on youtube. I am a Pisces born in 85. I remember as a child, middle school perhaps, my family and I took a vacation and in this specialty store full of different things but what caught my eyes were goddess tarot card deck and the book that explains the cards. I just had to get it. Throughout the years I’ve played with the cards but never got into them deeply. I’ve always believed in the spiritual world and more so lately. I can’t say I believe in God 100% but I do believe there’s a higher being. I love the idea and believe that there are other beings. I’m sorry I’m not able to articulate well with how I feel and what I believe in. I guess I’m trying to say this topic really fascinates me. Definitely into zodiac s and anything related though I’m still confused with a lot of things. Growing up I have had friends from different groups and never felt I belonged in one specific group. I always knew what I wanted to do as far as career goes but when I became disabled with anxiety, depression, ptsd, OCD and other diagnoses, I haven’t been so sure in my life that my purpose in life is to save as many animals as I can. As an animal advocate, it really infuriates me that anyone can be so cruel and irresponsible to these gentle living creatures. I’ve had people tell me I’m an old soul and that most people don’t know what their purpose is in life. I recently had a healer see a happy vision for me and I’m slowly climbing out of this deep hole I’m in called phobia. I would love to learn more about myself and the spiritual world.

    1. Hi, Meg!
      Thank you for your comment! We, Lightworkers, come in all shapes and sizes.
      We are Earth Angels, Starseeds, incarnated Elementals etc.
      You might be an incarnated Fairy. What made me think so?
      Firstly, the fact that you’ve got a lot of Fairies and Angels ornaments at home.
      Secondly, your Life Purpose is Animals Protection.
      Fairies and other Elementals are incredibly close to Nature.
      Animals don’t have Guardian Angels as we, humans, do. But they have their Personal Elemental looking after them.
      The Elemental, perhaps Fairy protecting Animals, could be dwelling in your Soul.
      And you are an Animals Guardian incarnated on Earth in a physical form in this lifetime.
      Happy Self Discoveries!
      Love and Best Wishes

  32. Thank you very much Irina. I’m definitely an old soul (but not very sure which group I belong), because I totally resonate almost at every level and every group (here and there). I wish to get more information and to understand myself better so that I can serve mankind in the best possible way.

    I always have dreams about helping souls to cross over. Mostly related to nature disaster mass soul departure. Working alongside people from all around the world and walks of life.

    I mostly interact with others through these medium: energy, aura, astrology, numerology, spiritual healing, meditation, and counselling.

    I am able to “see” and “feel” others soul and aura and tap into their energy (if I want to read them, which I normally don’t want to, because it’s drains my energy alot, I become exhausted and need to recharge myself).

    I often say these words ” your eyes are the window to your soul”.

    Mostly my prediction and premonition happen but I can’t seem to predict the accurate timing. Most of the time it vary from years, months, weeks, days and hours. I wish I can give accurate timing, it would be wonderful.

    Even though I truly love children: I’m very much single, not into marriage, but I can’t seem to deny this fact that I’m waiting for a particular soul from my previous birth / incarnations to settle my debt before I depart.

    May your soul be blessed with abundance of eternal love, unlimited joy, unconditional happiness, good health, infinite wealth, loving -supporting – caring family and friends forever in your life.

    1. Thank you so much, Santi, for your kind words!
      You are a beautiful, precious, wise, very gifted and yes – Old Soul.
      I wish you all the happiness in the World and fulfillment of your Spiritual Mission.
      Not only the Planet Earth, but the Universe needs you!
      Love and Blessings,
      Irina ✨

  33. Hi Irina,
    This really resonated with me.
    As a child up till about 3 years old, I spent most of my time playing by myself while my mum was busy with my younger sister who was il and died at 16 months. I always was that quiet shy, daydreamer lost in my thoughts.
    I was obsessed with angels when very young too, and I am very intuitive. I have always been spiritual but not enjoying organised religion, and find that this is becoming more prominent in my life as I get older.
    I have been married, then divorced, then engaged but didn’t get married at that time and I am actually quite happy with my own company.
    When I was younger, I was also obsessed with space and would dream of going there. I love water and the sea. I have been intrigued with technology all my life and still am, although when I left school, I trained to become a nurse, although in different circumstances might have trained as a doctor. I am more interested in other types of healing now though.
    I went to university very late in life to study science and went on to gain a Ph.D. Something I was drawn to for a long time.
    My emotions can be very sensitive and have often been told that I am too sensitive.
    At this time in my life, I am becoming more awakened to other things going on, and becoming more inquisitive about things such as angels and starseeds, which is what has led me to read your article. Thank you very much for this, and as I said earlier. This has resonated very much with me, although I have no idea if I have been here before though.

