So you realized that you are a Starseed.

The next question arises where your Home Planet is?

Where are you from?

What Types of Starseeds are up there?

Come with me and visit the wonderful worlds of Sirius!

Maybe you will be able to recognize your Home?!

Can you be a Sirius Starseed?

“Sirius is a binary star consisting of a main-sequence star, termed Sirius A, and a faint white dwarf companion, termed Sirius B.

Its name is derived from the Greek word Seirios “glowing” or “scorching”.

Sirius is known as the “Dog Star”, reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major (the Greater Dog)”,- according to Wikipedia.

Sirius Star system has got a few of inhabitable Planets, and the most known ones are so called Sirius A and Sirius B (they are not Stars, but Planets).

I have to say that I’ve never visited any of Sirius Planets physically. The information described in this article is received through meditations and channelings.

My Story

I found myself standing on top of a big beige-pink rock. As far as the eye could see there were many more rocks to the left and to the right creating a valley embracing a massive rocky hill behind.

A wall of the blue forest tinged pink and magenta covered completely the view in the front.

“Shall I claim up the hill?”, – I was fit as a Superhero in my meditation.

Reaching the top, I sat on a rock and enjoyed the view.

So beautiful! Bright blues with hints of pink, purple and magenta colours intertwined together.

I could see behind the blue forest a big water body, perhaps a sea merging with the horizon, and the sunny sparkles playing on the surface of the water that seemed blue-golden.

I wanted to find a way to the sea. So I came down and kept hopping from one rock to another until I could see a path cutting through the forest.

The path led me straight to the beach where I noticed a strange looking house, and three Beings approaching me.

They didn’t look surprised as if they were used seeing me regularly on their beach.

At the end of the day I was an ALIEN for them! But they behaved in a nonchalant and friendly manner.

I’ll tell you later about them, but for now…

If you ever had a dream of a sky with two Suns, one bigger and the other smaller, or you’d been mesmerised by the red and orange sunset sky, then you might be recalling subconsciously the times when you lived on Sirius.

If you feel attracted to the colour blue or you like a combination of colours: blue-red, blue-pink or blue-magenta, they remind you of the beloved world of Sirius.

Let’s take a look at the common traits of Starseeds from Sirius now. Maybe you can recognize yourself?

Traits of Sirius Starseeds (both Sirius A and Sirius B):

Warrior spirit

Pure and simple

Intelligent and knowledgeable

A thing in itself

Animals and nature lovers

Well balanced

Oneness with the world

Honest and trustworthy

Hard to express their feelings

Well developed Throat chakra

Masters of Manifesting

There’s more to life

Task orientated and hardworking

Egypt and Pyramids

#1 “Warrior Spirit”

Sirius Starseeds are very strong characters.

It seems that they don’t know Fear despite their Souls being gentle, kind and sensitive.

They’ve got that Warrior Spirit inside!

I think all of them work closely with Archangel Michael who is a Warrior Angel carrying the sword of Truth on him.

The colour blue is associated with Archangel Michael and every Sirian Being.

Sirians have got that inner Strength, know their Truth and are ready to fight for it!

They are normally well balanced, composed and calm people.

It’s hard to get to them.

But if someone really crosses the boundary with them, this someone will be shocked and taken aback to discover the strong Will, Power and Ability to Fight for what they think is right in such a calm and quiet person.

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#2 “Pure and simple”

As Dolly Parton sings, they are “pure and simple”.

Or as a famous Sirian Starseed Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return”.

Sirians love the simple and uncomplicated life with its simple pleasures.

They are not interested in a polished facade and superficial details – beautiful clothes, showy house, jewellery, expensive car.

Their appearance is very simple. The lady blessed with the great taste looks simple and elegant with a minimum of make-up accenting her eyes, smile, sharp mind and kind heart.

#3 “Intelligent and knowledgeable”

Sirians have inquisitive minds and thirst for knowledge.

As a kid the little Sirian is quiet and serious with their nose in a book.

Young girl reading a book.
Image: Pixabay

They are drawn to maths, physics, full of their own original ideas, ask a lot of questions and want to get to the bottom of everything to UNDERSTAND.

