Who are Starseeds?

Starseeds are beings in the human form living on Earth their human lives. But their spirits originate from another Universe, Galaxy, Star System or Planet.

Technically speaking everyone on our Planet has arrived at some point from somewhere. But the difference is that Earthlings have incarnated here hundreds of life times coming back again and again to repay karma, learn the new lessons and (hopefully) increase the amount of light inside themselves.

Starseeds task is still to learn and experience, but mainly to share their light, knowledge and spread kindness on our so violent Planet.

When you think of the beings from other Planets – the Aliens – probably the film “Predator” comes to your mind picturing the Alien as a bloodthirsty and cruel creature. I don’t want to say that all Aliens are friendly and lovely. But in reality in the eyes of the Universe community – they are humans who are cruel and violent ones.

My story

Some time ago I got a feeling that I’d been watched by someone. The feeling persisted, so I decided to take a look with my psychic vision who was that. I noticed a golden thread stretching from me through the Cosmos to someone on Sirius. He introduced himself as my Twin Flame and said that I was originally a Sirius girl as well. He mentioned that there were twelve of us at all in the Universe, but he is the nearest to me from them. So he keeps an eye on me. in the middle of his speech he burst into laughter! “What’s so funny?”, – I asked. “Sorry, couldn’t help it, the way you look”, – he explained. “Let’s take a closer look at you, shall we?” – I continued, – “Maybe you’ve got six legs, and then it will be my turn to laugh!” “I haven’t got any legs in your understanding. I’m non physical”, – he replied.

By the way my big brother looks like the flashes of orange and yellow lights constantly pulsating and changing their shape in my psychic eyes.

That’s how I found about my Home Planet (actually Sirius is a Star).

I’m not completely new to Earth though. It’s my 22nd incarnation here.

Ever since whenever I need support,advice, anything, – I can always talk to him. He is always there for me…

P.S. I’m not sure that he is him. It seems that he hasn’t got a gender assigned to him at all. I just call him “he”.

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Starseed types

There are three types of Starseeds depends on how many lives they’ve lived on Earth:

✨ Old Souls Starseeds. Their history on Earth would normally stretch from Atlantean times. Old Souls Starseeds would reincarnate from time to time to offer humanity their Home Planet’s love and wisdom enriched with the Atlantean knowledge.

✨ Starseeds that started to come on Earth after the Atlantean times. They make up the majority of Starseeds living on Earth now. Their first lives would be very short allowing them to adjust to the conditions on the Planet and preparing to fulfil their mission in the following lives when they reincarnate to support mankind during the spiritual awakening times.

✨ New Souls Starseeds include the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. It’s often their first incarnation on our Planet, and they usually find living on Earth shocking and hard to fit in.

Preparing for the first ever incarnation, a Starseed will have an intensive training on the inner planes spending a lot of time in a sort of the Cosmic Library downloading the knowledge of life on Earth.

Indigo Children and their Characteristics

Indigo Children are a wave of the Starseeds being born on Earth in the late 1950s, most the 1960s and the 1970s.

They are called “Indigo” because of the distinctive colour of their aura. Blue is the colour of Archangel Michael who is known as a Warrior Archangel.

Indigo Children share similar characteristics:

# strong willed and stubborn;

# intuitive, often psychic;

# creative;

# intolerant of unfairness;

# hippies in soul and rebels against the rules and the system.

Indigo Children are the Spiritual Warriors. And their mission on Earth has been to draw the World’s attention to how unfair, outdated and rotten the political, economical and racial situations have become. They’ve been born to break down conventional systems.

Crystal Children and their Characteristics

Crystal Children are the next wave of the Starseeds that started to come to Earth in the 1980s to approximately 2000.

Their aura is crystal clear and shimmering which gave the name to this new group of Starseeds.

They are directly supervised by Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel of clarity, purity and joy.

Crystals share a physical trait that many of them have beautiful and luminous eyes, often unusually shaped.

As children they sometimes are “late developers” only because they have other means of communication.

They are pure of spirit and very connected to nature.

Crystal children are healers.