    1. Hi, Mags,

      Thanks for sharing your story!
      You actually sound a lot like an Earth Angel to me.
      I think your Starseed’s energy was generously enriched with Angelic one as a plan for this your life.
      So you are more an Earth Angel really because your Angelic part dominates heavily.
      It’s not your first visit to this Planet though, but you haven’t got a lot of Earth experience.

      Love and appreciate yourself! You are such a beautiful Soul!
      Continue to walk the path of Spirituality, and you will discover more about yourself and the world around you.

      Love from Irina

  34. Hi!
    Wonderful article! Just wondering if you can explain more about Starseeds only having one child and through a c-section. I have one child, born through a c-section and I find this intriguing.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Hilary!
      I’m so glad you liked my article!
      About that “only one child”… Starseeds don’t come to Earth to have a family blessed with many children in the first place.
      They incarnate with a purpose to raise vibration of humanity and spread light and kindness. They are bearers of sacred knowledge, often on the subconscious level.
      If a family is suggested in their pre-life scenario – it’s only for their own experience and a sort of adventure on Earth, maybe to deal with karma.
      About c-section… The childbirth is something unheard of in the Galactic Communities. That’s not the way they have their children.
      Starseeds etheric bodies are not designed for labour, and they have great difficulties to bring a child to the world in a conventional way.
      Hope it helps!
      Love and Best Wishes,
      Irina ✨

      1. Irina,
        Thank you for your response! I always knew I’d only have one child at most. I also always knew I’d have a c-section. Giving birth felt “alien” to me.
        As for family, I’m an only child myself and so are my parents.
        Thanks again!

  35. Hi Irina, strange that the first article on this topic I choose to read was posted in my birth month of Feb.
    Thanks for taking the time to write this article, its something I will have to investigate further.
    Im not sure where I fall into this, but I can relate to points in all of the classes you mention, but do not fit into one definatively.
    Kids and animals enjoy my company, I do love the water, but also enjoy the hills and forest. I have always finished the thoughts and sentences of friends and strangers, and I definately despise those who victomize others.
    I was born in 1971, and tho I may be spiritual, I am not religious, I find it to be very hypocritical.
    I have always gazed at the stars, maybe not for answers, more just amazement I think.
    I was once at a phycic fair with a friend, I have always been a touch skeptical of these events, and a woman left her booth, took my hand and said she had never seen such colour from a person before, I played along being curious and she took my picture. The picture showed a bright white almost angel shape behind me, and my outline was in purple. This lady told me it was rare to see such colour and insisted that I keep the photo and look into its meaning. I assumed it was about chackra ( im sure I spelled that wrong), but I think maybe it was to do with starseeds?
    If you have the time, I would love to know some more reading material that might help me better understand the meaning of all this.
    I will continue to follow you on FB, and thank you again for sharing your thoughts on the starseed topic.
    Cheers, Thom

    1. Hi, Thom!
      I’m 100% sure that you are a Lightworker. What sort of energies are you weaved from? Are they the far away Stars and Galaxies energies, the Angelic energies, Elemental World, Crystals energies?.. You have to discover for yourself.
      A Lightworker is to put it simply someone who shares generously their Inner Light with the world.
      They turn their Light on despite the voice of ego and let it touch people’s hearts and lives to ignite them and allow a chain reaction to take a place.
      The violet (or purple) colour in your aura means that Archangel Zadkiel (and his Twin Flame Lady Amethyst) works with and through you.
      Archangel Zadkiel’s Violet Flame is a powerful spiritual tool used to transmute the lower negative energies into energies of love.
      So even if you don’t realize that, you clean energetically spaces wherever you go.
      Also that’s a colour of wisdom and a sign that you develop the higher chakras – the Soul Star chakra in particular which is overseen by Archangels Zadkiel and Mariel.
      Happy Self Discoveries!
      Love and Light from Irina ✨✨✨