As a Sirian Starseed Leonardo da Vinci put it: “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding” or “Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood”.

Sirians love the word “understand” and often use it.

Sirius is associated with KNOWLEDGE, so Sirian Starseeds are very knowledgeable people.

They are deep, quiet and serious.

Sirians make the best Scientists, Inventors and Teachers.

#4 “A thing in itself”

The typical Sirian is a thing in itself, an introvert who doesn’t like socialising. They can find better use of their time!

They would rather be home reading a book (or my blog) in their dog or cat’s company.

Another famous Sirius Starseed Nicola Tesla has said: “Of all things, I liked books best”.

Starseeds from Sirius tend to be loners, but hey, they love it!

They even say that it is not loneliness, but aloneness which is completely different!

Albert Einstein mentioned: “A man can be himself only so long as he is alone, and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom, for it is only when he is alone that he is really free”.

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity”.

“Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living”.

More from Nicola Tesla: “Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born”.

It’s hard to get really close to a Sirian.

Even if they’ve got a partner, there is some sacred place in their Soul where no one is allowed to.

Sirius Starseeds are the loner wolves.
Image: Pixabay

Even if some people consider to be their friends, there is always distance in-between.

Sirians are the loner wolves.

But if you get closer to the Sirian on a personal level, you will discover a funny side of them.

They don’t take themselves too seriously, like to have some comedy and fun in their life!

#5 “Animals and Nature lovers”

They are animals and nature lovers, with a soft spot for dogs, cats, horses, the big water bodies and often dolphins.

Sirians – the former merpeople from Sirius B – can pursue a career in Ocean Ecology following their passion to look after the Water Environment.

Dogs originate from Sirius as well, so it feels so familiar and lovely for Sirians to share their life with a dog.

Cats remind them of Lyrians who fled their Home Planet after it had been destroyed, and many of them found their new home on Sirius.

A funny cat.
Image: Pixabay

Sirians and Lyrians formed a strong bond. Lyrians are the Cat-People. Incarnating on Earth in a human body they keep the slight cat like appearance – their eyes and nose.

Interesting that sometimes a Lyrian incarnates on Earth as an actual cat with purpose to support his close friend Sirian with his or her life mission.

Horses Souls come from Sirius.

I see there the beautiful etheric lush Islands in the ocean where horses,dogs, birds and other non-water beings live together in an etheric form on Sirius B, before they incarnate as actual physical beings on Sirius A.

Horses incarnate on Earth time and time again, gradually ascending and incarnating for the last time as the pure white horses and turning into… Unicorns!

They might return to Earth in a non-physical form as 7-dimensional Unicorns to support people with pure and kind hearts, especially children.

Unicorns ascend further to become 9-dimensional Unicorns, and their horns start glowing golden.

The Kingdom of Unicorns is found on Sirius C, an ascended and non-physical part of Sirius.

You can knock on its door in meditation. Whatever you see (even if you don’t see anything, but only feel), it’s so amazing to touch Unicorns energy.

Ask them to bless you, bless others and our wonderful Planet before you go.

Water covers about 70% of Sirius A, and Sirius B is covered completely by water.

Sirians can’t survive without water, which literally means LIFE for them.

That’s where the Sirian love for water comes from.

They feel fascinated by rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, drawn to come back again and dream to live next to the big water body… would be nice without all these people around, to feel this special union – only them and the river or a sea!

Starseeds of Sirius B can be dotty about dolphins who also originate from Sirius.

Sirius Starseeds can be drawn to dolphins.
Image: Pixabay

Dolphins are the 5-dimensional beings who carry the sacred codes of Light and Wisdom in their energy fields.

The Gold Ray of Christ is held on Sirius C, and every dolphin’s aura is infused with the Golden Light of Christ and his unconditional Love.

They spread this Light and Love as they go clearing, purifying and lighting up the waters of our Planet.

An interesting fact is that not all of the dolphins have been enlightened and high dimensional beings from the very beginning.

Unfortunately by the end of the Atlantean era on Earth some highly evolved Sirians with enormous amounts of technological knowledge couldn’t resist the temptation of their ego, power and wealth.

