Would you like to get insight in your previous life,  to uncover your future,  to know which sort of food is good for you and which is better to avoid,  to find the lost objects and a lot more…  Intrigued?  Then you need to master a small but mighty thing – the pendulum.

A pendulum is an important divination tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Luckily it’s easy and straightforward to use it.

What is a pendulum?

The pendulum is pretty much anything attached to one end of a string or chain with another end being fixed (held between the fingers in our case). 

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The very pendulum is not possessing any divine properties and not giving you any predictions,  so the material of a pendulum doesn’t matter as long as it is some sort of weight.  It could be a stone, a crystal, metal. 

I’m personally using a little Tiger eye pendulum that I was attracted to and bought years and years ago.  Here is a similar one.

Check out this gorgeous Natural Amethyst Crystal Pendulum as well:

Or this 7 Chakra Healing Crystals Pendulum:

As a gift idea, maybe even for precious yourself, I love this absolutely beautiful Natural Clear Quartz Pendulum + Box:

My pendulum’s string is quite short – 9 inches or 22-23 cm –  just long enough to hold one end between the thumb and the index finger (with the string resting on my index finger,  but many people prefer the pendulum hanging from between their fingers) –  leaving enough length for dowsing.  Experiment and find what is comfortable for you. 

You can order the pendulum online,  but probably the best idea is to get it in a shop where you can physically see, touch and feel that you are drawn to the particular one (it’s normally the way for people and stones or crystals to find each other).  Be respectful to your crystal.  The crystal has got consciousness,  and it will come to you when you are ready for it.

A pendulum is something very personal,  keep it for yourself,  introduce your energies to it and don’t let anyone touch it. 

Clean your pendulum before the first use to get rid of unwanted energies residues and then from time to time – for example run it under cold water;  hold it on the open palm and imagine the beautiful white light pouring down on your pendulum and cleansing it;  leave it next to the little amount of salt for some time and chuck the salt away after;  leave your pendulum on the windowsill to bask in the sunlight.

Next connect the pendulum to your own energies holding it between your hands for a little while and feeling it,  get to know each other.

Now it’s time to attune your pendulum to your Higher Self.  Call on Archangel or Ascended Master who are close to you and ask to be present,  then say:  “I ask that this pendulum is attuned to my Higher Self at all times showing me the truthful information always aligned with my own and others highest and best good”.

What is dowsing?

Dowsing operates in the “Yes” or “No” answers format.  

When we ask a question,  our Higher Self that is connected to the Source knows the answer and passes the information as a nervous signal to our physical body.  If you look at your hand when you ask a question,  you will notice the tiny movements that are being transferred along the string pick up in strength and cause the pendulum to swing in a certain direction.

Before you start the very dowsing you have to agree with your Higher Self – body – pendulum how the answer “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe or there is no answer yet” will look like.

After you cleaned your pendulum and aligned it with yourself and your Higher Self,  ask the pendulum to show you the answer “Yes” and wait for reaction.  The pendulum could be swinging from you outwards and back (in my case) or circling clockwise or anything else.

Then ask it to perform the answer “No”.  It could be swinging from the left to the right and back (what my pendulum does) or maybe going in circles anticlockwise,  maybe something different.

Lastly ask it to show you “Maybe or there is no answer yet” – my pendulum is circling around clockwise here,  your movement can be different.

Important – before dowsing if you are asking the sensitive information about yourself and especially ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE when you are preparing to dive deeply into other people’s lives and business,  ask the question if you are allowed to do so,  if it is for everyone’s highest and best good.  The answer is “No” –  stop yourself no matter how curious you are.  If the question is innocent like: “Is this apple good for me?”, –  then of course you don’t need to bother if your question is appropriate.  But any doubts – please make sure it is a good idea to ask,  and you are supposed to know the answer.

If you ask a question,  and the pendulum is showing “Maybe or there is no answer yet”,  obviously don’t force the pendulum,  leave the question for at least 24 hours or think that you have to rephrase the question.

