Why is it important to know and understand the basic human instincts or needs?  Because it helps to sort your head out,  get rid of a lot of mental rubbish like feeling of guilt and wrong preconceptions that are blocking blessings from manifesting in your life.

I see it as a dusty dark closet inside ourselves filled with old skeletons and trash.  Why not have a good clear up and chuck all this stuff away allowing the light enter that space instead?

We also can understand other people better,  what forces drive them.

You want to start your own business?  Give people what they need and think first of their basic needs –  and people will beg you to take their money!

Before I start I have to say that I am NOT a professional psychologist.  The following information is based on the work of the famous American Psychologist Abraham Maslow “The Hierarchy of human needs”,  also the books of the one of greatest Russian Psychologist/Psychotherapist Mikhail Litvak,  but it reflects my own opinions and thoughts.

So let’s dive in:

On the dawn of the human civilization when God created humans,  he thought about instilling into them the powerful forces for self-protection and survival to make sure that humanity carries on,  doesn’t stop existing and disappear from Earth,  and the Spirits from all over the Universe can come and get a unique experience of a life in the human body.

I think after humans only rats and cockroaches are surviving successfully on Earth.

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These powerful forces are called the basic instincts or needs,  and they are pretty much the same nowadays comped to the Stone Age people.

The first three basic instincts sometimes are called the physiological ones.


1.  The Basic Human Instinct N1 is thirst and hunger.

How long can you last without a drink? –  Maybe a couple of days?

And if you don’t eat? –  A couple of months?

I knew a lady with Dementia who’s illness destroyed some part of her brain responsible for hunger.  She forgot she had to eat in order to live and sadly died.

The instinct was very strong in the primeval people,  and men would spend a lot of their time hunting and providing for their families.

Nowadays we don’t chase mammoths anymore,  we hunt our food in the supermarkets,  and we need money to pay for it.

Yes,  money falls in the category N1 of our basic instincts.

Initially our ancestors didn’t have money,  their needs were covered by exchange – I give you milk,  you give me an axe.

But later on as civilization became more sophisticated,  it turned really inconvenient to rely on the old ways.  What for example a teacher can offer for exchange to a farmer if the teacher is hungry?  And the farmer doesn’t need his teachings?

So God created money for the good and convenience of all people.

Mr Devil had nothing to do with money!  God gave money to humans to use and enjoy it!

There is a widespread opinion that spirituality and money are two opposites.  We are nicely spiritual and enlightened –  so we can’t be rich!

When we think of the word “rich”,  our mind is quick to add more words to it:  “dirty, rotten, filthy, stinking rich”.

Perhaps the roots are in a famous Jesus Christ quote from the Bible:  “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”.  But Jesus only meant that greed, arrogance, a cold and indifferent heart, an absence of love that often accompany the rich people can keep them away from God.

You can be and should be spiritual and wealthy!

When you welcome the big money into your life,  you can afford lifestyle that makes you happy,  you can spend more time working on your personal development and give the world value,  radiate your inner light –  that’s exactly what our planet needs now!

So money is the N1 of human basic needs.  It’s not surprising that a lot in your life is revolving around money,  and you can’t stop thinking of money.  It’s only very natural.  Even the Dalai Lama said:  “Money is good.  It is important.  Without money,  daily survival –  not to mention further development –  is impossible.  So we are not even questioning  its importance.  At the same time,  it is wrong to consider money a God or a substance endowed with some power of its own”.

The basic instinct N1 explains as well why food plays such an important role in people’s life.  Open the TV Guide –  how many Cooking shows with the celebrity chefs can you see there?  Many entrepreneurs built empires on the basic instinct N1.  Flick through the popular magazine –  I bet there are pages dedicated to the food recipes

Don’t feel guilty for the love of your food,  glorious food!  It’s only natural!

Other basic physiological needs include breathing and sleep.  How long will you live without breathing?  Not getting enough sleep turns you into a zombie.