They ultimately caused the fall of Atlantis.

Being tied to Earth by their karma, they had to incarnate here again and again to resolve the karma. But they were too dangerous judging their power, knowledge and skills.

The Council of Light was afraid that the Veil of Amnesia wouldn’t be enough for them, and they would find a way to override it. They possessed a huge risk for Earth, and the Council of Light couldn’t leave them like that on the Planet.

So the Council of Light made a very bold and unconventional decision to let them incarnate on Earth in the dolphins bodies.

This way they wouldn’t be able to use their advanced technological knowledge and would repay gradually their karma.

It’s mind-blowing to think that some dolphins are not the big fishes (dolphins are mammals, not fish) as they look, but contain a human Soul inside!

Sirius Starseeds love and feel One with Mother Nature.

Sirius Starseeds are often attracted to the Native Teachings and become Pagans, Shamans, Witches and Wizards.
Image: Pixabay

They are often attracted to the Native teachings. Many of them resonate and become Pagans, Shamans, Witches and Wizards, can be interested in herbal medicine, moon magic, actually any sort of magic.

Sirians feel a special connection with elements, elemental beings and crystals.

#6 “Well balanced”

Sirians similarly to Pleiadians succeeded in achieving a balance between the left and right brains.

They are at one hand intellectual, logical and at the other hand loving. They are kind and wise.

But they rather love the whole Universe than a particular individual.
You can feel the energy coming from a Sirian as very calm, soothing, warm, encompassing, nurturing and wise.

Talking about the yin-yang, feminine-masculine energies balance – each Sirius Being carries Divine Feminine inside.

Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene’s, who originate from Sirius, energies are essentially feminine – soft, gentle and loving.

Despite Sirians being the Warriors – they are the peaceful Warriors.

So they have managed to marry the left and right brains.

And they’ve mastered to marry Heaven and Earth.

Sirians have got a gift to bring down to Earth the most complicated subject (spiritual as well) and present it in a simple, logical and consistent way everyone can understand.

Think Jesus Christ presenting depths of Spiritual Wisdom to peasants using parables, the simple short stories about sheep, cows, wheat etc.

He wouldn’t talk about ascension, higher consciousness and mindfulness…

Sirius Starseeds love sharing knowledge!

Which makes them wonderful Teachers.

Also they are quite well balanced, calm and composed people. You won’t see a raging, crying or depressed Sirian very often.

They’ve got everything under control (normally, but they are still humans)!

Before or during the hardest part of Awakening our Sirian can experience the emotional turmoil, be lost, confused and depressed though.

Sirius Starseeds have mastered the art of balance in many areas.
Image: Pixabay

Despite mastering the art of balance in many areas, Sirius Starseeds are not good at work-rest, work-entertainment balance. They often neglect their health and ignore their physical body.

#7 “Oneness with the World”

Sirians feel their Being is not limited to the boundaries of their physical body, but encompass the whole Universe from Alpha to Omega.

And their thoughts, emotions, words and actions affect everyone in the world.

They know that they are ONE with every Being in the Universe and even with inanimate matter.

HOW CAN THEY HARM ANYONE? They will harm THEMSELVES then. It is engraved in each Sirian on a very deep level.

They live with high integrity and from the open heart and can’t quite fit in the Earthy life.

#8 “Honest and Trustworthy”

Sirians are wise, peaceful, understanding and forgiving people.

They are extremely trustworthy and expect the same in return.

But their trust gets betrayed time and time again! They don’t get it!

How on Earth and Sirius is that possible???

By the way, what do you think is the biggest sin causing illnesses in a human body according to Ayurveda (the ancient Indian science of health)?

You would think – the murder. But no, surprisingly Betrayal of Trust is considered the Spiritual crime #1 attracting the worst karma.

#9 “Hard to express their feelings”

Sirians are not good at expressing their feelings. They bury their emotions and don’t want to be another Drama Queen or King.

Sirians have a lot of skeletons – unresolved emotional issues and pain that they have never talked about hidden in their closets.

They shut the door and pretended they forgot that the closet exists.

#10 “Well developed Throat Chakra”

The colour of the Throat Chakra is electric royal blue. Archangel Michael watches closely after this Chakra development.

