Avian Starseed's blue eye and the bird

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  1. I have a strong connection to birds since I was a kid, they were always present guiding me even though I didn’t understand it at the time. Seeing birds in a cage always made me feel so sad, I myself feel like I am in a cage, not being able to fly, it’s like my wings have been denied. When my spiritual awakening started I was able to learn so much and my connection to birds became stronger, I feel them and they bring me messages. I wanted to know what kind of Starseed I am, so I was learning about it’s traits. According to my galactic connection I discovered that I came from Alpha Centauri and in fact I do resonate with it but one day when I was meditating I saw myself as an Avian. I started to search about it but until now I’ve only found poor information and I couldn’t make any connection. Lately I’ve been seeing myself as an Avian a lot, when I close my eyes, when I look at the sky and while meditating I am always flying. I decided to search some more and I came across this site, I so glad I found this post, it’s the first time I could resonate with everything. I had a lot of signs from Blue Avians before but the lack of information about them made it difficult for me to associate. But now everything makes perfectly sense. I just wanted to say thank you and I would love if you could tell me how do you get your information, is it only through channeling? I wish you well, stay blessed beautiful soul.

    1. Hi Joaquim,
      Yes, I get a lot of the information through channeling – I see, I hear, I feel, and also, I just KNOW.
      Blue Avian experience is a part of my heritage too, so, it helps to get easier access to the information.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment!

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