Major Arcana

Tarot Major Arcana cards
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When I myself learned the Tarot cards meanings many years ago, I was terribly overwhelmed.

There are so many meanings for each of 78 cards in the straight and reversed positions!

How on Earth is it possible to memorize and digest all this information?

And when you do a reading, how to remember and apply the knowledge to each card in your spread!

Your head gets all over the place, and you “can’t see the forest for the trees”!

And how do you expect to catch the psychic signals from the Universe and have epiphanies if you are digging desperately in your memory banks trying to fish out the card’s meaning!

In the end I simplified it for myself, learning the feeling of a card.

Capture energy and feeling of the card and absorb it. Easy? That’s the main thing you have to do.

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And during your reading you will happily activate and use your right brain responsible for intuition and psychic vision.

You won’t need to jump between your left and right brains creating confusion.

You won’t have to nip into your left brain to remember the card’s meaning and then back – to your right brain to carry on with your psychic reading.

I describe every card in the beginning for your general understanding and to get a feel for it.

Then I emphasize the feeling of the card for you to remember.

And in the end I give you the simple meanings.

But I expect you to capture and take away the Energy and Feeling of the card.

So here we go…

The Major Arcana looks like a Spiral in 3D. And every circle of the Spiral is a sequence of all cards in Major Arcana from “0” to “21”.

The White Spiral Staircase
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Our Hero starts his way in “0” and moves along the circle until the culmination of his journey in “21”. And then he gets to “22” or “0” (The Fool), and another journey begins, but on a different level.

And it goes on and on and on…

Another circle, another journey… higher and higher along the Spiral of Life…

P.S. You start your personal journey in the World of Tarot today in “0”.

You are full of enthusiasm and excitement. You are buzzing and looking forward to uncover enigma and master Tarot cards, get insight into the future.

After making the full circle learning and discovering for yourself the Tarot cards, you will enter another circle improving and honing your skills.

Perhaps concentrating this time on developing your Psychic Abilities.

And you will never stop. You never will be able to tell: “Now I know everything about it”.

Then you will discover that you’ve got Clairaudient Abilities that never ever in your wildest dreams you thought you had!

And you will embark on a new journey of self discovery.

Anyway let’s start our journey shall we:

🃏 “0” The Fool

🃏 “1” The Magician

🃏 “2” The High Priestess

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