When the Throat Chakra expands, the blue colour mixes with the Diamond Light which is a reflection of the Diamond Light of Heart of the Master.

The Throat Chakra is the strong point of Sirians.

They understand the Power of a spoken word and how it impacts others.

On Sirius A they would speak very little, preferring to communicate telepathically and reserving the Throat Chakra for special occasions including healing with the sonic vibrations.

In Atlantean times they would use the Power of Sound to change the objects physical characteristics and make them lighter or heavier.

This technique was used later in Ancient Egypt during the building of the Pyramids.

Sirius Starseeds on Earth still possess the Magic of Word and make excellent natural Teachers, Writers and Inspirational Speakers.

They can be genuinely interested in WORDS, learn peculiar idioms and study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

In their own homes ladies Starseeds love displaying signs with written WORDS, especially the cheeky or funny signs which reflects Sirian sense of humour, e.g. “The house was clean yesterday… Sorry, you missed it!”

#11 “Masters of Manifesting”

Sirians have mastered the Art of Manifestation on their Home Planet to perfection.

So if looking back at your life you can tell: “Hey, a lot of things I ever wanted and dreamed of came true. Just some of my dreams took a longer time. And about things that never manifested in my life – later on I realized that it was a wrong idea. I really didn’t need them.”

So it can point out at your Sirian roots.

#12 “There’s more to life”

Sirians are bored with the 3-dimensional world and always look for “more to this life”. They are Daydreamers.

Sirius Starseeds mind and heart don't belong on Earth.
Image: Pixabay

Their mind and their heart don’t belong on Earth, but embrace the whole Universe!

They always want to move the curtain and look beyond, to expand their world and consciousness, to explode the boundaries and reach behind the horizons.

They are not satisfied with only material world and actively want to balance it with Spirituality.

#13 “Task orientated and hardworking”

Sirians are task orientated and very hardworking people. They don’t appreciate idleness.No way they are “laid back”.

They’ve got an ability to concentrate on a task and hone every little detail. At the same time they keep in mind the whole picture, know precisely the way they are going and where it leads them to.

All thanks to their well balanced brain – they are equally good at analysis and synthesis.

Upon Awakening Sirians dig deep tirelessly to uncover their Purpose in this life.

First, their Personal Purpose:

#1 What sort of lessons are they supposed to learn on Earth?

#2 What experiences and discoveries wait for them in this lifetime?

#3 What karma should be released?

And their Universal Purpose:

#1 How can they serve the World better?

#2 Which capacity should they pick?

#3 What are their gifts?

#4 What could they do for the Planet Earth using the chance that they are on Earth now?

#14 “Egypt and Pyramids”

Many of Sirius Starseeds have been used to live in ancient Egypt, and they still feel their hearts drawn to the Pyramids and Sphinxes.

Many Sirius Starseeds have been used to live in ancient Egypt, and their hearts are drawn to Pyramids and Sphinxes.
Image: Pixabay

A lot of them are interested and want to visit Machu Picchu, the two way portal built by Inca, the ancient Native Tribe of South America.

Inca’s ancestors, who were mainly Sirius Starseeds, arrived in South America after the fall of Atlantis and settled there.

Who knows, maybe you’ve been building Machu Picchu yourself hundreds years ago if you are an Old Soul Starseed!

So if you can relate to the quite few traits above, Sirius could be your Home for many lifetimes.

I don’t say “for all of your previous incarnations” because our Souls tend to get various experiences picking different Planets to be born on.

Let’s explore deeper the possible roles of Sirius Starseeds on Earth now.

Purpose of Sirius Starseeds

I wrote above about the famous Sirians: Leonardo da Vinci, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein.

But Sirians don’t necessarily only make the top scientists in our world.

Jesus Christ and Mother Mary had nothing to do with technology and science, but their lives had the rippled effect and changed humanity forever.

Their Spiritual Truth and Teachings touched many generations over centuries, and I’m sure they touched YOU!

So Starseeds originated from Sirius are excellent at:

✨ They’ve got the well developed Throat Chakra and amazing communication skills. So they can be fantastic natural Teachers and charismatic Speakers.