    2. Hi Irina, it is now the second night I awake at two am to search Things about Starseeds. I know I am a starseed since january Last year, but Just now I get a higher interesting again. I am a very old Soul incarnated in many star system but also in my 973 incarnation in earth. I feel like Christel, I am a healer, Shaman, working with Chi and reiki. But I also feel that I am füll of unconditional Love for everything in this world. And I have a Problem. I don’t need a partner could be also in my own. But I live with my three Kids alone and so I will have a wife, but because I Love everything I use to meet a girl, Tell her I Love in unconditional way. But If she will Not be what I think, in a short time I look for another. Than I am Not happy with myself but I Love myself also and than I be on my way again. How could I feel unconditional Love, but couldn’t live in a relationship. I am very romantic, but in short time this could be over. I am really confused.
      Oh I See I write to much. Would Just write that I Like what you have written.

      1. Hi, Fabian,

        Whilst reading your comment, a quote by some celebrity popped into my head: “People say that I’ve had many loves in my life. That’s not true. The love has been one – big, strong and encompassing! Only objects kept changing…”
        I think you experience a conflict between your mind and heart.
        Your mind is saying: “You have to find a girl and start a relationship”.
        By the way I don’t know how you manage as a single Dad of three kids.
        I take my hat off and salute you.
        Your heart is happy the way you are. Your heart radiates love, embracing the whole Universe.
        You keep dating girls, and every time the same scenario plays out.
        If it doesn’t work, why not pause, step back and change the tactic?
        Withdraw from the single market, at least temporarily, take a break and dedicate this time to yourself.
        Tell your mind to shut up and listen to your heart.
        If your heart is telling that you are happier on your own, trust it.
        God will never leave you and help to raise your kids.
        If your heart tells you that it would be nice to have a partner, meditate and use the Law of Attraction to bring your Soulmate into your life.
        Maybe she is a Starseed as well and can understand you better?

        I’m actually not telling you what to do.
        It’s your life, and you can do whatever you want with it.
        They are just some ideas.

        I’m wishing you and your kiddos all the love and happiness in the world,


  36. Hi, thank you for explaining all starseeds so well. I just recently started to question if I am one and I am confused because I don’t fit exactly in any of them including elementals too .I feel that I might be combination but because I probably just started my awakening I can’t feel almost anything .I am rebel , artistic,love to know more about universe and our planet and overall all nee knowledge ,I am romantic, introvert , probably empath but I am not indingo .I can’t remember my past lifes but for this I was born 1999 I never fit in and even though I was adopted ,I have lower than normal blood pressure and I easy read real nature of people [if they want to use me and ect] I think I have some powers but I can’t control them they show randomly and I find it hard to make them work when I want.Can you give me some advice or help me in some way?

    1. Hi, Kai!
      I think you are a Crystal, and you are an Empath.
      You say you have awakened spiritually just now.
      My advice for you would be – TRUST. Trust yourself, your Higher Self, your Spiritual Guides. RELAX and TRUST!
      Everything is unfolding perfectly for you according to the plan in its own time…
      You will receive downloads of energies…
      The Veils of Illusion will be removed gradually when you are ready…
      The Spiritual information will be put in front of you.
      And you will find the Spiritual Teacher and another Spiritual Teacher and another as your needs change, and you enter the different levels.
      You might get nudges to clear your physical body avoiding some sort of food and drinks.
      You will learn gradually the truth about yourself, and the purpose for this life will be revealed to you.
      So be patient. TRUST your Higher Self and your Divine Guides and allow them to lead you along the Spiritual path.
      Discover mysteries of yourself and Universe!
      In the meantime don’t forget to live in joy, love and laughter thus this is the shortest way to God.
      Love and Blessings,
      Irina ✨

  37. I resonate with all of these traits perfectly, I definitely am an indigo child! One little thing I disagreed with was the part that said we’re not relationships oriented. I’m pretty much a very romantic person deep down…, only problem is finding a mate with the level of wokeness I have. Most human males are into hookup culture or pornagraphy and aren’t interested in a deep, meaningful, tender romantic type of relationship. However, that won’t stop me from searching for my twin flame!