Characteristics of Crystal Children:

# touchy – feely, emotional;

# often artistic or musical;

# enjoy solitude;

# pure hearted;

# are healers or have a calming presence;

#passionate about supernatural phenomena and superheroes.

Crystals came to Earth to teach compassion, tolerance, kindness, patience and gentleness.

Rainbow Children and their Characteristics

Rainbow Children are a new generation of Starseeds. They are kids, teenagers and young people being born after 2000.

Because they find it difficult to relate to the human emotions, Rainbow Children are sometimes diagnosed with Autism.

Here come the traits of Rainbow Children:

# loving and generous;

# high energy;

# positive and happy;

# sweet, but strong;

# brave and able to withstand hardship;

# late to start speaking;

# technologically advanced and easily understanding new gadgets;

# love animals and nature;

# likely to be telepathic.

Rainbow Children are the only Starseeds that don’t feel lonely and alienated. They are so sweet and charming that everyone can’t help to love them.

The mission of Rainbow Children is to heal and re-balance the distorted energies of humanity and the Planet.

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children

If something inside is telling that you are a Starseed, then you 100% share “Indigo”, “Crystal” or “Rainbow” mission depends on which year you were born in this life time.

But you have to consider yourself a Starseed or an Old Soul Starseed if it’s not your first visit to Earth, and your history on the Planet stretches centuries and centuries back to past.

For example, you first experienced a life in a physical body ages and aeons ago whilst supporting the Atlantean experiment. So you are an Old Soul Starseed. But in this life your date of birth is in 1970s. You have the rebellious spirit and feel you are born to change the world! All because you have joined the “Indigo Club”, and Indigo Power has enriched your aura!

Let’s take a look at Starseeds characteristics now:

Are you a Starseed? Starseeds characteristics

#1 You are interested in extraterrestrials, in life on other planets. Sometimes you stare at the sky full of stars and wonder maybe someone else in the Universe, maybe on that far far away planet which looks like a tiny shiny dot, is gazing at the night sky now…

#2 You feel that you don’t belong on Earth, that you’ve been dropped off a Space Ship and forgotten here.

#3 You’ve been teased as a child for being different.

#4 You are interested in technology and gadgets (if you are from Sirius). My favourite subject at school was maths. I’m passionate about all computer and Internet things. The website you read now is fully designed and done by me – the fact I’m very proud of! Nevertheless I have to say I do struggle with technology all the time. I couldn’t even log in my dashboard for the first time – lol! But I never lost enthusiasm and fire inside to keep me going!

#5 Many Starseeds are the natural Healers, the Reiki Masters (if you come from Pleiades).

#6 You are a workaholic.

#7 You are not interested in your looks. Practicality and simplicity are the codes to your wardrobe. You wear a minimum of make-up if you are a lady.

#8 Starseeds easily develop anxiety and depression finding it hard to master human emotions, feelings and generally to cope with the harsh Earth conditions. Star Children can be diagnosed with the Autism unable to deal with emotions and low vibrations of humanity.

#9 You can’t tolerate violence, it shakes you to the core.

#10 You like being at service and helping others.

#11 Despite always being ready to help, you don’t really make the close connections with people. They often perceive you as cold and distant and don’t understand you.

#12 Star People often have the special, captivating eyes – unusually shaped or beautiful and shiny.

#13 You are socially awkward and don’t enjoy gossips and small talk. You are above and beyond that having something much more important to do in your life. You are not playing the games of thrones, intrigues and politics, you’ve got the job to do – to make the world a better place!

#14 Starseeds can get married later on in their life or never get married. They often have no children or only one and through C-section. Starseeds are task orientated, not relationships orientated people.

#15 Your physical body is a bit different – you can have for example lower or higher than usual temperature.

Starseeds and their characteristics

I don’t want to say that Starseeds are superior comparing to Earthlings. No one is better or worse. Earthlings deserve a lot of respect in my eyes.

We all are One and Precious to God! 

We just walk the different paths.

The path of Earthlings is to learn the new lessons, repay karma and make their inner light to shine brighter.

The main mission of Starseeds is to support the Planet Earth and all its inhabitants spreading love and kindness in the world.

