Spiritual Meaning of Ears Ringing

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  1. I’ve always had ringing in my ears (head). It has been there my whole life and constant (24/7). It’s about the same pitch as the emergency broadcast that used to come across our TV’s. I do get ringing in my ears at times and that pitch is higher than the one that’s always there. I was wondering if there is any insight on what that possibly could mean? I’ve been looking for answers everywhere and no body seems to know. Nor put in a direction to any answers. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Nikki,

      You say you always have had the ringing noise in your ears.
      Maybe, you have to speak to the Doctor as I am not qualified to give you medical advice.
      Maybe, it is Tinnitus? But of course, I don’t know…
      About the additional high pitch sound that you get in your ears at times – my whole article is dedicated to it.
      A very basic idea is when your right ear rings, your Guides and Angels talk to you.
      Ringing in the left ear means your deceased Loved One tries to get in touch.
      But again, it’s very basic.
      I would advise you to re-read my article.

      Love from Irina

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