2.  The Basic Human Instinct N2 is safety and security

After our primeval man was fed and watered,  he had to think of protection.  First –  to protect his body from environmental influences wearing appropriate clothes.  Second –  to have the roof above his head –  again in order to protect himself  from the outside world (rain, snow etc.)  and not to be eaten by predators.  The sabre tooth tiger roars outside,  but it’s nice, cosy and safe in a cave.

Our man started to squirrel things away creating stocks –  to feel secure if a rainy day comes.

He also appreciated the family ensuring his emotional and physical safety and security.

And nowadays safety and security are undeniably the powerful needs of modern people.

First of all feeling insecure about yourself can stop you from progressing in your life and attract another person that will betray you.  You have low self esteem –  don’t expect to be surrounded by the enlightened people,  to say the least (The Law of Attraction in action).

We have to have the economic, material and financial security –  home, job and money (again!).

Money falls into the second basic instinct as well,  you can understand the importance of money in our lives even more now.  Financial instability, uncertainty and worries about the future are known unfortunately to so many people.

We have to stand with both feet strongly on the financial ground to be happy.

Then we need a family that is designed as an island of safety and security in the stormy ocean of life,  as the territory of love and mutual support.

Other examples of the second basic human instinct are health security (you look after yourself to stay alive) that can’t be underestimated and personal security.  The basic instinct of survival works irreproachably in us,  we try our best to keep safe and avoid doing stupid things.

Of course there are daredevils that love danger, adrenaline and to dice with death,  but they are an exception,  not the rule.

I have to say no matter how much we love stability,  sometimes too much stability means stagnation,  our life starts to resemble the bog –  old, stale and boring,  and we long for the fresh wind of changes.  But anyway the healthy balance of stability and changes in our life is a foundation of contentment.

3.  The Basic Human Instinct N3 is sex

Our Neanderthal is full up and feeling safe and secure.  “How to make sure humankind is lasting on Earth from one generation to another?  How to make them multiply?”,  –  God thought.  And he came up with the idea of sex.

Sex is the basic human instinct N3,  and the children, needed for humanity to survive, are the side product of sex.

Sex is the powerful force inside a human being.  The sex industry is built on it,  and prostitution as we know is the oldest profession on Earth.

I want to add that things have changed a bit lately.

Starting in the 70s (approximately) a lot of so-called Star People have been born on Earth.  Source sent the advanced souls from other planets to dilute the dark energy of humans before they destroyed their own planet,  to lift the vibration on Earth and enlighten it.

God never implemented sex as a basic instinct on their home planet.

Star people originate from the planets where people are not necessarily divided into two sexes,  they can be androgynous combining  harmoniously inside themselves feminine and masculine energies –  yin and yang.  They can be happy on their own and don’t need a partner to feel complete.

Even if there are men and women,  they enter relationships and make families not because they are drawn physiologically to each other,  but because they are soulmates, heart- mates and mind-mates.  Sex is something unheard of,  and people up there probably don’t possess the reproductive organs either.

Family makes a conscious decision that they want a child,  and it is generated through the merging energies together and intention to create in a laboratory:  no sex,  no pregnancy,  no labour.

The Star Soul getting here on Earth feels confused observing the local traditions.  It’s often not interested in the opposite sex,  never mind getting involved into the children production!

After watching the romantic films and seeing  happy couples holding hands and kissing,  the Star Soul might decide to give it a go.  You know,  you are abroad,  why not try the local cuisine?

But normally the Star Souls are adamant that they do not want kids,  they do not want all this performance!

Born on Earth in a human body, the Star Person often feels strange acquiring suddenly the woman’s body with all the ladies attributes.  The Star Men feel equally weird in a man’s body,   like the bad actors pretending to be the men and fooling everyone around.

Earth Angels can feel sexless as well because they essentially are.  Angels have no sex,  they contain the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies and feel harmonious and complete.