Potential stumbling blocks to look for

Your pendulum won’t work for you or will show you inaccurate information if:

1.  You are physically not prepared for the task,  your energies are low because you are tired,  have not had enough sleep  and are not feeling well.  Make sure you are hydrated to have the water in your body for the smooth transition of electrical signals

2.  Your emotions are not in balance,  you are too low – upset, blue and depressed –  or too high – agitated or excited – which will affect your reading.  Make sure you are calm, relaxed and chilled before you start dowsing

3.  You have to be detached from the result for the accurate reading.  For example you are asking: “Will I get the new job?”, –  and everything inside you is shouting: “Yes, yes please!”.  Of course your pendulum will echo your inner wish and show you “Yes”

4.  It’s hard to get the correct result if your mind has got an opinion, the answer for you before you even start dowsing.  Put your thinking mind aside,  switch it off,  otherwise it will keep interfering and muddle the results

So let’s get it started

1.  Make sure you are grounded and connected to the Source.

Imagine two red cords attached to your feet stretching down to the core of Earth and holding you grounded.  Some people imagine themselves as a tree with the roots growing deeply down in the ground,  it’s up to you how you see yourself grounded.

Now imagine a column of the white light coming out of your Crown chakra or just your head upwards connecting you with Source.

If you are in the spiritual practices,  you don’t need to do it every time before your every dowsing,  you are grounded and connected to the Source or All That Is anyway at all times.

When I look at myself with the psychic vision,  I see two red strings travelling down from my feet to the centre of Earth,  also my Earth star chakra (I’ll talk about 12 chakras in another post) which lies about six inches or 15 cm below my feet in the ground feels heavy anchoring me to Earth.  When I look up,  I see a column of the white light stretching high up to the sky.  So I’m always comfortably positioned between Earth and Heaven

2.  Open your heart,  take a deep, relaxing breath and open yourself to the Universe.  Only in a state of open heart you will receive the truthful and accurate reading

3.  Ask Archangel Michael and Angels to surround you,  guide and protect you

4.  Empty your head,  send your ego and your thinking (even overthinking) mind away for a break.  Emptiness in your head,  no stirring and creeping in thoughts!

5.  You are grounded and in the present moment.  Any question asked will be answered from the “Now” perspective judging the current snapshot of you or other people.  The future shown will be a version of what is most likely to happen if you are what and who you are now – your energies, thoughts, words and actions.  If you change yourself and your attitude – your future will become a different story

6. Now ask a question – the simple question that requires “Yes” or “No” answer.  Try to form the precise question because Source understands it literally.  For example you ask: “Can I go to see my friends tonight?”, – the Universe presumes that because you’ve got legs – yes, of course you can go.  It’s a different question what would be preferable for you:

–  Is it the best idea for tonight to see my friends?

–  Is it the best idea for tonight to stay home and finish my work?

–  Is it the best idea for tonight to relax, take it easy and read the book?

Or you ask the question: “Will the relationship with John be good for me?”.  But the relationship with John is not on cards at all for you in future,  it’s just not going to happen.  So the Universe is confused how to describe something nonexistent –  is it good or is it bad?  Then your pendulum will be moving “maybe, not sure, there is no answer”.  Think before you ask about something in your future to start with a question if it going to happen at all

7.  If you get the answer you are not satisfied with, don’t persist and ask again.  Wait for at least 24 hours to ask the same question.  Maybe you have to rephrase the question,  but the general rule is: “Ask the question,  get the answer,  act on it”.  If you keep asking the same question over and over again,  your pendulum will get in a confused state and show you all sorts of answers,  you will feel frustrated and think that this pendulum thing is rubbish and doesn’t work at all!  Whatever the answer is – be open to accept it,  the Universe is always trying hard to help you – trust it!

8.  When you only begin to discover for yourself the pendulum dowsing,  start small and build yourself up.  There are three crucial factors involved –  practice, practice and more practice.  Don’t ask the earth-shattering questions,  but something simple like: “Is coffee good for me?” or “Does my son’s hamster like me?”.

When you feel comfortable and confident with your pendulum,  you can proceed to the more interesting questions.

1.  Did you know that your pendulum is a precise measurement tool?  You can measure practically anything – for example your blood pressure.  Ask about the first number of your blood pressure and then go in your head: “Is it 170?..  160?..  150?..  140?..  130?..  120?.. – and so on until your pendulum shows you “Yes”.  Then ask about the second number of your blood pressure: “Is it 120?..  110?.. 100?.. 90?.. 80?.. – so on until the pendulum changes its direction for “Yes”.  So you get your numbers,  for example congratulations,  your blood pressure is 120/80,  and you are fit to go to space.

