Can you be a Sirius Starseed? Starseed Types.

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  1. Dear starsis,

    I am aware of my star origin since my childhood, through my fascination for so called Science Fiction, technology (for me always like toys for children here) and my deep feelings to to stars. Sometimes I had a deep feeling for the plejades but years ago I have seen two suns in my meditation and… I have seen all of your description in colors and landscapes and… felt something deeper without material and sense objects as my true home. Today I have found it as a proof. As I heared about your words to Sirus A and Sirius C tears come into my eyes.. And I know. Now. Thank u very much and a big hug for u my dear messenger and remembering soul! Blessings and greetings. Elija ✨

  2. This felt like coming home feeling and so much of clarity with why I connect to horses and the birds the music sounds and sensitive skin and also sensitive digestive system.I ignore my physical body and I could never understand why .the love for technology and a lot dreams visions of places I have never been or seen . I am super inquisitive about everything I want a lot of understanding and I love technology and I come from a lineage of very well known family of Ayurveda .. this was a wow reading just so much to resonate with personality likings interest and being me 🙂
    Thanks a zillion! would love to connect 🙂

    1. Awww thank you, Ranjula,
      I’m so pleased my article brought clarity and understanding of why you are you.

  3. wow thank you so much for sharing this info! So many things resonated especially the walking/leaping. I had a phase where I just wanted to skip everywhere because it was exhilarating and felt like floating through air. Much easier than walking or running… I know where I’m from and you helped activate many deep memories here!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I’m delighted you loved my article, and it helped you better understand yourself.
      The trip down memory lane, in some way.

      Lots of Love,


  4. This is a super precious perspective and I must say it’s the first time I come across someone online who points out what I have noticed when working with Sirian Starseeds: the diligence, drive and strong work ethics. Interestingly, even though I too communicate with the Sirians on a regular basis, I have never been to their planet. I always meet them on their ship – and my consciousness is throughly scanned before entering. I find them very protective (in a good way), especially over their females. This may be one of the reasons why I never had a pleasure to visit their planet or meet any Sirian females – it’s always male Sirians that assist me. Sending love,

    1. Hi Aeron,

      That’s very interesting.
      I normally go to Sirius B – to touch my roots, rejuvenate, get my energy back.
      But I’ve never been to the Sirians spaceship.
      I will go one day.
      And I never thought about this male-female thing.
      I don’t think Sirians care we are males or females.
      They are just our physical attributes in our current life.
      And you visit their spaceship as the Soul, not in your physical body.
      They scan your energy to determine the Balance of Masculine-Feminine.
      Maybe, you could try a little experiment.
      Increase consciously the amount of Feminine in your aura before you make the contact with Sirians.
      Open your heart, feel enveloped in the soft and gentle waves of golden pink energy, think of something or someone you love dearly and care deeply.
      Get fully absorbed in this golden pink light… and now make the contact.
      Ask to be taken to Sirius B.
      They will give you a Guide to show around.
      Aim to visit their famous Rejuvenation Temple.
      After you are all done and dusted in the Rejuvenation Temple, you take on the giant slide to the ocean.
      It’s my favourite part!
      It reminds me of the Aqua Parks here on Earth, but the slide is straight, wide, and its top is high in the sky.
      Weeeee… And you make a big splash in the ocean!
      But instead of swimming up to the surface to breathe, you dive deep into the water to spend some time with the ocean and its residents – fish, dolphins, and merpeople.
      It’s great fun!
      Hope permission to visit Sirius B will be granted for you.

      Love from Irina

      1. Hello everyone. I have just begun my ascension in this lifetime and have been awakened to the fact that I am a Blue Ray Starseed from Sirius A. I was told this several times in various readings through Archangel Michael over the past year.

        It is nice to know that there are others of us out there. I am feeling a lot less alone in this world. It is very interesting to learn about all of this. I hope to learn more from you guys.