But Starseeds still would learn their own lessons and repay karma. Unfortunately when you touch Earth even once, you develop ego and start accumulating karma. No one is immune to the Earth conditions. Even the Great Illumined Masters who incarnated on Earth previously have a tiny little bit of ego.

Starseeds do not necessarily hold the high positions. They are: this kind lady on reception, the wonderful Nurse who goes beyond her duties, the shop assistant who said a joke and made you laugh…

Starseeds often prefer to work humbly behind the scenes.

All Starseeds have something in

They all receive a wake-up call at some point in their life and suddenly realize the truth about themselves, who they really are.

Starseeds originated from Pleiades would understand why they always have been drawn to and have the special abilities for healing.

Sirius is renowned for advanced knowledge, education and learning, teaching of spiritual laws and technology. The spiritual learning establishments on Sirius are famous and attended by the beings from all over the Universe. So Starseeds from Sirius would be interested in education, advanced technology, spiritual laws and becoming a Teacher.

Orion is the Planet of Wisdom. Starseeds connected to Orion carry the Cosmic Wisdom in their energy fields and help to see things from an enlightened perspective. They too can be drawn to become a Teacher.

Star beings from Andromeda possess a gift of pure, transcendent Love. They enable us to see the world through the eyes of Love and God and the true Light of someone’s Soul.

Starseed as a child

Only Rainbow children feel comfortable and snug as they start their journey on Earth. Rainbows are so lovely and sweet that everyone likes them. There is no rejection, and the Rainbow children perceive themselves as an integral part of the wonderful world on our Planet.

But the typical Star child feels lost, confused, alien and doesn’t fit in here.

First it’s harder for a Star Spirit to connect to a human physical body.

As a child I would wake up every morning, and my body wouldn’t function! I remember myself going outside and sitting still for an hour or so just staring at the space and breathing until I could feel alive again.

Starseed’s body can give the strange reactions. Gradually as a child grows, it will function smoother, but some unusual traits will stay.

For example my body temperature is lower in the summer and goes up in the winter.

When someone is giving me a hug in the summer, they would always comment: “Oh… Your skin is so cold!”, – and vice versa: “Oh… You are lovely and hot!”, – in the winter.

I always thought that it is a part of the normal thermoregulation. You’ve got inside a sort of a fridge in the summer, cooling you down, and a wood burner in the winter, keeping you comfortable and warm. But obviously it’s not a case if everyone is so surprised…

By the way Star children often don’t want to be touched. They avoid hugs.

I couldn’t stand any physical contact apart from my nearest and dearest ones. I remember myself thinking: “Treat me as an exhibit in a museum! Look at me but DO NOT TOUCH!”

When I was a teenager, I forced myself to change this attitude, I thought: “One day I’m probably going to have a boyfriend. What a boyfriend will consider himself lucky if he can get a handshake from me?” So I started to accept people hugs.

Star children struggle to relate to human emotions and drama… These children seem strange. No one understands them.

These kids often turn into outsiders despite longing to belong. They can be refused to play with. Other children can tease them.

In the Golden Atlantean times everyone had arrived to Earth from the different Planets, Stars and Galaxies for the Atlantean experiment and gone through the veil of amnesia blocking memories of their real home.

Every child born at that time received automatically a crystal connecting them to the Home Planet. At night whilst the child (and later on adult) was asleep, the crystal would propel their spirit through cosmos to the Planet of their origin, and they wouldn’t feel homesick.

Unfortunately the Star babies don’t receive such a crystal anymore…

The Mission of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children

If you are a Star Person and you were born in the late 50s, 60s and 70s, so you are now obviously not a child anymore, but 50-60 years old. You can remember yourself being strong-willed, stubborn and a rebel in your childhood.

Indigo energy is still in your blood.

The mission of Indigo children was to highlight to the world how unfair and rotten the existing social, economical, political, racial, religious etc systems were, fight against to bring them to the end and lay foundations for the new enlightened systems.

You probably are still acutely aware of any unfairness around you.

And you still feel like a Spiritual Warrior now, carrying the Indigo (Blue) Light of Archangel Michael in your aura.