✨ Being good with words means that they can make wonderful Writers.

✨ They can work in any profession requiring a sharp mind. They are excellent at science and technology, computers and the internet.

✨ The HIGHER TRUTH is imprinted into each Sirian on a very deep level. So Sirius Starseeds are wonderful at building a bridge between Earth and Heaven, bringing down the Spiritual knowledge, touching and lighting people’s hearts with Love.

✨ Sirius Starseeds make the powerful Psychics; Divination and Magic come naturally to them.

✨ Every Sirian Being is a Portal, which means they take anyone they touch with their energy (even for a split second) into another dimension transforming them inside.

So look for your end of spectrum – if you are not really good at technology and maths, then Spiritual Truth, Knowledge and Love, maybe Divination and Psychic Abilities are your cup of tea.

And of course like all Starseeds Sirius Starseeds have a common purpose to enlighten and raise the vibration of humanity and our Planet, ultimately serving the Planet Earth and all its inhabitants – people, animals, plants and generally nature.

Sirians will play the pivotal role when Earth ascends into the 5th dimension (estimated by 2032).

And we, humans, will be ready for incredible technology to come back from the Atlantean time, only being enhanced to the unimaginable level.

This knowledge is hidden away in Sirian DNA. It can’t be revealed yet because unfortunately humanity can use it against itself and the Planet.

So every Sirius Starseed is like a walking memory bank with information not accessible at the moment.

But when the right time comes, this information will awaken in many Sirius Starseeds, and they will become the pioneers of unbelievable new technology.

And we will have vehicles again using not fuel, but powered by energy from the electromagnetic field of Earth.

And our homes will use energy of crystals again, keeping them light and warm…

So the main Sirius Starseeds mission is to bring new Technology, Science, Truth and Teachings to Earth.

Sirius Star System

What we call Sirius is a two Stars system with adjoining them Planets.

One of the Stars is about twice as big and 25 times brighter than our Sun.

And the other one – the white dwarf – is a dying Star in our understanding, but actually it is ascending.

So Sirians have two suns in the sky which is awesome!

Two Planets are the most known in the Sirius Star System – so called Planet A and Planet B.

Both of the Planets make an impression of very blue Planets where everything is blue.

If you are attracted deep down to the colour blue and love to watch the sunset when the Sun is nearly gone under horizon casting the red, pink and orange shadows over the sky, you might recall subconsciously the Sirian blue world tinged with magenta and pink.

A lonely tree and an amazing sunset.
Image: Pixabay

I can’t understand why I see the hints of pink, magenta, red and orange on the deep blue background of Sirius. Maybe because Sirius is rich in iron.

There is definitely a connection between Sirius and the iron core of Earth.

Also every ex-Sirian on Earth feels Sirius in their blood because our blood contains iron…

History of Sirians on Earth

Sirians have great love and compassion for Earthlings, or Terrans as we are called in Intergalactic language.

We are their brothers and sisters.

Their life reminds us of life on Earth during the Atlantean experiment in a way.

Many Souls from Sirius volunteered to incarnate on Earth in order to recreate the Sirian paradise in Atlantis.

It wasn’t the first wave of Sirians incarnated on Earth though as the ethereal Beings from Sirius touched our Planet in pre-Atlantis Lemuria, Mu and Petranium Eras.

Highly evolved and knowledgeable Sirians worked in Atlantean Temples. A lot of them were Magi because Sirians are famous for what we would call Magic – manifesting physical objects from the thin air, teleportation, levitation etc.

Magi were the specially trained, powerful, pure and devoted individuals working in the Temples as alchemists, scientists, astrologers, astronomers and numerologists.

They practised prophecy and divination having a gift to see clearly into the future.

As we watch the weather forecast on the telly everyday, Magi were keeping an eye on the future and giving their forecast of upcoming events.

They were the gifted Shamans. Nowadays Shamans unconsciously use their legacy.

Magi had the power to control elements, talk to the dead, find a lost Soul and show it the right way.

Sometimes the Souls become lost and confused after death and join the army of so called Earth Bound Spirits.