I measured my blood pressure just before my visit to the Nurse,  then she measured it again using a traditional device of course – spot on!

I don’t say by any means a pendulum can replace the traditional diagnostic.  You have to see the Doctor if you are unsure about your health!  Don’t get carried away with self diagnostic!

For ages people have been using the dowsing tools:  a bobber, a Y-rod,  later the L-rods to locate water,  to find where the underground stream is coming closest to the surface and determine where to dig for a well.

Once I had to find a perfect spot for the borehole with my pendulum’s help of course,  and I could even tell how far to go through the ground to reach the stream.

Locating something on a plot of land you can walk with your pendulum in hand along watching for the pendulum to change direction.  Or there is an easier way – hand draw the map and move your pendulum above,  then confirm the exact location outside.

You can measure any percentage.  I personally like to measure the vibration and enlightenment of anything in the Universe including humans, animals, plants and the higher beings of light.  I take the absolute Light of God for 100% and measure the percentage of light and dark in an object.

For example I measure my dog’s enlightenment now.  I don’t think he is quite a God,  so I start with 70%:  “Is it more than 70?..  more than 60?..  more than 50?..  more than 40?.. –  “Yes” –  “Is it 41?..  42?.. 43?.. 44?.. – “Yes”.  So my doggy boy is quintessentially 44% of light and 56% of dark.  Not bad at all taking into account that I have met people that are only 45% of light.

I think if the soul contains less than 45% of light,  it can’t incarnate on Earth,  it has to incarnate on another darker planet before it is allowed to Earth.

Ask yourself how high vibrational and enlightened you are. How much light did you contain inside yourself when you were born and at the different periods of your life?  If your spark has been dulled – why,  what’s happened at that particular time?  If your light started to shine brighter – again what events coincided with that?

Think of some high spiritual figure now – Mother Mary, Archangel Gabriel etc. – and try to measure their incredible light, the frequency of their vibration.

Don’t feel upset if the percentage of your enlightenment is far behind the enlightenment of Angels,  it’s normal.  Someone wise has said that we are all walking along the same road to the same direction towards God,  just some are slightly ahead.  The good news is that we are living at the Ascension time,  the Source is sending the wonderful and high vibrational energies to Earth, and now it’s easier than ever to make a quantum leap in the higher consciousness.

I have to warn that for many people (including myself) the expansion of consciousness, the bright light and overflowing with love have started with the personal crisis.  And then you emerge out of the crisis,  when your old system has crashed,  –  the new you,  the different person.  When the old and stagnant energies go,  it feels like a crisis,  our mind is clinging to the old ways and producing fear.  So if you feel that you are in the middle of the personal crisis now –  maybe it’s because a cocoon around you has become old, tight and suffocating,  but you will come out of it as you are destined to rebirth for the world as a beautiful butterfly!

Many centuries ago  a very wise monk said: “The purpose of human life on Earth is to increase the amount of light inside yourself”.  As simple as that.

At the end of the day it is not how we look,  we are thin or fat, how much money we’ve got,   how big our house and how posh our car are really matters.  The brightness, brilliance of Light we shine to the world is what matters (it’s not denying the material side of life,  we are born on Earth and have to get on with it too).  So measure the light and do your conclusions.

Look at anything and anyone as a being of light,  add the mathematical aspect to it measuring its light.  This way you marry your left (rational) and right (creative, spiritual) brains that will function in harmony and balance.

2.  When we were born,  the Veil of Amnesia was placed over our memory,  so we don’t remember our previous incarnations here on Earth and other worlds alike. Our planet is ascending,  the powerful and high vibrational energies from Divine are flooding Earth, and now using this humble but genius tool   you can tap into the hidden knowledge.  Don’t forget to ask your Higher Self and your Guides if you are allowed to do so,  if it is for your highest and best good.  When permission to access your Akashic Records is granted,  ask Archangel Michael, Guides and Angels to present to guide and protect you.  Then start asking questions: “Have I been a man in my previous life?”,  “Which century have I been born?” – “the 20th?..  19th?..   18th?..  17th?..  etc.  You can ask about  the specific decade and a year you’ve been born.  “How long have I lived?” – “Less than 10 years?.. less than 20?..  less than 30?..  less than 40?..  etc.  “Have I lived for 39 years?..  38 years?..  37 years?..  etc. “Where have I been used to live?” – “America?..  Europe?..  Asia?..  Africa?.. etc.  “Have I been married?”.  “Did I have kids?”.  “Did my partner incarnate with me in this life?”.  “Did I accrue karma in my previous life?”.  The questions are endless…

Spend some time with your pendulum and little by little you will have built the fascinating picture of your previous life like a jigsaw from the little bits of information.