If you were born in the 80s – 90s as a Crystal child, and you are now respectively 20-40, then it’s you that child – estranged, lonely, anxious and shy, very sensitive.

Nevertheless you started to blossom at some point.

You are a part of the program to start building the new world, the new home for humanity where the walls are Love and atmosphere is Kindness.

Your aura shimmers silvery white, and Archangel Gabriel accompanies you every step you take helping you bring clarity, purity and joy to the world.

Starseeds born after 2000, who are under 20 right now, have got a beautiful aura shining with all colours of rainbow. Of course they are called Rainbow children.

You are bubbly, enthusiastic, optimistic, artistic and creative, have healing abilities. You live in love and joy, very attuned to colours, are intuitive and psychic, comfortable in your own skin and live in harmony with the outside world.

Rainbows continue their predecessors – Indigo and Crystal children – mission.

They heal the Planet, re-balance distorted energies, open people’s hearts with a gentle touch of love, grace and compassion.

Starseeds and career path

Thousands of Starseeds work tirelessly everywhere where kindness is required, but there are areas they are especially good at.

Starseeds are often drawn to healing. Many of them are the Reiki Masters.

Those originated from Pleiades are blessed with the beautiful gift to humanity. They contain within their aura the sacred energy of Blue Rose that Pleiadians share with Earth. The Blue Rose heals, nurtures and soothes on the deep level all of the four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – leaving us healed, refreshed and re-energised.

Many Starseeds are Channels – from mediumship to channelling the Higher Spiritual Beings.

Starseeds connected to Sirius are interested in maths and computers. They will be pioneers of the unimaginable new technology when the Golden Age starts on Earth in 2032.

If you originate from the constellation of Orion, you carry inside your energy fields the Cosmic Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge, codes to Enlightening. Many Starseeds from Orion are the Spiritual Teachers spreading their light, knowledge and values with others.

It’s amazing what a talented, artistic, crafty and creative pair of hands Starseeds have got. They would do any job involving the nimble hands – for example hairdressing, landscaping, massaging.

Hands On + Creativity is the winning combination for Starseeds!

Starseeds are workaholics. They have to learn that life is not only about working hard and find a healthy balance between the work, quality relaxation and relationships.

Starseeds and relationships

A typical Starseed struggles with relationships. Often there is no gender difference on their Home Planet. Each individual has balanced the masculine and feminine energies.

Why should you be on the outlook for a partner if you perfectly contain both of the worlds – masculine and feminine – inside yourself?

Starseeds find difficult to understand human emotions and feelings.

They don’t get people’s drama: if it’s not enough to watch drama on TV, let’s create some good, old drama in our own lives!

Starseeds may not have families up there or it could be very different from our understanding of family.

Sex, pregnancy and childbirth are absolutely unheard of.

Their children are conceived when two individuals make a conscious decision to bring a child in the world and merge their energies together. The little one is grown and looked after in laboratory then.

Starseeds don’t bond like Earthlings do and often perceived as very kind, but at the same time cold, distant and aloof.

They are not relationship orientated. Starseeds came to Earth job to do, to fulfil their mission – not to get lost in people’s drama and all their nitty gritties.

Starseeds don’t need “another half” to feel complete. Also it may be the first time when they are assigned with the clear gender – male or female.

Deep down Starseeds are not comfortable in their body suddenly sporting all the ladies or men’s attributes. They can feel like the actors only pretending to be a female or a male and fooling everyone around.

Starseeds often stay on their own or form relationship later on in their life.

They are not really interested in children, maybe have one if any. The child will be born via C-section.

Of course if you are a Starseed and have visited Earth quite a few times, then things change. You couldn’t help but to be involved in relationships. Sometimes it’s just a curiosity. What is it all everyone is raving about – to find your true love and live happily ever after?

As a result being inexperienced with the Earthy stuff, I bet you were more a bull in a china shop than a sensitive lover in your relationship and stamped on someone’s feelings accumulating karma in your previous lives on Earth inevitably.

So Madam Karma can be calling on you asking to resolve the issues from the previous life.

If you are a Star Person

✨ You are a workaholic, but try to pace yourself allowing more time for relaxation, self-care and fun.