        1. Hi Alison,

          Never alone.
          You have your Star Family, loving and supporting you.

          Lots of Love and Bright Blessings,


  5. Hi there !

    I came on this page for the first time last year, and keep coming back again and again. I love this article about Sirius A so much ! It’s so full of details, and it deeply resonates with me on a lot of levels. Thank you for that detailed presentation about this amazing planet, you really touched my heart with it.
    The reason I came back again tonight is because I did a meditation in a circle and an important message about connecting with my origins -my roots- got delivered, for me to truly incarnate the archetype (8 – the Strenght) I came here to be. It was clearly important for me to understand the meaning of what I saw/felt/known/experienced there. To remember how powerful I truly am and stop self-sabotaging myself. What I first saw was a blue and pink beautiful landscape, all in the tones of magenta, indigo, blue, pink, red… Like you’re describing ! (of course, I made the link with this article as soon as I came back to myself) SO I also had the sensation that I could fly -or maybe levitate-, that gravity was not as strong as earth or that I could defy it anyways. Now I read about the leaps and everything falls into place. Everything made sense and connected.
    Only one exception : the only thing that don’t make sense is that I saw my body super tall and blue, and before opening the door I heard ‘Arcturian’ or something like that.. I heard/felt it again during the meditation. And it felt like an important part of the message. I felt like an Arcturian living like a Sirian on Sirius A, or maybe an hybrid… and now I wonder if it’s possible.
    SO, my question to you now would be: Do you think it’s possible for an Arcturian to live on Sirius A (a bit like Lyrans who live there)? Or is an Arcturian-Sirian hybrid is something that feels possible to you ?
    I know you don’t have all the answers in the world but I really felt like reaching out could bring interesting point of views about it all. I would be truly happy if you could take some of your precious time to give me your opinion on that matter. And even if you never reply, I will always be grateful to have found this page and the loving soul behind it.

    Sending unconditional love,

    1. Hi Charlie,

      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation.
      It means the world to me.
      And yes, you are an Arcturian Starseed.
      That’s why you heard “Arcturian” and were shown your real appearance as the Arcturian – blue and very tall.
      You went to Sirius A for your work (a very long assignment) and fell in love with the Planet.
      And you expressed the wish to come back to Sirius A in two more of your consequent lives.
      But you were born into a Sirian body then.
      When you first came to Sirius, you had to tweak your body, mixing your DNA with the local ones, to adjust to the Sirius environment.
      And then you probably could call yourself a hybrid.
      There is always a Planet that we consider to be our Home, like Sirius B for me.
      But we venture and have the clusters of lives elsewhere.
      Otherwise, we wouldn’t progress and develop.
      I spent a few lives on the different planets of the Pleiades.
      It made my experience richer, and the Pleiadian energies will stay with me forever.
      Now I continue with a series of incarnations on Earth.
      And you have under your belt Arcturus, Sirius A, and Earth.

      Wishing you every Blessing and lots of Love,


  6. I am wondering about this:
    “Their children usually don’t separate when they are grown up.
    They tend to bring the partner into their family.”
    Well, so it’s an infinite single family, then! Because, say, the lady brings her partner to live with her and her parents. But, wait a minute: in that case he separated from his parents. Or, if his parents come along, I’d assume his parents were also living with theirs in-laws. And their in-laws with their in-laws… and so forth.

    Thus, it seems to me that at some point someone will have to leave their original family. Or the entire planet is one single huuuuuge family! 😀

    Nice story, though! I loved the unicorn part!