The good thing is your mind doesn’t interfere and keeps quiet (the biggest enemy of the pendulum dowsing is our mind that is sticking its big nose in the process and ruining it!) because it really doesn’t matter for your mind if you’ve been born in 1658 or 1791 in your previous life. So it steps back and watches you  dowsing.  So you can connect with Universal knowledge smoothly.

Another fantastic thing is as I mentioned before that both your right and left brain are engaged at the same time working in harmony because often we are using only our left rational brain.

You can discover a lot about yourself,  understand yourself better in this life,  where it all is coming from.

The best quest in the world is a journey inside yourself!

3.  You can use your pendulum to help you to choose something.  For example you are on a mission to get the perfect deck of Oracle cards but there are so many on Amazon!  You are lost in the wealth of choice.

You can of course tune inside your body,  what you are drawn to. 

Or focus on your stomach area,  what do you feel?  If you feel slightly sick – that’s a wrong choice for you.  but a feeling of expansion, vibration, happiness starting in your stomach area (solar plexus chakra) and spreading along your body indicates that your search is over – this is your perfect Oracle cards deck.  Listen to your body!

Or again use your pendulum,  flick through the decks with the pendulum in your hand – and it will show you exactly what you are after.

4.   One of my New Year’s resolutions was to become nice and healthy,  to cut on coffee and replace it with the herbal tees.  But which one is the best for me?  So I turned to my old friend – the pendulum – not in a shop to attract unwanted attention,  but at home thinking of the different sorts of herbal teas and swinging my pendulum.

5.  About 20 years ago I really wanted to find out my Spiritual Guide’s name,  but my clairaudience was dormant then (I thought it was nonexistent),  I couldn’t hear anything.  So I asked my Guide to reveal his name to me,  asked how many letters were in his name  and then I was dowsing my pendulum above the Alphabet going through the letters and writing them down on a piece of paper. I got something like Karade.  It didn’t quite make sense to me.  so I asked again: “Has he been famous?” – “Yes”.  Can I find information about him on the Internet?” – “Yes”.  “Did he write books?” – “Yes”.  “Have I got his book?” – “Yes”.  I examined my book shelves – and YES,  there were standing even three books of Allan Kardec, the founder of Spiritism!

Not every Spirit Guide is used to being famous in his or her lifetime. My Ascended Master,  whom I discovered later, lived in India many centuries ago and didn’t hold a status of celebrity at all.  I still can’t quite get his name,  he keeps patiently repeating it to me (I can hear Spirits now),  but it seems to be absolutely unpronounceable,  he doesn’t mind anyway.

So you can not get an absolutely precise name,  and the reason is that primarily your left brain operates with letters and words,  but you are using your right brain to connect with Divine,  the main way of communication there is telepathy.  Also the name could be strange or foreign,  your brain is getting information,  but doesn’t know how to spell it properly.  Your Guide is not necessarily called Peter, David or Lee.

But anyway you can have a go!  Later on when your psychic abilities are developed,  you will be able to hear (clairaudience) the name of your Guide or ask him or her to write the name on your inner screen (clairvoyance).

The nice thing about pendulum dowsing is that you can get lazy and comfy on the sofa,  pick your pendulum and fly high asking it question after question about anything tapping into the unknown.  Even if curiosity is the driving force behind your pendulum dowsing – the greatest scientific discoveries were made by people being curious about things!

Just be careful asking questions about other people,  remember the Law of Universe – “Never think, say or do anything if you are not asked to.”  Ask their Higher Self and Guides if you can proceed with dowsing and interfere into their life.

Follow the Higher beings of Light – the Angels – example.  They would practically never interfere until asked.  Don’t think that Angels are completely different beings compared to us – the only difference is the amount of light inside.

Happy dowsing!  Enjoy!

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