    1. Hi, Natalie!
      I mentioned in my article the most common traits of Starseeds. But we all are so different, there are so many factors involved: your previous life, your childhood, your Star Sign, other energies your Spiritual body is formed of.
      I am pretty much like you relationship orientated despite being a Starseed (and I am an Indigo Child as well).
      But I was single in my previous life. So my life scenario included to experience relationship in this life.
      I never was a part of a happy family in my childhood because my parents were divorced. I only saw men on the street, on the telly and read in books about them. So all I wanted as a child was to have a happy relationship and family when I am adult.
      My Star Sign is Libra, and Libras are always on the lookout for another half to perfectly balance them.
      You sound like your energies are heavily infused with the Angelic energies. You feel the Divine Love inside. You are the Love! And you seek the same blissful, heavenly, unconditional love in others.
      I’m sure you will attract your Man. Starseeds usually settle for a relationship later on in their life.
      I wish you the Best! ✨✨

  38. Thank you so much Irina, your blog is so meaningful and so kind. I enjoy reading everything here. Keep up the good work 🙂

  39. Thank you for putting all of this in to such a clear breakdown of info I had pieced together searching to understand who all that I am. Bless you for your words when You connected it all and confirmed for me all I had about how I feel so many characteristics so many levels…my soul sang I am still crying. Ty. You are someone I would love to have a conversation with -much love and many blessinvs. Ty for you.

    1. Thank you very much, Kelly! I’m so happy my article resonated with you and brought clarity in to your life.
      Love and many blessings to you too!

    2. Thank you for writing this article! I am on a journey of discovering my starseed origins. So far I found resonate with andromeda and mintaka.

      1. Hi, Ashley,

        Reading about Andromeda and Mintaka triggers memories buried deeply inside your Soul.
        Apparently one of them is your Star Home, and the other is a place where you have spent quite a few lifetimes, so it feels very familiar.

        Love from Irina

  40. Really resonated Irina…Thank you for confirming what I have experienced this Lifetime. My experience has been highly Spiritual, not of this material plane. Your piece confirms my Knowing, and what’s been communicated to me from the Invisible realm. So good to read you on this. Wonderful!

    1. Beautifully said! Resonated with Indigo and my girls are Crystal and Rainbow. Personally I am just now awakening, thanks to AA Michael. Much info has been downloaded to me in such a short period of time, what to do with it all? Loved this article thank you!

      1. Thank you, Roberta!
        Archangel Michael helped me personally a lot to get through the rough and painful part of Awakening.
        He is really a gift to humanity assisting, teaching, loving, guiding and protecting us.
        Love and Light,
        Irina ✨

      1. This is the most resonating explanation of starseeds I have read. the more I awaken the more I struggle with being human.

        1. Hi, Jasmin,
          So happy you liked my article and found it useful and informative.
          I know it’s not easy to be a Starseed on Earth.
          But remember that you are here for a reason.
          You are a part of the Mighty Plan to save Earth and help it to become a happy and blissful place for everyone – humans, animals, forests, oceans and rivers.
          And it’s not possible without you.
          Earth needs you!
          Love from Irina

          1. Hi Irina,

            Love reading your article…it’s very informative!! I was born in August. I have been in search of who I am and I’m still trying to figure it out. I realized many of your explanation resonate me. I recall myself have a few good friends who have similar frequencies and most of the time feel like alieanated in the crowd (though probably it’s only my thought). I’m interested in astronomy and astrology; I love to be connected with stars since I was a child as I felt peace. I love nature, trees, and animals though mostly I prefer to stay at home. What I don’t understand is I am an emotional person; I can be very patient but at the same time short-tempered despite I hate violence. I often get vision from my dreams. I try to communicate with my higher self but I don’t think it really works. Maybe the time hasn’t come yet. Will continue to read your articles to help me find my true self. Thanks Irina

          2. Hi Dewa,

            Thank you very much, so pleased you loved my article.
            About feeling short tempered from time to time…
            It has nothing to do with Star Origin and everything to do with your Psychological Traits.
            Do you remember Four Temperaments Theory?
            That there are four fundamental personality types?
            Sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic.
            The Danish cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup illustrated it the best.
            Take a look for yourself. Ha-ha-ha!
            Who are you in this drawing?
            So you try to communicate with your Higher Self, but it doesn’t seem to work.
            I’m sure it does.
            Your Higher Self listens to you.
            And it replies back, but the information doesn’t come through to your conscious mind, at least not yet, and settles in your unconscious mind.
            When you sharpen your Psychic Abilities, the invisible wall between “conscious” and “unconscious” cracks, and messages start filtering in.
            For now to decode the message, tune into your emotions, feelings, your physical body’s signals and signs around you.

            Hope it helps,

            Love and Blessings from Irina ✨

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