Hi and welcome from Irina!  I live in Essex, United Kingdom,  and have two adorable dogs:

Holly,  the rough coated Jack Russel,


Lenny,  Yorkshire Border Chihuahua (his Dad is Yorkshire Terrier,  and Mum – a cross between Border Terrier and Chihuahua).


I’ve always been interested in the spiritual world,  from the early childhood watching my friend’s Grandma doing reading,  her wrinkled hands putting cards carefully down on the table,  and fascinated how she could see unseen,  know unknown and get insight into the future.

I started to learn Tarot when I was about 30,  went through a couple of Tarot decks until I settled on the traditional one – the Rider-Waite deck.

It wasn’t all rosy in my life that time back.  I was going through the rough patch,  every other day felt as gloomy and hopeless as the previous one,  and it seemed endless…  until I put the cards down for my future – and I could see joy and love waiting for me around the corner and the new doors opening for me in the nearest future.  Yes,  my today was black and depressing,  but my tomorrow looked joyful and happy!  It gave me strength and hope.

I thought if Tarot cards have helped me,  they can help other people to overcome the stressful time in their lives and bring back joy, hope and happiness.  Tarot cards became my best friend and adviser.  I started giving readings to other people,  and soon it turned into my full time job.

But it always felt like a massive void,  that something very important was missing until at some really low point of my life I discovered the Realm of Angels and Channelling.  It completely turned my life around!

I started this website prompted by Angels to help YOU to change YOUR life around in all of aspects –  happy relationship, prosperity, good health, discovering the light inside yourself, finding your path and being happy in yourself.

Thank you for being here!


Love and light from Irina

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