  7. I am trying to find out some information and I do not know where to turn too. My comments seem to get deleted. I was watching a video “The Great Journey to Earth” I believe I may be a Sirian. I carry all of characteristics of them. I have had visions of a lady (an alien lady) and visions of scrolls. I was not asleep when I had these visions. I see colors, like beautiful colors all over, when I first wake up and this is when the visions start, then just fades away. I have A- blood type, my husband has O-. We do not have children together, but he does have a daughter with RH negative blood type. And she is the only one of his children that moved to Texas with us. The other two are positive blood type and did not move with us. I have asked a number of my close friends their blood type, and they are RH negative. I (We) seem to attract people with RH negative blood type. I am trying to figure out, when the Sirian/Pleiadians are Carnated in a human body, do they come out having RH negative blood type. My father was A-, but my mom is O+ and my sister is A+. Growing up I was really close to my father more then my mother, but my sister was closer to my mother then my father. Can you help me or direct me in the right direction?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Starseeds tend to have RH negative blood type indeed.
      I don’t know why.
      A- is my blood type too…
      I always shift perception from a physical body to inside us.
      I see the Soul, and the Soul has no blood type.
      But of course, the birds of a feather flock together.
      And Starseeds feel attracted and comfortable in the company of the same people.
      So your husband, stepdaughter, your Dad and close friends are apparently Starseeds too, not necessarily only from Sirius or Pleiades.

      Love and Hugs,


  8. I’m so happy I stumbled on your writings. I’ve seen this place in my dreams, I have these gifts , thank you for explaining everything. My soul mate died twelve years ago. Will I be reunited with him someday? Light and love Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel,

      So pleased you like my little blog.
      And I’m sorry to learn about your loss.
      You will be reunited with him one day when you complete your Mission on Earth.
      He is watching over you and protecting you from Heaven.

      Lots of Love and Hugs,


  9. This is amazing, you are amazing. Thank you so much! Seeing Eva Marquez recommendation at the end was a huge bonus for me.
    Heading to Sirius B article now. And timing is incredible as always. Thank you ALL!

  10. I would just like to say that the Incas were not a tribe but more of an Empire before Spain came and even then, it remained as an important part of the Spaniard Empire as it´s Viceroyalty.

    1. After reading this , I felt like my mind has quieten and there’s just peace and tranquility. I’m not sure whether I’m a star seed but I know that I’ll do everything I can to make my world a better place nevertheless.

      Thank you for spreading your knowledge.

      Peace !

  11. Irina it has bought me so much joy to read this article. I have recently discovered that I am from Sirius and to read all of this beautiful information about it and about the Sirians live is beautiful. I resonate completely with all of it, and it makes so much sense. Thank you – much love xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much, Sue.

      I’m so happy you resonated with my article and could find out more about the Planet you are originally from.

      Sending you much Love and virtual Hugs,


  12. Hi
    If I am on Earth for two consecutive lives and this is my third so when I go back will I see my parents there still alive.My past life was just 26/7 years..My twin is also from same planet, should I tell him or wait to know him himself.
    All points are exactly what I feel,how you meditated for this,I usually travel astral near by and come back ,I don’t know where I can find my home.

    1. Hi, Shreya,

      That’s a tricky question to answer if you meet your parents still alive, when you come back to Earth for your next life.
      Even if you meet, it wouldn’t be their current incarnation.
      Also you might choose to be born elsewhere.
      But you will definitely reunite when you all cross over.
      And after you and your family will decide on your next lives.
      You might decide to live as a family on Earth once again.
      Regarding your twin – tell him when you feel he is ready for this information, for a seed to fall into the prepared ground.
      My meditating process is simple, I don’t like overcomplicating things.
      And my intention projects me as a thought wherever I want to go.
      Set your intention – and you will be there in a blink of an eye!

      Love and Blessings from Irina

  13. Thank you Irina for sharing this really insightful post!!! <3

    I am truly grateful for your wisdom and magickal gifts! I cannot even express how happy I am to have come across this post and finally "connected ALL the dots". It has helped me gain a deeper of understanding as to why I always felt so "different", and also explains some of my childhood experiences with telepathy and rarely speaking (I would often go "mute").