Some people have no need for sex as they are able to transmute their sexual energy into creativity.  Our Sacral Chakra houses both our sexual and creative energies.

Monks, religious officials and devotees abstaining from sex for the religious reasons,  often only suppress their sexual needs.  There is not a lot of genuine celibacy up there.

Anyway God didn’t want humankind to become extinct and disappear from the face of the planet,  thereof God designed the sex instinct for humans to last on Earth.

4.  The Basic Human Instinct N4 is esteem

Our ancient human has a lot of food and water,  safety and security,  plenty of sex,  now what?  He doesn’t feel good about himself,  slips into depression,  his physical health deteriorates as well,  and he sadly dies (if he hasn’t committed suicide already).

Feeling good about yourself and the surrounding world determines the sound mental health of a person.

One of the world’s most notorious criminals Al Capone has been used to describe himself:  “I’m a kind person…  I’m kind to everyone”.  In his own opinion he contributed invaluably to society.

So here comes the basic instinct N4 –  a need  to have a good opinion about yourself,  to feel yourself a Very Important Person.

People tend to create for themselves the reputation that they can be proud of,  justify their own actions.  They need to be respected and valued by others.

On a very basic level if people can’t find goodness and importance inside themselves,  they look outside and try to convince themselves and other people that they’ve got it all,  that somewhere is an area where they are VIPs,  it massages their ego gently.

In a negative sense people can become bossy and controlling,  they try hard to jump higher than they are to feel Big or get other people down again to feel Bigger themselves.

So a human being has a need to feel good about himself or herself,  be accepted, valued and respected by others.

This is all about the Basic Human Instincts.  Sometimes people compensate if they can’t satisfy one of their basic needs,  they go over the top with another.  For instance someone feeling insecure starts overeating,  or someone with the low self esteem feeling unworthy compensates on account of the very active sex life.

There are a couple more of human needs that develop on the top of the basic instincts:

  1.  The emotional need to belong  to some social group –  family, friends, intimacy –  and the bigger groups –  clubs, Church, Facebook groups, sport teams etc.

We long to belong,  otherwise we feel lonely and sad to be outsiders.

We need to love and be loved!

2.  The basic need to feel good about yourself and feel VIP taken on the higher level is work on your confidence, inner strength, freedom, sharpening your mind, investing into yourself –  knowledge, education, skills, wisdom.

3.  Self-Actualisation –  becoming the best version of yourself,  searching and finding your own path,  giving value to the world –  and the world will give you back!,  attaining the way of life you enjoy!

There is something only you can do the way no one before you did in the whole world,  and no one after you ever will do.

Find this uniqueness about you, and you will become a King or a Queen somewhere.  I don’t mean the royal business.  We had a wood burner being installed,  and the man showed me on his phone pictures of his previous work.  Wow!  It blew my socks off!  He is a King, a Master in his job!

4.  Self-Transcendence is the top of the human needs hierarchy.  The term transcendence means the quality of being able to go beyond and above ordinary limitations and boundaries.

The reason you are reading this is you long to reach beyond the ordinary.

When we stop focusing on ourselves,  we feel oneness with the world,  we are a part of God’s Plan,  and the mysteries of the Universe fascinate, puzzle and dazzle us.

It is what we call Spirituality,  and it crowns the Pyramid of human needs.

Let’s clean our mental closets and throw away the rotten judgements, mouldy fears, dusty limiting beliefs, stale dogmas and musty preconceptions!

Let’s fill one of the shelves in our clean closet with a neat pile of human needs.

Yes,  essentially and most importantly we are the Beings of Light,  but for the duration of this life our light of Divine is contained inside a human body.  All of the human needs apply to us.  If they are not met,  we can’t be happy.  First –  the basic human needs should be met,  and after we start going through the higher human needs.

Happy analyzing your human needs and acting on it!


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Love and Light from Irina


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