It was a rarity in Atlantis, but if someone died in an accident or painful death, Magi’s services were required to calm down the shocked and disorientated Soul and show it the way to Heaven.

Magi could leave their physical body and travel in a Spirit anywhere in the Universe for guidance from the Higher Spiritual Beings.

After the years of devoted and selfless service giving away all their gifts and talents for the highest good of Community, Magi would walk away to the specially designed for these purposes Crystal Chamber, leave consciously their physical body for one last time and never come back.

After the fall of the 5th and final Atlantean experiment Sirian Souls continued to reincarnate on Earth offering their help and vast knowledge to settle some of the Tribes left after Atlantis:

✨ the Tribe led by High Priest Ra to Egypt where they became the Egyptian culture birthing the Dynasty of Pharaohs, building Sphinx and Pyramids and renowned for their medical knowledge;

✨ the High Priest Thoth led his Tribe to South America where they became Incas famous for establishing the whole Empire with the thriving community and building Sacsayhuaman, the Temple of the Sun (by the way they believed that gold is the sweat of Sun) and of course Machu Picchu. It’s still a mystery how they built it without any heavy machinery.

Also the Dogon Tribe of Africa has maintained a close connection to Sirius.

Sirius - the brightest Star on our night sky.
Image: Pixabay

Let’s take our eyes off Earth now and move them up to face the brightest star on our night sky – Sirius.

Let’s examine life on its Planets, and for the sake of this article we will talk about so called Sirius A.

Sirius A

Sirius A is the biggest Planet covered in about 70% of water, inhabited by the 5th dimensional Sirians in a physical form.

They have a humanoid look, but taller with tanned skin, large (very brainy folk!), bald and elongated on the back heads to house their causal chakra.

Their heads look like Pharaohs heads on the ancient Egyptian pictures.

P.S. People have been used to have 12 chakras during the Atlantean time. After the fall of Atlantis the 5 chakras have been taken away from us including the causal chakra, and many strands of DNA became inactive. These days the additional 5 chakras became available to us again as we ascend into the 5th dimension.

Sirians have small chins, high cheekbones, and they are blessed with the big and beautiful eyes, the mirror of their Soul.

I couldn’t see the whites of the eyes. Irises fill the whole area of their eyes which are the colour of warm honey with golden specs.

Their eyes exude peace, love, wisdom and serenity. They draw you in… into some completely different world…

I mentioned already that every Sirian is a Portal.

You can’t understand why you are drawn so much to this Being. You go through it, enter a different dimension and then come back to yourself overwhelmed and blessed.

Sirians physical bodies are not as dense as our bodies are, but still perfectly seen by the human eyes.

I apologized for being cheeky and got permission to touch a Sirian Being’s arm. It felt very soft, not firm but rather “fluffy”, and my fingers sank in.

When I let go, the “flesh” bounced back, and the arm regained its shape.

Sirians skin is amazingly sensitive, much more sensitive than ours. They are extremely tactile and enjoy a feeling of touch.

They breathe like us, but they haven’t got a digestive system.

Their bodies are special and get Prana (life force) absorbing energy from their two Suns. They don’t cover their bodies for this reason.

As you can imagine they’ve got a lot of sunshine up there!

But they do need water to sustain their bodies.

Their lives revolve a lot around the water!

All their skin, every inch of it, is designed as a giant sponge having an ability to absorb water.

When they feel thirsty, all they have to do is to sink a part of their body (even enough only their arms till elbows) into the water if they are busy (but they never seemed busy to me).

Or go for a leisurely dip or a swim in a pool or in the sea. They are blessed with plenty of water on their beautiful blue Planet.

Sirians A move differently from us. They start walking and then… leap!

It seems they fly like a bird covering quite a distance before landing and taking another leap.

They don’t really fly – they levitate!

Sirians A mastered to such extent mind and body control that they can defy gravity.

I could feel their joy and sense of freedom as they moved!

Another thing I noticed, they’ve got a lot of birds up there, but much brighter in colour than on Earth: bright pink, orange, blue.

It looks simply breathtaking – the lash blue plants with the exotic looking pink, red and orange birds dotted on the branches.

All birds Souls originate from Sirius by the way.