    I am especially drawn to:
    ETs, Albert Einstein, Thoth, Nikola Tesla's 369 theory, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Pyramids, Native American culture (Incas), mystical practices (high magick), dogs, cats, nature and water. I absolutely LOVE being in water!!! It really calms me. I even have a pretty aqua blue canvas of the sea hanging on my wall. That said, I never really knew "why" I felt connected to some of these things, I just did.

    Last year, I also had a very surreal experience where I very clearly heard dolphins singing in my left ear (I was at home in bed about to sleep). It really freaked me out, yet also intrigued me.

    It's funny you mention Sirians being portals as well. As I was recently telling my friend friend that I suspect we are portals/gateways to somewhere (not sure where though), because both our birthdays are linked to the numbers 369, and Nikola had said these were the, "keys to the universe". (We are still trying to uncover/understand the secret). 🙂

    Anyway, after reading your post today, EVERYTHING finally makes sense. It has truly confirmed what I have been feeling inside over the past few months – that I AM a Sirian and it's not my imagination.

    P.S. I never knew that Albert or Nikola were Sirians. Nor Jesus and Mother Mary.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING ALL THIS!!! Your gifts are truly amazing, and I hope you continue to share your wisdom and insight to the world! <3 <3 <3 xoxo

    1. Hi, Awakened Indigo,

      Loved reading your comment.
      Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation.

      Wishing you all the love, happiness and every blessing in the world,


  14. Spot on. I often have dreams of Sirius A. I see vertical oceans though, can anyone confirm?

    Or maybe it’s the blue atmosphere visually melding with the ocean??

    All the traits, feelings, motives resonate with me. Every single one.

    1. Hi LaTonya,

      So interesting, vertical oceans!..
      Maybe your etheric body floats horizontally above the water?
      The ocean seams then as a vertical wall of the water.
      That’s my suggestion.

      Glad you resonated with the article!

      Love from your fellow Starseed,


  15. Wow! My soul makes SO MUCH SENSE to me now!! Lol!! That’s crazy! Im going to save this post FOREVER! I get, not lonely, but sometimes sad, bc I’m just so different. But ALL those qualities you listed above are qualities of a freakin BAD ASS! So I should embrace being different, I suppose? Wow! Thank you so much for ALL of your information. It’s like I went home, for a brief moment while reading this. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!
    One more breadcrumb I can put together on this crazy-ass loaf of awakening bread! Ahhhhhh! Lol!!

    So much love for you!!! Thank you:)

    1. Hi, Sama,

      So happy I could help you to visit your True Home.
      Of course you feel different, because you are a sort of a foreigner here on Earth.
      Enjoy and love being YOU!

      With so much Love and Blessings,


  16. Greetings!

    Thank you for responding to my email. Regarding your journey to Sirius, my question is, have you seen any species hybrid-related or perhaps heard any information about it, excluding reptiles, I have read about those. I’ve been a little lost on the species I have been experiencing, canine hybrid. I have read about other kinds but they aren’t in detail.

    1. Hi, Kaliska,

      It was a brief visit to Sirius A as my Guide encouraged me to see another “more exciting” Planet – Sirius B.
      So I saw only pure humanoids.
      But because I’d been used to living on this Planet just before my first Earth incarnation to help me to adapt to a physical body, I delved into my memories.
      Also my Guides kept commenting on it.
      DNA engineering is considered to be a normal thing in the Intergalactic Community.
      Their scientists are Masters and Virtuosos at manipulating DNA.
      Mixing DNA is a sort of mixed marriage here on Earth.
      And having different features on Sirius is like for us looking differently – someone is blonde, someone is ginger, someone is maybe bold.
      I spotted canine hybrids and bird hybrids up there.
      And obviously there are Lyrans – cat people.
      Canine hybrids have a huge loving heart.
      They don’t look completely like dogs anymore.
      After millions of years of evolution their appearance has changed.
      They are humanoids, but you still can see resemblance to dogs in their faces – their nose, ears, face shape.
      But they are not hairy and have no tail.
      When Extraterrestrials came to Earth, they got excited seeing so many species of animals and endless opportunities for DNA experiments!
      Unfortunately many of these experiments on Earth didn’t work out as planned.
      But a mix of ET and the monkeys’ DNA proved successful when you look and see all those humans around you.
      Note that they don’t look like monkeys anymore (maybe some)!
      So don’t expect yourself to look exactly like a coyote.
      DNA merging has never been done for superficial reasons, but to ignite ET’s energy fields with wonderful animals qualities…
      I’m not sure about the blue Flame that you keep seeing.
      But Sirius is a very blue Planet generally.
      Maybe they are deep memories of your Home.

