Is the Law of Attraction real?  Does it work?  Take a look at your fridge.  I’m sure there are quite a few fridge magnets sticking on it.  Do you believe in magnetism?  You do,  you don’t – it still works.

The same principle applies to the Law of Attraction.  You draw like a magnet certain people and circumstances into your life,  and some stuff (often very desirable) keeps away from you,  keeps aloof,  you haven’t got a magnet for it inside you.

I watched the film “The Greatest Showman” on DVD recently and couldn’t help to think that it was the perfect example of the Law of Attraction in action.

1.  The little boy sings in the beginning of the film:

“I close my eyes,  and I can see

The world that’s waiting up for me

That I call my own…

…We can live in a world that we design…

Cause every night I lie in bed

The brightest colours fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake

I think of what the world could be

A vision of the one I see

A million dreams is all it’s gonna take

A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.”

This imaginary world is so real for him,  he has not a shadow of doubt that it exists.  His world is filled with miracles and joy.

His real life is tough and throwing challenge after challenge at him,  but the little boy always has this beautiful world inside him,  and it is only the matter of time for him to project his world of love, joy and miracles outside onto the reality.

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So if you want your world to change,  don’t be afraid to dream!  Often the word “dreamer” has a negative meaning.  “Oh… he is just a dreamer!”  When years and years ago I was sharing with my husband a vision of the future,  his response would be – “Dream on!”  He doesn’t say it anymore.  He dares to dream now himself and make his dreams come true.  He dares to leave a groove that he is supposed to follow according to everyone’s opinion and build his own groove.

Never stop your children dreaming,  laugh at their dreams,  even if their dream seems to be the most ridiculous to us.  First we dream and then we set our goals and aims according to our dreams.  Later such parents complain that their child, a teenager then,  hasn’t got any goals in his or her life,  just hanging with friends,  listening to music and spending hours on the Internet.

Dream Big if you want to be Big!

Looking back at my life,  I can see that practically all of my dreams came true.  Sometimes it takes time,  and I completely forget that I have ever been dreaming about it.  The dreams that didn’t come true – at some point I changed my mind,  I realized that I didn’t need it,  it was an illusion,  something much better was waiting for me.

Dream it,  believe in it,  and it is already granted!

Keep a vision of what you want always inside yourself,  feel it so real that you can touch it,  have absolute trust.  There is just a delay for some reason from the Universe to show it up in your life.

2.  Here are the lines from another “The Greatest Showman”s song:

“From now on

What’s waited till tomorrow starts tonight


Let this promise in me start

Like an anthem in my heart

From now on

From now on”.

So from now on everything you can only dream of STARTS TONIGHT.  You want to have more money – you ARE a millionaire already,  just for some reason with a very little money (but only at the moment).  Anchor your picture in present!  It’s already happened to you – inside you!

3.  One of  P.T.Barnum’s (the main character in the film) favourite words is “sensational” – and he turns his life into a sensational one!

We all have a part of God inside ourselves,  the light of God.  What is God’s main function? – God is Creator.  How does God create? – We can read about it in the Bible: “And God said: “Let there be light”, – and there was light.  Then God said: “Let the water beneath the sky come together in one place,  so there will be dry ground…”  God has been creating with WORDS.

We, having God inside ourselves, are Creators as well,  and we really create our life with words.  If you want to manifest the specific qualities in your life,  make sure you use the words vibrating and carrying these qualities energy.  Make these words favourites in your vocabulary!

I have noticed that my favourite word is “beautiful”,  and the Universe is delivering beauty into my life in ever increasing quantities.  Even my husband, who is a very down-to-earth person, gasps stopping his eyes on our garden: “Gosh!.. We look amazing!” or about our house: “Oh.. So beautiful and cosy!”  The beauty keeps sneaking into my life uncontrollably.

Melanie Beckler’s (an author and angelic channel) whom I love, love, love,  favourite word is “incredible” – “Guys,  I have channelled something incredible!” or “Embrace the incredible Light!”.

Guess what! – She has changed her life from the very ordinary one into the incredible life beyond her wildest dreams!

That’s how the magic of words works.  Start inventory of your vocabulary now.  Get rid of negative words!  If you say for example: “That was a horror!”, –  the Universe thinks it’s your request and supplies you unlimitedly with more horrors.  But if you often say “love, joy, health, wealth, happiness etc.” – it’s exactly that will keep coming into your life.

Reading my posts,  can you see a lot of negative words?  No,  I know about the power of words.  You read my post and take it energetically in,  and I am very aware and responsible of what I am feeding you with – the energy of love, joy and hope (not the dark energy of negative words).

Guided meditations, prayers, affirmations and – O.K., spells as well, – they all are based on the power of the words vibration.

But you can achieve even better results combining the power of words with the power of music.  The music is given us by God,  the Angels love to sing and play the musical instruments,  only we can’t hear them,  their music is beyond the human auditory range.  Choirs of Angels,  Angels trumpets are not just the words,  they exist in reality.

If you want to invite Love for instance into your life,  what song is coming onto your mind?  Maybe “All we need is Love” by the Beatles?  Sing it to yourself when you’ve got a chance:

“All I need is Love,

Love is all I need!”

I often sing when I am driving a car on my own.

P.T.Barnum in the film didn’t know anything about the Law of Attraction,  but he implemented successfully into his life its principles – and lived a life of his dreams!

So create the world you want to live in first inside yourself,  use the power of words,  have a clear and bright vision of your future,  believe in it until it feels absolutely real and existing NOW – there just is some delay to be manifested in your physical life!

When you are waiting for a train on a platform,  you know that the train is real,  you can picture it in your brain,  maybe you get some details wrong,  you believe in train,  it doesn’t matter that you can’t see it yet,  it’s not manifested itself yet in your life,  but it’s coming,  there can be delay,  but it will come eventually.