✨ All Star People attracted to the water. If it is not possible to live next to the water, at least try to come regularly, revive and re-energise by the sea, river or lake.

Install a water feature in your garden.

Take the long and nice hot baths with salts. Use the power of Aromatherapy indulging your smell buds with the beautiful scents of the bath products.

✨ You often think big and try to uncover your epic “purpose” and “mission” on this Planet. But every act of kindness counts, and every little helps. Spreading kindness on every given day can truly change the world!

✨ Embrace your uniqueness! Understand and honour yourself! You are not a loner. Loneliness and aloneness are two different things. I particularly love this book about love, freedom and aloneness.

Loneliness is a feeling of separation, a pain, a depression, a need, an incompleteness, a feeling that something is missing.

But aloneness means fullness, being happy with yourself, perfect balance of masculine and feminine inside yourself, overflowing love, aliveness, joy of being. You are enough! You are complete!

✨ Pursue a spiritual path. It will bring you peace and joy. Connect with the like-minded people, read the spiritual books.

✨ Apart of your “Star” mission, you’ve got the Earthy assignments too as a part of your Life Plan.

You are on your personal quest to explore the local traditions – relationships, money, leisure, fun and humour. Don’t take yourself and life too seriously – laugh often!

It’s not the end yet!

“But, Irina”, – you can tell, – “a lot of that applies to me. I think I am a Star Person. But something is not quite right. At the same time I feel that I am Earth Angel too. I’m confused…”

And you are absolutely right! You are a mix of a Star Person and Earth Angel. Your Light Body of the Starseed has been infused with the Angelic energy.

Depends on the proportions you feel more the Starseed or the Earth Angel.

I have been told that it’s technically not possible for an Angel to incarnate in a human body for the pure Angel’s Light body is not compatible with the human physical body. Even if there is built a crystalline light body as an addition to the usual carbon based physical body.

But Divine found a way around it! The Angelic energy can “stick” to the high vibrational Light body of a Starseed. You need the extra middle layer ( at least about 15%) of the Starseed energy in order for Earth Angel to be born!

The plans for your energy body are made before your birth.

But during your physical life your Light body can be corrected depends on your mission, what part of the spiritual path you are on, your vibration. You can get get an additional injection of your Higher Self or Angelic energy or any other energy you require.

If you are 50/50 Starseed/Angel you perceive yourself as a Cosmic Angel. You can read more about Cosmic Angels in this Doreen Virtue’s book.

Your consciousness embrace the whole Universe. You are responsible not only for Earth, but for other Planets and Stars, sort of a Guardian Angel of Universe. You feel oneness with the world and all beings inhabited it.

The Cosmic Angel likes to work on a bigger scale like blogging about the spiritual matters.

If you are for example 20/80 Starseed/Angel, the qualities of Earth Angel will dominate – love, empathy, compassion, endless patience, protection, and you can consider yourself the Earth Angel. Read more about Earth Angels here.

You can be Starseed + Mermaid. So your mission on Earth is to protect its waters which is as we all know a source of life on Earth.

You feel passionate about the oceans, sees, rivers, lakes etc.

Your dream might include to swim with dolphins and to see whales.

A job connected with the sea, especially protecting the environment, would be a natural choice for you.

Or you can be Starseed + Fairy.

Then your best place to be is outdoors, and your best company – animals, plants and nature.

You need the fresh air more than anyone else.

Even indoors your space is filled with plants, pets, crystals and ornamental figures of fairies.

You feel fiercely protective of nature and environment.

Even in your personal life you are as environment friendly as possible: recycling, going vegetarian or vegan, using products not tested on animals etc.

There are endless combinations of Starseeds with other energies. So if there is more to you than meets the eye, it only means you are more complex person than you think.

I love this book about different Starseeds.

Starseeds are an amazing gift to humanity

Every day they smile gently, performing their unselfish and kind deeds for others.

They are rarely thanked and often taken for granted. But Starseeds don’t expect anything in return.

Kindness is an essence of their nature.

And in the end of the day the simple kindness is the highest manifestation of Spirituality.

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