      Hope it helps!

      Love from Irina

      1. Dear Everyone and Irina,
        I had quite the astral projection dream!
        It started with my female guide whispering quickly but calmly Sirian Starseed to me in four repetitions.

        Then I was chided to remember my oath(which my mind went straight to the man I am with in rl). I felt a strong urge to abide by it but then I decided that since he has broken every promise he has made to me and all reasonable expectations of a serious committed relationship, I told him any expectation of marriage was null and void.

        Then I saw what looked like a two toned green star and I was conscious of astral projecting in the dream. I zipped towards it with glee as I hard hanging that has light is ok to explore.

        I got close to it and said hi, how are you!( I sounded high as a kite and quite musical tilt to my voice). The entity opened it’s one blue eye and replied it has been a long time since I have heard your felonious voice. You still won’t let me in….

        I told it that I did not know how and I was wondering if I could trust this entity as I did not like it choice of words. I have never like disobeying or breaking rules or promises.

        Next thing I felt a hard rough one finger poking into my third eye and I did not like that so I woke myself up.

        Any who, I woke up and googled Syrian Starseed as I have heard of it before but did not recall much. I do resonate with the pleiadians a lot but their a lot more cheerful then I am!

        This article resonated a lot and makes a lot of sense now why I get my undies in a twist when someone betrays my trust or a promise I took to heart as geniuwine.

        I admire all of the people mentioned, animals, and being near water.

        Thank you for the clarity, I hope to hear more of your astral projection meditations.

  17. Wow the subject is very magical. Your post is very detailed hard warming…♥️ I don’t know why it touched my heart but I love your life..

    Everybody I think to a degree can relate to Sirius I am one of them but nevertheless some part do not. I hate touching but also I value marriage so much ..

    What really stopped me is the picture of the sky ,as long as remember each time I meditate I close my eyes I see orange-pinkish sky and blue clouds.

    Heart and kisses because I feel love energy each time I am in your website

    1. Hi, Alayah,

      Thanks for leaving a comment again!
      It feels like talking to a good friend.
      I think you can’t relate to all of Sirius Starseeds traits, because you’re a mix of Starseed and Earth Angel, with Angelic energy dominating others.
      Yes, Starseeds are not generally interested in marriage and kids, but Earth Angels are!
      They think the world of relationship and children.
      The Angel was supposed to be born on Earth, and they picked your Starseed’s Spirit to infuse it with Angelic energy…
      I always loved this colours combination too – blue and orange, blue and pink, especially stunning navy blue and blush pink, – I didn’t know why!..
      Until I’ve seen the world of Sirius in meditation. It was a moment of AHA!
      Thank you for the lovely words you found for me.
      Everything you can find on my website I have written from my heart.
      Even the article “Dark Angels” came from the place of pure love.
      When I was going through my Spiritual Awakening, Archangel Michael told me that my Mission on Earth is to touch people’s hearts and open them up to LOVE.

      So Lots of Love and Hugs,


          1. I enjoyed reading your article. And I resonate with most of the Sirius traits. In particular, I have always known that my true home is where there is a big body of golden water and the orange pink sky. I have been holding on to this image since child. I am so grateful to receive a very elaborate description and Confirmation of the existence of this place. Thank you!

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