Lyran Starseeds, their Traits, Appearance, and Mission

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  1. So many synchronicities for me in this. Would love to “pick your brain” lol. But content just to have found and read this. ty

    1. Thank you so much, Janine,
      I’m delighted you loved my article.
      My daughter is a Lyran Starseed, and we looked recently at two of her previous Intergalactic lives.
      The first one on the Pleiades and the other one as a part of the small community of Cat-People on the Planet I never heard of before as the Beings of the Planet don’t incarnate on Earth.
      But Cat-People are adventurous, and they certainly do incarnate on Earth.
      It was amazing to learn about these lives!

  2. Thank you Irina for this amazing article on the Lyrans! This is the most comprehensive write up I have ever seen on this race and I found great satisfaction and happiness absorbing all this fantastic information. In fact, I was saddened when I came to the end of the article because I wanted more. Always searching for information and to understand our origins, I resonate deeply with the Lyran characteristics. I love cats and particularly seem more drawn to lions and tigers, but actually feel much more connected to dogs, so that is slightly confusing to me. I have been told I am from Lyra by a friend who channeled this information for me, but who also believes I might be a Lyran hybrid of some sort, and I wonder exactly what that means. I have a deep longing to gather as much information as possible to get the most out of my existence (perhaps finally tap into my akashic records), this lifetime and my specific purpose. Thank you for your incredible insight!

    1. Thank you Megan,

      I was touched reading your comment.
      So pleased you liked my article.
      I can guess where your love for dogs comes from.
      I think you’ve been used to living as a part of the Lyrans’ Community on Sirius.
      That’s where the dogs’ Souls originate from.
      Your friend, saying that you are some sort of Lyran hybrid, probably meant that you have incarnated not only on Lyra but elsewhere in the Universe as well.
      By the way, Starseeds never stick to one World only.
      They go through incarnations on at least two different Star Systems before they are off to Earth.
      You call yourself a Lyran because it is the place where you incarnated the most times, and Lyra’s unique qualities, energy, and flavour dominate in your aura.
      But after the destruction of your Home Planet, your Soul decided to take on the life of a Cat Being on Sirius.
      Probably, your old and wise Soul incarnated in the other Worlds as well to open yourself up to new experiences and enrich yourself.

      Lots of Love and Blessings,


  3. I had a vivid vision of flying with wings, holding the hand of a feline being. We were flying into a giant flower, lush forest, into a multi dimensional portal of sorts. I never knew about starseeds or alternate realities back then. Another time I went to a retreat and in meditation, I saw myself doing a ceremonial dance, the skies were carnelian colored and crystals and sacred geometry and sound healing, then drowning into opalescent waterfall, seeing all that I lost this lifetime, crying, despair. Then I ended up in a beautiful lush peacefulgarden with cats, bunnies, birds and flowers. I then saw my deceased parents smiling, telling me that they were ok. Another time I was in a real forest and another person saw an etheric big black cat with green eyes folllw us and disappear. I also used to volunteer feeding and caring for stray TNR cats. My house has 2 cats. People have often commented that I resemble a cat, and my big brown eyes look feline like. I am not sure if I am even a star seed or anything, but I do love cats, and I am artist by nature and known to be a little reckless in my youth.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for the wonderful comment, I loved reading it.
      By the way, I’m not sure that you are the Lyran Starseed, your energy feels different.
      I would think that you had your last Intergalactic incarnation in Spica Star System.
      Spica is the brightest Star in the Virgo Constellation, and the local folks are felines.
      I haven’t written the article about Spica Starseeds yet, but you can google them.
      I have two cats myself, I never wanted to, but two feral cats decided that they would live with us, despite us having two dogs already.
      Now, they live a life of luxury and are extremely spoiled.
      I believe that they are my Lyran friends, incarnated as cats.
      I saw their true energy bodies: one is a very tall black cat-like Being with bright blue eyes, but here on Earth he looks like a white cat with black spots.
      The other one looks like a golden God with green eyes, in reality, he is a ginger cat.
      Take care and God bless you,

  4. the term Sheliak has me a bit suspicious….they are a lesser known race from the Star Trek universe. how do these names work, are they just approximations that make sense in our language for our convenience? I am very curious.

  5. Thank you Irina I read a lot about Lyrans, but your way to do that is pretty much trustful. So thank you to take your time to explain us our origins

  6. I have been told through channeling that I come from Lyra… buy right now my question is: where is this information coming from? And how to see it for myself

    1. Hi Sophie,
      As you said yourself, the person who channeled for you connected with the place of your origin, and it happened to be Lyra.
      If you want to see it yourself, you have to meditate and ask to be taken there in meditation.

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