Lyran Starseeds, their Traits, Appearance, and Mission

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  1. the term Sheliak has me a bit suspicious….they are a lesser known race from the Star Trek universe. how do these names work, are they just approximations that make sense in our language for our convenience? I am very curious.

  2. Thank you Irina I read a lot about Lyrans, but your way to do that is pretty much trustful. So thank you to take your time to explain us our origins

  3. I have been told through channeling that I come from Lyra… buy right now my question is: where is this information coming from? And how to see it for myself

    1. Hi Sophie,
      As you said yourself, the person who channeled for you connected with the place of your origin, and it happened to be Lyra.
      If you want to see it yourself, you have to meditate and ask to be taken there in meditation.

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