I have asked my Dad who passed away in 2001,  what the place where he lives now looks like.  I’m very inquisitive and keep asking him a lot of questions.  He showed me a big and green field.  I was surprised: “Oh no Dad…  You don’t live in the middle of the field,  do you?”  He answered: “Yes,  I do. I like the feeling of space and freedom”.  I carried on: “Does everyone there live in the middle of the field then?” –  “No,  you think of what sort of surroundings you want,  and your thoughts and wishes generate it straight away.  Someone may want to have a house, the four walls, or the energy of forest around himself or herself.

My Dad didn’t mean visiting the specific places on Earth when he decided to.

Everything is energy.  When energy is not as dense as the energy of our material world (the densest energy in the Universe,  for instance the energy of a table),  it’s much easier to manifest your vision in the world around you.  It might take longer dealing with the physical world. 

The Law of Attraction rephrased is “Like attracts Like”.  What’s inside – that’s outside.

Attracting Love and Partners

Before you aim to attract the perfect partner into your life,  take a look inside yourself and sort the relationship with yourself first. Do you feel worthy?  Maybe your self esteem is low after you came out of a very difficult relationship?  Is your soul still bruised?  If you request a new partner now,  you will attract an abusive person.  Do you have trust issues? – You will attract a person that will betray you again.  Do you love yourself at all? – You can attract a person that doesn’t love you either and just use you.

The Universe doesn’t judge.  It looks inside you,  thinks it is what you want and gives you more and more.

Spend some time with yourself.

If you feel to cry – then cry for yourself until your tears melt a piece of ice in your heart that is  hurtful with its sharp edges and cold,  and your heart comes alive again full of love.

Mend your broken wings!

You are beautiful, lovable and deserve all happiness in the world!

Pamper yourself,  give yourself presents,  put yourself in the centre of your own Universe.  There is nothing selfish.  It’s your life,  and like the planets are revolving around the Sun,  your life is revolving around YOU.  You are your own brightest Sun!

Love yourself – and you will meet someone who loves you with all of his or her heart.

You want to attract a King or a Queen into your life – make sure you are and feel like a Queen or a King yourself,  you are on good terms with your confidence and self esteem.

We call our partner “a half”.  Two halves are identical,  and they make “a whole”.  Take a half of a carrot and put it together with a half of pineapple,  you will get a bizarre combination.

You are waiting for your Mr Right,  be and feel that you are  Miss Right,  and you will make a beautiful and complete “whole”,  enjoy the harmonious and balanced relationship.

Attracting money

The wrong preconceptions and beliefs like for example you have to work a lot and hard,  and it is only a way to get money,  or you don’t deserve to be rich could be an obstacle for prosperity and abundance to enter your life.

Get rid of them!  You deserve it all,  and the Universe can’t wait to show its generosity to you.

Develop a Millionaire Mindset.  Feel rich already now!  Write yourself a fat check,  Jim Carrey wrote himself a $10 Million check when he was poor and basically nobody,  and now he is one of the best paid actors in Hollywood.

Another tip is a bit weird,  but it works.  Smell money,  breeze it in,  feel the smell filling your body,  you start to smell and become a vibrational match with money,  you radiate these vibrations,  these waves into the Universe.  Imagine now banknotes flying around you.  Normally they would turn their back on you and fly away.  But now they sniff you like a dog and think that you are the birds of feather,  you have to flock together!  Money comes to money!

Take a time to count the blessings in your life,  feel grateful for everything you’ve got – and God will give you tenfold more!  Gratitude is a key to success of the Law of Attraction.

Don’t just dream and do nothing. Jim Carrey wrote on his $10 Million check – “For acting services rendered”.  He determined the way he would get the money desired.

Set your goal and act on it!

Let me tell you a story, maybe you’ve heard it already.  A man prayed to God for years to win the Lottery.  When he was praying again,  the clouds on the sky moved apart,  an angry face appeared and said: “I’m fed up with your prayers!  I’m trying for ages to give you a win,  but you have to get a Lottery ticket yourself!!!”

You can have the perfect mindset and pray to God every day,  but there is an action required on your behalf – you have to buy the Lottery ticket yourself!

Two more things to take into account – your pre life contract and karma.  Your Soul agreed before you were born with your Spiritual Guides on lessons to learn on Earth.  People and circumstances predetermined by your pre life contract and karma will enter your life  regardless of the Law of Attraction.  In between the lessons and working on karma we are absolutely free to create our lives ourselves.

And one more thing that is worth to mention – our energy is closely connected with the energy of our children when they are young.  We want to protect our children and wish them all the happiness in the world!  But negativity inside us can attract the negative events into our children’s lives.  And vice versa Love and Joy in our hearts will bring Love and Joy not only into our lives,  but in the lives of our children too.  The atmosphere of Love will give them loving protection against the negative influences.

Ask Angels to accompany you all along your way!  You experience financial difficulties – talk to Archangel Ariel,  the powerful Angel of Joy, Prosperity and Abundance.  Also you can ask for help from Archangel Sachiel,  the Angel of Money.

You feel anxious, depressed – the gentle and beautiful Archangel Haniel is there for you,  she will soothe your soul and show you a way to happiness.

Want to find the love of your life? – speak to Archangel Chamuel,  the loving Angel of Protection, Comfort, Peace and of course Love.

There are so many Angels around us,  there is an Angel for every case.  They are waiting and so happy to help you!  All you need is to ask,  they respect your freedom and don’t interfere in your life without asking.

Radiate the positive thoughts and feelings into the Universe and enjoy the world of your dreams!

Love and Light from Irina

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