Sirians haven’t got the Veil of Amnesia placed over their memory at the moment of birth. So they remember their previous lives and treat them as a source of experience and wisdom in their current life.

They live until about 300 years, but they don’t perceive time as linear as we do.

Their entire Being is sort of spread in past, presence and future simultaneously.

Yes, they know their future. They know if they are who and what they are, what they think, feel and do, it will result in an absolutely certain scenario of their future.

As you can guess they live a Spiritual Bliss. Sirians love and respect themselves, each other, their Planet and Universe.

Before they let any thought into their head, any feeling into their heart or take an action, they think: “How will it affect others and the Planet? Is it for the best and highest good of everyone?”

I didn’t mention words because Sirians don’t talk much and communicate mainly telepathically.

They’ve got language though, containing only the loving words.

But they recognize the importance and power of words and how their words can affect others profoundly.

So they would only open their mouths to talk on a special occasion.

Despite that they love music and singing.

Sirians also love coming together, feel the Community Spirit.

They’ve got Rituals for everything under the Sun when they are chanting, dancing and singing.

Sirians family life

Physical Sirians on Planet A have two sexes – males and females.

They are Family orientated, loving and respecting their nearest and dearest, their Elders and Community.

Sirians don’t get married until later on in their life, when they are about 150-200 years old.

So they can have quite a few partners until they find the One.

The main criteria in choosing the Partner for the married life is fitting into their particular family, beliefs and interests.

If the proposed partner doesn’t quite fit energy wise, they can enjoy the free relationship without getting married and then part – no hard feelings!

The divorces are quite rare on Sirius A, and two people would decide to go separate ways on nice terms – no washing the dirty laundry in public like on Earth.

Ex-Sirians here on Earth can have a relationship with the married partners unhappy in their marriage, because in their eyes they are not married at all. A dysfunctional marriage sets them automatically free.

Ex-Sirians think the world and treat marriage extremely seriously.

An unhappy and difficult marriage is nothing but two rings and a piece of paper with the “Certificate of Marriage” written on it, but NOT the MARRIAGE in reality.

How are their kids born?

Sirians haven’t got reproductive organs.

Their sex looks different. Two loving people embrace each other tightly and don’t move, lie still together feeling each other with every cell of their body.

And you remember that their skin is different, much more sensitive, with more pores.

Gradually love starts emanating from their bodies. The strong waves of love go forward, mix and return with growing strength, showering them with powerful energy, surround and cocoon the lovers enjoying their special moment together.

Ex-Sirians on Earth don’t like to be touched and tend to avoid hugs because they associate hugs with sex on the subconscious level.

No way they are having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry!

Hugs are only for a very special person, the One.

Interesting that their sex doesn’t result in pregnancy.

They haven’t got the moment of “Oops…”, “She’s pregnant!”.

Sirians make a conscious decision that they are ready to welcome a child into the world.

They prepare their energy, meditate a lot together, discuss it with their family who are over the moon at a prospect to hear the patter of little feet.

After careful preparation they follow meticulously the sacred Ritual (everything should be perfect to ensure the perfect Soul enters the perfect tiny body they lovingly create, healthy physically and mentally).

The special sex, the power of love and their enormous will power when they keep in mind firmly the picture of their baby and reflect it on their bodies, triggers their bodies to explode with love, and the powerful vortex of energy draws in the Soul.

And there is a tiny little life inside her. She is pregnant!

Sirian babies are made of Love and Will Power, the Power of Manifestation.

You remember that Sirians are Masters of Manifestation. No one can bring Spirit into Physical Material like them!

I’ve been shown the pregnancy briefly. It looks like a cavity starts forming around an embryo under the Mum’s skin filled with the watery substance. The skin becomes thicker, but quite transparent, so you can see the baby and interact with them even before they are born.

The baby is not connected to Mum’s body through the umbilical cord, but gets nutrition and water from the waters surrounding them and the Suns shining through the Mum’s skin.

Pregnancy doesn’t last long. Their babies are much smaller than our babies when they are ready to enter the world.

When the first signs of the baby coming start to show, like the baby is kicking and breaking the hardened skin, the pregnant Sirian lady checks herself in the “Hospital” where a “Midwife” helps the baby to get out.

The whole process reminded me of a chick hatching, when the little chick breaks the shell of an egg and comes out.

The cavity on the lady’s belly soon disappears, and the new skin regrows to replace the old hardened skin.

“The labour” is not painful at all.

Actually Sirians don’t feel pain.

Pain is a mechanism of survival on Earth.

The new Mum and a baby will stay in “the hospital” for about a week when the precious little one will be going through checks and maybe some corrections.

Sirians never have a lot of kids, often none or one, very rarely two. They don’t overpopulate their Planet like us. Also they live much longer than us.

So every child born in a family is a very special occasion.

This child will get all the love of family that will make sure that they recognize from an early age the little kid’s gifts and talents and develop them.

The family teaches a child by example, sharing love, knowledge and wisdom with them.

Sirians live traditionally in the big families.

Their children usually don’t separate when they are grown up.

They tend to bring the partner into their family.

Sirians Homes

I have spotted a strange construction just above the seashore.

It looked like a giant “plant pot” turned over with massive double arched doors reaching almost to the top of the house. I couldn’t see any windows.

More “plant pots” were added around, each with separate doors.

I got an explanation that when the family expands (the child grows up, they bring their partners to live together), the new addition is built. So they are still a part of a family, but have their own space.

I wondered about the absence of windows, but when I was kindly invited in, I realized that their ceiling is made of some sort of transparent material, a sort of glass. So you can see the sky, and the sunshine floods in which is important for Sirians as the Sun light is their food.

Also their huge doors that are tinted on outside, in reality are absolutely transparent from inside giving you a chance to enjoy the sea views.

I couldn’t see any furniture, I don’t know how they live without. Their walls are unadorned.

But they love and have a special relationship with crystals that live in their houses with them.

They feel crystals as living beings and have a lot of awe and reverence for them.

I actually quite liked the idea of the Sirian home. You are inside, but you are still connected to nature – you can see the sky and the sea.

No clutter whatsoever. Only your beloved crystals keep you company.

The atmosphere feels full of fresh air, freedom and possibilities!

The Sirian houses are not packed closely together. Their nearest next door would be about 3 miles down the road.

About the roads by the way… Sirians haven’t got cars puffing exhausts and ruining the environment.

Of course they travel, but their vehicles are ecological, using the natural power and currently beyond our comprehension.

And they don’t need roads to travel.

Sirians Career

Sirians are hard workers. They do not understand idleness. It is in their blood.

Everyone works hard for the Community giving it all.

They pick a profession according to their talents and interests.

I haven’t seen any money there. They manage without.

Sometimes I think what would it be if all the money were cancelled here on Earth?

How would it be for many people whose prestige and the main goal in life is money? The level of their and others success is defined by how much money they’ve got?

And suddenly the money is gone, turned into a pile of ash! How would it feel?

A lot of people wouldn’t go to work that they hate at all! What a point? You are not paid, and anyway you don’t need money.

You can get anything you need in a Supermarket and anywhere for free! Of course if there is someone still working in the Supermarket…


You might have some vague memories, feelings and associations if you have been used to living among Sirians A in some of your lives.

Sirius A is a beautiful blue Planet showing us how to live the high vibrational life still staying in a physical body.

Ascending Earth will acquire the Sirian and Pleiadian models of living, but they won’t be an exact copy, but our own, unique Earth style.

Sirian and Pleiadian Masters don’t force their way of life, but guide us and watch with delight changes taking place on Earth right now…

But that’s not actually Planet A Masters, but Planet B Ones who offer us help and knowledge .

Planet B is connected to Earth spiritually.

Many of you have been used to live on Sirius B before, and deep down you long for this Planet…

Life exists on Sirius B in an etheric and physical form.

And because Sirius B is completely covered by water, it’s a Home for Merpeople – yes, Mermaids and Mermen.

Merpeople became famous for building amazing Underwater Cities and Sonic Engineering. 

I’ll introduce this magnificent Planet to you in another article “Starseeds Types, Sirius B”.

Also I do recommend this Eva Marquez book.

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